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Why is the growth slowing down in many developing nations, particularly BRIC nations?

Question by : Why is the growth slowing down in many developing nations, particularly BRIC nations?
Does this signify another slowdown all over the world in a year or so?

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Answer by Whats Up Doc
Not enough demand. Energy prices are high. More than likely it will.

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can someone dumb down these job description for me, Please and thanks!?

Question by penpoint: can someone dumb down these job description for me, Please and thanks!?
“The Social Affairs Officer will be responsible for the following duties:  (1) Participates in the analysis of social development issues in selected areas at the global, regional and national levels; undertakes empirical research and analysis of trends and developments and related policy issues relevant to the unit/departmental mandate, including population and development, youth development, international migration and ageing.  (2) Develops indicators and methodologies for review and evaluation of specific topics including youth development, international migration and ageing.  (3) Assists in the planning, organizing and servicing of technical and ad hoc expert group meetings; drafting reports and preparing summaries of meetings.  (4) Represents the work unit at international and other meetings; organizes and participates in working groups, meetings, conferences, consultations with other agencies and partners on population and social development.  (5) Prepares or contributes to the preparation of various documents, including analytical reports, technical studies, background papers and parliamentary documents on population trends and policies, with particular emphasis on Western Asia.  (6) Provides support to intergovernmental processes dealing with population and social development issues by preparing inputs for reports to intergovernmental bodies; following intergovernmental meetings and preparing summary reports and assisting in the organization of panels, round tables, etc. for intergovernmental processes.  (7) Performs other related duties as required, including a variety of administrative tasks necessary for the final delivery of the work unit’s services.”

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Answer by Common Sense
If you need them dumbed down then you are not qualified.

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what is the rule does developing nations have to play to curb down CO2 emmision?

Question by longlass: what is the rule does developing nations have to play to curb down CO2 emmision?
the developing nations hardly have any industries and they use less energy compared to other developing nations. but the deveoping nations seam to put more interest on african and deforestation. when timber products and they companies that produce in africa are runed by developing nation, cameroon for one . the european companies cut down premacture tress for selfish interest.

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Answer by I Give Up
Don’t worry about it, the U.S. will make up for it.

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World Challenge Down to Business Part 1 – Futerra meeting

World Challenge has featured 70 projects and businesses. We’ve kept in touch with many of the Finalists and the programme’s ‘Catch Up’ section is our report card on how they are faring. We’ve found that a few are finding it tough going, so in a new departure World Challenge has gone pro-active. We have sent sustainable business adviser, Leo Johnson to Kenya and Colombia to mentor the Colombian ‘Green Gold’ miners and the Kenyan Skylink biogas installers. Back in London Leo Johnson convened a meeting of sustainable business experts to advise World Challenge on a strategy to help them grow and thrive in a competitive environment.
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A Down Payment on the Green Economy

A Down Payment on the Green Economy

Washington, DC (Vocus) January 29, 2009

The U.S. Green Building Council was on hand today to lend its strong support to President Barack Obama’s call for swift and decisive action on the economic recovery package that has been sent to Congress.

USGBC President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi was among several prominent corporate executives invited to the White House today for a briefing with Administration advisors. President Obama then delivered a short speech in the East Room urging support of the stimulus package. Top executives from Google, IBM, Honeywell, Edison Electric Institute, Time Warner and others were in attendance.

“The green building-related initiatives laid out in President Obama’s economic recovery package will help put thousands of Americans back to work in the immediate term, creating as many as two million green jobs in the next five years,” said Fedrizzi. “We’re talking about jobs that will help us implement on a vast scale simple changes that will show up immediately in the energy bills and water usage of every business and family.”

Fedrizzi continued, “Green school construction and renovation is part of this package; this sector alone represents a potential $ 20 billion in energy savings over the next 10 years. Greening and retrofitting of our public housing facilities is another target that will not only improve health conditions and increase energy and water efficiency, but generate savings to low-income families for whom lower utility bills can mean extra meals on the table.

