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How to Leverage a Business with Green Shredding Policies

Going green is at the forefront of the shredding industry, producing a rise in the development of sustainable products and services. Corporations have begun to see the financial advantages involved with producing green products and adopting operational policies which further benefit such. As producing policies, such as green shredding business models, can leverage a business’s credibility, develop affirmative branding, produce unique competitive advantages and ultimately drive sales.

A green shredding policy works to successfully reduce operational effects on the environment while maintaining a high degree of ease and convenience in practice. A policy such as this can be effectively incorporated into a business environment with the utilization of desk side document storage containers which are specifically designed to further environmentalism, locally manufactured and equipped with detailed usage guidelines.

Desk side keyed containers are beneficial to a green shredding policy as they are custom designed to slide seamlessly under preexisting furnishings which optimizes the space occupied, increases the convenience of use and ensures that guarded information is disposed of properly.  The containers can also be uniformly keyed, formaldehyde free and complimented by warranties. Integrating durable, secure and environmentally friendly containers into a business model will produce a competitive advantage, whereby, products and services can be sold in relation to such.


When selecting a document storage container ensure that it will maximize the benefits of a green shredding policy by evaluating its design and manufacturing process. Consider such production elements as: where the container is made, what it is made of and if it is recyclable. These elements are crucial as locally manufactured consoles eliminate the harmful effects of overseas shipping and containers made of recycled content conserve our natural resources. Ultimately, this is advantageous for a corporation as utilizing environmentally manufactured containers increases the projection of a positive corporate image.

After the means is established for developing a green shredding policy, guidelines need to be developed to ensure its effectiveness. The guidelines should educate the end user on correct program usage and ensure that collection companies are recycling the materials. This will maximize the amount of materials recycled and better establish credibility among consumers seeking green products from companies practicing green policies.

In conclusion, a green shredding business model benefits the consumer, the corporation and the environment. Through the careful selection and implementation of environmentally conscious document storage programs a corporation can successfully position themselves in a positive relation to the consumer. A position which depicts a shared interest and environmental responsibility which will inevitability influence the purchasing process, encourage financial growth and reduce our carbon footprint.

For information: www.allsourcemfg.com
Contact: Carla@netgainseo.com
t. (705) 797-2455

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Cool Green Business Development images

Some cool Green Business Development images:

Green Business Development
Image by \!/_PeacePlusOne
Shanghai, China

Photos Courtesy: McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce



Photo: Philip McMaster

Green Business Development
Image by \!/_PeacePlusOne
Shanghai, China

Photos Courtesy: McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce



Photo: Philip McMaster

Green Hosting Review

As we are all becoming more conscious of our environment, the demand for green web hosting has considerably been on the increase. This increase in the demand for green hosting is as a result of the awareness campaign being carried on different platforms on the use of electricity and its impact on the environment. The government’s directives on the adoption of green technologies are also a considerable factor towards the increase in green hosting demands.

It is a fact that every hosting company and ISP in America should be powered by a third of the yearly ancient Seabrook nuclear reactor production. But this is not happening now. Undisclosed sources has it that out of the over 1.4 trillion KWH of electricity generated in USA within the first 8 moths in 2009, hosting companies consumed close to 4% of that generated power. Hosting companies are reported to collectively spend an average of three billion dollar yearly on electricity. This amount of money can be used to boost other services on the internet if there is a way to curtail the electricity expense. The Department of energy reported recently, that 9.79 cents is the average cost per kilowatt in the whole of USA. These points are pointing towards the economic importance of finding ways to reduces electricity consumption of the hosting companies through green hosting.


Without downplaying the role of green hosting companies, it is good to note that there are some various differing reports on some eco conscious websites. Some of them are of the opinion that there is no significant effect the consumption or usage of bandwidth has on the ecosystem. This may be a slight disservice to not just the consumer but also to the environmental-conscious parties who are campaigning for safer environment. Their claims are supported by numerous data that can easily be accessible.

Moving from a green-compliant industry to an eco-friendly net energy producer is an achievable feat for the various preachers of green hosting. Their goal of becoming carbon-neutral business enterprises is worth emulating too. Green hosting is a very welcome idea.

