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Sharing Risk in a World of Dangers and Opportunities

Some cool International development policy images:

Sharing Risk in a World of Dangers and Opportunities
International development policy
Image by CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies
The changing nature of international development has created a growing interest in the use of development finance instruments. As the availability of soft grant money decreases and acceptance of private-sector-led growth increases, development policy is shifting away from official development assistance to focus more on investment and trade. In this context, the U.S. government must use its development finance instruments more effectively. For more go to csis.org/event/sharing-risk-world-dangers-and-opportuniti…

Sharing Risk in a World of Dangers and Opportunities
International development policy
Image by CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies
The changing nature of international development has created a growing interest in the use of development finance instruments. As the availability of soft grant money decreases and acceptance of private-sector-led growth increases, development policy is shifting away from official development assistance to focus more on investment and trade. In this context, the U.S. government must use its development finance instruments more effectively. For more go to csis.org/event/sharing-risk-world-dangers-and-opportuniti…

Profitable Opportunities Await for Photography and Artwork in the Genres of Travel, Vacation, Pets, Hobbies; Amateur Photographers and All Artists Can Now Put their Images to Work for Fun, Recognition and Profits 24/7 in Worldwide Online Galleries

Profitable Opportunities Await for Photography and Artwork in the Genres of Travel, Vacation, Pets, Hobbies; Amateur Photographers and All Artists Can Now Put their Images to Work for Fun, Recognition and Profits 24/7 in Worldwide Online Galleries

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

The Art Marketing Agency introduced innovative advertising programs for amateurs, art professionals, fine artists and photographers to generate sales and connect with worldwide buyers 24 hours a day for their artworks.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.Making money is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

Its a fact, online galleries are good for today’s art business.

Worldwide there are more than two hundred worldwide online galleries with an influence that now plays a significant role in the success for any artist or art collector. Christie’s auction house and Costco recently announced plans to sell thousands of Warhol artworks online.

Buyers often use a new return policy that allows them to evaluate the art and return it if not satisfied.

The Art Marketing Agency unveiled several online art gallery marketing innovations to help meet the challenges in today’s art market. The agency will “post” and categorize artworks and photos to the top performing online galleries. The agency may even set up a salon or website and provide valuable marketing tips and strategies!

In the past, visual artists and photographers have invested their valuable time and money attempting to find the “right” online galleries to sell their work without much success. Museums and brick and mortar galleries have been slow to embrace the Internet and social media market at their expense.

“Online galleries is the ideal medium to enable art buyers and collectors see artwork worldwide twenty four hour a day,” observed Tuck Tucker, Visual Art’s Marketing Director.

The new service is designed to match artwork to the best performing online gallery and its buyers. The online gallery-matching services enable artists to optimize their marketing and efficiently reach the best art buyers at online galleries around the world. Clients can now successfully showcase their art and connect to art buyers.

A recent report from IBISWorld estimates that the online art sales industry in the U.S. was worth about $ 287.5 million in 2011. This figure includes the sale of original or limited-edition artwork through online galleries, online auctions, online art fairs, and online art dealing and trading. The sales figures included data from 716 businesses and covered the sale of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs and other media.

According to IBIS World analysts, the market for online art sales has been growing in line with strong demand from overseas markets and increasing access to Internet-based retail outlets.

The growth in art sales through e-commerce and online auctions is expected to continue through 2016, fueled by global growth in consumer spending and increased access through more broadband connections.Mobile apps are anticipated to provide further room for innovation in online art sales.

See report: http://creativesatworkblog.com/2012/02/ibisworld-report-predicts-growth-in-online-art-sales/

A popular blog details an artist experiences with online galleries:

How I Learned How to Sell My Photos and Artworks in Worldwide Online Galleries


The Art Marketing Agency services enables artists, photographers and art collectors to work with an expert, objective team that will provide a portfolio and website review with an informative consultation. The agency then develops specific marketing plans to match the artist style and vision with the right online gallery.

The Agency also announced it will now offer its valuable printed directory (and E Book) about online galleries that analyses characteristics and provides information about hundreds of galleries to its subscribers. The Guide assists art professionals to meet the challenges of today’s international art market with information about each gallery.

Each client receives a written summary with recommendations plus valuable information detailing specific online galleries to match their artwork to maximize profits!

From Karen T. in Arlington, Virginia, photographer, “The agency suggested I shift from 2 pay galleries to 5 non-pay and I am making more sales and saving money. What I liked is that their services are turnkey- they really did all the work to set me up with the online galleries after the consultation. Thanks for making my life and art marketing a lot more successful.”

Ron W. Miami FL, Fine Artist Portraiture, remarked about the new services, “I was looking for a better way to sell my art. It was just too time-consuming and frustrating to know what online galleries to work with. The team at the agency have given me better online sales options. I recommend them.”

The artist or art collector may choose one of several consultation plans ($ 50 to $ 150) to review all aspects of their artwork including their website and marketing ideas.

A valuable written summary and recommendations is provided to all clients.

“Amateur and novice photographers and artists may be sitting on a gold mine,” observed Tucker.

Novice and beginner photographers may also put their family, pet, holiday and travel photos to work for extra profits!

The agency will post a limited number of their photos from fifteen to twenty five dollars and may include a website. Novice and beginners photography program details are available the http://www.Visualartsmarketing.com

For more details about the new service, please contact:

Tuck Tucker

Agency Director

239 250 4920


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The Wall Street Green Summit XI Focuses on Environmental Finance Opportunities for 2012

The Wall Street Green Summit XI Focuses on Environmental Finance Opportunities for 2012

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

With all the clamor of Occupy Wall Street protests, the continuing financial crisis has changed the green business model leading to more innovative approaches for renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon reductions. Basically, innovation is being spurred by doing more with less. The Wall Street Green Summit XI continues to be your one stop shop for the latest information and networking opportunities on environmental financial markets which continue to grow.

“Green investing and cap and trade are not dead although the cynics believe it to be so,”said Peter C. Fusaro, Chairman of Global Change Associates. Despite the lack of US federal government action for the foreseeable future, green market developments are manifesting themselves at state levels and globally for 2012. The Summit offers a superb program reflecting the opportunities and challenges of the moment. Our 11th annual conference promises to be the best yet as new ideas on building design, green transportation, the Smart Grid, emissions mitigation, green funds, and renewable energy are presented clearly and in depth from experts.

Learn from JP Morgan, IBM, Cisco Systems, Mission Markets, Jones Lang LaSalle, Point Carbon, Deutsche Bank, National Grid, Belgrave Trust, and many other environmental financial leaders on how to invest, trade and profit from these new market opportunities. With over 55 speakers, there is much to learn and network about.

If you can’t make the conference, we are offering a DVDs of the proceedings.

You’re busy so get up to speed in 2 solid days of knowledge transfer, great networking and business opportunities on:

    The Latest on Renewable Energy Project Finance

    Greening Buildings

    The California Carbon Market Developments for 2012

    The Latest on the EU ETS & the Durban Conference

    Solar Renewable Energy Markets

    New Opportunities in Social Impact Investing

    The Smart Grid Opportunities Takes Shape

    New Green Hedge Fund Strategies

    Ecosystem and Forestry Offsets

    New Green Investment Opportunities

More information about our unique event is available at our website (http://www.wsgts.com) or please contact Carmen Cook, VP for Marketing, Global Change Associates at +1-212-222-0550 or Carmen(at)global-change(dot)com.


