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Is Mandarin really going to be the most useful language in internation business? What about Japan?

Question by Jake: Is Mandarin really going to be the most useful language in internation business? What about Japan?
I hope to go into international business. I would like to at least learn another language. I wonder which language could help me the most.

Best answer:

Answer by Adam B
The Chinese written language is a mess. It’s excessively hard to learn even for Chinese people, never mind non-Chinese. Unless Chinese ditches character writing, I don’t see Chinese displacing English as the language of international business any time soon.

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ORENCO Hydropower Expands Team in Business Development, Project Engineering and Financial Analysis, and Regulatory Support

ORENCO Hydropower Expands Team in Business Development, Project Engineering and Financial Analysis, and Regulatory Support

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

ORENCO Hydropower has announced four new additions to its team in the areas of business development, project engineering and financial analysis, and regulatory support. The company’s expansion follows a year of strong business gains in 2012, which saw contract awards for the Lewiston Powerplant Replacement for Trinity Public Utilities District, Weaverville, California, and the Whitman Lake Hydroelectric Project for Ketchikan Public Utilities, Alaska. In addition, Konohiki Hydro Power, LLC (a subsidiary of ORENCO Hydropower and Kauai-based renewable energy developer Pacific Light & Power, Inc.) received a Small Conduit Hydroelectric Exemption from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the Pu‘u Lua Reservoir Hydropower Project on Kauai, Hawaii.

Commenting on the new members of the ORENCO Hydropower team, Vice Chairman Mark Matousek said: “We are very pleased to welcome these talented professionals to our team. We are confident their diverse skills, experience and expertise will give added depth to our company and carry us forward with even greater momentum and results.”

Here are the new members of the ORENCO Hydropower team:

JOHN EASTWOOD is focused on new business development efforts for ORENCO Hydropower equipment sales. Mr. Eastwood is the Executive Chairman of SunLink Corporation, which he founded in 2004 to commercialize the proprietary SunLink modular mounting system developed by his prior company, Eastwood Energy. Over the course of his career, he has accumulated 50 years of alternative energy experience as the founder of over seven start-ups in hydro, wind, high-speed fly wheels and solar, focused on product development, sales and all aspects of project financing. Among these companies, his roles have included founder of Eastwood Energy, a company initially focused on wind and hydroelectric technologies that turned its core mission to solar in 2002; co-founder and non-executive Chairman of Solar Power Partners (SPP), a firm focused on project financing for solar projects using power purchase agreements (PPAs) (now part of NRG Solar); co-founder and, over the course of his tenure, CEO, COO, and Special Advisor to the President of energy storage technology company Trinity Flywheel Power (which later became AFS Trinity Power Corporation); co-founder and Chairman of Peak Power Corporation, developing modular pumped storage facilities with capacities of approximately 100 MW; President of John Eastwood Associates, Inc., developing and managing small hydro projects; and co-founder and President of Bering Electric Company, successfully introducing Russian hydroelectric generating equipment to the U.S. market.

JAMES HOLEMAN provides the company with regulatory support. He has more than 36 years of experience in management of hydroelectric relicensing projects under various licensing processes; planning; wildlife biology; and public involvement programs and facilitation. He has been a key management and supervisory member of multidisciplinary teams focused on preparing pre-relicensing strategic plans, Pre-Application Documents (PADs), Initial Consultation Documents (ICDs), and License Applications. He has organized and participated in consultations with interested parties (including local, state, and federal agencies, Native American tribes, non-governmental organizations, and the public); planned and conducted public meetings; and successfully engaged stakeholders in relicensing proceedings. His responsibilities also have included managing multi-year contracts with multiple consultants supporting staff in study plan development, implementation, document preparation, and agency consultation. In addition, he was involved in the preparation of applications for new license, which included managing project authorizations up to $ 19 million. He has responded to post-filing comments and inquiries from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), agencies, and stakeholders, and developed implementation plans for the new license conditions. More recently, he managed or participated in the preparation of seven National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents for FERC. He has managed or is currently managing the preparation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents under the direction of the California Water Resources Control Board for water quality certification of hydroelectric projects.