Looking at the nature of the hosting business, the companies must be in operation 24 hours daily, every week and of course every month of the entire year. Can this be guaranteed by solely green solution? The hosting companies must be connected to the National grid to make up the periods of insufficient green power output. Some hosting companies are currently selling the excess power they generate back to the power company but this is possible because they had taken responsible actions towards generating more electricity that they consume.

So many people also frown at the fact that some hosting companies use green hosting as mere marketing points. This should not be, because green hosting is such that if well implemented with visible results, it will help other businesses that consume electricity in large scale to emulate them. It is therefore, advised that green hosting and their strides so far should be reported in such a manner that is verifiably responsible.

You may give it a worthy trial when you want to upgrade the content of your website. But try to find out those green hosting companies that are true to their words. A very sound Google search will be of help to you in this case. Remember that the efforts put into this research are worth the time and every penny spent on it.

Are you looking for cheap green hosting? Visit http://www.webhost-guru.com/green_hosting.html today for more information!

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Three years after Lehmann Brothers went bankrupt, European financial institutions are under pressure again. The threat of Greek insolvency and problems in other indebted countries are also a problem for banks. Things look especially bad for French financial houses that hold lots of Greek bonds.Banks like the Societe Generale are trying to maintain confidence with radical measures. And so are the biggest central banks: they are putting fresh money into circulation. Is this cause for alarm? Report by Grit Hofmann.
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Deadline Approaching for Texas Non-Profits to Apply for 2012 Solar Energy Donations from Green Mountain Energy Company

Deadline Approaching for Texas Non-Profits to Apply for 2012 Solar Energy Donations from Green Mountain Energy Company

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Green Mountain Energy Company is reminding Texas non-profit organizations interested in receiving a solar energy system donation in 2011 that the deadline to submit applications is fast approaching. Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy, is donating solar array systems to qualifying Texas non-profits through its Texas chapter of the Green Mountain Energy Sun ClubSM (formerly known as the Big Texas Sun Club®). The company is inviting organizations who want to be considered for future Sun Club solar installations to apply online at http://www.gmsunclub.com by Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011.

“Green Mountain Energy Company’s mission is to change the way power is made,” said Paul Markovich, President of Residential Services for Green Mountain Energy Company. “Each solar energy system we donate through the Texas chapter of the Sun Club helps us achieve that mission, give back to the local community and enables our customers to make an even greater difference by further supporting the development of solar power in Texas.”


The Sun Club is a unique program in which Green Mountain’s customers can choose to support solar energy by contributing an additional $ 5 on their monthly Green Mountain Energy® electricity bill (for more information, visit http://www.gmsunclub.com). The mission of the Sun Club is to fund build and promote solar power while assisting non-profit organizations with a socially-responsible focus to reduce their environmental footprint. Green Mountain created the Sun Club as a voluntary program to give its customers yet one more way to make a difference for the environment.

Since the inception of the program in 2002, Green Mountain and its customers have made nearly 30 donations, installing almost 350 kilowatts (kW) of new solar power on the roofs and campuses of worthy non-profits. These donations have helped educate the surrounding communities on the importance of this pollution-free resource, and have the combined environmental impact of avoiding 3.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide (C02) emissions to date! This is equivalent to taking over 140,000 cars off the road for a week or nearly 128,000 households turning off all of their lights for a week.


Some of the solar facilities made possible by Sun Club members include:

Houston: Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, Houston Zoo, Satori Elementary School (Galveston), Chinquapin School (Highlands), Habitat for Humanity Homes, Workshop Houston

Dallas/Fort Worth: Dallas Children’s Theater, The da Vinci School (Dallas), Eastfield College (Mesquite), Museum of Nature & Science (Dallas), Habitat for Humanity Homes in Dallas, Botanical Research Institute of Texas (Fort Worth), Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame (Fort Worth), Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

South Texas: Texas State Technical College (Harlingen), McAllen Chamber of Commerce, Texas State Aquarium (Corpus Christi), Art Museum of South Texas (Corpus Christi)

Central Texas: Ronald McDonald House of Austin, Waco Chamber of Commerce

West Texas: Ballroom Marfa

An additional five solar arrays will be installed through the Sun Club during 2011 including: University of Houston, Gladys Porter Zoo (Brownsville), Cameron Park Zoo (Waco), Fort Worth Zoo, and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity headquarters.