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Which field under biology has the best career opportunities?

Question by Eric: Which field under biology has the best career opportunities?
I need to pick a concentration in biology for my major. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the following in terms of future careers?

cell biology?
human biology?
molecular biology?
evolutionary biology?


Best answer:

Answer by Anita
u can try marine biology.

Give your answer to this question below!

Opportunities And Market Trends In The Development Of Printers And Supplies

Printers and supplies the world market trend analysis

Printer in the world is entering the era of universal, desktop inkjet machine installed capacity from 223 million units in 2000 to 3.19 million units in 2003, the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) was 12%, laser machine from 2000, about 62 million units in 2003 to almost 80 million units holdings, the annual compound growth rate of 9%. The world has 270 million users, a strong stimulus to the global supplies industry.

Analysis according to industry personnel, from Sell Places to see in 2008 sold about 28.7 billion U.S. dollars global laser toner drum components, including the new 0EM Cartridge, compatible and remanufactured drum cartridge drum cartridge components; In 2008, the new 0EM cartridges , compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges total sales of 30.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Global Environmental protection Type (ie, remanufactured) inkjet cartridges and laser toner drum component of the Revenue growth faster than 0EM 2003, about 70 million U.S. dollars to 11 billion yuan in 2007, the annual compound growth rate of 12% (CAGR), Original 0EM growth of 4% growth of environmentally friendly products, unheard of in any industry. To monochrome laser drum cartridge remanufactured components accounted for 30% of global sales are expected to be 36% in 2007. General trends in world supplies, consumables industry in China will affect the trend.

China’s printer and supplies market trend analysis

As multinational product structural adjustment, the printer manufacturers have transferred to China, the Chinese printers to become producing country, exporting country, the world’s 6 sets each have a laser machine manufacturer in China, each machine has 3 sets of stylus 2 sets made in China, the world’s inkjet machine every 7 had 2 sets manufactured in China, nearly two years of the Chinese market, 95% of the ribbon, 90% of the wide-format inkjet media and ink have been achieved with localization, inkjet cartridges and recycled supplies current common market share of about 20%. Laser Cartridge component, in 2003 China produced 17 million sets in general and re-manufacturing accounted for about 600 million, most of the exports, the Chinese market, only 10% of the market share of generic Laser supplies in the country.

Per 1,000 people in China have a Duplicator An average of 3.58 units per 1,000 people per 1,000 laser machine has a 6.9 inkjet machine and abroad there is still a future outlook. Global Universal Laser consumables and remanufacturing supplies about 30%, China is only about 10%, there is a large gap between us to occupy.

General supplies of China’s development policy environment and legal environment is being improved

1, Ministry of the four “benefit” as the development of consumable industrial policy, that is: good for environmental protection and pollution prevention of new printers play, not to sacrifice the environment for information technology achievements; is conducive to reducing the user cost , to reverse the current “affordable horse, Pei Buqi saddle” situation; favor of domestic enterprises, to buy the lamp a certain age to buy foreign oil, we must end our generation hands off; conducive to the protection of intellectual property, design product to avoid patent, to “bore a striking resemblance shape is not.”

2, the EU directive, declared to all violations of the principle of circular economy initiative declared illegal, on the development of environmentally friendly supplies in China have far-reaching impact.

3,1983, the State Council convened the Second National Environmental Conference announced that the environmental protection as a basic national policy of China. Vice Premier Zeng 2003, the environment, the meeting made clear that China must vigorously develop the “recycling economy” and “green industry.”

4,1995 State on January 31 announced Presidential Decree No. 98, “the People’s Republic of China Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Act” to determine the implementation of the waste “reduction, sound, resource” principle.

5, “during the” China’s implementation of “pollutant emission control” and “Century Green Plan.”

6,2003 effect on July 1 to implement the reduction of toxic and hazardous substances production measures.

7,2006 effect on January 1st to market within the national key regulatory directory Electronic Information products can not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl polymer (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ether polymer (PBDE) and so on.

8,2003 by the end of the relevant ministries and countersigned by the Ministry of Information Industry in conjunction with “Management of Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Measures”; sure that all computer products such as access to key regulatory catalog, select non-toxic, harmless or low toxicity, low harm, easily degraded and facilitate recycling of materials, waste producers should bear their products after the recovery, treatment, reuse of related responsibilities.

9, the State introduced a series of national standards to ensure environmental protection, such as: GB18597-2001 “pollution control standards for hazardous waste storage” GB18598-2001 “Hazardous Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard” GB18484-2001 “Hazardous Waste Incineration Pollution Control Standard” GB16487 “environmental protection control standard for imported scrap,” 10, the State Environmental Protection Administration to develop “renewable resource recycling and use of” 15 “development plan.”

11, the NPC study “comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development” concept of scientific development, to environmental protection and waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the key to saving towards society.

12, the State Environmental Protection Administration, April 18, 2004 held in Qingdao, “Extended Producer Responsibility nationwide industry standards and Electronic Waste Recycling and Utilization Technology Policy Seminar.”

13, the State Council issued “on carrying out resource conservation activities,” the notice, stressing circular economy and utilization of renewable resources and comprehensive recovery.

China General supplies industry confusion and problems

China to promote green printing, face three stumbling block. First: the misunderstanding of some people not yet out of the recycling compared with the old roof was new to recycling was fake and inferior products compared to recycling compared with the infringement of intellectual property. Second: not yet established national standards for recycling and industry standards. International Organization for Standardization IS0/IECJTCI/SC28 upcoming re-use of office equipment, including parts of the quality and performance requirements of “international standards. Germany launched DIN33870 renewable component of national standards of laser drum box recycling inkjet cartridges Germany launched the national standard DIN33871. China is no recycling of product standards. Third: Ministry of Information Industry will soon introduce “Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations”, the state has not yet issued a mandatory recycling regulations printer supplies, resulting in production of environmentally friendly supplies, “nowhere” market “no laws”, there is with international standards and even the recycling of resources into the industry to combat counterfeiting

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about compaq armada 1700 , thinkpad a20.

Article from articlesbase.com

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Us Green Card ? Your Passport To Endless Opportunities And World Class Living

United States (the world’s largest economy and the most powerful democratic country) is undoubtedly among the best countries to live and work. Americans enjoy the benefits of living in this country which offers several social, economic, and other benefits to its residents. United States of America also has one of the best infrastructures for living.

Here people enjoy the best transportation, medical facilities, education, and work environment. There are endless opportunities for professionals as well as people with business acumen. Here people can turn their professional dreams into reality. Very few other counties offer facilities matching with United States.

Due to that, foreign nationals try to get permanent immigrant status of United States. The statistics of green card applicants in past decade clearly reveals the craze among foreign citizens for permanent resident status of United States. They try to enter into United States through various ways and then try to get green card confirming that they are permanent immigrant.

Green Card – Passport to Endless Opportunity

Green card holders enjoy several exclusive benefits to people which are not available to ordinary Visa holders. People with a green card are free to live and work anywhere in United States. Their kids (below 21 years) also get the status of permanent immigrant and they can easily get into the topmost education institutions of the country. Students with green card have to pay less fees for higher studies.

