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Atit Bhatia at NDTV Greenathon – Green Cans

Mr. Atit Bhatia, VP, Business Development REXAM Hindustan Tin Works and speaker at Greenathon shared his views, This is the need of the hour and a platform like Greenathon is essential for industry leaders to come forward to lend help and support to save planet Earth in their own way. We at Rexam HTW & Hindustan Tin Works have followed the policy of Green Cans since inception and we could not have found a better forum to be a part of and voice out the advantages of can packaging and its contribution to the environment in a big way. We have adopted the village of Kohl Bhanga in Assam and are very pleased that it will be provided Solar Electricity for life benefiting 119 households. This is our way to show that we are socially responsible for our planet and we care Mr Sanjay Bhatia, Managing Director Hindustan Tin Works and Rexam HTW says. On the 50th Anniversary of HTW, we had been very proud to associate ourselves with this movement with a very humble contribution. HTW had worked in the past on programs relating to social objectives like Water Harvesting/Check Damns, Blood Donation etc and this one was another step forward in the same direction to show our commitment
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