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Q&A: What do immigration attorneys actually do?

Question by mari: What do immigration attorneys actually do?
I am planning on applying for law school soon, and I think I want to go into immigration law. The problem is, I have an idea in my head of what an immigration attorney does all day, but that might not necessarily be the reality of the job. Are there any immigration attorneys who can tell me how they spend their day?

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Answer by Squat1
They assist immigrates in applying for citizenship and making certain all paperwork and support documents are properly completed and filed.

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  • Immigration attorneys provide counsel, legal assistance and representation to individuals who are faced with an issue related to processing of their documentation related to immigration. They also represent individuals in court who are facing deportation or when challenging a decision made by an immigration judge.

    They are also available for consultation related to immigration law and rules and how the changes to these laws and rules may affect their clients.

    Immigration attorneys also develop public policy related to immigration and are responsible for interpreting international law and how these law may affect policy under development.

    Hope this helps.

  • In addition to what Ken said, most of our practice consists of obtaining work visas for individuals.

    Our clients are business’s who for whatever the reason, want to hire people from other countries.

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