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EmeraldPlanet – Sustainable Solutions for Populations Under Stress: Pre-Disaster Development

Subscribe to our channel for upcoming shows and environmental information. Studio Guests: Dr. Linton Wells, II, Director, Center for Technology and Security …

Volunteering in Ghana, Africa, w/ Cross-Cultural Solutions

Volunteer teaching English in Ghana, Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions (crossculturalsolutions.org/countries/africa).
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Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) Leads the Way in Remote Data Collection

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) Leads the Way in Remote Data Collection

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi)

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

As the volume of data continues to escalate, law firms and corporations are constantly looking for ways to save money and streamline processes. Fortunately, as the electronic discovery industry matures, certain companies – like Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) – are putting their considerable experience and technical expertise to work in creating solutions for their clients.

DSi, a leading e-discovery and digital forensics company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., has introduced DSi Remote Governance and Collections platform (RGC): a proprietary method that easily identifies, collects, verifies, filters and transfers data in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner.

“I know the term ‘remote collection’ is used a lot in our industry and can be applied to a myriad of devices and types of technology. This is not software on a memory stick,” said Tom Turner, DSi president and co-founder. “RGC is an exclusive combination of tested hardware and systems that allows e-discovery to be handled more efficiently and flexibly than ever before, no matter the number of devices or locations involved.”

RGC is configured by DSi’s technicians according to the client company’s requirements and seamlessly integrated behind the company’s firewall. Maintaining strict standards for data integrity and security, the platform can defensibly gather data from any accessible device on the network, including computers, servers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Various filters can be applied either during or after collections to remove non-relevant or duplicative files, saving time and money during subsequent processing or storage.

Additionally, collection can happen at any time, day or night, without disturbing the end user in any way and with minimal demand on internal IT resources. In fact, collection can be done covertly without informing custodians, so they are not aware the collection is even taking place.

“DSi’s programming team has created a quick and easy-to-use collection tool that saves the costs and hassles of having technicians do on-site collections,” said John Burchfield, DSi vice president of business development. “But increasingly we are seeing RGC used as part of a corporation’s overall Information Management policy.”

Burchfield explained that the platform earned the name “Remote Governance and Collections” because its uses have already evolved beyond something that simply collects data to managing it.

“Businesses see the benefit in utilizing RGC’s bank of services – such as data mapping, data backups, security and automated deletion points – to smoothly implement effective internal information governance policies,” said Burchfield.

RGC’s functions also include recovering deleted files and/or emails, malware analysis, password cracking and forensic analysis.

“I’ve always heard it said that for anything you want, there are three options: ‘fast turnaround, high quality or low cost’ and that you can only choose two of the three. But we’ve created an offering that meets and surpasses all three of those ideals,” said Turner. “The real question is, ‘Why isn’t everyone using this already?’”

About Document Solutions, Inc.

Serving law firms and corporate legal departments nationwide, Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) is a litigation support services company that provides a wide range of traditional and technology-driven services, including Electronic Discovery, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Early Case Assessment, Web Review, Consulting, Hosting, Near De-Duplication, Photocopying, Printing, Trial Boards, Document Management, Document Scanning, Imaging, Optical Character Recognition and more. Founded with an intimate knowledge of the legal community’s essential need for unimpeachable quality under rigid time constraints, our staff of highly trained specialists will help you harness today’s most current technology to gain a competitive advantage. DSi is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. and also has offices in Knoxville, Tenn. and Cincinnati, Ohio. http://www.dsi.co.



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Q&A: Dems and Reps want Jobs – We are at an Impasse what do you think of my two solutions?

Question by Jim Bay: Dems and Reps want Jobs – We are at an Impasse what do you think of my two solutions?
Democrat vision – Dem’s think 4 Trillion new gov spending over the last 2 years was not enough we need to spend more money and Dems are saying lets pass the American Jobs Act which would increase spending another 500 Billion Dollars doing pretty much what Stimulus I for 800 Billion. Dems believe the GOP is playing politics stopping Obama from passing the bill so the economy doesn’t get better and then Obama will lose the presidency.