About Green Mountain Energy Company

Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions, was founded in 1997 to “change the way power is made.” The company is the longest serving green power marketer in the U.S. Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of clean electricity products from renewable sources, such as wind, as well as a variety of carbon offset products. Green Mountain’s largest customer is the “world’s most famous office building,” the Empire State Building in New York City. Green Mountain customers have collectively helped avoid over 11.3 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG), Green Mountain is backed by one of the nation’s largest renewable power producers. For more information, visit GreenMountain.com.    

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5 Things Event Planners Need To Know Before Going Green

Sustainability is here to stay. So what information do event planner’s need to know before making the commitment to ‘Go Green’? Read on to find out what TFG’s top 5 suggestions are:

1. Many shades of Green

First of all, you need to understand that there are many shades of ‘green’. i.e. people have different expectations of what exactly classifies as ‘green’. While one client may be satisfied using recycled paper, another may demand an entire stage set built of sustainable material. Ensure that you do your research and understand what ethics and values are important to your client or key stakeholders, and ensure you are able to meet their needs.

2. People are not mind readers

If you make the decision to go green, you need to make it known! Be sure to include this fact in your event marketing. Show your stakeholders what you are doing to be more greener and how being more sustainable is of value for them! But make sure you follow it through. According to The Drum, 81% of consumers place more importance on what companies actually do rather than what they say.

3. Prices of premium green products are decreasing

A major obstacle for most companies in the past has been the extra cost associated with these green products. Well good news is, there are already some green products cheaper than the alternatives – such as branded paper products. A 2009 Mintel survey forecasts 19% growth for green products by 2013 based on this factor, making your goals to go green more affordable and attainable.

4. Be aware of the benefits

There are various benefits associated with going green. Some of these include; – Reduced environmental impact – Cost savings – Competitive advantage / promotional benefits – Stakeholder satisfaction. Bottom line – going green has economic, cost saving, environmental and social benefits.

5. Process makes perfect!

When going green it is important you establish commitment. Develop realistic guidelines / objectives (eg. all of our events for 2010 will use recycled conference bags) and communicate these promises to your staff and stakeholders.

In summary, it is a known fact that the events industry is often criticised for it’s tendency to create waste. Therefore it is inevitable that the issue of sustainability is becoming more than just a trend for our industry, but rather a necessity.

It seems that green is the new black.

By going green, you are not only ensuring the longevity of our planet, but also that of our profession.

We learnt about this topic at Exhibitor 09.
For more articles related to event management head to http://www.forumgroupevents.com.au

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Making Money In Green Resources

Coberon Green Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chronos Group. This entity has over 50 dedicated consultants in 20 countries with a range of experience in the renewable area. But this green area covers much more than energy alone. The main sectors Coberon Green operates in are:


Windmill farms are sprouting up around the world. Australia, Europe and the United States are all investing in wind as a leading source of  renewable energy. The business of wind not only includes the generation and sale of power, but also the design and construction of wind turbines. Few countries rely on wind for more than a tiny fraction of their power generation needs, but many countries are interested in the possibility. The Coberon Chronos Group works with many clients such as General Electric and Gamesa with a presence in this market.


Coberon Green Resources has fantastic experience in this sector as our website shows are we have great client references in this key strategic resource area in Europe and the USA. Investors see a clear opportunity to invest in companies that collect, clean and distribute water. The largest water utility company in the U.S. is Aqua America.  Another company in the industry, on the purification side, is ITT Industries, which produces water purification systems that help to make drinkable water.

To see the power of water, one needs look no further than China’s massive Three Gorges Dam project. This billion structure on the Yangtze River will be the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. Hydropower involves a lot of technology, a lot of infrastructure and a lot of power-hungry customers. Every one of those areas holds potential opportunities for recruiters and the Coberon Chronos Group has been active here for some time.

