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How the Green Energy Movement Benefits America

Complete video at: fora.tv Billionaire investor, philanthropist and energy reform activst T. Boone Pickens discusses ways America could benefit from the current “green energy” movement, both economically and spiritually. —– T. Boone Pickens is currently the chairman and CEO of BP Capital, which operates energy focused commodity and equity funds. He is also the largest shareholder in Clean Energy, the largest provider of vehicular natural gas in North America with a broad customer base in the refuse, transit, shuttle, taxi, police, and interstate trucking, airport and municipal fleet markets – The Aspen Institute Mr. Boone Pickens is the founder of BP Capital. Pickens is active in the management of both the BP Capital Equity Fund and the BP Capital Commodity Fund. Specifically, Pickens is principally responsible for the formulation of the energy futures investment strategy of the BP Capital Commodity Fund and the BP Capital Equity Fund. Pickens frequently utilizes his wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry in the evaluation of potential equity investments and energy sector themes. He also participates in the marketing of the BP Capital Equity Fund to certain groups of potential investors. Pickens was the founder of Mesa Petroleum in its various forms beginning in 1956. Pickens’ career at Mesa spanned four decades. Under his leadership, Mesa grew to become one of the largest and most well-known independent exploration and production companies in the US

How do we balance the needs of the environment versus the needs of our economy? In a time when scientists are predicting that we are nearing the “tipping point” with global warming, how do we work toward a greener more eco-friendly environment while keeping costs down? The Bridge Commission in the San Francisco Bay Area recently approved an increase of Bridge Tolls. These tolls effect the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and I believe the San Rafael Bridge as well. This is not really something new, as it happens fairly regularly, the startling part of the increase is the elimination of car pool lanes. I am not 100% clear on whether the carpool lanes will be eliminated completely or rather if they will simply now pay a small toll. In either case, it brings up a difficult dilemma that both the Bridge Commission and our government, as well as we the people, face in the future. By eliminating carpool lanes, removing the incentive to not pay tolls, the commission has effectively made the decision that the economic situation is of greater concern than the environment. After all, this policy no longer encourages people to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by carpooling. So, this is a tough balancing act that we all must face. How do we move toward a greener cleaner future while still pulling the country out of recession? Comments always welcome. Thanks for reading. “Economic Recovery vs. Green Economy: Bridge Tolls & Carpool Lanes” By Chris Corsello www.youtube.com

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14 comments on “How the Green Energy Movement Benefits America

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    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  • It saddens me that I looked up Green movement today and pages about Iran came up but no U.S.. Major initiative in the state of MIchigan and where not in the technology buisness in this country if where not in RE but I took mad enviro sci in highschool. 40 yrs. since silent spring, huh? Ass backwards of Americans. We debate stem cell genetics and make no investment in Bio tech. from agriculture up. 20 yrs. more of Ammonia based fertilizer.

  • Yes every time theses extreme capitalist speak they only think money making schemes. their brains can think nothing else!.

  • we must stop the green movement… its just takeing our rights and liberty away.. look who is pushing it.big money. al gore will make $ 2 billion off this bullshit. its fake and its for the wrong reason. every one buys into it. wake up

  • this man is sooo boring….

  • If the green people want a “green revolution”, it has to come from the ground up. Any green activist who relies solely on lobbying Congress and Obama for these “5 million green jobs” is sorely mistaken. Corporations, nonprofits and citizens have to make it happen. We’ve tried to get the feds to get this going for the past 30 years, and we’ve barely gotten anywhere. Congress is just too slow these days.

  • Oh but government support for Wall St, in healthcare and the Big 3 is ok? We need backing and support from every sector to make this movement happen- even the government

  • I think what he is doing is great. Anyone taking initiative for broad-scale alternative energy solutions has my support.

  • Unfortunately, Mr. Pickens would like government support for his private enterprise. If he is not willing to fund and support I’m not an advocate.

  • First post, view, comment, and rating!

  • Think? THINK??!
    You want us to think? TODAY?!?!

    Okay, seriously, I have no answers. I wish I did, but mostly when it comes to these types of matters I find myself listening to the various opinions and just taking it all in.
    On other topics I can rant on like a crazy mofo, but somehow not this one.
    At least not today.

  • it’s happening in other places also. the carpool lane has become as pay lane.

  • hehe… well I would personally go for the economy.
    Can’t have a green planet if America collapses into a depression, although I think it is inevitable.

  • I think I know what kind of viewers you are trying to reach out for. If I am correct, you would like to reach the minds of people who would actually act instead of just saying things about changing the world into a better and efficient place.
    Am I right or close to being right or just completely far from it?

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