MIKE BOISMENU pursues business development on the East Coast. Mr. Boismenu has 43 years of experience in the power industry. He spent 31 years with Niagara Mohawk where he supported the design and engineering of the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, the upgrade of the bulk power system, the upgrading and modernization of the hydro fleet, the engineering of a variety of air quality control systems and the installation of distributed control systems for the company’s fossil fleet. In the Engineering Department, his responsibilities included detailed design, engineering, project management, engineering supervision and multi-disciplined department management. With Niagara Mohawk’s transition to deregulation, Mr. Boismenu became Plant Manager of a large coal fired power plant; under his leadership the plant’s overall performance improved while its operating cost were significantly reduced. In 1999, after the majority of the Niagara Mohawk fossil fleet was purchased by NRG Energy, he led the successful transition of the former Niagara Mohawk workforce to the new unregulated generating industry under NRG. As Plant Manager of the Dunkirk Generating Station, performance continued to improve and was continually recognized as one of NRG’s best performing assets. Prior to his retirement from NRG in 2003, Mike led the Mid-Atlantic and New York Regions as Regional Director, where he was responsible for the safety, performance and cost controls for assets within each region. Since then, he has continued to support the power industry as an independent consultant, utilizing his past experience to support a variety of operational and organizational assessments.

JAKE CORNELIUS provides project engineering and financial analysis. He graduated from Stanford University in 2006 with a degree in mechanical engineering, and received a master’s degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University. Coursework in these programs centered on core engineering topics, but also included financial analysis, energy policy and business strategy. Mr. Cornelius’ interest in hydropower goes well beyond professional to personal: he is a world-class rowing champion with national and international results to his name, and is now coaching part-time at Stanford. In summer 2012, he participated in the Olympic Games in London, England, where he competed as a member of the United States rowing team and finished fourth. While training full-time for the Olympic Games over several years, Mr. Cornelius established Milestone Academic Counseling, a successful educational services business; worked for New Jersey Solar Consulting as a lead solar energy analyst; and was a sustainability consultant at Princeton University.



ORENCO Hydropower, Inc. develops small hydropower generation assets at existing dams and waterways that are low-cost and low-impact. The company assembles and manages a portfolio of hydro projects; and provides engineering, equipment procurement and financing for ongoing projects. Products and services include end-to end development of 1 MW to 50 MW hydropower projects; resale and integration of reliable Chinese turbines and generators to other hydro developers – at significant cost advantages; and partnering with small hydro developers to provide project financing and support.

Founded in 2010, ORENCO Hydropower brings together experts in hydro asset design and development, power markets, licensing and business strategy. In addition, key venture partners provide project financing. Based in Palo Alto, California, ORENCO Hydropower builds upon the expertise, experience and international business relationships of ORENCO, Inc., begun in 1979.

For more information, please contact ORENCO Hydropower by telephone at 650-475-4403, by email at info(at)orencohydro(dot)com or online at http://www.orencohydro.com


For more information, contact:

JILL TURNER, Rodin & Shelley Associates Public Relations

Phone/Fax: 415-346-7300     Email: jillturnerpr(at)gmail(dot)com


MARK MATOUSEK, Vice Chairman, ORENCO Hydropower

Phone: 650-475-4403     Email: mmatousek(at)orencohydro(dot)com



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A Premier Business & Deal Driven Event – 9th Western Africa Oil/Gas & Energy Conference 2013

A Premier Business & Deal Driven Event – 9th Western Africa Oil/Gas & Energy Conference 2013

Windhoek, Namibia (PRWEB) October 06, 2012

This Conference will be once again be a landmark event with a Strategy Briefing on Western Africa held the day prior to the Conference, led by Global Pacific & Partners, and will offer prime networking potential as well as direct exposure to Governments, National Oil Companies, Licensing Agencies and leading corporate players in and across this vast zone where a century of oil/gas development is combined with numerous fast-emerging frontier ventures, including pre-salt targets in the highly prospective offshore/deepwater zones from Morocco to Cape Town.

