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Biomass in India

Investment in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Video Impressions of a Pilot Project Produced by the Institute for Environmental Studies & Netflits Funded by Policy and Operations Evaluations Department (IOB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands copyright of the film is with the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For more information please contact Harro van Asselt: harro.van.asselt@ivm.vu.nl This film was presented at the UNFCCC COP13 in December 2007, Bali, Indonesia at an event hosted by IIED

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22 comments on “Biomass in India

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    I really Loved Your? Channel!

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  • You should all be so thankful Harper never? signed the Copenhagan agreement…

  • Great idea, great execution, great video in so many ways. But the sprinkles part? cracks me up. Seriously? Sprinkles?

  • Fantastic, eye opening video.

    Universities provide great opportunities for students, like me, to get involved and collaborate with others. We can write for the student newspaper? about our local ties to global issues or organize an event, such as a cultural pub night or fair, to encourage and embrace diversity. These are great ways to continue dialogue around these important causes so that we remain informed and committed to making a real difference.

    Kristin Ramsey

  • I like the way this video is so clear, and also how it gives us a perspective of Canada in relation to other countries of the world.

    I would organize an information night about some of the indstries that use so much water and are unregulated (the oil industry) and then, organize a group to write letters to? our local MPs. We need to be more informed, but we also need to understand how easy it is to make ourselves heard.

    Ramsay Malange

  • Organize a textbook drive and partner with a literary organization to provide books and supplies to those who simply do not have what we take for granted; shut the lights off when you? leave the room and turn the heat down when you leave home for a significant period of time; take part in a cultural activity other than your own; EDUCATE yourself and those around you!
    Brandy Robertson

  • I think it’s hypocritical that Canada supports education in developing nations as a leading priority when most Canadians don’t? know the first thing about our nation’s political stance on international issues. Awareness of these issues is a critical form of education and I would really like to see Canada invest in educating its own country the way it has sought to educate others.
    Knowledge is power, so let’s strengthen our nation.

    James Goacher

  • I would like to see Canada invest in training the next generation to be effective social entrepreneurs and unleash them on the world? through our version of the Peace Corps.

    Charles Tsai

  • peaceloveandjustice

    August 15, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I like the reality check at the beginning followed up with some real-life stories of successful initiatives that are strong examples of what we can support to create the big shift we need to truly become responsible global citizens.

    I hope more people? rate this video and share it to get it out there.

  • TheCanadiannavy

    August 15, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I am in the Canadian Navy, and I say that Canada is still leading the way. The canadian military leads by example by getting the job done whether we have the tools we need or not. Every stop we make in foreign ports we always donate time or money or both to help the local people or orphanges. And I have found that the world looks to us to set that good example and so far I haven’t met anyone who was disapointed? in us. we should be proud and keep it up.

  • I remember when I first realized that as a country Canada was not holding up its ‘harmless, kind do-gooder’ status.

    This video explains this false image in a very accessible way that I think would? be beneficial for those only just realizing that we are not perfect.

    While I enjoy the benefit of the Canadian stereotype when I travel, I am not content with this vale disguising flaws that need attention now!

    I like how the video also focuses on what citizens have done as to inspire progression.

  • This video kicks butt. Canada is currently a farcical laughingstock in so many regards. So much potential.? So little leadership.

  • Thanks for this inspiration! Canada has a great opportunity to put these areas into practice. This summer, Canada is hosting G8 and G20. This winter, Canada is hosting the Olympics. This is the year that Canada can prove itself to the world. There are so many projects, so many visions started in small communities that are doing so much! But to solve a countries problem Canada’s leaders also need to emerge and be held accountable to these 5 areas. Lead by Example -? WAKE UP!

  • Great message and very well illustrated. Keep up the good? work!

  • Hi there,

    This? video has a powerful message and is VERY well done.

    The greatest challenge I see in a lot of the dialog between Canadians is that there is great dialog but little collaboration and even less action.

    I hope Canada’s World can reverse this trend in Canadians and wake them up to what needs to be done.

    Take care and create a great day.

    Harry Tucker

  • Thanks for the great idea, sammylyster. We’ll ask Mergenta to do? just that 🙂 Would be great if you’d want to share the video via twitter and FB as well!

  • Lets get more people exposed to this great video! Searching “Canada’s World” doesn’t work. Any way to tagging this video with more words? Canda’s World, fostering? innovation, good governance, embracing diversity etc…

    Thanks Mergenta for hosting!

  • Fantastic.? Thank you!

  • a big thank you to Mergenta for hosting this video! So great to get it out there — we are excited to? hear what Canadians think.

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