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How can i find an emotional female companion in mumbai?

Question by friend: How can i find an emotional female companion in mumbai?
I am male from Mumbai, mid aged, slim and trim, highly qualified, well traveled, and well placed.
World wide network of friends age 8 to 80.
No bar on friendship – age, status etc. – except compatibility.
Decent, humorous, helpful, and caring
Very warm and friendly -Very creative by nature
Respect others feelings, privacy and secrecy.
I am into international business, and event management
Counseling, personality development, consultancy for health and beauty, face reading and grooming others are hobbies
Looking for an emotional companion as well as a business companion
My policy – I never force any one and it is entirely your choice to accept or reject. I treat answers – yes or no – equally – so no problem whatever be your answer.
Please contact if interested to check the compatibility
According to me there is nothing to lose in trying anything new.
Who knows – we may become very good friends

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Answer by Sick Puppy
What bothers me is that you have a “World wide network of friends age 8…” Having “friends” at that age at your age is quite disturbing.

Either that or you’re police trying to fish out child molesters. If true, hope you catch them.

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3 comments on “How can i find an emotional female companion in mumbai?

  • Well if I may offer this advise to you. Ask the question in a category where all the females are gay. Unless your looking for a man. I that case your not my type.

  • Uh, you are looking in the wrong place for a female if you are male. I am surprised the lesbo regulars in this category haven’t already slammed you for this question.

  • Perhaps all that you have written about yourself is the reason anyone would keep away from you? Comes across as a very trite and a boring profile of you though.

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