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PEZ Chat: Designed Discourse
Now that we are firmly into the 2011 season, which team kit gets good marks in your opinion? I believe that the most important aspect of team uniforms is visibility, essentially they are billboards for their sponsors. Remember that cycling is much more dependant on sponsors than any other sport.
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Actually Examinator. It
In reply to Risk Rising, Uncertainty Falling : Actually Examinator. It doesn’t matter if you respond or not. You are rusted on to your position with a shrinking group of spruikers and sycophants. Your attempts to move the debate on to non-arguments like risk factors don’t wash with the general public.
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GigaOM Raises Million in Funding
Leading business and technology media company will use funding to expand its rapidly growing GigaOM Pro subscription-based research business, extend editorial leadership, and build its portfolio of industry-leading conferences
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