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Public letter to the Department of State: a low-carbon green industry will be included in National development planning

Recently, the State Public letter to the Ministry of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department, Deputy Director Gao Dongsheng 26 manufacturing industries in the Asia Forum 2009 conference that should a low-carbon green industrial development into industrial development planning, as well as national development planning.

    CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Meiying are on the same occasion that the next international competition is no longer the traditional capital, resources and labor competition, but competition in carbon productivity, energy-saving emission reduction is also productive, she said: “China is cutting energy use row will have a breakthrough in progress and usher in a low-carbon economic times ahead. ”

Low-carbon industry will be incorporated into national development planning

    Zhang Meiying said China’s great efforts to develop low-carbon economy, energy-saving and new energy industries, and to accelerate the pace of independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, fully demonstrates the Chinese Government to develop low-carbon economy to address global climate change, the sincerity and efforts, and also discovered numerous business opportunities.


    Gao Dongsheng said at the meeting, as the industrial sectors of the competent authorities, will continue to take effective measures to actively guide the industry to go green development. He then introduced the letter to the Ministry of Public initial thoughts in this regard, first of all, should the development of low-carbon green industries into the industrial development planning and national development planning, guidance, and support for social foster green growth and low-carbon development concept. At the same time, grasping energy-saving emission reduction technologies, green and climate-friendly technologies, especially low-carbon technology research and development, environmental protection and energy-efficient equipment and speed up the popularization and application. Another key here is to grasp the green, low-carbon standards for the development and application.


    He said that from the national, local, fiscal policy, industrial policy and tax policy and other areas, support and guide enterprises to guide society, to vigorously develop the economy, to develop low-carbon industries, promoting industrial development pattern.

Low-carbon economic center will be built in Tianjin

    26, the Tianjin Municipal Government in China and the United Nations system, the United Nations Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding to establish partnerships. The memo revealed that the United Nations will establish a low-carbon economic center of Tianjin.


    Raised in the memorandum of understanding, the first three issues of common concern include: building an ecological city of Tianjin; in Tianjin, a low-carbon economy, including the establishment of a United Nations in Tianjin, a low-carbon economic center. In addition, the future without the consent of both parties will continue to be assessed and revised the range of issues of common concern.

    The United Nations system in China Khalid Malik said he hoped Tianjin able to accumulate a good eco-development experience, the development of China set an example to the people of the world to promote. Hope for the future with Tianjin in the city, people’s livelihood, market and technology cooperation.


    Tianjin Mayor Huang Xingguo said that as a traditional industrial city of Tianjin must now be thinking of a new green development model. And foreign-profile co-operation between China and Singapore, the construction of eco-city project, is in accordance with ecological economy, ecological social and ecological environment, ecological culture of advanced concepts to accelerate the building of a model of sustainable development city. Tianjin Eco-city at home and abroad to learn the advanced experience and practice ideas to strengthen international cooperation in the green economy.


   In recent years, Tianjin has scored remarkable achievements in economic and social development, while, in the eco-city construction, energy saving resources and protecting the ecological environment has also made remarkable achievements. At present, Tianjin has been established as the national model of circular economy pilot cities, new energy, new materials, renewable resource use, seawater desalination and other new industries to accelerate development.

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