GOP vision – GOP believes Keynesian Economics doesn’t work. Make jobs and government jobs, green fake jobs, plus over regulating private markets, crony capitalism, socialized healthcare, limiting energy production and taxing producers is killing jobs. GOP believes government isn’t the solution but the problem, GOP believes DEMS are so locked into to their ideology they won’t try what works because it will destroy their ideology and power base.

Option ONE – GOP and DEMS don’t compromise nothing changes Obama and the DEMS lose big time in the 2012 election and GOP can do their plans in 2012 without DEM opposition.

Option TWO – Dems back off give GOP a chance to try their stimulus plan. If it fails as DEMS say it will then Dems take back control of the house and Obama gets reelected. If it succeeds then the economy gets better and Dems lose but people get back to work.

Which option do you like better? I like Option 2 better but think we will end up with Option 1 because Obama is no Clinton. Clinton choose option 2 and was reelected because he successfully took credit for the positive effects of working with the GOP.
Ned. Sorry but you didn’t read the question. Its more of a what do you predict will happen sort of question. You choose an option that isn’t even being offered and won’t be offered and you know it would be impossible given our current debt crisis.
Allie – You said neither but then you described option 1 where neither party compromises and nothing is done.
Guardian that is a nice bedtime story you have there. Have you heard you are welcome to your opinion but not to your own set of facts. Obama and the left are getting the blame for the recession and high unemployment. While it started under the Bush admin most people recognize we would be in much better shape had McCain won, and we didn’t have the excessive wasteful spending programs and Obamacare. If what you said was true then Obama would have a 60% approval rating and the house never would have gone over to the GOP.
Norma – Option Two is a compromise. It means we would role back about 50% of Obama’s statist agenda, cut regulations, expand domestic production of energy, stop scaring people about CO2, slow the growth of government, fix Medicare,and SSi, repeal Obamacare. These would all be compromises by the Dems. The GOP would compromise by continuing to pay for everyone on SSI, and Medicare, agree to cut Corp tax rather than eliminate it, get rid of loop wholes in taxes in exchange for lowering rates. Agree to allow government revenue to increase as the economy grew.

Best answer:

Answer by special treatment

What do you think? Answer below!

G4S Secure Solutions Wins Homeland Security Training and Education Award

G4S Secure Solutions Wins Homeland Security Training and Education Award


Jupiter, FL (PRWEB) December 06, 2011

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. has been recognized for its homeland security training and higher education programs by Government Security News Magazine. The First Place award was recently announced during the 2011 Homeland Security Awards Gala in Washington D.C.

The annual GSN Magazine awards competition honors the best companies that partner with federal, state and local governments providing security, security products, solutions and technologies in an effort to defend and protect the nation’s people, property and way of life.

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) won the first place award by providing security officers with specialized skill sets and multiple levels of training, experience and qualifications to meet any customer’s specific needs. G4S’ tiered officer programs include the Customer Protection Officer® (CPO), Upscale Security Officer (USO) and Property Resource Officer (PRO) designations. G4S also provides security officers with specific training in various market sectors, including Chemical/ Petrochemical, Government Services, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, Residential Communities, Higher Education, Financial Institutions, Rail and Mass Transit.

“We are honored by this award and the recognition by GSN Magazine,” said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions USA. “G4S leads the security services industry in providing quality security officer personnel, training materials, programs and applications. I know that quality training has been a key differentiator since the company’s earliest days. “

G4S training pays off in the abilities and skill levels of its security officers. Research by the Institute of Management & Administration (IOMA) ranks G4S security officers as #1 based on reliability, ethics and adherence to an organization’s rules and procedures. G4S security officers rank first in speed of response to security incidents according to IOMA.

G4S Security training programs are developed by G4S North America Training Institute (NATI), with trainers who have post-graduate degrees and years of experience in the military and/or security industry. NATI trainers research and design programs, instruct and guide local trainers, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in adult learning and online courses as they apply to personnel in the security industry.

