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What should I major in?

Question by Definitely that one.: What should I major in?

I’ve been looking through college majors, and have been met with a bit of confusion.

Which is better for the fact that more careers are “going green” — Ecological Biology, or Environmental Science? Within Environmental Science itself, which one’s better — Policy, or Management?

And if I were to double-major (I’m interested in going to law school, for environmental law) what should I major in? Psychology? Sociology? English? Political science? Business Administration? Economics?

What, of these, would prove most beneficial in the future and leave me with the most opportunities for the off chance that I end up not wanting to go to law school?

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Answer by Übermensch
You should major in what you are interseted in. Law schools do not care what your major is, they only care about your GPA and LSAT score. Just make sure you can do well in whatever major you choose.

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  • Honestly, college is more about earning something practical these days. Don’t get too hooked on “I want to learn this or that”. Just get the one that pays the bills so you can learn on your own time (if it is THAT important).

    Ecological Biology – with a double major in sociology or economics.

    Or Environmental Science with management side – double major political science.

  • I’m rooting for Business Administration! 😀 I majored in accounting and have just started a new job as assistant accountant for a power network company.

    Business studies opens a lot of doors, you can work for ANYONE, in any industry and anywhere. Bonus opportunities if you end up working for a multinational firm, lots of travelling involved.

    It’s an exciting time to be in finance/accounting, people say its the safe option and not the most exciting job but hey, everyone needs accountants/financial analysts and just think, you’ll actually understand how the tax system works and learn a whole heap about financial management.

  • Ecological Biology will probably provide more career opportunities than Environmental Science because legitimate biology based degrees are usually more academically intense than Environmental Science; in essence, they are harder and employers/graduate school admission staff know this. If you genuinely want to go law school for environmental law, then study Environmental Science with an emphasis in policy. Policy is usually a better option, even though lawyers don’t actually create and pass environmental policy, because management techniques are better learned through experience rather than in the classroom.

    As for majors, major in something you are interested in, but make sure it is a viable back-up in case law school falls through; it’s getting harder to get accepted into law school because so many people see the deceptive salaries lawyers make (in reality, only top lawyers make bank), thus increasing the number of applicants. In my opinion, viable back-ups that include your interests might include the following: Political Science with an emphasis in environmental policy; Economics with a minor/double major in mathematics and an emphasis in environmental policy; and Finance with a minor/double major in mathematics and an emphasis in energy finance. Again, these are just a few of the many options that might consider. Most require going to graduate school eventually, but they are all potentially viable options.

    Best of luck!

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