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Sethi: Kashmir & Water Dispute -2/3

Najam Sethi – Cambridge educated renowned Pakistani journalist and editor of the Friday Times – discusses the need for resolving Kashmir and water disputes with India via peaceful negotiations. He argues how: (a) Pak foreign policy regarding India has been a failure; (b) arms race and non-state actors are hugely damaging to Pakistan; (c) disparity in Indo-Pak economic development is rapidly increasing; (d) no country today can use force to resolve disputes; (e) international opinion is strongly in favor of India; (f) Kashmiris no longer want to be part of Pakistan but desire autonomy; and (g) water negotiations are becoming more complex. This interview was recorded as part of Dunya TV program in March 2010. PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS ON THE VIDEO BEFORE WATCHING.
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11 comments on “Sethi: Kashmir & Water Dispute -2/3

  • i? salute najam sethi saab

  • WHAT? IF ? Pakistan was a secular country protecting the RIGHTS of ALL citizens with EQUALITY and HONESTLY and we were lead by leaders like NAJAM SETHI

  • nice person……………..
    such? persons can solve the problem in india and pakistan

  • I? think this man is intelligent…hope pakistan has more like him….

    from an Indian

  • after listening this whole discussion still this idiot caller from? new york want to force india by allmeans

  • What Pakistan has for Give and Take? Pakistan is sustaining and begging America and China for its existence. What Pakistan can give is give? up terrorism and give up being nuisance value. Give up competing India.

  • Najam Sethi sir,
    I am sure u are not a Pakistani. First time I am hearing? somebody from the West of India talking about dialogue and peace.
    We need people like u to spread love and not hatrate.

  • such? a sensible person he is….

  • sunlo zaid hamid …. kuttey ki tarah bhownkney? se baat nahi banti … dimaaag lagaoo

  • where the hell is this consensus that kill all the kashmiries…bullshit…but yeah? we won’t disintegrate.

  • Very intellient debate. In this day and age no country allows secession. Just like pakistan is willing to incur any cost in Baluchistan so is India ready to face the same in pakistan. Best way is to seek the democratic respectful solution for the people? within the existing national-geographical framework

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