Green card holders can also apply for citizenship after spending a fixed duration in United States. However, it depends upon their social and economic history during the said period. If a person is paying his taxes on time and does not have any legal offenses then he or she is more like to get the status of permanent US citizen.

Pleasure of Living In United States

It is already confirmed the begining that United States provides world class facility of living. Be in basic requirements of living or the advanced needs, residents of United States gets the best in everything. The development in the field of science and technology, education and entertainment, as well as medical facilities, all are excellent and together they create an environment which is better than living standards of any other country.

Therefore eligible people from all over the world try to get United States green card through several ways. Nowadays, the most popular and easiest way of applying for green card is diversity lottery program. If someone is really eager to become permanent resident of United States in order to endless opportunities and world class living, then it is certainly the best way to apply.

Green Card Lottery Online Application Services. Enter US Green Card Lottery program online to win a US visa with USAFIS. For more information please visit us at: www.usafis.org

Article from articlesbase.com

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Great Gold, Silver & Green Opportunities Arise

“Whether Americans and Westerners in general like it or not, the Chinese have become and will remain the key drivers to many economic and financial market developments, progress, and averted wreckage. The intrepid lapdog US press, loyal to the syndicate, is a critical element to maintain distractions… for years they have maintained a tight link in monetary policy. Doing so has linked their asset bubble expansion and bust cycle to the deadly one in the United States, and filled their coffers with US$ -denominated toxic debt securities. However, China has three advantages over the US… They have .65 trillion in savings… a vast industrial base, courtesy of the US, the West, and Japan, which donated the technology… They have an expanding middle class… It is slowly becoming clear that the US granted the Most Favored Nation status to China in return for massive gold & silver swaps to the USGovt. The Wall Street fraud kings illicitly sold the leased bullion into the market, to sustain the American fiat paper congame, and thus a betrayal to the Chinese.

The Beijing leaders are highly motivated to unseat the Anglo bankers from their perched throne, emboldened by vengeance. The betrayal was to the American people also, since waves of jobs went to China from US shores, since the US sold not only its own Fort Knox gold inventory, but Western Europe’s also… Those who believe the USGovt has any gold reserves at all should donate their cerebrums to science while still alive… The USGovt in all likelihood is in possession of less than zero gold, owing both Europe and China massive amounts. It is the American ticket to the Third World, paved by lost industry, locked by vast debt…

…a comment is in order regarding President Obama’s State of the Union address… the entirety of the sacrifice to reduce the USGovt budget will come from the domestic, non-defense, non-security side… The higher priority war machine will be preserved… Ironically, the security of the nation has been put in peril from unspeakable banker fraud, abandonment of industry, and neglect of infrastructure… The Obama Admin will remain committed to gutting America, undercutting the middle class, and feeding the deterioration of the USEconomy… When reference is made to a Sputnik moment for the United States, try not to laugh… Survival will soon escalate to a higher priority.

The Chinese are well along a full court press to secure Gold bullion and dominate in the next phase of the global chess game that will span the next decade or more. With the expansion in the European Dollar Swap Window by the Chinese, the Euro currency has risen impressivelyMy guess is the harlot Intl Monetary Fund will facilitate the Gold conversion, from the EU member nation central banks associated with PIGS nations. If inadequate supply of Gold is a problem with PIGS nations, perhaps some gold swap contracts can be enabled with the help of the Bank For Intl Settlements in Switzerland. But those swaps would seal the PIGS nation fates, since they would hand over industrial, commercial, and other collateral, assuring banker elite ownership of whatever keys to the kingdom are left… China has found a way to purchase high volumes of Gold bullion at a discount… So the PIGS debt will be rescued for a while, but with forfeit of their central bank gold, or borrowed gold.

Lately, a chief US export has been price inflation, most evident in food prices, courtesy of the QE2 program by the USFed. In the last decade, the chief export was toxic debt securities. The Chinese have a different approach… They have made 180 trade deals… They do not place military personnel on foreign soil. They do not lace foreign banking systems with toxic debt. They establish multi-faceted contracts that involve the build-out of port facilities, railroad lines, schools, hospitals, and community living… They operate a sophisticated guerrilla economic warfare in sharp contrast to what the US does. The Chinese build partnerships… while the Americans ignite violent conflicts and demand that allies take sides, while extorting bank ruin, living above their means.

The most important factor to bear upon the financial markets globally in the last several months… is the creation of the Dollar Swap Windows by China… Their focus is on the PIGS nation sovereign debt… They will buy PIGS debt at discount. They will win favor… They will cut off geopolitical opposition in extremely subtle manner. They will open up the pathways for greater technology transfer. They will offer a semblance of stability to the currency markets in turmoil. They will spread their global presence, if not dominance. They will work some backdoor deals with motives to secure large volumes of gold bullion at discount…

My full expectation is that the Chinese will sell far more USTBonds than they purchase PIGS nation sovereign debt. In other words, they are building a dumping ground. Key parts of the equation are that the Europeans have been promised a willing buyer (although with ulterior motive) in the Chinese for PIGS sovereign debt. The Germans are sick & tired, fed up to the gills, in supporting the Southern Europe welfare system…

The financial news reports fail to mention the China card. They fail to mention that China is exchanging USTBonds for Euros in order to purchase EuroBonds with PIGS skin labels. They fail to mention that large Chinese hands are supporting the Euro currency… A grand Chinese wedge has been inserted, not so much between Central Europe and Southern Europe as between Europe and the United States. China will be crucial in casting the Southern nations aside from the European core. They will become wards of China, even for exploit…

My best guess is that the Chinese have temporarily halted their usage of the COMEX avenue for gold acquisition. They have permitted the corrupted COMEX to push down the gold price, using its fraudulent paper mechanisms. They have given free rein for the Wall Street maestros to lower the gold price for any IMF deal to secure European gold bullion in exchange for EuroBonds. Most gold & silver contracts are settled in cash anyway these days, since the COMEX does not have much precious metal in its possession. Imagine the day coming before too many months when gold & silver can be traded in contracts at the COMEX with no gold or silver metal exchanging hands. That day is coming, along with ruin of the GLD and SLV defaults… As for the Gold & Silver price, they will rise when the Chinese decide to resume buying. Right now, their attention is diverted to EU gold bought at deep discount, and in volume. As usual, they are thinking at least 20 years ahead…

Germany is grateful that a new benefactor has come to Southern Europe… The Germans are exhausted from 0 billion in annual welfare support of a deadbeat set of children in Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Over the last ten years, the drain of German wealth has been trillion in total…

In return for the outsized Chinese relief of PIGS debt, the Germans have offered key exports in technology… The German Economy is not a war economy, as they possess world class technology for domestic purposes. In the early part of the last 2000 decade, the technology transfer was significant from Japan to China. It enabled a great leap for Chinese industry… the Chinese leapfrogged the US easily… My view is that the Eastern Alliance… are working on the New Nordic Euro currency, complete with a gold component, in order to establish a replacement for global banking and commerce. It could become a new global reserve currency…