“Greening our federal buildings offers another tremendous opportunity to demonstrate leadership by example using energy efficient and water efficient technologies to save billions in taxpayer dollars and at the same time create green jobs,” he said.

“The return on this investment in America stands to be unprecedented, not only for its immediate return but for the trajectory it sets for a new low-carbon economy that is surely our best future.”


The U.S. Green Building Council is a nonprofit membership organization with a vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation. Its membership includes corporations, builders, universities, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations. Since USGBC’s founding in 1993, the Council has grown to more than 18,000 member companies and organizations, a comprehensive family of LEED® green building certification systems, an expansive educational offering, the industry’s popular Greenbuild International Conference and Expo (http://www.greenbuildexpo.org), and a network of 78 local chapters, affiliates, and organizing groups.

For more information, visit http://www.usgbc.org.


Ashley Katz

Communications Manager, USGBC


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Legalizing pot goes down in CA, clean energy stays

Legalizing pot goes down in CA, clean energy stays
California will not have a landmark law allowing recreational marijuana use, but the state’s landmark global warming law will stay intact.

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Get Ahead In A Down Economy By Developing A Solar Energy Business

In a struggling economy, like the one we are experiencing now, a lot of people think it’s a bad time to start a work from home or home based business. But that’s just not true. Not true at all. It is really a great time to start a home-based business – especially one in the solar energy business. Working From Home is Viable with a Solar Energy Business Starting a home based business or a work from home business is one of the best ways to secure your financial future. People all across America free themselves every day from the oppressiveness of the daily 9 to 5 job. There are many ways throughout the renewable energy industry where you can do it too. Fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources are running out. Solar power is quickly moving to replace these antiquated energy sources. Green collar jobs and the energy sector are growing faster than ever before. Fossil fuels and the carbon economy are going away. The World will be adopting renewable options very quickly with solar energy sources growing to meet the higher energy demands. What could be better than combining solar energy with work from home business? The short answer is nothing. Alternative energy and all things green are growing at a dizzying pace so too are the options for work from home business builders who want a taste of the solar energy industry. These two fields together make the perfect opportunity for a self-motivated entrepreneur. A self-motivated, entrepreneurial-spirit, with some honest work ethic can establish themselves in the emerging world of solar energy and grow an explosive solar energy business. Entrepreneurs are self-starters who drive America. Solar energy needs these entrepreneurs to help fill the void that will inevitably be left by the failing supplies of fossil fuels. You can build a green business right from your living room. Levering the opportunities presented when the economy is not all that difficult. Small businesses or home-based businesses do exist in the green collar industry and many involve solar energy. And it’s possible to do it with minimal up-front costs. A good business shouldn’t be a risk. Green energy only makes up 2 percent of the energy market. That means there is a lot of room to grow. With a field that has so much room to grow as renewable energy does, there shouldn’t be a requirement for an upfront investment or a fee to become an associate. Companies in the coming months will be dying for help as wind, solar, and many other industries really take off. No pun intended but the future of residential solar energy is very bright. The renewable industry, or the energy market in generally, is huge with large opportunities for new companies to grow to the likes of a new Green Google. There is a huge and growing market for new entrepreneurs to start a fresh with something new. For everyone a little down on their luck in this down economy, there will be ample opportunities to start a small business for energy and solar power will lead the way into the Green Economy. Throughout the rest of 2009 and in the coming years, green jobs like those created by solar energy will continue to grow in number. Fossil fuels are going away and the world will look to alternative, renewable sources to drive their lives. Good entrepreneurs can sense an opportunity. A work from home or home based business in the renewable or solar energy sector is an opportunity. With no investment needed and a future this bright, there is no reason not to invest.

