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Elemental Essentialz? Announces their Safe Cleaning Project & Innovative Approach to Packaging

Elemental Essentialz® Announces their Safe Cleaning Project & Innovative Approach to Packaging

Improve Health. Waste Nothing.

McKinney, TX (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Elemental Essentialz is pleased to announce its response to two major problems with a majority of household cleaners: dangerous chemicals and packaging waste. Their innovative approach to packaging will save resources and minimize waste, while investing in the health of future generations.

Elemental Essentialz began last year, with a chemistry teacher’s spring break project: making soap, and grew very quickly into a full-fledged corporation. “As a chemistry teacher and former developmental specialist, I have seen firsthand the increase in developmental problems,” stated Elemental Essentialz’ founder, Theresa Harris. “With research linking chemicals found in our homes to an increase in various health issues, I felt an obligation to take what I knew and formulate cleaners that were both safe and effective.”

Focusing on safety she started with ingredients that were edible. “I knew that basic kitchen ingredients could be used to clean, but also realized I needed to consider customer expectations, like color and consistency, storage conditions and shelf life.” Harris added, “It took a great amount of trial and error, and product testing to finalize the formulas, but we are thrilled with the results. All of the feedback we get, from how beautiful the bottles are, to how great they smell and work, is positive.”

Using wine bottles and letting customers refill them, will minimize the need for single use packaging, decrease total energy consumption and will virtually eliminate packaging waste. Customers will appreciate, that in addition to being good for the planet, refilling will also be economical. The refill price will be just over 1/2 the cost of the initial bottle.

Elemental Essentialz products contain no petroleum products, dyes, chlorine, animal products or phosphates. They are non-toxic and never animal tested. Currently, Essentialz’ products include their All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Granite Cleaner and Soft Scrubbing Cleaner. They have just recently added a line of coconut milk soaps, shea butter lotions and lip balms; all of which are handmade in McKinney using essential oils and natural ingredients.

Elemental Essentialz’ Story

Harris’ unique packaging idea came to her, while sitting in a restaurant. As she watched glass bottles go from table to trash, her decision was made. She contacted local restaurants and wineries and started collecting the majority of her bottles from two local businesses, Landon Winery and ZinZen Wine Bistro. Harris was then introduced to Green Earth Soda Blasting, another innovative and green company located in McKinney, to remove the labels. “Green Earth SB was a life saver. They took care of our bottles in 1/10th the amount of time it took us,” Harris said. Very quickly, Essentialz outgrew the kitchen where it all started and currently manufactures out of Terrell, TX.

Elemental Essentialz is teaming up with local markets and small independent retailers to offer its products to consumers. Their line of safe and zero-waste products are also available at FRESH by Brookshire’s in Tyler, TX, a new concept food store, and the first grocery store in East Texas to be LEED certified. “We were delighted to team up with Fresh, and love attending their local activities and special events,” said Harris. “It is a great first location for us. They share our philosophy and are a perfect fit.”

This Saturday, June 2nd, Elemental Essentialz will be at Fresh for their Taste of TEXAS and 2nd Annual Steak Cook-Off, which supports the East Texas Food Bank.

About Elemental Essentialz

Elemental Essentialz creates household cleaning products that are safer for customers and better for the planet by eliminating dangerous chemicals and minimizing packaging waste. It is a new company revisiting an older way of doing business. With their line of natural products and unique solution to packaging, Elemental Essentialz is realizing their mission: to improve health and waste nothing.

In addition to being available for purchase online or at Fresh, Elemental Essentialz will be available soon at all 9 Central Markets in TX. For information regarding new retail locations, projected dates, and upcoming markets at McKinney’s Chestnut Square and Deep Ellum, visit their website or contact the company via email.


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