…at the most recent G-20 Meeting of finance ministers. The USGovt attempted to find wider support for hostility against China. They all fell of deaf ears. The American delegation was embarrassed, isolated, and stunned. With the Chinese acting as chief debt benefactor in Europe, with the Chinese forging Asian, Arab, South American alliances, nobody joined the adolescent US chatter to confront and combat China… Witness the battle for global control and leadership… As the Islamics fade in perceived threat, enter the Chinese who “stole” the US jobs and “sit on” vast hoard of money from “ill-gotten trade surpluses” in great ongoing accumulation. The ugly truth is that 60% to 65% of Chinese trade surplus from 2004 to 2008 was derived from US and Western corporations having expanded on Chinese soil with factories, fully endorsed by USGovt and Western Govts…

The hypocrisy is thick. However, the incessant annoying shallow charges of currency manipulation ring hollow when the US Federal Reserve announced the Quantitative Easing #2… Expect a QE3 later this year, to rescue states and muni bonds, but only after government pension obligations are abandoned and smashed. In the process, the United States has become isolated. Numerous trade deals exclude the USGovt and USEconomy…

THE CHINESE WISH TO CONVERT DISCOUNTED EUROBONDS TO SECURE HUGE VOLUMES OF EUROPEAN GOLD… The acquisition will NOT be front page news, will NOT be discussed by European leaders, and will NOT be publicly debated… They have very likely secured deals whereby the IMF harlot will facilitate huge gold bullion sales to China with the EuroBond securities… The common denominator in the great majority of Chinese deals forged worldwide in the last decade is the secured supply line of hard assets, like commodities…

The extreme wild card in the entire equation is eventually colonization by the Chinese elite. If they aid in government debt purchase, then hold title to property, while providing supply lines to a wide range of consumer products (someday cars too), what would prevent them from sending 100 thousand people per year to occupy abandoned homes and empty apartment buildings held under proper title? Nothing!”

“China Plays Europe Card”
Jim Willie CB, GoldenJackass.com, 1/26/11


“This morning news came down the wires that the rating agency S&P had downgraded Japan’s sovereign debt from ‘AA’ to ‘AA-‘. This is no small development.  The reality is that Japan’s finances are in even worse shape than those of the US when its overall indebtedness is compared as a percentage of GDP. Japan is approaching a debt to GDP ratio of nearly 200%!..

What this means is that the rating agencies… are looking at the huge deficits being run by many nations in the West (and Japan). In other words – TOO MUCH DEBT!

That led to selling in the long end of the US yield curve this morning as bond traders are starting to be more than a bit fearful that the same thing is going to happen to the US’s ‘AAA’ rating… They are watching massive amounts of QE2 and another ballooning of the federal budget deficit and are selling even as the Fed attempts to jam the market higher with its purchases. AT this point, the only thing holding the long end of the curve is the Fed. How long can that last especially without affecting the Dollar?

More and more we see the integrity of sovereign debt being brought into doubt which leads to the question among many investors; “what is a safe haven that is actually safe?””

“S&P Downgrades Japan’s Sovereign Debt”
Jim Sinclair, JSMineset, 1/27/11


The ongoing Takedown of Gold and Silver, The Food Riots in Various Countries around the World; the recent Blue Chips Equities Markets flirtation with Dow 12,000, and the recent Pullback in Crude Oil Prices are all signaling one thing for Investors and Traders: Great Opportunity!

But capitalizing on these developing Opportunities Requires having a Solid Overview of Market and Interventional Forces, Excellent Timing, and the Willingness to go Short in Some Sectors while going Long in Others.

First, Consider Gold and Silver:

The Detractors who claim Gold and Silver have topped point to an ostensibly recovering Economy, generally strong corporate earnings, and increasing Yields on Treasury Securities, as reasons Investors should get out, or not get in, Gold and Silver. And besides, they say, Gold recently hit a record nominal high (and Silver at Record 21st Century High) and there is, they claim, likely not much “up” left.

In fact, the Economy is not recovering, as we and increasing numbers of others have pointed out in recent articles. Fundamentally, there is simply too much Debt, and too much unemployment!

In the Final Analysis, sustained positive Corporate earnings depend on a Recovering Economy which largely depends on the Middle Class Consumer Health in the U.S.A. (which is 70% of U.S. GDP) and Eurozone and elsewhere and continued rapid Chinese growth,.

And, yes, U.S. and Eurozone Treasury Securities have displayed weakness, and thus higher Yields lately, but as John Williams has pointed out this is due mainly to Fed and other Central Bank Q.E. – caused Monetary Inflation and not on increased Economic Activity.  But given the ongoing Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and the realistically unpayable Debts of U.S. and many Eurozone nations, savvy Investors are not likely to jump en masse out of the Precious Metals into Devaluing Paper anytime soon. And the Chinese do not wish to continue their current levels of inflation–inducing growth and are taking steps to moderate it a bit.

Of course, it is becoming ever more widely known that Periodic Gold and Silver Takedowns, including The Ongoing One are due to ongoing Fed led Cartel* Suppression of the Gold and Silver Prices.

*We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s December, 2009, Special Alert containing a summary overview of Intervention entitled “Forecasts and December, 2009 Special Alert: Profiting From The Cartel’s Dark Interventions – III” and Deepcaster’s July, 2010 Letter entitled “Profit from a Weakening Cartel; Buy Reco; Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Equities, Crude Oil, U.S. Dollar & U.S. T-Notes & T-Bonds” in the ‘Alerts Cache’ and ‘Latest Letter’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website. Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at www.gata.org, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at Deepcaster’s website have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Indeed, Gold and Silver have been appreciating vis a vis major Fiat Currencies for a decade now, because, for one reason, Central Banks are printing excessively much Fiat Currency, and facilitating far too much Debt, to increase their own Profits and Power.

And as to the argument that Gold, say, has had its run-up and is overbought, consider the following chart:

Gold and Gold Mining Shares in % of Global Assets

(Sources: Silberjunge.de, Erste Group Research)

Consider that while the average % of Global Assets in Gold and Gold Shares from 1921 through 1981 is 26%, in 2009 a mere 0.8% (i.e. less than 1%!) of Global Assets were in Gold and Gold Shares!

Consider also the November 9, 2010 historic high Gold Price (21/oz) and the recent 21st Century High Nominal High Silver Price (.67) in light of Real Inflation being Factored in per John Williams’.

“The earlier all-time (Gold) high of 0.00…of January 21, 1980 would be ,395 per troy ounce, based on December 2010 CPI-U-adjusted dollars, ,943 per troy ounce based on SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars…

…for silver in January 1980 of .45 per troy ounce…1980 silver price peak would be 9 per troy ounce and would be 2 per troy ounce in terms of…SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars…

(and regarding Retail Sales, an important indication of Economic Activity)

…annual contraction in December 2010 deepened to 4.3%, from 4.0% in November.”

“Commentary Number 345: December Inflation, Retail Sales, Production”
John Williams, Shadowstats.com, 1/14/11


Indeed, it is crucial when considering the Price Prospects for Precious Metals to consider the Real Numbers as opposed to the Bogus Official Ones.

Shadowstats.com calculates the Real Numbers for the U.S. the way they were calculated in the 1980’s and 1990’s, before systematic Official Data Distortion and Interventions began in earnest.

Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per Shadowstats.com)

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported January 14, 2011
1.50%                   /                   8.91% (annualized December, 2010 Rate)

U.S. Unemployment reported January 7, 2011
9.4%               /                22.4%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported December 22, 2010
3.25%                    /                  -1.44%

U.S. M3 reported January 15, 2011 (Month of December, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report       /      -2.76%

Note that Real U.S. Price Inflation is already raging at 8.91% in the U.S.A. a Hyperinflationary Threshold level.