At Solargies, our goals are not to just promote the adoption of alternative energy sources and to help people start a
solar energy business
but it is also my personal quest is to create a powerful, grassroots movement for social, economic and environmental change. Learn more at —

Eric Haseltine: Why America’s Economy Is on the Brink of Going Down the Tubes … for Good

Eric Haseltine: Why America’s Economy Is on the Brink of Going Down the Tubes … for Good
The fundamental problem with America’s economy is a decline in the capabilities and motivation of our workforce. True economic growth stems from innovation.

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Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century

Itll be some time before we can look toward passing something truly comprehensive, said former Senator Tom Daschle as part of the Institutes Global Health Roundtable Series on Thursday. In the aftermath of the Democrats loss in the special election in Massachusetts, the future of US health care reform was on everybodys minds. The fear-mongers in this country won, Daschle continued, referring to reform opponents claims of death panels, government take-overs, and skyrocketing costs. I think Americans just cant accept that we arent the best, he said of the health care system. Daschle, who is now advising the administration on health care policy, went on to lambaste the congressional supermajority necessary to passing legislation. Contentious issues requiring a supermajority—from climate change to nuclear proliferation to health care—are increasingly going to make us less relevant, he lamented. Daschle also expressed concern that the public conflates technological progress with excellent health care: Technology in and of itself is not a good index for quality of care. It was a point echoed by Lord Nigel Crisp, global health expert, member of the House of Lords in England, and author of Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century; Crisp is a proponent of learning from developing nations instead of just bringing science to them. Western medicine and technology is not what is needed alone, he said. Crisp pointed to programs that incentivize

technological innovations driving down lifetime costs of producing wind power

Wind Energy Outlook for North America

This report analyzes the opportunities and challenges facing wind power in North America – particularly turbine manufacturers – in the current economic and political climate. It assesses drivers of growth include rising demand for electricity, pro-wind regulatory environments, advantages over other renewables, and technological innovations driving down lifetime costs of producing wind power. Key players in the wind energy business are profiled and the report also includes rich quantitative analysis including market sizing, segmentation, market share analysis of top turbine vendors, and growth forecasts for the United States and Canada through 2015. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Wind-Energy-Outlook-for-North-America.html )

Wind Power Generation Capacity and Turbine Deployments: Market Analysis and Forecast
In 2008, United States wind power generation capacity passed the 25 gigawatt mark by adding over 8 gigawatts from the year before, which represented the largest individual gain of any country in the world. This growth rate of 50% exceeded that of the year before, indicating that the market is still relatively young and has room to grow, despite the economic slowdown. The market for wind turbines will continue to grow through 2015 driven by new generation additions as well as replacements of smaller, older turbines with new, larger, more efficient turbines. In 2007, generation capacity from renewable sources made up only 4% of the world’s electricity sources, but 16% of new electricity generation capacity additions were from renewables with wind power making up more than 80% of these gains by renewables.

The year 2009 will be a defining moment for wind power markets around the world. The global economic crisis that began in late 2008 has thrown the industry into confusion, along with most other global industries. Two competing market views exist, and representatives from each camp were interviewed for this report across the wind power value chain, such as components suppliers, turbine OEMs, wind developers, and power providers.

Key questions addressed:

* What will be the installed wind generation capacity by 2015 in North America?
* How many turbines will be required to meet wind generation capacity goals, including replacing aging fleets?
* What are the key industry growth drivers and challenges inhibiting growth of wind power?
* What are the economics of turbine manufacturing, installation, operations, and maintenance?
* What technological advances may drive down the lifetime costs of wind power production?
* What market shares do the top turbine manufacturers have of installed wind generation capacity?

Who needs this report?

* Wind turbine manufacturers (OEM and components)
* Wind energy developers
* Wind turbine raw materials suppliers
* Wind energy investors
* Wind energy EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) providers
* Government agencies and regulatory officials
* Industry associations

To know more and to buy a copy of your report feel free to visit : http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Wind-Energy-Outlook-for-North-America.html


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