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China seeks stability above all else in N.Korea: analysts

China seeks stability above all else in N.Korea: analysts
Beijing (AFP) Oct 3, 2010 As North Korea moves ahead with its plans for a father-son succession, China will maintain rock-solid ties with its erratic neighbour to ensure stability on the common border at all costs, experts say. Beijing, Pyongyang’s main ally, wants to secure its economic interests and make sure any transfer of power in the North does not spark a flood of refugees into China …

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Kwan Yin On The Economy: Can We Rise Above The Greed?

Every once in a while the Masters will say something quickly and then move on. I guess it is not that significant to them, but for us it is like a little bombshell. At a session with a Marjorie Musacchio, a Kwan Yin and Ascended Master channel, one of the Masters was talking about the economy, as we are around the Black Friday 20-year anniversary date and the crash of 1929. So I asked Kwan Yin about this and this is what she said:

“It’s going to make a ride. There is a rhythm to it. We are not going to say that it is going to crash around everyone’s ears, but there is that time when people have been paying attention only minimally to where it is they are putting their attention. If one is putting their attention into – this is the big one – needing to have more money in their lives so that they can find the freedom and feel the awareness of being happy, then they are going to have more lessons than the rest of the people. You say, how can that happen when everyone is all in one stock market or in one economy? It’s attachment. When people are attached, they feel the pain more. With less attachment, they are not going to feel the strain as much.”

Craig: “So something is brewing.”

Kwan yin: “Oh yes.”

Craig: “Will it be this year?”

Kwan Yin: “Well we can see that there are going to be rhythms to it. You certainly will experience the ‘Oh, look at that… Oh, watch that’ but as far as everyone running around jumping out of windows as before, we don’t see that happening. Astrologically it is similar, but each time you go up the mountain it is different. If the little ones in their consciousness are working with the higher consciousness, have a receptivity and an awareness, they are not going to be putting all their attention on having to have physical material needs met. But the largest part of your society is there. So as you move into the next few months, being aware and awake to what is happening, re-establish inside of yourself that ‘I AM the source of all good’ and then send it out to everyone around you. Send it out to every bank in your community. Send it out in depth into the idea and idealism of the community of people that are attached to having to have a commerce be their God. Commerce is not the God.”

Craig: “In our book I asked about the economy and you answered my question with a question saying ‘What comes after depression? Recession.’ Could it be that we are already in a recession, but that it is being held up artificially?”

Kwan Yin: “Yes.”

Craig: “Because it’s all just entries on a computer screen, its all just held up by ones and zeros.”

Kwan Yin: “And it is all just held up by people who want, want, want; need, need, need; project, project, project.”

Craig: “And big greed.”

Kwan Yin: “So pray for them, so that they can resolve their need and their greed without taking all the people with them.”

Craig: “Do you see that the solar power will come up and people will try to get more independent with that?”

Kwan Yin: “We don not see it in the near future. We see that people are thinking about it. Is it going to happen? Not so fast. There are groups of people who are really moving into that awareness. But we have talked about cities, they are not the best of consciousness to exist in. Move yourself into country setting where it is that the grass is speaking to you rather than the bricks. It is more useful, yes?”

“There are sooo many things happening in all the worlds. There are those moments in time where the brain will absolutely say, I can’t… can’t… can’t, and then all of a sudden it clicks in. Just hang out with the ‘I can’t’ because that is the brain saying that. But once you just stay in steady mode, what happens is more and more receptivity. More rest, more receptivity, a new name for the “R” words. Rest, Receptivity and Remember. Take your rest, your relaxation and your remembering into an integrated part of your day, and you keep it uppermost in your mind. It is very important because people will get wrapped up in where they are going, then all of a sudden they won’t be going there, that much we can say to you.”

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