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???????Welcome to Nanning City The Green City of China

Copyrights of this video belong to the People’s Republic of China, the province of Guangxi, the municipality of Naning, the National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the Guangxi Tourism Bureau. Nanning (??), the capital city of Guangxi Province, is not only the political, economic and cultural center of the province, but also plays an important role in the economic development of southwest China. Pleasant climate endows the city with evergreen trees and fragrant flowers all year round, hence the name ‘Green City.’ In Nanning, more than 30 ethnic minority groups have been living harmoniously for 1680 years. Zhuang is the largest minority group of China. Their history and ethnic culture add charm to the city. Nanning has jurisdiction over 6 districts, 6 counties, and 6 development zones. Districts: * Xingning District (???) * Qingxiu District (???) * Jiangnan District (???) * Xixiangtang District (????) * Liangqing District (???) * Yongning District (???) Counties: * Wuming County (??) * Long’an County (??) * Mashan County (??) * Shanglin County (??) * Binyang County (??) * Heng County (??) Development Zones: * Nanning High-Tech Business DZ (???????????) * Nanning Economic and technology DZ (?????????) * Nanning Overseas Chinese Investment Zone (???????) * Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Resort/ Tourism Area (????????????) * Nanning Xiangsi Lake New Area (???????) * Nanning
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