Solar Energy

As the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise and their availability continues to decline, the future looks bright for solar energy. Two of the leading producers of solar panals are Evergreen Solar and Sunpower Corp, which both develop, manufacture and sell panels and components and will directly benefit from the increased adoption of solar power. Coberon Green Resources has a team of professionals who are dedicated to recruitment in this industry with especial success in Spain and the USA.


Fuel Cells

On a smaller scale, researchers are working with fuel cell technology to develop an alternative method of powering automobiles. The U.S. government hopes that hydrogen powered cars will be commonplace by 2020. If this technology works, there are millions of cars – and millions of consumers – waiting for it.. There are companies such as Ballard Power Systems, which produces cells that can be used in from cars to power plants, and Fuel Cell Energy , which focuses on providing power options to commercial and industrial facilities. Coberon Green Resources can provide cutting edge researchers in this field.


Just about every aspect of efficiency is good for the environment. Energy efficient construction and appliances reduce home energy use and energy efficient cars reduce our dependence on oil. From efficient lighting to creating the paperless office, innovative companies are developing innovative products that maximize the benefit that we get from the resources that we use. Efficiency is the watchword of the day and a developing field that will create the technologies that we will use tomorrow. Some of our clients have done a great job at leveraging efficiency such as General Electric with its Ecomagination business unit.

Pollution Controls

Reduction is the key term here. From reducing green house gas emissions on industrial power plants to minimizing  car emissions, the pollution control industry is on the rise. Every time legislation mandates an improvement in the amount of some harmful chemical that can be released into the environment, the pollution control industry responds. There are companies developing pollution control technologies such as Fuel-Tech and Versar. Coberon Green Resources has excellent references in this area.

Waste Reduction

One of Coberon Green’s most extensive recruitment activities is in waste reduction. Recycling has become a standard practice for many people in recent decades. Most people are aware that household products such as paper, metal and glass are reprocessed and reused, but they never stop to consider the business behind these endeavors. Of course, these aren’t the only items that are reused; waste oil, vegetable oil, batteries, cell phones, computers and even parts from cars can have a second life. Waste management companies with a large base of recycling facilities may be of interest including companies such as Allied Waste Industries and Waste Management. Coberon Green Resources has superb references in this arena of activity.


Our organization in Scandinavia and the USA has extensive recruitment experience in this segment. Organic farms eschew the use of pesticides, engage in sustainable farming practices and sell products that are often healthier to eat. They also engage in animal management practices that avoid the use of hormones and antibiotics, keeping those chemicals out of the food chain and out of the ground and water surrounding the farms. It’s good food – and good business. With U.S. organic food sales reaching billion in 2006, there is a huge market for organic food producers and grocery stores. Some of the biggest organic food companies include Whole Foods Markets , United Natural Foods and NBTY among others.

For more details about the full range of activities at Coberon Green Resources please contact Dr Simon Harding in the Coberon Chronos Group

Dr Simon Harding


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Green Housing For Your Best Life

With all the talk of going green, it should come as no surprise that there are movements being made towards green housing with every passing day.  This way of living sustains our resources and actually has immense benefits for the family who lives green to the fullest extent that they can.

So what exactly is green housing?  For the most part, anytime you have heard the term greenhouse has been in conversations about gardening.  But today, green housing is not about plants but about the home you live in throughout your life.  Living in a home that has been built with sustainable building materials is one way to know you are making a smaller footprint on the earth.  Sure, it is a big step and a lifelong decision; but when you are fully committed to making this change in your life, you are on your way to an abundantly healthy life.

Sustainable building materials are those that are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources.  This could be certified wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed sources.  This type of material would preferably have an independent certification.  Further, green housing materials could be products that have been manufactured with resource-efficient processes including reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste (recycled, recyclable and/or source reduced product packaging), and reducing greenhouse gases.


While the materials used are a large part of the total package of going green; the design of the home also comes into play.  One form of green home is the roundhome.  The reason for this is that a roundhome clearly uses fewer materials for construction because of the shape of the walls.  In a roundhome, there is less square footage in terms of exterior walls.

The reason why round homes are so popular is sheer design.  For people who are into a green lifestyle, letting nature into their dwelling through the use of ample windows and wood elements is a little slice of heaven.  In a roundhome, light streams in through windows, and many homeowners choose gorgeous wood ceilings to show off their natural lifestyle.

