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Tibet on the Edge of Change (Part 1/6)

Click here for more Tibet videos : www.youtube.com “Tibet on the Edge of Change” 1994 documentary by (probably Clemens Kuby credited as) ‘William Bacon III’ — In 1959, after 10 years of resistance, the 14th Dalai Lama was forced from his home in Lhasa by the Red Chinese army. Now living in exile in Northern India, His Holiness still remains the spiritual and political leader to millions of Buddhists around the world. Since 1959 China has continued to invade Tibet, stripping the land of natural resources and robbing the people of their sovereign nation, their culture and their religion. — cameo: Kuby walks right behind Tenzin Gyatso (HH.XIV.DL) in the opening shot — b/w, from VHS(NTSC) (NeverTheSameColor) ” It is my dream that the entire Tibetan plateau should become a free refuge, where humanity and nature can live in peace and in harmonious balance. It would be a place where people from all over the world could come to seek the meaning of peace within themselves, away from the tensions and pressures of much of the rest of the world. Tibet coud indeed become a creative center for the promotion and developement of peace. ” HH. XIV Dalai Lama, April 1994, Nechung Dorje center, Hawaii ” It is my hoppe and fervent prayer that the day will come soon when Tibet will no longer be an occupied land, oppressed by force, unproductive and scarred by suffering. For a thosand years we Tibetans have adhered to spiritual and environmental values in order to maintain the delicate

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2 comments on “Tibet on the Edge of Change (Part 1/6)

  • I’m happy to see this online here, as? it just got destroyed together with wda013’s channel (für copy$hit reasons)

    FREE TIbet ! and free China(‘s people from their opressive government) !
    May the oppressors (ALL opressors) soon become history !

  • tibet is not china !! free tibet! and the fucking communist party keeps talking about imperialism! what the hell are they!?free tibet and your own people!? shame on these old farts who would leave power.

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