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National Archives – ISRAEL/U.S. International development cooperation agency(10/01/1979) 2/2

CIA Archives: Cuba – The Land and the People (1950)

In 1940, Cuba had free and fair elections. Batista, endorsed by Communists, won the election. Communists attacked the anti-Batista opposition, saying that Ramón Grau and others were “fascists”, “reactionaries”, and “Trotskyists.” The 1940 Constitution, which Julia E. Sweig describes as extraordinarily progressivist, was adopted by Batista administration. Batista was voted out of office in 1944 elections. Batista was succeeded by Dr. Ramón Grau San Martín in 1944, a populist physician, who had briefly held the presidency in the 1933 revolutionary process. President Grau made a deal with labor union to continue Batista’s pro-labour policies. Grau’s administration coincided with the end of World War II, and he inherited an economic boom as sugar production and prices rose. He inaugurated a program of public works and school construction. Social security benefits were increased, and economic development and agricultural production were encouraged. But increased prosperity brought increased corruption. Nepotism and favoritism flourished, and urban violence, a legacy of the early 1930s, reappeared now with tragic proportions. The country was also steadily gaining a reputation as a base for organized crime, with the Havana Conference of 1946 seeing leading Mafia mobsters descend upon the city. Grau was followed by Carlos Prío Socarrás, also elected democratically, but whose government was tainted by increasing corruption and violent incidents among political factions. Around the
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Análisis del Informe de Naciones Unidas sobre el impacto del tráfico de drogas en la región. Por Javier Loaiza. Nueva Politica.Net 06/29/10 09:14AM – Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv
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