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If The Oil Runs Out : 3 of 6

The demand for energy has risen relentlessly over the last 150 years in line with industrial development and population growth. And as economies of developing countries like China and India continue to grow, it is predicted demand will rise by a further 50% by 2030. President Bush has already warned the United States that it is too reliant on oil, often from “unstable” countries, and that it must find alternatives. Geologists are searching in Arctic Alaska, around the Falkland Islands and under the oceans for the last remaining sizeable reserves of oil. But what will happen if the fuel crisis is not resolved? ____________________ Blending drama and documentary, the IF series returns with a film investigating a scenario many experts fear will come true. When the cheap oil we depend on starts to run out, we may not be able to take anything for granted any more. DRAMA ______ It is 2016 and the world is in crisis. Global supplies of oil cannot keep up with soaring demand and the price of petrol is going through the roof. The oil companies are in a desperate race to find any remaining oil reserves but what happens if there is no more out there? Combining expert interviews with a fictional story line, the drama-documentary examines how our lives will change as the price of fuel starts to spiral out of control. The film interweaves the story of Jess, an exploration geologist working for an international oil company, with the impact of the fuel crisis on her parents back home in
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25 comments on “If The Oil Runs Out : 3 of 6

  • You? say that but oil is needed for everything, not just fuel, it’s used for making plastics,
    smart materials alcohol. And many, many, many more things So oil isn’t stupid.

  • Gas cost has made it hard to pay my mortgage TODAY…                                              not some day off in the iffy future..?

  • Ddraigtanto Ixeniejir

    December 22, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I actually feel sorry for countries like the United States and us in Britain. Few people are going to be hit harder than the? big oil burners in this world when this happens. There’s going to be a LONG time before people develop and adapt to a world without oil. NOBODY is going to do it now when there’s an easier option than not burning the black gold.

  • This woman needs to make a video of herself using a gas pump as a? dildo. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  • Nope a larger military? will sort this all out

  • its? about time we all pulled together and sorted these problems out.

  • horrid thought.?

  • probably because that guy she works with is so sexist? but still doesn’t give her the right.

  • Haha! 2:04 “The field looks huge! There? might be 4 billion barrels….” Time for school: How long does it take for the world to consume one BILLION bbl of oil? Less than 1/2 month. Look it up. 2:12 “America might start to meet it’s own energy needs.” Um… good luck!

  • I guess if I had a electric car I would become Mr.Popular all? of a sudden.

  • To those in the USA lamenting that they have to pay over $4 a gallon.
    The average price of petrol [gasoline] in the UK in June 2012 is £1.40 per Litre. Given that at US gallon is 6 pints [rather than 8 for a proper gallon – why do you think 2 pints is a QUART?!] and using an exchange rate of £1 -? $1.54 (4th June), that is the equivalent to $7.35 per US gallon

  • I live in America and I hope I don’t turn into that when I’m older. Its true so many women are like that now. I would rather read than watch tv, so I don’t really know what you mean by that lol. I hope that’s what it is then.?

  • The guy has? 165 Gallons of diesel, but his SUV runs on gas.

  • The US needs to get rid of Oil because its stupid.?

  • 7:21? HeyyyOOOO!!!!

  • christian huerta

    December 22, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    usa needs to save the oil for the food companys.and for? us we use electric cars…

  • No wonder men are so anti-women over? there, then. I’m a woman and I’d have slapped her upside the head in a heart beat.

  • Lol, I was gonna? say that this chick sounds like a total bitch.

  • I? know that all too well, as I spent a year in Bulgaria. American women just don’t know how repulsive they really are when measured by international standards.

  • than come to russia ;)? here they cook and clean and what they are good for….

  • That’s how the average American woman talks to her man these days. A lot of the times it’s even worse. It’s what their? televisions have taught them.
    Tom David

  • I can’t go over how? snide and rude this chick is to her husband. 🙁

  • The Indians are a conquered nation? of people, just like all other conquered nations behind them. They don’t have land anymore. We’re all Americans now.

  • At 5:45, the guy says that a shortage is created when demand exceeds supply. In a pure capitalistic society, that won’t happen. Price will increase to lower demand equal to that of the supply. I for one don’t think we’ll run? out of oil. I think we’re about to run out of CHEAP oil.

  • British produced? program…notice how they look down on self-reliance (hoarding)

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