“Western Africa” covers a vast oil and gas exploration zone, one of the world’s richest and most promising for ventures – from Morocco to the Cape, including island states, with an enormous offshore zone and hydrocarbon potential, alongside prospective deepwater blocks, ultra-deep opportunities only to date marginally explored, Exclusive Economic Zones, and promising pre-salt potential analogous to Brasil, plus numerous existing onshore basins (producing and immature, as well as frontier) and a huge interior domain across 27 countries – in effect, fully one half of Africa and the continental land mass of over 30,000 sq km.

As Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners) remarks: “No global player or emerging Independent with an international footprint, or even fast-growing state oil company, can afford to underrate this world-class Western African play – which offers a suite of technical and corporate options: abundant acreage, farmins, acquisitions, bid rounds, new exploration frontiers, a consistent record of oil/gas discoveries, fast-breaking plays such as in the Transform Margin, rising oil/gas reserves, attractive contract terms, competitive potential in LNG ventures across several countries, and even large undeveloped resources in heavy oil/oil sands, and emerging shale gas/oil ventures”

This 9th Western Africa: Strategy Briefing on 22nd April 2013, prior to our Annual 19th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Conference with 49th PetroAfricanus Dinner, provides key insights on the corporate upstream oil and gas game, governments and state oil firms, and licensing strategies, in Africa’s dominant oil and gas exploration and producing zone, Morocco to South Africa and across the Atlantic margins focused on 25 countries.

The Strategy Briefing is built on 30 years of Africa-wide oil and gas knowledge and extensive research on economics and the political economy of Eastern Africa. It tracks changing competitor maps in oil and gas-LNG companies, providing seasoned insights and interpretations on key players, policies and portfolios, unique to Global Pacific & Partners.

Presentations are by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), author of Africa’s Future: Darkness to Destiny (Profile Books, 2012) and of Africa Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile Books, 2010), the first and only Africa-wide oil historiography to the present day, now a TV- Film Documentary by CNBC-Africa. Earlier published works included The Battle For Barrels (Profile, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile 2007).

Participants benefit from deep understanding of corporate strategies, access to unique industry knowledge, high-level networking, Luncheon, and Cocktails Delegates receive direct online access to Presentations (over 500 Images).


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Artisan Business Group hosts EB-5 Alternative Finance Seminar in Washington DC October 15, 2012

Artisan Business Group hosts EB-5 Alternative Finance Seminar in Washington DC October 15, 2012

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Artisan Business Group Inc., is hosting an EB-5 investment seminar where EB-5 regional centers, commercial real estate developers and capital-seeking businesses won’t want to miss, in Washington, DC, October 15, 2012. The EB-5 workshop at Courtyard Arlington Crystal City Hotel/Reagan National Airport will exclusively focus on EB-5 regional center activities, project marketing and investor procurement in China and Korea.

The one day event will feature an honorary guest and speaker Mr. Charles Wang, Co-founder and CEO of GreenTech Automotive. The GTA has recently opened its manufacturing facility in Mississippi. GTA successfully raised EB-5 funding in China and other foreign countries. The GTA project is one of the very few manufacturing-related EB-5 programs that has successfully utilized EB-5 finance and created hundreds of American jobs in the U.S. Mr. Wang will share his personal story and insights of raising EB-5 capital for an All-American manufacturing plant in the state of Mississippi. Angelique Brunner, President of EB-5 Capital, will also be speaking at the event. Ms. Brunner is responsible for sourcing and structuring all projects for EB-5 Capital, including the Marriott Convention Center hotels and City Market at O Street Market in Washington, D.C, as well as the Sugarbush Ski Resort in Vermont.

