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YourEnergyBlog Makes List of 101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy

YourEnergyBlog Makes List of 101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy

Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

YourEnergyBlog (YEB) has been selected #11 on the list of “101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy” by EnvironmentalScienceDegree.com, a website dedicated to being a key resource for students and employees of the renewable energy industry. They define these 101 sites as “[having] the latest data on renewable energy technologies, availability, and the environmental impact of using a renewable source instead of rapidly dwindling supplies of combustible fossil fuels.”

After relaunching the website in November 2012, YourEnergyBlog has made big strides in a short period of time. No other websites or companies based in Western New York made the list, and only a few are located on the east coast.

For a full recap of all the companies on the list, click here.

YEB is affiliated with Energy Curtailment Specialists, the nation’s number one privately-held demand response provider, and BidURenergy, an emerging energy consulting firm that specializes in energy procurement auction administration.

Renewable energy topics that have been recently addressed on YEB include new developments in solar energy technology, net-zero energy buildings, electric vehicle analysis, ethanol-based fuel discussions, and several energy-saving gadgets that aren’t widely known. Other energy-related topics like hydraulic fracturing, smart grid infrastructure, international energy news, and the future of coal and nuclear energy are also included on the website to illustrate a comprehensive analysis of the entire energy industry.

YourEnergyBlog writers have also been featured on several online energy publications, including TheEnergyCollective, EnergyCentral, Intelligentutility, and energyblogs.com.

YEB will also undergo a complete website rehaul. Changes include a new logo, author profiles, and widespread website design changes that will develop more user interactivity and improve site aesthetics. The new website will become available in the weeks ahead.

About YourEnergyBlog – YEB is devoted to offering insight into the energy industry. Follow YEB to learn about new energy-related technology, US energy policy changes, and other current energy news.

About BidURenergy, Inc. – BUE is an electricity and natural gas consulting firm with thousands of clients across the country, specializing in energy procurement auction administration.

About Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. – ECS offers consultative, administrative, and turnkey demand response services. ECS is one of the largest demand response service providers in North America, with more than 10,000 customers participating in its programs nationwide.

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