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Sand Dredging Policies, Equity Weekly, Main Part 2 Show # 87

Over 100 companies are pumpingthe river and sea beds all over the country. Without scruples or regard to the people and environment, greedy companies, are rafing in profits on the destruction of Khmer soil. Some protected species are disappearing at an unprecedented pace and will likely never be replaced. What is the political will to reign in this anarchy? This is asequence extracted from the Equity Weekly TV show # 86, broadcasted on the 26th April 2009 , produced by UNDP and TVK, with support from SIDA, AusAid, Canadian International Development Agency and Irish Aid as part of the SDEP (Strengthening Democracy and Electoral Processes in Cambodia) project of UNDP CAMBODIA. For more information, visit our website: www.equitycam.tv
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green economics
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Reach tens of thousands of people instantly by advertising with Ekklesia. Find out more The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) cannot be accused of being a radical think-tank, but its probing of the government’s economic policies since May 2010 has been shaped by a social and environmental awareness (it has cooperated with businesses and researchers on a ‘green budget’) and by a determination to …
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Which Way for Our Country: Policies or Propaganda?
Exactly one week after his re-election as presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, addressing party supporters and sympathisers at the Ridge Church in Accra, observed, that, “the ultimate test for Ghana’s democracy, besides confidence in the electoral system, is by winning the enduring war against mass poverty.”
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John Lawson Guelph’s Green candidate
— The Green Party of Canada on Wednesday announced that John Lawson will be the Green Party of Canada candidate in Guelph during the next federal election.
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Budget paints in green and brown
A minimum price for carbon and more cash for the Green Investment Bank (GIB) are among the Budget’s tools for encouraging a UK green energy expansion.
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