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Q&A: What are some popular organizations that fight global warming and other environmental issues?

Question by Sophie B: What are some popular organizations that fight global warming and other environmental issues?
And if you could say a few things about them, that would be great. Thank you!

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Answer by Jim M
Exxon Mobile, BP, Chevron

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  • Eagle Scout (And Proud Of It)

    November 25, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Green Peace: an environmental activist group founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1971 to oppose the U.S. testing nuclear devices in Alaska. The focus of the organization later turned to other environmental issues, and it become known for its campaigns against whaling, bottom trawling, global warming, ancient forest destruction, nuclear power, and genetic engineering. Greenpeace has national and regional offices in 42 countries worldwide, all of which are affiliated to the Amsterdam-based Greenpeace International. The global organization receives its income through the individual contributions of an estimated 2.8 million financial supporters, as well as from grants from charitable foundations.

    Green Party: a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics. These principles include environmentalism, reliance on grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and social justice causes, including those related to the rights of indigenous peoples. “Greens” believe that these issues are inherently related to ecological, social, and human bodily health.

    More Options: (Ignore The Edits)

    Environment Canada
    Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
    Friends of the Earth Canada

    Isle of Man
    Manx National Trust

    New Zealand
    Department of Conservation
    Ministry for the Environment
    Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

    United Kingdom
    Campaign to Protect Rural England
    Friends of the Earth
    The Wildlife Trusts
    Association for Environment Conscious Building

    English Heritage
    Natural England
    Environment Agency (England & Wales)

    Historic Scotland
    Scottish Natural Heritage
    Scottish Environment Protection Agency

    Countryside Council for Wales

    [edit] Northern Ireland
    Environment and Heritage Service

    United States
    United States Environmental Protection Agency
    United States Fish and Wildlife Service

    Native American Nations
    Inter-Tribal Environmental Council

    African Wild Dog Conservancy
    Aga Khan Trust for Culture
    Bellona Foundation
    BirdLife International
    Center for International Environmental Law
    Conservation Foundation
    Conservation International
    Conservation Law Foundation
    Earth Charter Initiative
    Earth First!
    Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
    Earth Liberation Prisoner Support Network (ELPSN)
    Earth Policy Institute
    Environmental Law Foundation “ELF” (UK)
    Environmental Investigation Agency
    Environmental Youth Alliance
    Forest Stewardship Council
    Friends of Nature
    Friends of the Earth
    Gaia Mater (the mother Earth)
    Global Water Policy Project
    Global Witness
    Great Transition Initiative
    Green Cross International
    International Analog Forestry Network
    International Center of Studies for Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ICCROM)
    International Council on Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS
    International Institute for Sustainable Development
    Nicodemus Wilderness Project
    Regenesis – the Global Movement for Environment Sustainability, Liberty & Social Justice
    Tellus Institute
    The Nature Conservancy
    Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
    Wetlands International
    Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
    Wildlife Conservation Society
    World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    World Conservation Union (IUCN)
    World Resources Institute (WRI)
    Worldwatch Institute
    World Wide Fund for Nature
    Xerces Society
    Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
    niger delta environmental initiative

    [edit] Regional

    [edit] Africa
    African American Environmentalist Association
    African Conservation Foundation
    Environmental Foundation for Africa

    [edit] Europe
    European Biomass Association
    European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
    Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

    [edit] North America
    Association of Environmental Professionals
    North American Native Fishes Association

    [edit] National

    [edit] Australia
    Australian Conservation Foundation
    Australian Coal Alliance
    Australian Student Environment Network
    Australian Wildlife Conservancy
    Birds Australia
    Environment Victoria
    Gaia Foundation
    Landcare Australia
    Public Transport Users Association
    See also Category:Environmental organisations based in Australia.

    [edit] Austria
    Transitforum Austria Tirol

    [edit] Canada
    Canadian Environmental Law Association
    Canadian Environmental Network
    Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
    David Suzuki Foundation
    Manitoba Eco-Network
    Nature Canada
    Sierra Club of Canada
    Sierra Legal Defence Fund
    International Institute for Sustainable Development
    See also Category:Environmental organizations based in Canada.

    [edit] Croatia
    Ekološko društvo Zeleni Osijek

    [edit] Czech Republic
    Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth Czech Republic

    [edit] Germany
    Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) = Friends of the Earth Germany
    BUNDjugend (BUND’s Youth organization)
    Global 2000
    Robin Wood

    [edit] Hong Kong
    Friends of the Earth
    Green Power
    The Conservancy Association

    [edit] India
    Reef Watch Marine Conservation, Mumbai
    Control Air Pollution, Kolkata
    Movement and Action for Social Services (MASS)
    Green Coalition Network Worldwide
    VISWADARSANAM, centre for humanity and nature, kerala, India
    preservetheglobe.org — Learn, Share & Act. Join Hands to Take Care Of This WOrld
    BGM Social Service Centre, Neyyardam, Kerala.