Thus, in light of the aforementioned, and ongoing Q.E., and highly likely Q.E. 3 and Q.E. 4 and…? the long term Price Prospects for Gold and Silver are very Bright.

Short term, given the ongoing Takedown, ideally one buys as close to an Interim Bottom, as possible. Deepcaster intends to recommend several Gold and Silver Prospectors and Miners in 2011, as Interim Bottoms are Near.

In sum, Gold, Silver, and Agricultural Products and businesses provide the Main Refuge and Profit Potential for Investors Worldwide.

Speaking of Agricultural Products, given that the Massive Fiat Currency Printing by The Major Central Banks is generating major Food Price Inflation and will continue to do so. Deepcaster recommends Investors prepare to go Green.

Foodstuffs in high and inelastic demand and the companies which focus on them, will continue to do well, regardless of economic conditions.

Thus, Deepcaster also has already identified and intends to recommend Key Agricultural Enterprises with Great Potential, with the first being Recommended in an Alert very soon.

On a related issue, Potable Water Crises are Proliferating around the World. Deepcaster has also identified several companies with excellent Potential whose Mission it is to respond to increasing Potable Water Needs.

As to Other Sectors not mentioned here as we indicated in our recent letter, one can expect Serious Takedowns in certain of these Sectors and very soon in one Sector. That is why it is essential to be willing and able to go Short as appropriate.

In sum, recent and Prospective Market Action Signals Present and Prospective Great Opportunities in Gold, Silver and Green.

Article from articlesbase.com

John Stossel on Fox Business Channel, Thurs 01-21-09. “Green Jobs” and Energy Independence. Part 3 of 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Miss. P. PIRAKATHEESWARI, Lecturer in Commerce,

Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Salem – 16.

“Progress is possible, No one can stop it, but obstacle is there, we have to face it.”


– Amartya Sen


Yes, green marketing is a golden goose. As per Mr. J. Polonsky, green marketing can be defined as, “All activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange intended to satisfy human needs or wants such that satisfying of these needs and wants occur with minimal detrimental input on the national environment.”

Green marketing involves developing and promoting products and services that satisfy customers want and need for Quality, Performance, Affordable Pricing and Convenience without having a detrimental input on the environment.


Green marketing refers to the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly in it or produced and/or packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

The obvious assumption of green marketing is that potential consumers will view a product or service’s “greenness” as a benefit and base their buying decision accordingly. The not-so-obvious assumption of green marketing is that consumers will be willing to pay more for green products than they would for a less-green comparable alternative product – an assumption that, in my opinion, has not been proven conclusively.

While green marketing is growing greatly as increasing numbers of consumers are willing to back their environmental consciousnesses with their dollars, it can be dangerous. The public tends to be skeptical of green claims to begin with and companies can seriously damage their brands and their sales if a green claim is discovered to be false or contradicted by a company’s other products or practices. Presenting a product or service as green when it’s not is called green washing.


According to the American Marketing Association, green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising. Yet defining green marketing is not a simple task where several meanings intersect and contradict each other; an example of this will be the existence of varying social, environmental and retail definitions attached to this term. Other similar terms used are Environmental Marketing and Ecological Marketing.

The legal implications of marketing claims call for caution. Misleading or overstated claims can lead to regulatory or civil challenges. In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission provides some guidance on environmental marketing claims.

Three keys to successful green marketing

Show potential customers that you follow green business practices and you could reap more green on your bottom line. Green Marketing isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a marketing strategy that can help you get more customers and make more money. But only if you do it right.

For green marketing to be effective, you have to do three things; be genuine, educate your customers, and give them the opportunity to participate.

1) Being genuine means that a) that you are actually doing what you claim to be doing in your green marketing campaign and b) that the rest of your business policies are consistent with whatever you are doing that’s environmentally friendly. Both these conditions have to be met for your business to establish the kind of environmental credentials that will allow a green marketing campaign to succeed.

2) Educating your customers isn’t just a matter of letting people know you’re doing whatever you’re doing to protect the environment, but also a matter of letting them know why it matters. Otherwise, for a significant portion of your target market, it’s a case of “So what?” and your green marketing campaign goes nowhere.

3) Giving your customers an opportunity to participate means personalizing the benefits of your environmentally friendly actions, normally through letting the customer take part in positive environmental action.

Evolution of Green Marketing

The green marketing has evolved over a period of time. According to Peattie (2001), the evolution of green marketing has three phases. First phase was termed as “Ecological” green marketing, and during this period all marketing activities were concerned to help environment problems and provide remedies for environmental problems. Second phase was “Environmental” green marketing and the focus shifted on clean technology that involved designing of innovative new products, which take care of pollution and waste issues. Third phase was “Sustainable” green marketing. It came into prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000.

Why Green Marketing?

As resources are limited and human wants are unlimited, it is important for the marketers to utilize the resources efficiently without waste as well as to achieve the organization’s objective. So green marketing is inevitable.

There is growing interest among the consumers all over the world regarding protection of environment. Worldwide evidence indicates people are concerned about the environment and are changing their behavior. As a result of this, green marketing has emerged which speaks for growing market for sustainable and socially responsible products and services.

Benefits of Green Marketing

Companies that develop new and improved products and services with environment inputs in mind give themselves access to new markets, increase their profit sustainability, and enjoy a competitive advantage over the companies which are not concerned for the environment.

Adoption of Green Marketing

There are basically five reasons for which a marketer should go for the adoption of green marketing. They are –

Opportunities or competitive advantage Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) Government pressure Competitive pressure Cost or profit issues

Green Marketing Mix

Every company has its own favorite marketing mix. Some have 4 P’s and some have 7 P’s of marketing mix. The 4 P’s of green marketing are that of a conventional marketing but the challenge before marketers is to use 4 P’s in an innovative manner.


The ecological objectives in planning products are to reduce resource consumption and pollution and to increase conservation of scarce resources (Keller man, 1978).


Price is a critical and important factor of green marketing mix. Most consumers will only be prepared to pay additional value if there is a perception of extra product value. This value may be improved performance, function, design, visual appeal, or taste. Green marketing should take all these facts into consideration while charging a premium price.


There are three types of green advertising: –

ü      Ads that address a relationship between a product/service and the biophysical environment

ü      Those that promote a green lifestyle by highlighting a product or service

ü      Ads that present a corporate image of environmental responsibility


The choice of where and when to make a product available will have significant impact on the customers. Very few customers will go out of their way to buy green products.


The marketing strategies for green marketing include: –

Marketing Audit (including internal and external situation analysis) Develop a marketing plan outlining strategies with regard to 4 P’s Implement marketing strategies Plan results evaluation

Challenges Ahead

ü      Green products require renewable and recyclable material, which is costly

ü      Requires a technology, which requires huge investment in R & D

ü      Water treatment technology, which is too costly

ü      Majority of the people are not aware of green products and their uses

ü      Majority of the consumers are not willing to pay a premium for green products

Some Cases

ü      McDonald’s restaurant’s napkins, bags are made of recycled paper.

ü      Coca-Cola pumped syrup directly from tank instead of plastic which saved 68 million pound/year.

ü      Badarpur Thermal Power station of NTPC in Delhi is devising ways to utilize coal-ash that has been a major source of air and water pollution.