Other VIP speakers include Brian Su, Artisan Business Group, Inc.; Jeff Carr, Economic & Policy Resources, Inc.; Kate Kalmykov & Steve Anpoell, Greenberg Traurig; Victor Shum, JMBM; Hong Yu, Wailian Overseas Group; Michael Gibson, USAdvisors.org; John Jiang, Micon International, John Li, EB5Supermarket, and David Hirson, Fragomen.

The EB-5 program— on which Mr. Su’s consultations are centered– creates potential for U.S. businesses and project developers to tap into foreign capital sources that would otherwise be difficult to come by. The program, which is also referred to as the “Immigrant Investor Program,” is a 1990 initiative of Congress that seeks to stimulate the U.S. economy and job market through foreign investment. In return, foreign investors with high net worth are rewarded with a desirable green card alternative. Throughout the life of the program, billions of dollars of foreign investment have flowed into the U.S., much of which has come from China. With its growing economy and increasing wealth, China continues to provide a reliable source of foreign capital for U.S. developers. “China’s Private Wealth Report 2011,” published by China Merchants Bank, shows that Chinese interests in oversea immigration and real estate are growing. The publication also notes that approximately 27% of Chinese billionaires have been involved in emigration investment. The interest wealthy Chinese show in investing abroad, combined with the EB-5 program, provide a win-win solution that connects high net-worth Chinese individuals with U.S. businesses and developers needing financial backing. Individuals or business seeking funding specifically for real estate development projects are great candidates for the program.

For more information and registration regarding the DC EB-5 seminar, please visit: http://www.EB5NewsBlog.org

Press Contact:

Mr. Tyler McKay

(217) 899-6661

Artisan Business Group, Inc.


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Horizon Council and FGCU Second Quarter Lee County Business Climate Survey Report Indicates Expected Continued Improvement

Horizon Council and FGCU Second Quarter Lee County Business Climate Survey Report Indicates Expected Continued Improvement

Fort Myers, Florida (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. (May 18, 2012) – The second quarter Horizon Council and Florida Gulf Coast University’s Lee County Executive Business Climate Survey Report provides insights into Lee County’s economy and expected economic trends.

The survey provides a key new economic indicator for Lee County, the Executive Business Climate Index.

The second quarter survey (April 2012) value for the Lee County Executive Business Climate Index is 69, which indicates expected continued improvement in the local economy. The index is slightly higher than the index value of 66 calculated from the first quarter survey (January 2012) reinforcing the executives’ view that that the overall local economy is expected to continue to improve.

Additional key findings for the second quarter of 2012 include:

70 percent of executives stated that the current economic conditions have improved over last year;

79 percent of the executives expect the economy to improve over the next year;

65 percent of the executives stated that the current economic conditions for their industry have improved over last year, but 30 percent stated that economic conditions remained approximately the same;

79 percent of executives expect economic conditions for their industry to improve over the next year;

32 percent of executives had increased employment over the last year, while nine percent had reduced employment;

45 percent of executives expect to increase employment at their companies during the next year and only one percent of executives expect to reduce employment;

53 percent of companies expect to increase investment next year and only three percent expect to reduce their investment levels;

The cost of doing business was moderately higher than last year for 58 percent of the executives and substantially higher for 13 percent of the executives compared to last year. Only two percent of the executives indicated that costs were moderately lower and 27 percent indicated that costs were approximately the same as one year ago.

The cost of doing business over the next year is expected to be similar to the increases observed over the last year. Sixty-nine percent of the executives expect moderate higher costs but 10 percent expect costs to be substantially higher;

The geographic client market includes 24 percent of firms serving international markets and 40 percent serving the U.S. market;

The primary business challenges identified by the executives included:
     A qualified workforce
     Controlling costs
     Markets and growth
     Poor local and national economy
     Healthcare costs

The Executive Business Climate Index value can range from 0 to 100. An index number of 50 would be neutral or an expectation of no change in economic activity. Therefore, this quarter’s index indicates economic activity in Lee County is expected to improve but at a less than moderate growth pace.