Living in a green home, a family is treated to a natural sense of well-being.  The benefits of a green home go further than beauty and even further than the eco-friendly aspect.  Studies have shown that healthy air, natural light and views to the outdoors actually improve an individual’s productivity.  By building a green home, especially a light-filled roundhome, you set yourself up for promoted health as well as economic prosperity.

There are plenty of ways that you can begin a green lifestyle.  However, when you reach the point where the little steps just don’t seem to fill the need you have inside of you; green housing may be the next logical step to take.  Round home designs are easy to come by, and are even available as ultra-affordable prefabricated homes.  There is no limit to the ways you can make a positive impact on your own life and on the world you live in.

For more tips and information about roundhome, please visit green housin.

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Globally Green Online – Affiliation Techniques

The rehabilitated concentration in green living opens giant opportunities for online marketers. With a constant tributary of hearsay about global warming, smash up to the rain forests and increasing oil prices more people are searching on line to find Globally Green Online answers that create life easier and better with no damaging the surroundings. Cater to this green living rebellion and you’ll have riches of creation potential. Create by searching Click Bank and PLR article sites for Globally Green Online topics. Whether you find eBooks or a set of articles that can be combined into eBooks, you want to provide information on how the average person can go green.

You can also get a number of thoughts and make videos or podcasts to give details of the methods. Many people live in housing built with no green living in mind. Show them how to become accustomed their current home with easy and cost effective way. Look for for products that are green friendly and near to the ground to fairly price to go with your low price green theme information products.  Become an associate dealer for these goods. A number of outstanding green products come from entrepreneurs who may not know about associate online advertising. Give them details how you can help each other. Present to add some free articles or an eBook to their website. You’ll open up new market where both of you advantage economically. Construct a green website. You can still find web providers who maintain to use mostly green tools. Globally Green Online uses wind and solar energy to power of its server ability, recycles, sets up commuting plans for workers and donates kindly to ecological cause. You can boast about this hosting service and make money as an associate marketer. While you’re at it, borrow from their concept about giving back. Assign featured manufactured goods on your site and vow to contribute 12% of each buy to a countrywide or globally known ecological protection association.

Use your information to create a Globally Green Online mini course. Present the ten lessons as an eBook or on video. Each lesson is a possibility to endorse your other products. Attach with as many ecological product sites as you can get to add your free course. Does the keyword research on a variety of environmentally welcoming crop? You’ll find so many options – from mixture cars to cane fiber clothing (which is yielding and comfortable to wear). There are big label substances such as home sized windmills, solar panels, solar water heaters, low pour showers or toilets and structure products.

For more info about Globally Green Online, You can check it out.

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It’s into the idiot bin for him. At least he has Schiff, Kudlow, jim Rogers, etc. to keep him company. I guess it’s back to his old gold standard days. Didn’t this guy seem somewhat reasonable at one time?

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Green Ambassadors New World Leaders in Training

Visiting the Green Ambassadors new facilities in Lawndale, California I noticed right away this program is driving Environmental Charter High School to be like no other. Maybe it was the compost corner and vegetable garden, or where they convert vegetables into biodiesel. Or the First Place award-winning ‘Floatation Machine’ made out 100% recycled products. Either way, this school is unique. I am at the home of The Green Ambassadors (Green Ambassadors website), which is an educational program from the Environmental Charter High School.

Sara Laimon, the magnetic Founder of Green Ambassadors gave me a tour of their new facilities of ECHS and Green Ambassadors, while still in the remodeling and upgrading phase. As the school is moving out of boxes, and organizing their new classrooms she explained the sustainable plans in store for this unique Environmental Charter High School. There is an air of excitement. As I peaked into the classrooms, students were busy with various projects. These students know they are making a difference in our world for generations to come. The Green Ambassador Program is comprised of an elective class taught throughout schools in Los Angeles area, Youth Summits, Green Mobile Embassy, Green Adventures and supported by Green Mentors.

