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Can I get into Texas A&M or UT austin?

Question by Dotsrus: Can I get into Texas A&M or UT austin?
As I am about to send in my applications, I need to know if I stand a chance of getting into Texas A&M. If it helps, at A&M I am applying to the school of Geosciences and for a second choice major I am applying for Classical Archaeology in the College of Liberal Arts. Can you please chance me at both schools?

Lastly, during Junior year I had mono that caused me to be absent for 17 days of school(nearly had to repeat junior year). It dropped me from the top 15% of my class to the top 28%. In my guidance counselor’s letter of rec she included that bit of information. Will it have any affect on admissions, or does it extend out of the reach of “special circumstances”?

Here are my “stats”

Male Resident of Texas
50% Asian, 50% White
SAT Scores : 740 CR, 610 Math,700 Writing, currently a 2050(Signed up for dec SAT, will get a 2100)
Class rank: Top 28%—> Will be top 25% after senior year grades are in
AP classes taken: English, US History, World History, Micro Economics, US Government AP, Spanish 4 AP

150 hours of community service (church, Habitat for humanity, public library, community storehouse)…
Spanish Club (10th, 11th, 12th)
Treasurer of Business Professionals of America (12th)
Treasurer of Art and Design Club (12th)
Member of Environmental club (12th)
Member of Green Cord Community Service Club (12th)
Operated a web design business (10th, 11th, 12th)
Played guitar and was a guitar tutor (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
Karate (9th, 10th)
Member of Church youth group (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)

Ap Scholar
Employee of the Month
Green Cord (100 hours of community service)
Red Cord (Donate blood twice during senior year)

3 solid letters of recommendation.
3 stellar essays for topic “A”, “B”, and “C”
Expanded Resume

Best answer:

Answer by Croatian ? Angel
Yes, you can get in.

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6 comments on “Can I get into Texas A&M or UT austin?

  • It’s easy to get into UT if you are in the top 10%
    You’ve got a bunch of extracurricular, so it looks good.

    Go to UT! A&M sucks. 🙂
    I think asking it in another section would be more useful though.
    My answer wasn’t great.

  • Yeah you can get in, but you should go to LSU cause were more awsome than both of those schools combined 🙂

  • Yes, because they are second-rate schools. Anyone can get in.

  • Yes you can get in i suggest going to UT please go there but you don’t have to listen to me lol do what you want but i like UT better thats where I’m going.

  • You look solid….good luck !

  • I can’t speak for the other respondents here, but I am not on the admissions committee.

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