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The Tech Awards laureate 2010: International Development Enterprises India

International Development Enterprises India Category: BD Biosciences Economic Development Award Country: India http://www.ide-india.org International Develop…
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Meet music students from Cité Soleil in Haiti. This Canadian-backed education project is led by the organization CONOCS. It offers youth a path forward and a…
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Tech Vault, Inc. Achieves LEED? Silver Certification

Tech Vault, Inc. Achieves LEED® Silver Certification

Energy Optimization Solutions for Data Centers and Facilities

Enfield, NH (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Leading Edge Design Group, a leading provider of data center design services, announced today that Tech Vault, Inc. has achieved LEED Silver certification through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, a voluntary rating system for energy efficient buildings overseen by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Tech Vault, Inc. is a provider of collocation, hosting, and managed services and is proud to be Vermont’s first commercial-grade, LEED certified data center. Leading Edge Design Group designed Tech Vault’s data center and led the LEED certification strategy and execution.

“Our partnership with Leading Edge Design Group was critical to our business and certification success,” said Steve Loyer, President, of Tech Vault. “Renovating an existing facility, Vermont’s cooler climate, generous utility incentives, and attaining LEED certification were key factors in our design and implementation and we simply could not have done it without the great team of professionals at Leading Edge Design Group.”

The Tech Vault data center is now considered to be the most efficient data center in New England and features a 4,000 square foot server area and a separate 2,500 square foot area to house mechanical and electrical equipment. By taking advantage of Vermont’s Champlain Valley climate, Tech Vault uses water-side economization to cool the facility and innovative in-row cooling and heat recovery technologies providing customers unlimited power and cooling capabilities. In addition, real-time monitoring has been installed to track Power User Effectiveness (PuE) and to continuously benchmark their energy efficiency. Tech Vault customers include the regions data-intensive, industry-leading healthcare providers, educational institutions and software companies.

“The Tech Vault data center is a remarkable example of how an owner can successfully integrate sustainability and energy efficiency into their data center without compromising the reliability or agility of their operations,” says Todd Boucher, Principal at Leading Edge Design Group. “Our organization is so proud to have played an integral role in bringing the vision for this unique facility to life and give a tremendous amount of credit to the Tech Vault team for their unwavering commitment to energy efficiency throughout this project. We believe firmly that this ongoing commitment and the sustainable, efficient nature of the design establishes the Tech Vault facility as the most energy efficient data center in the region.”

Leading Edge Design Group worked closely with Efficiency Vermont to secure $ 100,000 of energy efficiency incentives for the $ 1.95 million project.


Leading Edge Design Group is a leading national provider of energy optimization services that delivers significant energy savings to the public and private marketplaces through efficient data center designs and emerging LED lighting and wireless lighting control technologies. Founded in 2007 with the goal of pursuing, promoting, and providing the finest energy optimization solutions available, we help our customers minimize the environmental impact of their businesses while improving operational reliability and reducing costs. Leading Edge Design Group is dedicated to encouraging, challenging, and contributing to energy industry innovation with an ongoing commitment to our community and our environment. Visit us at http://www.ledesigngroup.com and connect with us on Twitter @ledesigngroup.


Tech Vault is a next generation data center / collocation facility that is HIPAA, DSS PCI, SSAE-16 (formally SAS-70) compliant and is located in South Burlington, VT. Our facility is operated and monitored by the professionals at Tech Group Inc. one of the State’s leading IT service companies. We are leading the region with our environmentally sound design and energy efficient operation. From the onset it was all about energy consciousness and minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment, achieving LEED Silver Certification from USGBC is further evidence of that vision and commitment. Our LEED certification puts us in elite company on a national level when it comes to data centers where less than thirty others have attained such standards. “In Vermont and the region many of our clients care about the environment and also have high compliance requirements when it comes to choosing a data center, and Tech Vault provides that solution. We believe that we have created a facility that many businesses in the region will find congruent with their own environmental business practices and vision and we’re proud of that. Visit us at http://www.techvault.net for more information.



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Bright Future for Green and Clean Tech Jobs: How to Find Green Job Seekers and Employers

Bright Future for Green and Clean Tech Jobs: How to Find Green Job Seekers and Employers

Green Conduct is the primary communication hub about sustainability. We provide vibrant communication and publication services to increase transparency, awareness and knowledge about sustainability.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Global unemployment rates are dire as a result of the economic recession and some still fear a double-dip recession. However, the 2010 Clean Tech Job Trends report show a much brighter trend and future for green and clean tech jobs compared to most other sectors.