This groundbreaking organization is beginning to explode. The green element of the program is so strong that even during our interview she was selling organic soda to students from her office. In fact we were surrounded by green solutions, hangers made from wheat, recycled binders made from paper, Forest Certified pencils, even donated environmentally friendly, bio-degradable diapers are stacked on her desk in the office she shares with her green partners. “This program is created to breakdown our cultural social paradigms and educate all. Especially the communities that suffer the most from environmental injustices, the inner city, who normally miss the green education on how to advocate for a clean, healthy environment.” Laimon.

Green Ambassadors, a project of Environmental Charter High School, is an environmental education program that empowers youth to become agents of change in their communities and the world. The goals of the program include: Educating and motivating youth, inspiring them to set a “Green” example through open idea exchange and social action; To create a learning environment that will inspire new thought, helping young people to develop confidence in themselves and their future; To network communities, share ideas and empower local and global environmental solutions; To create “Green Ambassadors” for local communities and the world, inspiring hope within us all for a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

I asked Sara what’s the future you see for the Green Ambassadors?

With certainty she said, “For all schools to have Green Ambassadors around the world. Who are agents of change and the voice of the environment.”

The Green Ambassador elective class at Environmental Charter High School is a required course for every student to take in their 10th grade year where students receive college credit from Los Angeles Trade Technical College. The Green Ambassadors have already been accomplishing their mission through their trainings in initiatives. These initiatives are implemented by youth who are committed to fulfilling Green Ambassadors mission, vision, values, and goals. The Green Ambassador program provides a different way of learning for youth who want to contribute to this planet.

They have been trained in the One Billion Bulbs Youth empowering youth to imagine the possibilities. With a goal of mobilizing the world to replace one billion standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. Plastics are Forever is another initiative where youth empowering youth to create cleaner oceans by banning plastic bags and Styrofoam (polystyrene) in Los Angeles with Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Bring Your Own, Heal the Bay and other non-profits. Green Ambassadors are trained in Biofuels, Organics, Biodiversity, Remediation of our soil, and constructing buildings and structures out of earth friendly materials.


‘Floatation Machine’ made of all recycled products

“Sara Laimon has been a positive light within the sustainability movement for the past ten years. During her career as a classroom teacher, she has guided classes and school groups to create cob benches, convert a diesel car to run on veggie oil, create bio-diesel, and eat organic. Sara has traveled to Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Haiti, Greece, and Galapagos finding, sharing, and learning solutions. She is devoting her life to creating and nurturing eco-activists to be empowered to share the solutions of hope.”

Green Ambassadors currently has two teachers. They are unique in that they are well versed in Environmental Studies. “They approached me with a huge desire for a huge change.” Sara shared with me. The names of these incredible teachers are Sandra Valencia who is originally from Colombia, she has taught High School Spanish for the past five years at ECHS and Dorsey High School (LAUSD). She has been an environmental activist for the past five years working with the Los Angeles Biodiesel Coalition, Dorsey High School’s club Global Warriors. Gabriel Azenna, who’s statement is “Green’ isn’t merely a color… but it’s a state of mind”. He adheres to a pragmatic acceptance that human beings may continue to prosper, but only by recognizing and embracing our integral duty as planetary stewards. Beyond the classroom, Gabriel is the Environmental Education Director for Next Aid, a non-profit organization his wife Lauren, co-founded in 2002. Gabriel also sits on the steering committee for the Coalition for a Sustainable Africa; a consensus-based network of NGO’s all dedicated to sustainable development projects on the ground in Africa.

Sara believes that the passion behind the people that contribute to our program stems from a satisfaction that they are investing into youth, that they see what they are doing is bigger than themselves and they contributing to the environment at the same time.

I was also interested in the ethnic backgrounds of The Green Ambassadors.

She explained they started with inner city children, but understand and promote that there is one world and we are the human race working together to create a planet where everyone can live. Therefore we have ‘Youth Summit’ where youth crossing gender, race, and social barriers and are collaborating as youth across the city and nation to inspire, create, and share solutions for a healthy planet.”

“We are tired of the myths about inner-city kids and their apathy towards the environment!” What is unique about our Los Angeles Youth Leadership Clinic is that it is youth-planned, youth- driven and youth-motivated. Youth are driven to improve their local environment.”