After developing training programs for G4S clients, NATI advisers continue to assist local training personnel and managers to develop job-specific programming with follow-up and continuing education programs. In addition to in-person classroom training, G4S employees and security officers also have access to hundreds of self-service training programs via NATI’s online Learning Management System (LMS).

G4S NATI is an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center, which trains G4S employees in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) use and First Aid skills. The institute is also ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System Registered. NATI has also been recognized by the American Society for Training and Development with a BEST Award, and has been named a Top 125 Training Organization by Training magazine for four years in a row: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

About G4S North America

G4S Secure Solutions is the world’s leading international security solutions group, providing a full slate of security services and technology to corporate, industrial and government organizations. The company’s offerings include armed guards, background investigations, program development, security, consulting and technology solutions. G4S also provides fire and rescue services, as well as specialized security for airports, nuclear power plants and US embassies. For more information visit: http://www.g4s.com/us


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Web 2.0 Design & Development at Green Chillies Web Solutions

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Green chillies is a place you want to be if you are looking for designing and developing your website. We are a leading web designing India Company targeting web application development, web 2.0 design, social networking blueprint etc. We have been offering extraordinary trade resolutions to our customers. We offer creative and innovative web designs.

Green chillies have a vast experience of all kinds of industries for designing and developing websites. We have developed something for your industry segment which makes gets us closer to your needs and requirements which will attract customers to your websites. Web 2.0 application is the latest drift of the web design and development industry. The web 2.0 designs and development have become the prototypical web solution of the today’s age as it has made a lot simpler for the designers as well as the customers. Now with the web 2.0 designing and developing, you can expand the web scope. The introduction of Web 2.0, the web-designing world has taken to a new platform. In fact, a new trend of the web designing has begun. We have adopted the Web 2.0 standards for our customer’s web designing and developing requirements. Through the simple designs of Web 2.0 Design & Development achieving the business-goals are more realistic.

The web 2.0 design focuses on the intrinsic purpose of designing. Our skilled professionals are ready with enormous information and knowledge to assist your website and spice it up to take your business which will get it more profits. Achieving success the way one desires is possible with green chillies as you’re when partnering with a web development company like ours. Our designs will make sure that customers get attracted to your business and take the time to go through the features that you have to offer.

With the innovative features of the Web 2.0 from our SEO Company India green chillies you can draw the attention of the potential and lucrative customers and take your business to greater heights. Talk to us today and make your business go high!

We offer other services like Search Engine Optimization, Outsourcing SEO, Web Design, Web Development , Web Development Application, Rich Internet Application, Content Writing, Content Development Services, Content Writers India Services. We at Green Chillies are there to help you with any Web Solution that you are looking for . Just Rely on Us and Request for our Quote on our website Green Chillies Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Green Chillies Web Solutions Pvt Ltd – Fastest growing company of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services with exemplary web design- development Services.We have Office in India at S55-A 2nd Floor Janta Market, Rajouri Garden New Delhi – 110026, India Tel. No.: +91-11-45686647 E-mail: info@green-chillies.com . Our UK office is situated at Green Chillies Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Building 3 BRE Estate Watford  Herts WD25 9XX Tel. No.: 0800 211 8054. We offer services like SEO Services India, Internet Marketing India, Web Design India, Content Writing India,SMO Services, SEO India

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Why All The Focus On Go Green Energy Solutions?

green economics
by SS&SS

There are very good reasons why much of the green energy attention that presently exists is focused on the amount of research and development being directed toward go green energy solutions aimed at decreasing the energy consumption of our structures—from homes of all shapes and sizes to tall, commercial skyscrapers, and everything in between.   After all, these presently account for more than 35% of our energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere.  But if you add to that all of  the energy utilized in transporting ourselves, along with the products and services that we want and need, to and from our various buildings—those percentages grow extensively.

