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Jeff Greason ISDC 2011 Keynote Address – A Settlement Strategy for NASA (42 min.)

Jeff Greason, President of XCOR Aerospace and member of the Augustine Committee (Review of US Human Space Flight Plans Committee) established by the White House in 2009. The Committee concluded that “the ultimate goal of human exploration is to chart a path for human expansion into the solar system.” Greason’s Awards Banquet Address at the 2011 National Space Society International Space Development Conference is widely regarded as a major statement in the field of space policy. This talk was given on May 21, 2011. 42-minute video. For a transcript of this talk and for more 2011 ISDC videos see www.nss.org

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23 comments on “Jeff Greason ISDC 2011 Keynote Address – A Settlement Strategy for NASA (42 min.)

  • Brilliant plan for space colonisation. However, for such a plan to work, we need a plan for what we’ll do once we’ve? colonised Mars. Why do people want to colonise it? Provide a plan that makes Mars colonisation profitable and this space colonisation plan will be perfect.

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  • @kavabean NASA has chosen some? companies in the last week, Including Mr Greason’s. Look it up, or follow, NASA on Facebook, for info.

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  • @yellowecotec ?

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  • An eye opener for me.?

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  • @wingod2001 It relies on government exploration in order to foster industries, which I don’t see any way of escaping. NASA can be true pathfinders here, developing key (and expensive) technologies whilst enabling others to sustainably follow where they lead. Propellant is a great way? of doing that, with profit potential and high utility.

  • Dear Mr. Greason, I would be very interested if in your next presentation on this topic if you could clearly explain the lifecycle of NASA’s involvement in commercial development of key components. Do you assume that every component will go on to be supported by the private space market? Can you give a few key examples and the likely profit motive for the private market to? generate demand?

  • Good? sound logical thinking on the subject.

  • joethemarshmallow

    February 29, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    I believe step two should be automatic robotic resource mines to supplement the “settlement” after habitats that produce food? are made. We should aim for the moon. This is what I think but if everyone see’s fault in my logic then please let me know.

  • hypermodernavalon

    February 29, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Wouldn’t increases in? sustainability and cradle to cradle processes provide settlement objective by reducing the per human cost?

  • hypermodernavalon

    February 29, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Wouldn’t increases in sustainability and? cradle to cradle processes provide settlement objectiveby reducing the per human cost?

  • What can we do, as the average space enthusiast, to help formulate and push the correct NASA policy?

    I would willingly call all of my representatives… but I don’t have a clear way to tell them that I support incremental steps in order to create the necessary resources for future resource driven missions.

    Law makers need a centralized plan with thousands of supporters to even consider putting their voice behind the plan. All we have right now is papers and presentations, which won’t cut? it.

  • Get the public involved. Keep us updated. Make? us apart of this journey. Only then will you find world peace , and unity

  • We need? the public involved.

  • Greason 2012 for president!?

  • Jeff, great talk,? we are definitely still on the same wavelength. However, we must go beyond gas if this is going to be sustainable because your premise is still built around NASA and government exploration. I would contend that unless we develop a rational that goes beyond the government, then the settlement idea will ultimately fail.

  • That was an awesome presentation and I fully support the “Greason Settlement Paradigm” to guide space policy and development!

    Goal: Permanent and expanding population beyond Earth.

    Strategy: For each location, develop resources and use them to reach the next location. Government purchases should add to commercial market to stimulate supply and identify/develop technology gaps.

    Objective: LEO Gas? Stop > Lunar Gas Stop > Mars Gas Stop

    Let your elected representatives know if you support this.

  • This is what drives crazy, it? is so obvious but we don’t see anything really happening!

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