Spelled out clearly on their website; “Young adults are creating their own stewardship model by teaching each other, pooling their resources, strengthening their community vision and inspiring people to change. Youth need to see that they are an influential and vital part of the community. The youth of Los Angeles are the next generation of leaders. If they are not included in the community when they are young, they may not stay in the community to be the leaders of the future. These thoughts were recently expressed by Sabina Ibarra, a youth participant in the leadership clinic, Green Ambassadors, and a student at Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, CA.”

In asking how Green Ambassadors improved their your local community? Sara reflects how they have demonstrated training for bio-diesel technology, community battery recycling, training local elementary schools on how to recycle plastics, to be a first in promoting city council ‘ban plastic in our community’, Awareness Day, and Earth Day to name just a few. They also are responsible for Southern California Disposal to switch their fleets of dirty diesel to run on clean burning biodiesel.

“Our strategy through all of our programs is to provide experiences for the Green Ambassadors to acquire knowledge and develop the skills that will not only help them in this program, but also provide them with real-world skills for personal, academic, and professional success. The students take the issue, research and develop solutions, and socially market the solution to their peers and the community at-large.”

The Future

They have not stopped there. Green Adventures are cross cultural global exchanges. After a successful field experience to Brazil in April 2007 with Earthwatch Education, and educating the schools there, they have taken on a new horizon: Columbia. They are currently holding a fundraiser, ‘Support 10 students with the Green Adventure Program’ as they create Green Ambassador Leaders in Medellin, Columbia. Medellin has created several programs that aim to bring peace and environmental action through education. To find out more contact Sandra Valencia sandra_valencia@echonline.org or Sara Laimon at 310.214.3400 ext 118. Visit


They believe that ‘ youth identify an issue, develop a solution, act to bring about the solution, and educate others. The most important part is that young people are becoming empowered to make a difference and are, in turn, empowering other young people. This leads to a community that has youth that are knowledge, active, and know how to make a difference.’

Sara Laimon explained what their Mobile Embassy will incorporate. It will feature a multi-media station and hands-on learning stations on the following topics; plastics, bio-diesel, bio-plastic, solar power, and organic foods. It will be used as the showcase for Green Ambassador to meet, share, and exemplify solutions for our Global Climate Crisis.

With expert assistance from Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Bring Your Own, and a grant from Patagonia, the Ambassadors will transform a trailer into a Green Mobile Embassy (GME), a vessel housing models of green solutions. The Mobile Embassy will serve to teach students from throughout the region about the issues and how they can help to alleviate the environmental problems.” As their site reflects. Jack Assadourian, owner of the Ha-Ha Cafe Comedy Club in North Hollywood (www.hahacafe.com) also donated two school buses that will be converted into biodiesel transportation for the Green Ambassadors.

Green Mentors

“The Green Ambassadors program also identifies and enlists ‘Green Mentors’ who are of college age or above. These Mentors work with the Green Ambassadors to support them in their learning of environmental issues as well as solutions to these issues. Green mentors are benefited by developing their interpersonal skills (empowerment, networking, and enrollment), knowledge (environmental and scientific), and ecological values (biodiversity and interconnectedness). Green Mentors assist the Green Ambassadors to focus on specific issues where students can create social awareness and measurable change.”

If you are a teacher, administrator, parent or student, and want to be apart of Green Ambassadors go to: www.greenambassadors.org. You can contact Sandra Valencia (sandra_valencia@echonline.org) or Sarah Laimon at 310.214.3400 ext 118. Green Ambassadors 16314 Grevillea Ave, Lawndale, CA 902160 PHONE: 310.940.1626

There are several ways you can participate and make a difference in your school, community and planet. You can also go to the ‘Green Coalition’, a

“Green Youth Coalition connects environmental clubs across Southern California via www.becoolbegree.com to create a youth movement.”