The principle objective of go green energy solutions of all types and sizes is to dramatically reduce the use of and dependence upon carbon-dioxide emitting fossil fuels as the source of energy needed to create the power required for heating, cooling, lighting, propulsion and so on.  The opportunities to discover and invent and produce and improve and implement and maintain and support new green energy products and systems is absolutely staggering.  Equally amazing is the fact that, in a world facing such impending calamity due to dwindling energy options and growing economic problems, nevertheless neither government nor business leadership has emerged to champion the cause of taking advantage of the green energy opportunities being presented to mankind and elevating them to the prominent position of priority that they deserve!


In the absence of the inspired direction needed to motivate a worldwide emphasis on go green energy solutions, it behooves us as individuals to act as responsibly as we can about it within our sphere of influence involving family and friends, colleagues and associates.  Each of our individual circumstances are different, to be sure, but three common components will be found to emerge as universally applicable to every successful outcome achieved as we navigate our way through implementing go green energy solutions of our choosing:

First, one needs to select and take action on some reputable plan or guide or system or program known to produce the desired results, goals and objectives.  As this relates to green energy options,  choosing and acting upon sound advice and guidance is step one toward achieving a beneficial result.

Second, one needs to apply patience as they proceed through implementing their selected green energy process.  In our present modern society, we’ve become conditioned and expectant of realizing positive and rewarding results from our endeavors in an hour or two, just as is observed in our favorite TV shows and movies.  This is simply not realistic.

Third, one needs to practice persistence throughout the go green energy program that they choose to follow, always keeping their concentration on the goal that they seek to attain.

That simple formula, action + patience + persistence, has produced success time and again in the past, and will surely continue to do so in the present and future.  Abide by that advice, and you will be pleased by the satisfying results that you receive when you assess the impact of your go green energy solutions.

Jay Nelson (GreenGuy) writes from well over 60 years of green energy experience.  He grew up in rural Minnesota in the 1940s-1950s learning to love and respect the awesome wonder and power of the earth’s environment and natural resources.  He and his wife for over 36 years now have kept go green energy solutions a constant priority as they’ve raised six children together, welcomed 15 grandchildren, and are enjoying five great-grandchildren with a sixth on the way!  Throughout the years, they have offered their “been there – done that” advice whenever it was requested, always with a singular focus in mind: Helping People Help Themselves!  Their enduring tip to all is,
“Don’t worry, Be happy!”  Read more about Go Green Energy Solutions at the
Green Energy Solutions Learning Center found at http://www.gogreenenergysolutions.info/!

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Alternative Imaging Solutions – Green Peak Imaging Solutions Helps Keep IT Green

Alternative Imaging Solutions – Green Peak Imaging Solutions Helps Keep IT Green

Keyport, NJ (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

Green Peak Imaging Solutions, an alternative imaging supply company that provides cost-effective and eco-friendly imaging products, has announced the launch of its online ordering portal, http://www.greenpeakimaging.com. Green Peak Imaging Solutions sells guaranteed remanufactured imaging products such as toner, ink, printers, maintenance kits and fusers to home offices and businesses across the USA.

“Green Peak Imaging Solutions was founded on the principle of total reuse and is committed to a policy of ‘zero landfill’ within three years or sooner,” stated Dennis Fotopoulos, President of Green Peak Imaging Solutions, “our model is based completely on providing eco-friendly solutions to those who have made ‘green’ IT initiatives a priority.”

Green Peak Imaging Solutions opens its doors during challenging economical times, but Fotopoulos stated that “Green IT initiatives don’t have to break the bank. Keeping costs down is at the core of any reuse scenario and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” adding, “Our products are priced anywhere from 15% – 75% less than original equipment branded products.”

Green Peak Imaging Solutions will center its business around its ability to collect or reclaim old product, reuse and remanufacture it for re-introduction into the home and corporate office ecosystem, and, finally, responsibly dispose of or recycle used products that do not qualify as remanufacturing candidates. “Our recycling is guaranteed to be done responsibly – preferably through granulating raw materials for reuse elsewhere in other manufacturing channels,” adds Fotopoulos.

