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Energy affordable for the World Expo will lead the next technological innovation

HC HVAC & R Network  Energy Technology to Market World Expo in Shanghai, as the previous World Expo to new technologies, new inventions, innovation-driven, as the current club of Shanghai World Expo is expected to show the latest technology to lead the future New Energy The direction of technological innovation.

33 meters in the China Pavilion of the layer, can net the industry and the Pan attention. The program is designed to break the traditional energy and renewable energy a simple model of parallel, into each other cycle, optimal allocation of energy use, eventually to form a system of energy-efficient technologies as the core Energy Reduction Program.

Current energy use patterns for the industry of innovation, tend to jump out of the original “Shaft,” the energy use and instead use the system energy efficiency technology, forms of energy to complement each other, be more efficient and cleaner energy.

Pan to expand new energy network concept

Pan to net the future of China’s energy “proper way”, the new technology demonstration known to the world China expo hall, visitors can spot a vivid touch screen experience to see different types of energy through the pan to achieve energy production network , storage, application life cycle and regeneration of the optimal allocation, and can deeply feel the pan to the future home network, park, and the tremendous changes in the city.

Experts said, the pan once the application to network successfully, they will subvert the existing energy system, including energy production, usage, and a variety of energy conversion between the means to produce highly ordered energy, and fundamentally to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Had the industry that the future energy mix is based mainly on renewable energy, fossil energy supplement, and the existence of the two way energy is not simply tied, but the inherent correlation between circulation and. Popular point about fossil energy in the process of energy conversion will play a leading role, through its conversion produced some of the material will lead to the development of renewable energy. Net technology, the pan can be seen on display between the various energy conversion in order to achieve efficient and clean use of examples.

Such as clean coal can be converted into methane, produced in the gasification process of CO2, can absorb the carbon by microalgae bio-technology utilization. Public information, the high rate of microalgae oil production, is the world’s fastest growth and reproduction of organisms. It uses optical Cooperation Can be extremely effective with the absorption of carbon dioxide, and then biochemical processes to contain rich oil and microalgae polysaccharides to bio diesel, Fuel ethanol And other clean energy. While it further processed into edible oil, cosmetics, feed high value-added products.

It is understood that the proposed new concept of pan to net domestic clean energy innovation and enterprise groups in the new Austrian microalgae bio-absorption of carbon and a series of low-carbon clean energy technologies have made significant progress in many of its in Inner Mongolia Ulanqab building without pit underground coal gas Chemical industry Industry demonstration project has been successfully run for 10 months. Compared with the traditional rate of 40-50% of the coal mining, coal gasification technology can not only improve security, while the coal is raised to about 73% utilization, especially for the low calorific value of lignite and waste coal.

It is understood that the world has a number of carbon capture technology, but the bottleneck is on the high cost and its own can not solve a temporary problem of high energy consumption. Xiamen University, China Energy Economic Research Center director Lin Boqiang pointed out: “As the high cost of carbon capture and high-energy short is difficult to solve, carbon sequestration and carbon use will become the major direction of development.” While the domestic microalgae bio-absorption carbon technology, if in the future 3? 5 years and industrialization, will effectively reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, promote global Ecological Environment Improvement.

With industry experts told this newspaper that: “Any new energy technologies will certainly be a costly early stage, the current system of microalgae bio-oil absorption of carbon than ordinary diesel in the test results of four to five times higher than the cost, but through technology innovation, the future can certainly solve the cost problem.

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