ü      Barauni refinery of IOC is taken steps for restricting air and water pollutants.


Green marketing should not neglect the economic aspect of marketing. Marketers need to understand the implications of green marketing. If you think customers are not concerned about environmental issues or will not pay a premium for products that are more eco-responsible, think again. You must find an opportunity to enhance you product’s performance and strengthen your customer’s loyalty and command a higher price.  Green marketing is still in its infancy and a lot of research is to be done on green marketing to fully explore its potential.


Chopra, S. Lakshmi (2007), “Turning Over a New Leaf”, Indian Management, Vol-64, April-2007 Ottman, J.A. et al, “Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia”, Environment, Vol-48, June-2006 www.greenmarketing.net/stratergic.html www.epa.qld.gov.au/sustainable_ industries


Article from articlesbase.com

essanteworldwide.com Why Essanté is the next Green Running Giant? Their philosophy Since its inception six years ago, Essanté has been devoted to the organic way of life and after years of development, they have succeeded in bringing you products with the high quality you demand and the environmentally-responsible processes you have been looking for. Essanté is one of a kind. Variety of products Essanté continues to develop the products that are in demand. Organic weight loss products, supplements, even tooth polish-products that you can’t find in an organic form anywhere else—are all in one place. With future products for household cleaning, laundry care, and a host of others, the sky’s the limit. Sharing the Wealth Essanté offers people devoted to organics great products and an outstanding business opportunity. Making money with products that aren’t destroying the environment and are great for you—what more could you ask for?

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Cartel CRASH Consequences ? Opportunities & Threats

“…US Treasury data show that China has cut its holdings of Treasury debt by roughly 0 billion (L65 billion) over the past year to 4 billion…

Two epochal forces are colliding in the global bond market: core deflation is gathering force but the West is losing sovereign credibility just as fast.

Arch-bear Albert Edwards at Societe Generale advises clients to prepare for a violent policy swing from one extreme to the other. First we deflate into the abyss: Then we inflate hard rates to get out again. At some point the “euthanasia of the rentier” will wear off. Misjudge the sequence at your peril.”

“America no longer needs Chinese money, for now”
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, London, 8/23/10


“The Federal Reserve has been at the top of the news for a long time and it’s getting a lot of attention now as it appears the next down cycle in the depression may be upon us. So what’s the real reason the world listens so intently to an Ivy League bureaucrat like Bernanke? Of course, it has nothing to do with him. It’s who he is accountable to–the international banking cartel:

These institutions are the current primary dealers of the Federal Reserve System. They have power over the entire economy, everything in “the market,” very much a non-free market. They sit at the top of the world’s monetary system, currently the Fed’s debt-dollar pyramid, with a governmental license to what has been the most secure capital in the world–US Treasury debt–for a monopoly price that nobody else can get…

These banks get first dibs on buying the servitude of the US population through the Fed/Treasury auction process. They distribute some of it to subordinate capital for a guaranteed premium, and they park a large amount of it on their own balance sheets as assets upon which they can speculate, trade, and fractionalize to create the rest of the money in the economy and put other countries, companies, and people in even more debt. So these institutions hold a monopoly position that even leviathan Standard Oil never dreamed of: a government-enforced usury license that generates trillions for their premium capital holders and senior employees and allows them to act as imperial armies sucking in more territory around the world as neoliberalism breaks down sovereignty…

…The institutions aren’t national. The list only indicates that the banking establishment has a permanent parasitic stake in those countries to churn their populations under the Fed’s debt system. All of the listed institutions are global in nature… they have power over nations. Like any corporate institution, banks drive earnings per share (EPS) by expanding and leveraging their balance sheets, which for banks means putting everything else in more debt. So these cartel banks work to expand their territorial control beyond their national borders to put other populations in debt. This is a mathematical requirement of exponential growth enforced by the private capital system. The eventual end state of this dynamic is one integrated, global banking empire. It’s only a matter of time before their collective balance sheets…control the rest of the world if people don’t awaken and choose to put a stop to it.

Will they succeed?”

“Monopoly Money and the International Banking Cartel”
Dvrabel, Council on Renewal, 8/12/10


“Manipulative selling of gold on the daily London PM fix has failed to suppress the gold price since April 2009, when China announced that it surreptitiously had accumulated a large gold reserve over the previous five years, GATA board member Adrian Douglas disclosed today in a statistical study. Since then, Douglas finds, ever-increasing dumping of gold in London by central banks and their bullion bank agents has been having less and less effect on the gold price. He concludes that the second “London Gold Pool” — a clandestine one, unlike the first — is imminently facing a collapse identical to the collapse of the first as physical gold demand overwhelms the ability or the desire of the market riggers to provide the necessary metal. Douglas’ study is titled “The Failure of the Second London Gold Pool” and you can find it at GATA’s Internet site here:


“Adrian Douglas: The imminent failure of the second London Gold Pool”
Submitted by cpowell, GATA, 8/18/10


“Remember, government and the Fed produce nothing – they only manipulate the process and essentially expropriate the wealth of the wealth producers…

All kinds of excuses are made for government, banking and Wall Street, but none of them create wealth. They control our lives by force, usually legally by paying off our electoral representatives…”

Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, 8/21/10



“LBMA was raided in JULY, Portugal gold; B.I.S. GOLD SWAP & L.B.M.A. DRAIN”
Jim Willie, investorvillage.com, 8/22/10


Increasingly, Credible Evidence indicates that the International Banker Cartel* and Allies are about to suffer their First Significant Loss since President Andrew Jackson (“The Bank tried to destroy me, but I destroyed it first” – Ed. a Paraphrase) liquidated the Second National Bank of the United States in 1833.

We must hasten to add that we do NOT believe the Entire Mega-Bank Cartel* is about to collapse – far from it. Indeed, overall The Cartel’s Power was enhanced by the supine U.S. Congress’ Passage of the ostensible FinReg Bill.

What we do mean is that the Cartel’s* (in its Modern incarnation led by the Private for-Profit Fed) years-long, ongoing, and hitherto mainly successful, attempts to suppress the Price of Gold and Silver, may Collapse in the next few weeks. Or at least become even less effective than in recent months.

*We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s December, 2009, Special Alert containing a summary overview of Intervention entitled “Forecasts and December, 2009 Special Alert: Profiting From The Cartel’s Dark Interventions – III” and Deepcaster’s July, 2010 Letter entitled “Profit from a Weakening Cartel; Buy Reco; Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Equities, Crude Oil, U.S. Dollar & U.S. T-Notes & T-Bonds” in the ‘Alerts Cache’ and ‘Latest Letter’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website. Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at www.gata.org, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at Deepcaster’s website have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Deepcaster and others have recently made the case that there are many good reasons for the Prospective Collapse of The Cartel Precious Metals Price Suppression Regime and soon.

We and several others have called attention, for example, to the mounting evidence that Major Gold Repositories likely do not have anywhere near the Physical Gold they represent they do (see “GOLD: Opportunities + Threats = Opportunities” (06/11/10) in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website and the Quotes from A. Douglas and J. Willie above).

Most recently GATA Board Member Adrian Douglas has made a significant contribution (see Quote above) to the Evidence of such Chicanery and, therefore, to the body of Evidence that such a Collapse may be close at Hand.