Green Peak Imaging Solutions Environmental Mission:

Green Peak Imaging Solutions environmental goal is simple – Zero Landfill Waste. By preventing pollution and minimizing the negative impact and maximizing the positive impact our activities have on the environment, Green Peak Imaging Solutions model is built on the continuous improvement of our environmental practices.

About Green Peak Imaging Solutions:

Green Peak Imaging Solutions is an alternative imaging supply company providing cost-effective and eco-friendly imaging products such as toner, ink, printers, maintenance kits and fusers to home offices and businesses across the USA.

Media Contact:

Dennis Fotopoulos

President, Green Peak Imaging Solutions



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Greenergy Solutions : Its Corporate Environmental Responsibility And Its Response to the Issues of Climate Change Mainstream Mitigation

In today’s economy time is considered the critical competitive edge. Greenergy Solutions Inc. brings a combination of unique scientific and business experiences and approaches for marketing, installing and operating  proven Clean Energy technologies.The normal industry process, typically entails years of marketing, planning committee, and voter approvals.

Most important to its partners,Greenergy Solutions offers a turnkey partnership approach with minimal capital investment.

Greenergy Solutions Inc. ultimate goal: the fight against climate change.


Gearing towards ——  The Green Options. Greenergy Solutions  is required to use appropriate and proven technologies that will effectively use as alternative energy source at the same time reduces/eliminates carbon dioxides and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Drives the Economy

Energy drives the economic engine for Philippines growth.Currently, the Philippines dependency externally for nearly all of its petroleum needs and has been unduly exposed to fluctuations in oil price.The shortfall between primary energy production and energy consumption shows that 63% of the Philippines’ energy needs to be imported.The sharp increases in oil prices in the first half of 2008 have sparked a renewed interest in renewable or alternatives.A study by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the University of the Philippines’ National Engineering Center showed that the country could save more .9 billion from non-importation of fossil fuel by increasing the country’s renewable energy share in generating power to 41 percent.

The need for future technologies and resources to meet the power gap provides the sector with a potentially productive investment destination.

Overview:Greenergy Solutions Inc. (Greenergy) Public Private Partnership Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Development Initiatives applies proven solutions, leading edge information and comprehensive research conducted in the Philippines by recognized and industry leading experts with over one hundred (100) years combined experience with electric utility technology, operations and policy.

This recession proof program substantiates Greenergy’s business model for the development of economically viable and environmentally sustainable renewable energy  projects for the commercial production of energy by offering  proven, privately financed, rapid construction program that allows them to accelerate Waste-to-Energy project development. On July 2008, the founders of Greenergy had launched the   “ZERO WASTE PHILIPPINES” with intention to deploy Waste-to-Energy Gasification Facilities in 1700 towns and cities in the Philippines.

This bold move was motivated by Greenergy’s one-year study of the renewable energy market and the various opportunities available in the industry involving waste-to-energy and its great implication to the environment.This study presented the balance between commercial returns and the social responsibility to solve the pollution brought about by garbage.

The Waste Problem. The Philippines and its population of 94 million people faces a present and urgent need to address the current solid waste management situation that has now reach crisis proportion.  Republic Act No. 9003, otherwise known as the Solid Waste Management Act, has ordered the closure of all landfills and dumpsites nationwide in 2008.

The local government units (LGUs) that have responsibility to dispose of solid waste have no mechanism in place to provide adequate and environmentally safe disposal of an increasing supply of waste that now totals 12 million tons annually.

Effective June 20, 2008, Former Secretary Joselito Atienza of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) has ordered an ultimatum to all governors and mayors nationwide to close open and controlled dumpsites or run the risk of being charged in court and removed from office. With no viable solutions now available to municipalities to address this ongoing waste management dilemma, GSI’s public/private proposal for an economically viable and environmentally sustainable gasification projects for the commercial production of energy from municipal solid waste offer the best solution.

