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Q&A: What Jobs are available to a graduate with a Political Science Degree?

Question by comicfreak111: What Jobs are available to a graduate with a Political Science Degree?
Hi guys

I’m going onto University soon (hopefully!) I have a passion for politics and was wondering what Jobs can one get if they have a political science degree? List of potential institutions and potential salary would be fantastic.

As always I will give 10 points to the best answer.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Zyc
Possible Careers in Political Sceince

International Agencies:
Commonwealth Agency Work, Trade Advisor,
Aid Advisor, GATT Officer, UN Official
World Bank Officer

Provincial / Municipal Governments:
Administration, Municipal Assessment Trainee, City Clerk, City Manager
Municipal Organization Trainee, Organization and Methods Officer
Community Economic Development, Personnel Trainee, Policy Analyst
Community Land Use Planner, Program Analyst, Economic Analyst
Public Health Inspector, Public Health Manager
Transportation Planner, Environmental Officer
Public Policy Program Director, Housing Analyst, Public Safety Officer
Industrial Development Officer, Transportation Administrator

Government of Canada:
Analyst, Management Analyst, Archivist, Northern Administrator,
Constitutional Advisor, Personnel Specialist, Foreign Service Officer
Policy Advisor, External Affairs, Security and Intelligence,
Immigration Officer, Policing, General Administration Officer
Statistician, Industrial Development Officer
Technical Aid Officer, Intergovernmental Relations Officer
Trade Practices Officer, Trade Promotion Officer

Business / other:
Lawyer, Organization and Methods Officer
Academia / Education (Secondary, College)
Tax Specialist, Journalist, Labor Union Work
Public Affairs Commentator, Consultant, Banker
Public Opinion Pollster, Business Secretary
Trade Association Secretary, Political Party Official,
Politician, Foreign Trader,
Industrial Relation Specialist, Legislative Analyst,
Market Research Analyst

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4 comments on “Q&A: What Jobs are available to a graduate with a Political Science Degree?

  • The following positions are far more likely than the other list:

    Mall Cop
    Sign Twirler
    School Crossing Guard
    Amway Distribution
    Used Car Sales
    Tupperware Party Host
    Walmart Greeter
    Debt Collection
    Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales
    Bail Bond Skip Tracer
    Jail Guard

    With a degree in Political Science, the Sky’s the Limit!

  • I have to agree with the second poster. Honestly, political science is one of those degree programs that really doesn’t lead to much of anything.

  • In reality poli sci rarely leads to a job. It is meant to get you into law school and nothing more. Remember that most politicians are lawyers. Therefore you need a law degree to be a politician.

    A poli sci degree lets you be a volunteer campaign worker.

  • For a quick overview of salaries in this field you can look at data from the department of labor. There’s an interactive chart available here (http://www.askapeer.com/pages/labor-market-data) that could be helpful to check how the employment rate and salary are changing over the years.

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