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How to Reduce Organization’s Carbon Footprint with Flue Gas Condensing Economizer Technology

As you probably already know, Planet Earth faces some major challenges in the near future if we keep with the status quo.  Arguably the most important environmental issue to date is the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere, especially Carbon Dioxide. Scientists have determined that CO2 atmospheric levels in particular play a critical role in our global temperature regulation, and the primary sources of all the excess C02 being emitted are automobiles and industrial activity.  Fortunately, there are solutions available to help reduce C02 emissions, and for owners of natural gas and LP boilers and appliances, one of the best solutions is the use of condensing economizer waste heat recovery technology.

CO2 levels have been rising steadily since they were first measured in 1958. In fact, atmospheric concentration of CO2 has increased approximately 25%.  The explosive growth of industry around the world over the past 100 years has certainly been a major reason for the increase, and there was a day when many business leaders had little concern for the environmental implications of their actions.  Well, the times have changed and informed business leaders are becoming increasingly concerned with ensuring that their companies operate with the least environmental impact possible, and finding that it’s not only good for the planet – it’s good for business as well.

Flue gas condensing economizers are designed to recover almost all of the wasted energy from natural gas and LP boiler flue gasses and turn it into usable heat. The waste flue gases from the heating appliance are redirected through the condensing economizer, which cools the flue gases to the point where the sensible as well as the latent heat is recovered.

Here’s how this type of waste heat recovery also reduces C02: as condensing economizers cool the flue gasses, they naturally reduce the volume of flue gasses being emitted, which means they also reduce your C02 emissions simultaneously. So while this technology is increasing your energy efficiency and saving you money, it’s also minimizing your C02 output and making you a “greener” company – something that your customers will love you for.

With global warming becoming a major concern around the world, government regulations regarding emissions are becoming increasingly restrictive. So, even if reducing C02 emissions for the sake of the environment isn’t a high priority for your business, doing so to avoid government scrutiny and financial penalties makes sense.

Not only is the government concerned about global warming, but so is the general public. Improving your business or organization’s environmental stewardship shows your customers and the public at large that you care about their wellbeing. Making your operations as “green” as possible helps increase your marketability and customer loyalty – turning something that helps the environment while saving you money into something that also helps strengthen your customer relationships.

From a financial stand point installing a condensing economizer waste heat recovery system is one of the best choices you could make for your business. Quality condensing economizers usually pay for themselves within 6 – 24 months, and go on to provide you with significant energy savings for decades to come.

There are many important reasons why every company and organization that operates natural gas or LP boilers should seriously consider investing in condensing economizer technology. Reducing C02 emissions is good for the planet, good for government compliance, and good for your public image. Implementing a technology that accomplishes all this while also lowering your energy costs and saving you a significant amount of money makes this form of waste heat recovery a true win-win for everyone involved.

Sid Abma is the president of Sidel Systems USA, Inc. and a leading expert in waste heat recovery and flue gas condensing economizer technology. To find out more about how waste heat recovery can help you lower energy costs, increase profits, and reduce C02 emissions, visit http://www.sidelsystems.com today.

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