THE GREENERGY SOLUTIONS INC. is a  international Philippine company, organized by the leading legal and utility professionals in the Philippines for the deployment of Waste-to-Energy Gasification Facilities and contributing to the Philippine government’s targets of 60% energy self-sufficiency by 2010.

For its technology requirements, Greenergy Solutions had entered with partnership with Waste2Energy,Inc ., (www.waste2energy.com) a leading technology and engineering company  worldwide which enable it to  engage  its  customers requirements and needs in tune with industry trends and market needs.

For our carbon credit sale, Greenergy  have partnered with ENEL Endesa Carbono, the biggest carbon credit buyer in Europe.

Greenergy Solutions partners in the Zero Waste Philippines’ Project include Dr. Neric Acosta, Enel  Endesa Carbono, Full  Advantage,International Inc., Swine Board of the Philippines, with the support of PFAN-USAID, Asian Development Bank, Land Bank of the Philippines, the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP), and the Solid Waste Management Commission of the Office of the President.

The company’s founders and management  seeks to utilize their more than 100 years combined industry experiences (technology, operations and policy), relationships and unique skills to develop Waste-to-Energy project(s) in collaboration with foreign partners and investors experienced with development of renewable energy projects.

The Company’s vision is to become a national leader in the development of economically viable and environmentally sustainable Waste-to-Energy (WTE)  gasification projects for the commercial production of energy by offering municipalities a proven, privately financed, rapid construction program that allows municipalities to accelerate WTE development.

The company (GSI) is both a project development and a science based company.

In the Philippines, our founders and consultants are leading experts in the electric utility and environmental sectors, with broad range of expertise in technology, operations and policy issues resulting from distinguished careers in the public and private sectors in the Philippines and abroad. The scope of experience of our founders and management qualifies Greenergy   for WTE development projects that requires Integrating the disciplines of project management, the art of strategic planning and the power of advanced project management. Greenergy’s officers and consultants have historically worked variety of professional government   services to the environment and utility sectors   in the Philippines

To say  Greenergy Solutions is  radically   different from other Design-Build-Operate-Finance or Public Private Partnership proponents may be a  stretch.

However, our critical advantage is that Greenergy Solutions  had designed a better mousetrap.

Greenergy Solutions  vision, stated categorically:

I.    Environmental commitment in which Greenergy fully embraces sustainability;

II.   Striving to have positive impact on the environment and society;

III.    Material and energy management in which the company operated within the finite ecological limits of the environment;

IV.   Effective stakeholder engagement in which the company is fully transparent and accountable, with a demonstrated process in process to engage and empower stakeholders.

Positioning Within the Marketplace.Greenergy is uniquely positioned as a Renewable Energy Developer in the Philippine marketplace with many distinct advantages.

Greenergy’s founders and officers has a long history, as officials and employees , serving state and local government on technology, operational and policy application issues relating to these type of processes; The company has In-house engineering, environmental and design capabilities to reduce overall project development and maintenance costs; Greenergy can offer a turnkey partnership approach to municipal client who view this renewable energy company as experts in the electric utility industry; Greenergy lower overhead expenses, compared to larger national and international engineering and construction firms, allows us to better manage expenses and realize optimal profits for project participants, including municipal partners.

Humanitarian & Environmental Objectives.Greenergy’s Public Private WTE Development Program is aimed at integrating economic, social and environmental issues. While much of the work emanating from this program involves revenue enrichment to project participants, including municipalities, local business and the community.

The company  also provide educational enrichment opportunities to educational institutions and help municipalities address key waste management, environmental and healthcare challenges for  which  there  are no current viable solution.

Greenergy helps municipalities meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations – aligning economic and strategic humanitarian objectives. The company provides a 100% solutions to the garbage problems that cause contamination of land, risks of hazardous ecosystem, air pollution and green house gases. The project presents solution to landfill emissions. The technology for recovery of energy from waste is very vital in mitigating if not eradicating the garbage problems.