    [edit] Iran
    Earth Watchers Center (EWC)

    [edit] Ireland
    Irish Woodworkers for Africa (trading as Just Forests)

    [edit] Israel
    Israel Union for Environmental Defense (IUED), Adam Teva V’Di

    [edit] Italy
    Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli
    Lega Anti Vivisezione
    Pro Natura

    [edit] Kenya
    Green Belt Movement

    [edit] Macedonia
    Macedonian Ecological Society

    [edit] Montenegro
    MNECO Center for sustainable development of ECO-system and ECO-tourism

    [edit] The Netherlands
    Both ENDS environment and development service
    Greenpeace Netherlands
    Milieudefensie – Friends of the Earth Netherlands
    Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples
    WWF Netherlands

    [edit] New Zealand
    Buller Conservation Group
    Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO)
    Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand
    Kiwis Against Seabed Mining
    Native Forest Restoration Trust
    New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network
    Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand
    Save Happy Valley Campaign
    Trees for Survival
    Waipoua Forest Trust
    Climaction [3]

    [edit] Norway
    Friends of the Earth Norway (Norges Naturvernforbund)
    Green Warriors of Norway (Norges Miljøvernforbund)
    Natur og Ungdom
    Rainforest Foundation Norway (Regnskogfondet)
    Zero Emission Resource Organisation

    [edit] Pakistan
    Rehbar Development Foundation
    Society for Conservation and protection of Environment (SCOPE)]
    Marine Pollution combat squad of Pakistan
    Foundation for Eradication of Marine Pollution (FEMP)

    [edit] Portugal
    Liga para a Protecção da Natureza
    Quercus (organization)

    [edit] Russia
    Friends of Siberian Forests

    [edit] South Africa
    North West Parks & Tourism Board Honorary Officer Association
    Friends of the Pilansberg
    Earthlife Africa
    Koeberg Alert
    Cape Town Ecology Group
    Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa*
    NiMBLE – Nelson Mandela Bay Local Environmentalists

    [edit] Slovakia
    Greenpeace Slovakia
    VLK – Saving The Forests and Wild Animals
    WOLF Forest Protection Movement

    [edit] Spain
    Adena WWF
    Amazònia Assemblea de Solidaritat
    Greenpeace Spain
    Los Amigos de la Tierra

    [edit] Switzerland
    Society for Threatened Peoples Switzerland

    [edit] Taiwan
    Taiwan Environmental Protection Union
    Taiwan Environmental Action Network
    The Society of Wilderness[4]

    [edit] Tanzania
    Sand County Foundation

    [edit] United Kingdom
    Aldersgate Group
    Archipelago Forum
    Campaign for the Protection of Rural England
    The Corner House
    Camp for Climate Action
    Down to Earth
    Earth First!
    Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
    Forest Peoples Programme
    Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland
    Friends of the Earth Scotland
    Greenpeace UK
    The Institution of Environmental Sciences
    John Muir Trust
    Rainforest Foundation UK
    Rising Tide UK
    Town and Country Planning Association
    Transport 2000
    UK CEED (UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development)
    Council for the Protection of Rural England
    RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)
    Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
    World Wildlife Fund
    H.S. Enviro ltd.

    [edit] United States
    Abalone Alliance (historic)
    African American Environmentalist Association
    Adirondack Council
    Aldo Leopold Foundation
    Alliance for Climate Protection
    American Bird Conservancy
    American Farmland Trust
    American Rivers
    Appalachian Voices
    Association of Environmental Professionals
    Back to Natives Restoration http://www.backtonatives.org
    Center for a New American Dream
    Center for Transportation and the Environment
    Citizens Campaign for the Environment http://www.citizenscampaign.org
    Clamshell Alliance
    Defenders of Wildlife
    Down To Earth-Friendly
    Earth First!
    Earth Island Institute
    Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
    EarthE Honors
    Environment America
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Environmental Integrity Project
    Environmental Law Institute
    Environmental Ministry Network
    Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net
    ForestEthics http://www.forestethics.org
    Forest Guardians
    Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee
    Global Environmental Technology & Management
    Global Footprint Network – http://www.footprintnetwork.org
    Global Green USA
    Kids For Change- http://www.kidsforchange.us
    League of Conservation Voters
    Izaak Walton League
    National Association of Environmental Management
    National Audubon Society
    Nature’s Classroom
    Natural Resources Defense Council
    Native Forest Council
    National Geographic Society
    National Hispanic Environmental Council
    National Wildlife Federation
    Negative Population Growth
    Neighborhood Parks Council
    New Jersey Audubon Society
    New York City Audubon
    North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
    Northwest Earth Institute
    Population Connection
    Rainforest Action Network
    Republicans for Environmental Protection
    Resource Renewal Institute
    Rising Tide North America
    Sand County Foundation
    Save the Dunes Council
    Save the Redwoods League
    Sea Shepherd
    Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)
    Sierra Club
    The Sierra Student Coalition http://www.ssc.org
    Teva Learning Center
    The Marine Mammal Center
    The Lands Council
    The Nature Conservancy
    The School for Field Studies
    Touch Tanks For Kids
    Union of Concerned Scientists
    The Rewilding Institute
    Waterkeeper Alliance
    White Kiwi Foundation
    The Wilderness Society
    The Wildlands Project
    The Wyoming Outdoor Council

    Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)

    [edit] Other (to be categorized)
    The Resource Foundation
    The Civic Trust
    GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
    The Town and Country Planning Association
    Environmental Defense
    ACT for Disarmament
    Industrial Workers of the World
    League of Conservation Voters
    Essential Information
    Environmental Working Group
    Look at what you do

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