The index is computed using the two questions concerning the current and future economic conditions and a third question about the expected industry economic conditions. The index is an average of the responses with substantially better equal to 100, moderately better equal to 75, same equal to 50, moderately worse equal to 25 and substantially worse equal to zero.

About Fort Myers Regional Partnership

The Fort Myers Regional Partnership works to attract new and diversified businesses resulting in high-wage, high-skilled jobs; retains and encourages the expansion of existing businesses and improves the overall business environment. Lee County is a thriving business community with a highly regarded airport, significant corporate development and ample real estate opportunities. The area is attracting, retaining and growing high-value businesses with a unique blend of an outstanding business climate and superior quality of life. The county is home to five vibrant cities–Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, and Sanibel–and is the heart of Southwest Florida.

The Partnership continues to promote and build the region through ongoing efforts from its proactive team of domestic and international recruiters, research staff and community liaisons, as well as through its partnerships with the Horizon Foundation, the Horizon Council and the Lee County Industrial Development Authority. Since 1996, more than 5,000 new jobs and more than $ 1 billion in economic impact have been committed to as a direct result of key local incentive programs; Lee County Job Opportunity Program and the First Incentives for Recruiting Strategic Targets as well as State of Florida incentives and the State Closing Fund.

In addition to the website, http://www.FortMyersRegionalPartnership.com, Fort Myers Regional Partnership can also be found social networking sites including Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Honoring the Past. Celebrating the Present. Exploring the Future.

Lee County is celebrating its 125th anniversary (Quasquicentennial) on May 13, 2012. In honor of its independence from Monroe County in 1887, Lee County will be offering a variety of special events, programs, and promotions throughout the year. Learn more at http://www.LeeGov.com/125th with a monthly events calendar, photo gallery, and historic events timeline.

Editor’s Notes: For more information, media representatives should contact Gary Jackson, director, Regional Economic Research Institute at 239.590.7319 or Jennifer Berg of the Myers Regional Partnership at 239.338.3161 or email at JBerg(at)leegov(dot)com. The link to the survey

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VS 2011 – “Sustainability at a Small Business: Emory Knoll Farms” by John Shepley

Even when a business owner has a clear intention of operating sustainably, when faced with limited resources there are many choices and compromises to be made. John Shepley walks with you down the path towards sustainability that he and Ed Snodgrass have taken at Emory Knoll Farms; from the initial concept of operating a sustainable business to the realities of social and environmental responsibility, and making a living at the same time. This case study includes opportunities that were realized and a discussion of why some are yet to be. Visit the Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants booth in the North American Expo Pavilion to visit with John to further discuss some of the challenges faced by us all in our quest to operate a sustainable business.

Denver?s First Business Technology Expo Scheduled for October 12th at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Denver’s First Business Technology Expo Scheduled for October 12th at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

(PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Denver, CO: Colorado Technology Partners, a Denver/Boulder business technology trade association, today joins with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce to announce Denver’s first annual Business Technology Exposition, exclusively for Colorado business owners and C-level executives. The Denver Business Technology Exposition, scheduled for October 12, 2012, at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, will bring together local technology leaders and up to 50 business technology providers, including some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. Providing the latest solutions, software, hardware, services and strategies, the Denver Business Technology Expo is designed to help local companies operate more successfully in today’s competitive global marketplace with the most advanced technology available.

The Denver Business Technology Expo proudly announces Latisys, a Denver-based data center, managed hosting and managed services provider, as the title sponsor at this inaugural event.

“Latisys is excited to sponsor the Denver Business Technology Expo, an event that the region and business sector has needed for quite some time,” stated Bryan Walsh, Regional Sales Director at Latisys. “Latisys delivers a set of IT Outsourcing solutions that are addressing key initiatives with most businesses in Colorado. We are very pleased to be the first Title Sponsor of this exciting event, and look forward to partnering with these organizations.”

