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Sethi: Evolution of Pakistan -6/9

This is an objective, accurate, and comprehensive account of the evolution of Pakistan from 1940’s Lahore Resolution to present-day Asif Ali Zardari-led PPP government by renowned Pak journalist and analyst, Najam Sethi. He discusses: (a) original plans for a secular – not Islamic – state to safeguard Indian Muslims’ political and economic rights; (b) the rise of anti-India and anti-Hindu ideology on account of Partition’s bloodshed; (c) formation of a military-mullah alliance in the wake of Kashmir war in 1948; (d) Liaquat Ali Khan’s abandonment of secularism and social development in favor of Islamism and national defense; (e) forging of strong relationship with the United States to feed military’s defense needs; (f) outmaneuvering of inexperienced political elite by entrenched bureaucracy and army; (g) rise of the “national security state” under General Ayub Khan; (h) breakup of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh on account of Bhutto-Mujib ideological differences; (i) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s personal quest for leadership of Muslim world via formation of Islamic bloc and nuclear bomb; (j) Bhutto’s disregard for provincial autonomy via actions against Baloch and Pathan/Pashtun nationalist movements; (k) General Zia-ul-Haq’s revival of pro-American “national security state” and comprehensive Islamization to feed Afghan jihad; (l) institutionalization of military-mullah alliance and initiation of proxy war with India over Kashmir under Zia; (m) America’s abandonment of

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5 comments on “Sethi: Evolution of Pakistan -6/9

  • y? because he’s talking sense & facts? how long r we going to hide ourselves from the? reality? these r facts weather we like it or not….

  • most of pakistan’s? problems are its self created…. pakistan need secularism more than islamization

  • many pakistanis r like that, the problem is who think like this dont like living in pakistan they move abroad.? this has been happening since the early 1970s, after 1977 this took a pace…

  • How can this person be pakistani ?? His genes should be thoroughly checked.

  • Nazar? sethi is genious person . not like other muslims.

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