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How Biofuels Can Benefit The Economy And The Environment

Who would have thought that the materials from plants and animals can be turned into a renewable energy which is now known as the biofuels. There are so many natural materials that can be turned into this type of alternative energy including animal manure, vegetable oil, sugar cane, and wood. But why use this energy since there are still companies selling high-priced energy sources?
One of the main benefits of this is that it can be cost-effective for all those who would use it. By the time that the technology for making this type of fuel becomes available worldwide, it would provide an energy source that is far cheaper compared to the conventional gasoline.
There is also a bigger source of material for the biofuels as mentioned before. This makes it very environment-friendly since it is an efficient way to recycle and stop adding more reasons for global warming.
Fossil fuels would require you to wait for thousands of years before it can be used as a source of energy. This alternative on the other hand would only take a couple of weeks or days. It is easier and faster to renew therefore it is more convenient to make this renewable energy.
Countries that would also opt for the biofuels have more secured source of energy. If they would decrease their dependence on the fuel sources from foreign countries, they would be able to have a lower price and more secured energy source.
And in relation to that, since the renewable energy will be made within the country, it would spawn new chances for employment. People living within the rural areas will get to have employment thus, the stimulation of economic growth as well. Moreover, there will also be bigger demand for crops that are needed in creating this alternative energy.

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