Key global technology providers have accepted sponsorship roles and will deliver presentations incorporating dynamic, leading-edge solutions. Regional providers will include vendors for IT management, telecom, Internet hosting, network specialists, cloud services, technology recycling, digital signage, document scanning and management, business continuity, technology staffing, business software, digital forensic investigation/e-discovery and green technology services.

The Denver Business Technology Expo offers local and regional businesses in all sectors exposure to the latest trends, long-term solution strategies and access to the most advanced business technology available for business. Product demonstrations of cutting-edge cloud solutions, smart devices and formal presentations from global leaders like Dell, Cisco, Fortinet and Comcast promise to make the Expo an invaluable resource for business owners and C-level executives looking to stay ahead of the market via the technology that runs business.

“Colorado has been a technology hub with more providers, developers and early adopters than just about any place outside of Silicon Valley,” said Tom Clark, CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. “Denver businesses are truly technology-centric, with a keen understanding of the solutions that drive business in today’s global marketplace.”        

“The Denver Business Technology Expo is a must-attend for anyone in business in the region,” stated David DeCamillis, President of Colorado Technology Partners. “Great networking, the latest business technology and long-term strategies provide a slam-dunk for business owners and management in Colorado – I recommend that everyone make the time to attend.”

Businesses, individuals and media contacts interested in learning more about the Denver Business Technology Expo or attending the event should contact Kevin Meilinger at 866-498-3420 or info@DenverBizTechExpo.com for more information. More details regarding the event, sponsors, vendors and attendance can be found at at: http://www.denverbiztechexpo.com.

About Colorado Technology Partners

Colorado Technology Partners is a front-range Denver/Boulder-based strategic partnership that comprises reliable and experienced technology developers and service providers. Its unique partnership brings trusted business technology experts together to help clients and partners successfully manage and grow their business with the latest software, hardware, services and technology strategies designed to automate and run their organizations. With nearly 20 key business technology companies providing literally everything a business requires to run and grow their business, CTP is a one-stop shop and business owners’ secret weapon for competing in today’s tough markets and economic realities. Additional information can be found at our website: http://www.coloradotechpartners.com.

About the Denver Metro Chamber

For nearly 150 years, the Denver Metro Chamber has been a leading voice for Colorado’s business community. With a membership that spans the state and includes 3,000 businesses and their 300,000 employees, the Chamber is an effective advocate for small and large businesses at the local, state and federal levels. Chamber affiliates, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, the Colorado Competitive Council and the Colorado Space Coalition, play a vital role in defining the economic landscape of our state. For more information, go to http://www.denverchamber.org.

About Latisys

With a heritage serving business customers since 1994, Latisys is quickly becoming the hosting provider of choice for companies looking to achieve a better return on their IT infrastructure investment. Latisys was founded in June 2007 with a mission to deliver industry-leading colocation, managed hosting, managed services and private cloud solutions to small-, medium- and enterprise-class businesses alike. Today, with high-density Tier III data centers located in all four U.S. time zones, Latisys customers not only receive local solutions to reduce their own capital expenditures for storage and ongoing maintenance, but a national reach for safe and secure managed backup and disaster recovery solutions. Plus, Latisys offers business customers flexible ITO infrastructure solutions to help them take the next step in their growth plan. For more information, go to http://www.latisys.com/


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An Innovative Partnership: Columbia Business School and Deutsche Bank

During the 20082009 academic year, Deutsche Bank collaborated with the School to support MBA student international development projects in India. In line with the firm’s commitment to recruiting a diverse workforce, Deutsche Bank also supported the Schools Black Business Students Association and Columbia Women in Business. In addition, the firm launched an MBA Fellowship Program to attract and retain the most talented candidates at Columbia Business School; sponsored the School’s Spring Admissions Open House; and generously provided the School with financial support for its marquee orientation reception for 1st-year students. The Schools Office of Corporate Development and Relations worked closely with Deutsche Bank to exploring innovative ways to work with the School and build its brand on campus. Deutsche Bank is a company that is visibly committed to its relationship with Columbia, and the School is proud of and grateful for the firm’s continued support.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Highlights from the Bond pre-MDG Summit panel event, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup and Head of Governance for WaterAid Nigeria Juanita During. The event was chaired by journalist Madeleine Bunting. Bond is the UK membership body for NGOs working in international development. For more information, please visit: www.bond.org.uk For more information about how the UK government is helping to achieve the MDGs visit www.dfid.gov.uk