Green Ambassadors uses the EARTH CHARTER PRINCIPLES


You can learn more about Green Ambassadors and their Mission Statement: www.greenambassadors.org

They have communities and businesses reaching out to be apart of this unique program. ExitSigns.com environmentally friendly exit signs are a zero energy emissions, zero maintenance, and is zero damage to the environment. Fundraising Green, The Coffee Bean, California Credit Union, 41Pounds.org, Fred Leeds Properties, Smokey’s Muskie Shop, Marc Laimon Jiu Jitsu, Steaz, Peak Organic brewing company, the Sustainable Group, Southern California Disposal, Seven-Star green event experts, Get Hip Get Green, Cuningham Group, Cater Green zero waste solutions, Biodiesel America, Luis Moro Productions and Algalita Marine Research Foundation are a few of the sponsors that have jumped on board. The Official Fundraising Partner of Green Ambassadors are; My Green Spark, Fundraising Green.

The Green Ambassadors left me with an experience of what is right with the world. No matter what your opinions are on the environment, the fact remains they are cutting back on waste. These students, instead of worrying about the plights of inner city school problems, such as gang violence; they are creating an environment for themselves today, for their future that will effect generations to come. Not only are they making a difference for their school, families, and communities, but they are spreading the technology on HOW to be green to schools across the city, states, and now countries.

I left the school inspired, and honored that these incredible teenagers are working on change for my future, and my children’s future.

Let’s start off 2008 powerfully, and create “Green Ambassadors” for all communities inspiring hope for a just, sustainable and peaceful planet.

Bobbi Miller-Moro writes on family issues and the environment. She is a filmmaker, artist, and mother of five. Raising her children with her husband in Los Angeles. You can learn more about her at her personal blog store at ThankGodForMommy.com and www.powerfulmothers.wordpress.com

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Green Smoothies Exposed – Everything You Should Know About Green Smoothies

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by SS&SS

Green smoothies, while consumed by thousands of individuals daily, are not in the mainstream of conversation these days. Of course, if you are part of the exploding health and fitness culture that has a world wide audience, you are most likely already familiar with the movement that embraces green smoothies and their legendary benefits.

The basic information is that green smoothies, like most smoothies, are beverages that are blended to combine fresh or frozen fruit and leafy greens like collard greens, spinach, mustard, and several other lesser known leafy edible greens. One must also add more common vegetables such as carrots and broccoli and even mushrooms, although not necessarily a green or a vegetable.

The idea of green smoothies is that they are filled to the brim with nutrients that work best when they are combined in the raw state. And when blended with other nutritional goodies, these smoothies are nothing less than habit forming. Any parent who has to beg or bribe their kids to eat their spinach and kale, will begin to understand how much of a difference a tasty mouthful of green smoothie can make.

Green smoothies have been found to be very economical and easy to make. Plus since they are fast and tasty and have a rather cool appearance, the challenge of making your family green smoothie fans is definitely simple, after the first blender full of the stuff green smoothies are made of.


Here’s a quick recipe:

1. Start by making sure you have a heavy duty or commercial grade blender. This is not mandatory at first as any blender will do to get started. However, once you realize that everyone will want green smoothies every day, the wear and tear on a non-commercial blender will definitely shorten its life span.

2. Add kale, collard, mustard, turnip and spinach greens. Top these off with bananas or peaches or strawberries or cherries, or feel free to blend all of them into your smoothie. You won’t want to, or need to add sugar or any sweetener so be sure to find your choice of naturally sweet fruits to add to the mix for the best tasting results.

3. Add enough fresh water up to the half way point in your blender. add ice cubes up to the top. Then close the lid and spin until the mix is completely blended. Check during the cycle for the smoothie consistency you prefer. Lots of us like them smooth and thick, however, others prefer thinner mixtures. Just be sure to check for your desired level of thickness.

4. Pour and enjoy and try not to smack your lips.

Many of us are not on diets nor do we plan to be, however, if you are interested in being both healthy and thinner, a green smoothie, that takes less than 5 minutes to blend, can help you drop weight and bad habits. Most individuals will drink a smoothie 2 or 3 times a day, which seems to be the optimum way to start.

The bottom line for potential green smoothie addicts is to jump into the habit at whatever level your interest. These are not only great looking drinks but they are loaded with the type of leafy greens that nature fills with antioxidants and vitamins. What a novel idea, enjoy a delicious drink and get a full feeling in the process because of the fiber. And you can end up 10 or so pounds lighter every 30 days.

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Mother, housewife, and nutrition enthusiast who enjoys blogging about health-related topics.

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