“Clean energy continues to fuel the plans of many cities, states, nations, investors, and companies as they look for the next wave of innovation and growth. And on many counts, the clean-energy sector is delivering new job and economic opportunities, as it moves from a once-marginalized niche to an increasingly cost-competitive, mainstream offering”. (Clean Edge ? Clean Tech Trends 2010)

Good! The future of green jobs looks very promising and bright, but what is a “green job” (sometimes also referred to as green-collar or clean tech jobs)? The term is frequently used for sustainability themed jobs and can often give birth to confusion. UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) defines a green job as:

“Work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimize or altogether avoid generation of all forms of waste and pollution”.

Ok! So now we have a rough idea what a green job is, its trend and forecast. The term “green job” clearly seems quite broad and flexible yet at the same time very “niche”. How can then employers best reach job seekers in such niche (and vice versa). It can often be both time consuming and expensive for recruiters/employers to fill a new green job vacancy by mixing their job advertising with jobs from all other sectors. Instead of having them mixed with a whole host of unrelated jobs, employers can get much better results by advertising on a green job board. People who specifically want to work for a green company or in a green role will seek out and follow job boards that offer those types of jobs.


Green Conduct is a leading online communication hub for sustainability news, articles, engagement, literature and jobs with a strong focus on reliability and quality throughout. Green Conduct are able to offer job advertisers and job seekers a trustworthy and non-bias setting for job advertising and recruitment services due to strict policies and guidelines for exceptional contextual quality, top-class partners and contributors, and by lifting science and knowledge to its rightful level. Unlike many other well-established green websites offering job advertising, Green Conduct consistently neglect all PR publication and distribution services making them extra legitimate, independent, non-bias and thereby more reliable and trustworthy.

Green Conduct do not only offer employers cost effective, user-friendly and powerful capability to place green job ads and accept job applications but also enables job seekers to create and upload résumés which makes it a powerful crossroad and platform for green job seekers and employers to match-up.


Green Conduct has just released their flexible and quality focused job board and do therefore offer employers to submit green job ads for free (no strings attached). It is easy to tap this offer, but hurry-up! It is limited to the first 20 job ads. Simply sign-up and select the free option. This is a fantastic opportunity to get full exposure on a less crowded job board (as of being new) in a high-quality setting without having to pay a penny!

P.S. Job seekers always submit professional résumés for free.



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Alie Chang, Los Angeles TV Host & High Tech CEO, Named Finalist in China?s Premiere Olay Women?s World Excellence Awards

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2006

The international judging panel for the 2006 Olay Women’s World Excellence Awards in Beijing recently announced that Alie Chang, Los Angeles based-designer and high-tech CEO, is a finalist in the competition. Candidates for this prestigious honor are selected for professional achievements and contributions in the sectors of business, enterprise, social services, art and sports.

Nominees are selected from women with outstanding achievements in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan), Southeast Asia and the economic societies of overseas Chinese in the US and France. Ms. Chang is honored to be the only finalist selected from the United States. For more information on the awards please visit: http://www.wweawards.com/english/index.asp.

2006 is the first year for these awards, which are sponsored by the internationally known Olay beauty and cosmetic products from Procter & Gamble.

Acclaimed Television Personality:

Alie Chang is a high-tech business leader, television personality, host and creator of the acclaimed TV series “The Art of Living.” This series was shown on Time Warner Cable in the USA and was also shown weekly on Beijing TV and via satellite to nearly 100 million viewers. Ms. Chang is the foremost advocates for Western-style home design with an Asian sensibility that holds true to the Feng Shui principles of harmony and prosperity.

CEO of Publicly traded International Telecommunications Inc. (OTCBB: ITLS)

Ms. Chang’s acumen is well respected by Wall Street as she serves as CEO of the OTCBB publicly- traded international marketing, multimedia and technology innovator International Telecommunications, Inc. OTCBB, (Symbol) ITLS. Through a subsidiary, the firm serves as a gateway to China for international businesses and will develop products for import/export and distribution.

Ms. Chang’s strong relationship with Chinese television and media conglomerates enabled her firm to bring National Geographic to China. She facilitated the broadcast of National Geographic television programming on China Central Television stations, with over 1000 affiliated stations.

In the past, Alie Chang was featured on China Central Television and was the only residential designer selected as ‘one of the outstanding designers in the world today.’ This prestigious design award group included such architects and design icons as I.M. Pei, Richard Meyer and Robert Venturi.

Alie Chang Moves To the Forefront Of Environmental and Eco-Design

As a respected environmental designer, Alie Chang is an internationally recognized spokesperson and in the burgeoning eco-friendly “Green” design movement. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Environmental Design from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and later served as a project designer at the acclaimed William L. Pereira Associates firm in Los Angeles. Ms. Chang’s environmental and residential design work has been continuously featured in major US and international design books and publications.

