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Q&A: rate my yu gi oh Dark Magician Of Chaos OTK deck from 1 – 10.?

Question by Chemical R: rate my yu gi oh Dark Magician Of Chaos OTK deck from 1 – 10.?
please rate my deck from 1 – 10 only if you know what a Dark Magician Of Chaos deck is.click the following link to a website which explains what a Dark Magician Of Chaos deck is and how it works. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Magician_of_Chaos_OTK

spell economics
dimension fusion
ekibyo darkmordX2
hammer shot
mystical space typhoonX2
swords of revealing light
enemy contoller
dark-piercing light
lightning vortex X2
dark factory of mass productionX2
dian keto the cure masterX3
pot of avarice
tribute to the doomed
summoner’s art
axe of despireX2

catapult turtle
dark magician of chaos
mucus yolk
green gadget
yellow dadget
red gadget
boot up soldier – dred dynamo
rampaging rhynos
gilford the lightning

cemetary bombX2
stronghold the moving fortress
threatening roar
just desserts
magic jammerX2
trap jammer
trap holeX3
sakurestu armourX3
draining shield
raigeki break
magic cylinder
dark spirit of the silent
sompulsory evacuation device

please tell me what to add and take off and whats limited, semi-limited and forbiddon.
Man mo
i have that card already included and you didnt even RATE it.
cmon guys my bros realy un-paitient

(11 years old )
btw my deck does have a stratagy i told you to not reply if you have no clue on wat this decks stratagy is told on the link i gave on my first post

Best answer:

Answer by Man Mo
spell economics

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