New York City Hosts EB-5 Business Conference on April 27, 2012

New York City Hosts EB-5 Business Conference on April 27, 2012

Las Vegas Conference

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 24, 2012

After successfully organizing various EB-5 conferences and seminars in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Chicago, New York, Orlando, San Diego, Miami, Portland, Guangzhou and Shanghai, Artisan Business Group, Inc. is coming back again to New York to present the 2nd Annual EB-5 Investment Summit: Dealmakers Conference in New York City, New York. The April 27th, 2012 conference will be centered on the Immigrant Investor Program that has been a growing success, with much foreign investment pouring in from China, Korea, the U.K. and Latin America. In the past five years, more than $ 3 billion of international capital have been invested into the U.S. economy through EB-5 regional center program, creating tens of thousands jobs in a variety of industries. The 2012 Dealmakers Conference aims to help domestic companies grasp the opportunity for foreign capital funding in order to create more American jobs and promote recovery in the U.S. economy. Top-tier EB-5 experts and service providers will be available at the conference for presentations and networking and ready to strike deals with clients.

The all-day conference will feature highly-regarded industry experts and VIP guests, including H. Ronald Klasko, Partner of Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP, and the EB-5 Chairman of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Jeffrey B. Carr, President and Economist of Economic & Policy Resources, Inc., Mr. Boyd Campbell, Immigration Attorney of Immigration Law Center, LLC, Mr. Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc., Joseph P. Whalen, Former USCIS Adjudicator, Mr. Ronald Fieldstone, Attorney & Partner, Arnstein & Lehr LLP, Ms. Hong Yu, US Project Manager of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group in China, and Mr. John Jiang, CEO of Micon International. Some of the topics discussed at the event will include creation of American jobs through the EB-5 Regional Center Program, the running of a Regional Center, building a strong and winning brand for an EB-5 Regional Center, selection of viable projects for the Chinese emigration agencies, and procurement strategy of EB-5 investors in China. More guest speakers will soon be announced.

“I am glad a delegation of 50 Chinese senior business executives is coming to join us and learn what EB-5 is all about!” says Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc. The 2nd annual Dealmakers Conference will bring international EB-5 investment professionals, as well as those inexperienced with the EB-5 program, a great opportunity to learn more about foreign investment and network with field experts. Those attending will get the chance to make connections and develop strong relationships with some of China’s top EB-5 emigration agents.

This year’s event is being hosted and sponsored by Artisan Business Group, Inc., Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, and Amazing Journey Investment Consulting Co. The Hilton New York will serve as the venue for the conference. Those attending the event also have the opportunity to meet the prior day with Artisan Business Group’s CEO, Mr. Brian Su, for a 1-hour private consultation.

For more information regarding the event, registration, or a private consultation with Mr. Su, please visit: http://www.EB5NewYorkSummit.org.

Press Contact:

Mr. Brian Su

Artisan Business Group, Inc.


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Funny GREEN Business

“Eco-Satirist” Bob Hirschfeld lampoons the challenges and opportunities of going green
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.weforum.org 17.11.2008 Fuelling India’s Future Will It Be Green and Nuclear? India has ambitious plans to double the number of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2030. With increased net imports of oil already biting into GDP growth and increasing inflationary pressures, what options exist for India that balance its energy appetite and climate change? Discussion Leaders •Tejpreet Singh Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE, India •Nand Khemka, Chairman, Sun Group, India •Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, India Observatory, London School of Economics, United Kingdom •Tulsi R. Tanti, Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Energy, India •Adil Zainulbhai, Managing Director, India, McKinsey & Company, India Chaired by •Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express, India