Thus The Critical Issue we address today is: In the event of a Collapse of The Cartel’s Precious Metals Price Rigging Operation, what are the likely Collateral Effects? And how can we Profit and Protect.

Yes, Profit and Protect, because not all the Collateral Effects will be Positive, not at first anyway.

The First, and Most Obvious likely Positive Effect is that those who have placed a significant portion of their Wealth in Gold and Silver, and Gold and Silver Mining Shares, will be richly rewarded due to a Massive and very rapid increase in their Wealth as measured in Fiat Currency Terms.

Holders of Physical Bullion and Quality Mining Shares will be especially richly rewarded.

As well such a Fiat Currency Crash in terms of Gold and Silver may temporarily cause Equities Markets to Bounce.

That is because, in that event, it would take more weakened Fiat Currency (in Purchasing Power terms) to purchase Equities, thus increasing their Nominal Prices).

But the accompanying loss of faith in Government and the Financial and Economic Systems, would likely cause such a Bounce to be short lived.

Thus, such a Stratosphere Launch of Precious Metal Prices, will almost surely be accompanied by a Massive loss of faith in, (and Purchasing Power of) Fiat Currencies in General, and in the Governments and Central Banks that sponsored them.

This would likely rapidly launch a Devastating Hyperinflation (manifest in the Fiat Currencies), Weimar Republic style.

Even in the event of such a Hyperinflation Investors are likely to favor Tangible Assets over depreciating, or even apparently appreciating, “Paper” Assets.

In other word, such a Precious Metal Prices Regime Rigging Collapse could trigger or exacerbate a Worsening Hyperinflation. As Fiat Money increasingly rapidly loses its Purchasing Power its Velocity increases, thus exacerbating it rate of loss of Purchasing Power (cf. The Weimar Republic) in a Lethal Spiral.

Such a Scenario would likely breed Panic with a consequent Assault (whether justified or not) on Government and Other Institutions, and consequent Societal Turmoil.

In such an event, Bank “Holidays” and a Governmental attempt to confiscate Precious Metals (a la the Gold Reserve Act of 1934) could be The Order of the Day.

In this event, holding Bullion in Legal Tender Coins might provide some protection from confiscation, as the Numismatists Exception to the 1934 Act did in the 1930s.

But before addressing further likely consequences of The Collapse, it is essential to consider what is likely to occur in The Run-Up to The Collapse.

First, it is highly likely The Cartel would be the first to know when their Precious Metal Price Suppression Regime Collapse (i.e. Gold and Silver Price Launch) would likely come, before anyone else, and would be able to prepare.

Just what would that preparation likely entail?

It would likely entail preparing to impose a Successor Regime which would perpetuate and Maximize The Cartel’s Power and Profits.

It would also likely entail the attempted the much Broader imposition of some Global Currency (which already exists in its Fetal Form – the IMF SDR’s).

And it would likely also entail the attempted further imposition of powerful Globalist (as opposed to Internationalist) Institutions.

The Sovereignty of Major Nations and the Civil Liberties (such as they are) of their Citizens would be at greater risk even than they are today.

In sum, as the evidence indicates, and as we have earlier laid out, The Cartel most likely has, and is likely already implementing, a comprehensive ‘End Game’ Plan (for more details read our “Surmounting The Armageddon Scenario & Cartel ‘End Game'” (2/26/10) in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website).

Given that The Cartel is surely preparing, we should prepare too – The Coming Crisis is also an Opportunity. Consider the following Facts, and then Our Strategy and its Upside Potential:

Powerful Forces should continue to impel Gold and Silver upward as Richard Russell explains:

“The public doesn’t understand that the stock market is in the process of topping out. Even as business news turns rosy, stock holders are beginning to show losses. So while the public is losing money in the stock market, they are missing out in one of the greatest bull markets in history the gold bull market, which is now heating up. The smart money of the world is fleeing fiat currencies and loading up on gold as well they should.”

Richard Russell, Dow Theory Letters


The “Gold Bull Market… is now heating up…” to where?

So let’s consider just what those inflation-adjusted Gold and Silver highs could be. John Williams of Shadowstats.com provides a cogent answer:

“Even with the June 8th historic high gold price of ,246.00 per troy ounce, the earlier all-time high of 0.00 (London afternoon fix, per Kitco.com) of January 21, 1980 was not breached in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars. Based on inflation through May 2010, the 1980 gold price peak would be ,384 per troy ounce, based on not-seasonally-adjusted-CPI-U-adjusted dollars, and would be ,595 per troy ounce in terms of SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars.

In like manner, the all-time high price for silver in January 1980 of .45 per troy ounce (London afternoon fix, per silverinstitute.org) has not been hit since, including in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars. Based on inflation through May 2010, the 1980 silver price peak would be 9 per troy ounce, based on not-seasonally-adjusted-CPI-U-adjusted dollars, and would be 2 per troy ounce in terms of SGS-Alternate-CPI-adjusted dollars.” (emphasis added)

“Inflation Update, Housing and Production”
John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics, 6/17/10


What is immediately striking about these numbers is how far below the Inflation-Adjusted Highs Recent Highs are.

It is important to consider just how far. As we write, Gold is trading around 30/oz.

The Gold Price of 30 is a mere 16.2% of the Real Inflation-adjusted 1980 high of , 595.

And the Silver Price at about /oz. (as we write) is a mere 4.1% of the 1980 Inflation-adjusted high.

Yet above-ground stores of Silver are Small relative to Demand and are depleting!

These figures show how effective The Cartel has been in suppressing Precious Metals prices in recent years.

These numbers also gives us an important Clue regarding the potential highs for Gold and Silver.

From an historical and Supply perspective, Silver is a somewhat better Buy now than Gold (But given the figures above, both are Sweet Deals these days).

This Historical Trading Ratio of Gold to Silver in Price is 16:1. But recently it has been 68:1 up from 64 in December, 2009.

And while there are about 5 billion ounces of above-ground Gold extant today, there are only about 1 billion ounces of above-ground Silver left (Prior to WW2 there were 10 billion above-ground ounces of Silver) And Silver is not only a Monetary Metal, it gets widely used, and used up, by Industry.

So today, Silver would seem to have a higher price Appreciation Potential than (the admittedly very high Price Appreciation Potential of) Gold EXCEPT that it is, a smaller, and, if anything, a more heavily manipulated (by The Cartel) Market than Gold.

In sum, both have dramatic Price Appreciation Potential.

Thus, in light of repeated Cartel attacks on Gold and Silver Prices in recent years, Deepcaster has developed a Strategy to Maximize Profits and Minimize losses from these Cartel Price Suppression attacks. This Strategy also is designed to enhance the chances of Profiting from a Cartel Precious Metals Price Suppression Regime Collapse. Key Aspects of that Strategy are:

A. Recognizing that while The Cartel is still Potent, it is significantly less potent than it was even a few months ago due primarily to:

a)    The years-long efforts of the leaders and members of GATA in exposing Precious Metals Price Suppression

b)   The stunning Allegations that Major Gold Repositories do not have nearly as much Physical Gold they say they do. See the following allegation regarding GLD and Deepcaster’s recent article (in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website) regarding the allegations concerning the London Bullion Market Association.