A recipient of the Women in Design International Achievement Award in Paris, France in both environmental architecture and interior design, Alie Chang served two terms as co-president of Design International a US-based professional organization representing members from more than 21 different fields of design.

Ms. Chang received numerous proclamations for her achievements in design and her contributions to the State of California and the City of Los Angeles. The State of California specially honored her by designating her birthday on August 12, 1990 as “Alie Chang Day.”

For more information and interviews with Alie Chang or to book Ms. Chang for professional speaking engagements and workshops please contact: Joyce Schwarz, JCOM, 310-822-3119.

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Davos Annual Meeting 2010 – Global Industry Outlook: Health, Consumers, Tech and Travel

www.weforum.org 30.01.2010 No single industry is immune to the global, cyclical and structural changes reshaping the world economy. Chairs of the World Economic Forum Governors Meetings each share their industry’s evaluation of the most important challenges and opportunities in 2010. Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telenor, Norway; Co-Chair of the Governors Meeting for Telecommunications 2010 Paul Bulcke, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé, Switzerland; Co-Chair of the Governors Meeting for Consumer Industries 2010 James Hogan, Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates; Chair of the Governors Meeting for Aviation, Travel & Tourism 2010; Global Agenda Council on Emerging Multinationals Lars Rebien Sorensen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novo Nordisk, Denmark; Chair of the Governors Meeting for Healthcare 2010 Patricia A. Woertz, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), USA; Co-Chair of the Governors Meeting for Consumer Industries 2010; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 Moderated by Jean-Pierre Rosso, Chairman, Centre for Global Industries, World Economic Forum USA

www.weforum.org 29.01.2010 “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005) What are the pressing global, industry and societal issues that business leaders must address in the wake of the “Great Recession”? Stephen Green, Chairman, HSBC, United Kingdom Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, USA; Global Agenda Council on the Role of Business Indra Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, USA; Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum; Global Agenda Council on the Role of Business Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer, Google, USA; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 Wang Jianzhou, Chairman and Chief Executive, China Mobile Communications Corporation, People’s Republic of China Chaired by Robert Greenhill, Managing Director and Chief Business Officer, World Economic Forum

Sustainable business: $40 trillion green tech boom will help save world

www.globalchange.com Reengineering the future. How to change the future as part of business strategy to create a better world and a more profitable one. New digital channels, twitter, facebook and other social networks. Drivers of future economies. Concerns about sustainability, using less resources, and trillion green technology book (see Sustainagility book). Corporate and social responsibility as away to improve brand, image, marketing, sales, pricing, competitive advantage and market share. When energy costs rise, big financial incentives to make business more energy and resource efficient. Ethical business also increases attractiveness to institutional investors like pension funds. Examples of energy saving, electric cars, re-engineering processes, products and manufacturing. New DC power lines to enable solar power from solar generators in sahara desert to power Europe. Same for wind power and turbines. Impact of scale on price of renewable energy production eg fall of solar cells by 10% with every doubling in sales. Hundreds of other examples of profitable business being built on the sustainagility revolution. Cycle of maintenance, repair and replacement provides huge opportunities for sale of greener products, packed with green technology and innovations. Patrick Dixon, Chair of Nordic Business Awards, London Stock Exchange March 2010 organized by UK Trade and Investment, UK Government.

California leads nation in green tech

California leads nation in green tech
California stands on the forefront of green technology and has gained an economic edge by cutting carbon usage, according to a report to be released today. “California is unique as a leader in green innovation for the United States and the world,” said F….

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Ambiq Tech SPB Showcased at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

Ambiq Tech SPB Showcased at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum
SAN JOSE, CA and ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA–(Marketwire – September 8, 2010) – Ambiq Tech SPB (“Ambiq”) will be exhibiting at the St. Petersburg Innovation Forum September 29 – October 1. Participants at the Forum will have the unique opportunity to witness, explore and interact with an array of products and services that Ambiq Technology has developed to simplify how people interact with various …

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100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events

100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events
Every week, Mashable puts together a calendar of upcoming social media and web events, parties and conferences. Would you like to have your conference or event listed here? If so, please contact us at least one month before your event…

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Clean tech faces muddy future

Clean tech faces muddy future
Southwest Washington’s emerging clean-technology industry could face long-term setbacks if the U.S. Congress fails to pass a comprehensive energy policy this year, state and local leaders say. Both the House and Senate this session have debated energy bills that seek to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in some form, whether by establishing a carbon cap-and-trade system or a national renewable …

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