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Q&A: What jobs can an anthropologist major find, outside of teaching?

Question by ihcuids: What jobs can an anthropologist major find, outside of teaching?
I am seriously thinking about going back to school and was wondering if you all could help me think of jobs an anthropologist major might qualify for, outside of teaching?

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Answer by quixoticalthoughts
Emphasis in Sociocultural Anthropology: development, community organizing, policy analysis, and social research.

Linguistic Anthropologists: inter-cultural communication, language revitalization, and literacy programs.

Emphasis in Archaeology: Federal and State agencies and private cultural resource management firms.

Biological and Medical Anthropologists: health related occupations and traditional research

—Health and Human Services —
Health Science Administrator
Social Worker
Family Service Counselor
Job Counselor
Public Health Educator
Transplant Registry Database Manager
Genetic Counselor
Medical Anthropologist
Social Service Agency Planner

—Research/Education —
Academic Advisor/Counselor
Collections Manager
Foundation Program Manager
Museum Curator/Technician
College Professor
Museum Education Director
Computer Simulation Model Designer
Contract Archaeologist
Linguist or Scientific Linguist
Art Conservator
Marketing Researcher
Social Science Analyst
Behavioral Science Advisor
Field Archaeologist
Media Planner
Teacher, Elementary/Secondary
Bilingual/Bicultural Program Specialist
Forensic Anthropologist
Multicultural Education
Teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL)
Vocational Teacher

–Government/Public Service–

Bureau of Indian Affairs Researcher
Immigration Inspector
Community Development Officer
Cultural Resource Manager
International Agency Representative
Probation Officer
Cultural Artifact Specialist
Foreign Affairs Officer
National/State Park Interpreter
Congressional Committee Staff Director
Friend of the Court
Park Service Supervisor/Director
Social Insurance Representative
Coroner/Medical Examiner
Head Start Program Director
Peace Corps Area Director
State/Federal Government Policy Analyst
Urban Planner

—Business —
Environmental Impact Assessment Researcher
Loan Officer/Bank Officer
Staff Training Specialist
Human Resources Manager
Management Consultant
Technical Writer
Industrial Psychologist
Management Consultant
Tour Guide
Corporate Communications Consultant
Insurance Claims Adjuster
Marketing Manager
Travel Agent/Guide
Employee Relations Specialist
International Visitor Escort/Consultant
Media Specialist
Travel Consultant
Employment Recruiter
Personnel Management Specialist
Union Legal Counsel

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