“…another CNBC guest, David Lutz, managing director of the Stifel Nicolaus brokerage and investment banking firm in St. Louis, having been asked for his recommendations in regard to gold, disparaged the gold exchange-traded fund GLD as follows: “I wouldn’t necessarily look at the GLD because they don’t invest in the physical gold.””

“CNBC, GLD is dissed for not investing in physical gold”
Chris Powell, GATA, 5/12/10

These reports are doubtless (and understandably) leading Major Gold Investors to demand Delivery and possession of Physical Gold.

B. Thus we recommend that Investors follow their lead with a significant portion of the funds you allocate to Precious Metals purchases committed to purchasing, and taking Personal Delivery of, Physical Gold and Silver.

Indeed, because Physical held in one’s personal possession is so precious, some Forms of it trade at as much as a 25% premium to the spot price of “paper” Gold.

But not all forms of Physical are Equal, as it were.

Some forms are much more liquid than others, and some are much more susceptible to counterfeiting, as e.g. by Tungsten-lacing.

Deepcaster has recently recommended Purchase of One Form of Physical Gold (and Silver), that is quite liquid, not easily susceptible to counterfeiting, and commands about a considerable premium (about 25% recently) over the spot price of Paper Gold (and Paper Silver). See Deepcaster’s Alerts “Real Moves & Fake-outs Launching; see Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Equities, Crude Oil, U.S. Dollar & U.S. T-Notes & T-Bonds; & Buy Reco.” (week ending 5/14/10) and “Cartel Failing? Precious Metal Buy Reco! Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Equities, Crude Oil, U.S. Dollar & U.S. T-Notes & Bonds” (week ending April 16, 2010) in the ‘Alerts Cache’ at Deepcaster’s website.

C. Do not give Short Shrift to Gold and Silver Miners.

But purchasing shares of these should be done with particular care, because, being “paper” (or, usually, electronic entries on some remote server) Miners shares are especially vulnerable to periodic Cartel attacks and Price Takedowns.

Thus, they are most profitably accumulated near interim lows resulting from Cartel Interventions.

In order to estimate these interim lows one needs not only to consider Fundamentals and Technicals, but also Interventionals, as Deepcaster does.

D. Buy the Dips! And as for determining approximate Interim Bottoms of these dips, Deepcaster has developed helpful Guidelines (See “Defeating the Cartel… With Profit, Part 2” (6/19/2009), “Defeating the Cartel… With Profit, Part 1” (3/28/2008) and “Profiting From Cartel Intervention” (06/30/06) in the ‘Articles by Deepcaster’ Cache at Deepcaster’s website) to enhance the chances of buying at the right time, and thus maximizing profit. And for Deepcaster’s latest Forecasts for Gold and Silver Prices, see our latest Alerts in the ‘Alerts Cache’ at Deepcaster’s website.

E. Finally, we recommend that Investors not keep their Physical Gold and Silver in Bank Vaults for the following reasons enunciated by Jim Rickards.

“Interviewed by Eric King of King World News, Jim Rickards, senior managing director of the Omnis Inc. consulting firm in McLean, Virginia, says:

— Far more claims to gold have been sold than can be delivered upon.

— To save the dollar the United States will be forced back on a gold standard with convertibility and gold revalued to ,500 per ounce.

— China’s need for gold to back its own currency and hedge its U.S. debt exposure is massive but the metal isn’t available even as the Chinese government is commandeering the output of Chinese mines.

— And gold owners should keep their metal in vaults not operated or controlled by banks, since keeping gold in bank vaults negates gold’s purpose as a wealth preserver outside the banking system, which is vulnerable to a run on gold banks.”

“Don’t keep your gold in bank vaults”
Jim Rickards, King World News via GATA, 4/13/10


In sum, had the price of Gold not been suppressed, and in light of the ongoing Economic Crisis, it should already be priced in excess of ,600/oz (and Silver in excess of 0/oz), the approximate 1980 inflation-adjusted highs.

It is reasonable to expect to see those prices in the next very few years, or sooner, given the Cartel’s recently impaired ability to sustainably take down Precious Metals Prices.

The Gold and Silver Bull Market has only just begun and a Crash of The Cartel’s Precious Metals Price Suppression regime would impel it higher faster. That’s the Good News.

The Bad News is that Bullish launches of Precious Metals prices are likely to be accompanied by increased Social Stress and Turmoil, as the world adjusts to a Renaissance of Real Money – the Precious Metals.

Indeed, the Boy Scout Motto is appropriate here: “Be Prepared”.

Article from articlesbase.com

Green Collar Jobs – Providing People More Career Opportunities

Let’s face it.  As the years pass by our oceans and skies are becoming polluted with various contaminants that (if no one takes action soon) will render the Earth less able to sustain life.  And there may come a time when no life would exist anymore.

It is fortunate that many nations are now taking further steps in order to save the environment by implementing energy policies that encourage electricity production through renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar energy instead of using fossil fuels.  And with these energy policies in place, there is also a huge opportunity to create the much needed “Green Collar” jobs for people, especially those who have been laid off from companies due to the current global economic crisis.

In the United States, President Barack Obama has launched a campaign towards promoting alternative energy and reducing global warming while at the same time hoping to create millions of new jobs for people in the country.

In fact, Obama, during the start of his administration, released an economic stimulus package that would also support the generation of Green Collar Jobs that would not only help preserve natural resources but also jump-start the economy.  In fact, five billion dollars from the stimulus package would be devoted to a low-income “weatherization” program, two billion dollars for electric car research and another five hundred million dollars to prepare and train people to be able to handle Green Collar Jobs.

To further promote his campaign for a greener Earth, the Obama Administration would initiate the country’s first program that would allow offshore projects to produce electricity through wind turbines and ocean currents.  And the energy that is harnessed from these projects could supply at least twenty percent of the total electricity needs of the United States by 2030.  At the same time, this initiative could possibly create at least two hundred and fifty thousand job opportunities for people throughout the country.

Since there is a huge opportunity for many Green Collar Jobs to become available in the near future, schools are now offering training courses to prepare people for such occupations.  Those who have been laid off from manufacturing and construction companies, for instance, are now going back to school as they anticipate the increasing demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable, jobs.

One of the schools that offer training for Green Collar Jobs is San Jose City College in Silicon Valley, California where there is a class that teaches how to install solar panels and fix wind turbines.  In fact, the instructor has mentioned that due to the popularity of this class, the waiting list has reached more than double.

There are also other colleges, not only in California, but also in other states that are in the process of expanding their course offerings to include training programs that meet the anticipated demand for Green Collar workers. And together with the Obama Administration’s support and funding for these types of training programs, more and more people will be trained to perform these jobs.

So even though the effects of the economic crisis are still looming over us, and the policies that will need to be enacted to ensure that there is a growing or Green Collar Jobs have yet to become more solidified, there is a high probability that you or someone you know will be employed in a so call Green Collar Job sometime in the near future. If you like to learn more about the types of Green Collar opportunities that will be available in the future, check out http://www.GreenJobs101.com.

International Business Coach and Author, John Weisenberger, writes about a variety of global business topics ranging from long-term strategic planning, new product development, global sales and marketing, business plan development, Internet marketing and other international business topics focused on achieving immediate and sustainable bottom line results for his clients. Having a background in the Building Automation and Energy Management industry, Mr. Weisenberger provides his insights on the emergence of the new Green Economy on his blog at http://www.GreenJobs101.com.

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