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Willow cut-stem growers surveyed

Willow cut-stem growers surveyed
Woody ornamental plants with colorful or unusually shaped stems, buds, flowers, or fruits represent a growing specialty niche in cut flower production markets. These unique plants can be good prospects for off-season production, offering distinct benefits such as extended growing seasons, respectable financial returns, hardiness, and the ability to produce multiple harvests from single plantings.
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New Genes Just as Important as Ancient Genes
(Ivanhoe Newswire) – New genes that evolved a mere one million years ago- a blink in evolutionary history- can be just as essential for life as ancient genes, according to this study. Evolutionary biologists have always believed that the gene most important to life are ancient and conserved, handed down form species to species as the “bread and butter” of biology. New genes that arise in species …
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