Business Strategy & Implementation Strategies.Greenergy shall utilize the more than 100 years combined industry experiences (technology, operations and policy) and relationships of its founders and management staff to originate and develop Waste-to- Energy project(s) in collaboration with foreign partners (technology providers and EPC contractors) and investors experienced with the development of renewable energy projects.

Feasibility study determining the economic viability of deploying WTE technology in the Philippine have been completed and with Waste2Energy Gasification Technology already identified, with preliminary approval from government Regulators for the deployment the technology in the Philippines pending submission of Environmental Compliance Application and registration with Department Energy.

Greenergy’s Marketing and marketing alliances have successful produced a pipeline  Public Private Partnership Agreements of the larger Philippine municipalities and cities, and  landfill operators with commitment of long term feedstock supply, including payment of tipping fees and commitment of land at or adjacent to landfill facility, along with right of way provisions, for construction of gasification facility.

There are twenty pipelined projects now currently on their preliminary actitivities involving   local government units (LGUs) and private companies which entered into partnership with Greenergy for the installation and operation of Material Resource and Energy (MREF) Facilities nationwide  with commitment of long term feedstock supply  including payment of tipping fees and commitment of sites for the installation of the Gasification Facilities.

Based on our projections, the waste-to-energy facilities, will provide viable commercial returns which we can say…Yes, Greenergy is leading towards the Green Culture and  also does real  business, here!


Cres Marcellana is a freelance environmental journalist who writes development articles about companies with corporate social responsibilities.

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IFI/UNRWA CONFERENCE 2010: Palestinian Refugees and Durable Solutions: A Role for UNRWA

The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and UNRWA held an international conference entitled: “FROM RELIEF AND WORKS TO HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: UNRWA AND PALESTINIAN REFUGEES AFTER 60 YEARS”. The conference assembled a critical body of academic and policy research around UNRWA’s six-decade-long experience in supporting Palestine refugees. December 2009 marked the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees in the Near East: an occasion for sober reflection but also an opportunity to assess the Agency’s challenges and achievements during six decades of work alongside millions of Palestine refugees. Day 2 PALESTINIAN REFUGEES AND DURABLE SOLUTIONS: A ROLE FOR UNRWA Discussant: Michael Dumper, Professor, University of Exeter Chair: Lex Takkenberg, Chief, Ethics Office, Department of Internal Oversight Services, UNRWA * Robert Dann, Chief, Regional Affairs Unit, Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process * UNRWA as Avatar: Current Debates on the Agency and their Implications Rex Brynen, Professor, McGill University, Canada * UNRWA and Preparations for a Just Solution Leila Hilal, Adviser, UNRWA * Property Ownership in UNRWA Family Archives: Relevance for Reparations Jaber Suleiman, Independent Researcher/Consultant in Refugee Studies

“Can Our Future Be Both Sustainable and Desirable?” Such a future requires an adequate standard of living, a decent quality of life and all that these imply for everybody. Getting there and staying there may require both technological advances and life-style changes With one-time apologies for the rough nature of this unscripted poorly-lit presentation, this is the first video in a series presenting a discussion about the path to sustainable development and social justice, which in this first part is narrated first by Eric Britton of EcoPlan International in Paris. You will then hear from John Maulbetsch of Maulbetsch Consulting in Menlo Park, These short videos are being prepared for the 55th reunion of the class of 1956 from Williston Academy in Easthampton Massachusetts. After Williston John went on to do a PhD in electrical engineering from MIT, and became an eminent figure at the national level in the field of technology and policy in the energy field. Eric took a more circuitous path which took him first to Amherst, then to Columbia College, followed by the PhD program in the Graduate Faculty of Economics at Columbia, followed on by graduate work in economic development and public policy in Rome and Paris. The two speakers have very different backgrounds, but this writer (Britton) has to suspect that once the dust settles we are going to have considerable zones of agreement. So fasten your seatbelt and let’s have a look.
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