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The Origin Of Life: Chemistry + Biology = Abiogenesis

Science & Reason on Facebook: tinyurl.com Complexity (Chapter 4): The Origin Of Life: Chemistry + Biology = Abiogenesis — Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • www.youtube.com • www.youtube.com • www.youtube.com • www.youtube.com — CHEMISTRY Stars like our own Sun form from gas clouds that have about every kind of element there is as well as some pretty complicated molecules. Stuff leftover after the sun forms usually turns into a system of planets. Some of these planets have solid surfaces, perhaps liquid seas and a gaseous atmosphere; a rich environment for atoms and molecules to come together in complex chemical reactions. Carbon atoms in particular, link together to form complex organic molecules and amino acids. Chemical catalysts speed reactions along. The products of one chemical reaction become the raw material for new reactions. At some level of complexity a catalyst became an enzyme, an amino acid chain became a protein, a loop of chemical reactions became a metabolism, and chemistry became … biology. BIOLOGY On our own planet, and perhaps countless others – life arose. The DNA molecule, which is the basis of all organic life on Earth, is more intricate by far than any spiral galaxy – because the structure of DNA contains something new – something that was missing from inanimate matter before the origin of life – it contains information. The DNA molecule encodes not only the information necessary to make copies of itself, but the information necessary to
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25 comments on “The Origin Of Life: Chemistry + Biology = Abiogenesis

  • @trippinlikegod I already told you he copied the code from preexisting DNA and inserted it into a living bacterium. “Other than the fundamental order of the DNA” DNA is a code. I dont need to hold my breath. I knew you were bullshiting from the beginning, but on that spelling error, you really taught me a lesson. Now run along now young man. Go educate yourself with more Donexodus videos.

  • @trippinlikegod “You are of the school that believes the research by Miller and Co. actually proves intelligent design”

    When did I say this? Miller didn’t prove anything. He used the wrong reducing atmosphere ratio. He aso used a electrical spark and a trap as a filter, and in the end he got 98% tar and 2% percent amino acids, and they were all racemic. Proteins are not, & cannot be put together by racemic amino acids. Unfortunately this was fed to gullible young minds like yours.

  • @trippinlikegod Amine is a not a complex protein, and unless it is non racemic, (which by the way, none so far have ever been found to be through process you described) it can never even lead to the formation of one single protein.

  • @benthemiester Again you didn’t quote anyone as you cannot even spell his last name correctly. Update your information, I think you’re watching a video that’s a few years old. I can very much back up my claims, as could you, as I said before it’s pointless, you already have your claims. You are of the school that believes the research by Miller and Co. actually proves intelligent design, there is absolutely no talking with someone like yourself reasonable. Enjoy your misguided life I’m out.

  • @benthemiester Again you’ve already got all the answers you need, the invisible man did it, this was a waste of time from the beginning, I apologize to both you and myself for even bothering. By now you’d think I would know better than to try to talk to church people like adults willing to actually learn and consider the possibility that they are foolish. Read Genesis a few more times, you seem to like that story. I’ll just end this here. Have fun on AnswersinGenesis, I assume you like it.

  • @trippinlikegod “Knowledge is the prize. Find your own fishing pole if you care enough to seek knowledge”

    Translation- Oops, I said something that I cant back up. So now I’m going to try to impress people with a philosophical rant. Maybe that will work. Yeah thats it.

    One good thing about being old is that you have heard all the BS before. I quoted Venture himself. Those were his words. Come back when you can back your shit up.

  • @benthemiester You might want to look more into this before you speak, his name is Venter by the way. The DNA was literally built by a computer, structured and sequenced from a “printer” of sorts. There was nothing about this that was copied other than the fundamental order of the DNA that basically every living thing requires to complete basic metabolism, respiration, and etc. You will be waiting a very long time for that citation. Do me a favor and hold your breath.

  • @benthemiester Knowledge is the prize. Find your own fishing pole if you care enough to seek knowledge. I’m not going to point things out to someone who would rather say the invisible man did it. You have your own answers. You still believe that humans haven’t been able to synthesis life yet, so believe whatever you want.

  • @benthemiester If the universe is so fine tuned for life why can’t we find another single planet that has it on it? If it was so “fine tuned” there would be life everywhere. Again the basic point here is that you are confusing the Big Bang and the dawning of life which is what this video is actually about. There is a gap of about 4 billion years between those two events. If you want to say god did all this fine, but god did it according to what we are observing. Don’t be a science denier.

  • @benthemiester I didn’t say you used foul language, I said you are trolling. If you consider this attacking you then you should grow some thicker skin.

  • @trippinlikegod Your the one who mentioned it. How can I look up something that doesn’t exist? I asked if you were speaking of Urey/ Miller. You said nothing. Sure Ill look it up, but give me the study, or at least the name of the scientist. You said base protein, now you say base amino acid. Why do I need hints? what is this a game show or something? Is their a prize behing the curtain? I think you got caught with your pants down, and are now playing mind games.

  • @trippinlikegod “But we don’t know, no one knows, you don’t know”

    Then if you dont know, how can you rule out an intelligent agent? I never said I absolutely knew. I spoke of faith, and said it took greater faith to believe in an invisible nothing, than an invisible intelligent agent, including Zeus or the flying spagetti monster.

    We live in a universe with anthropic values. As Paul Davies said, Most cosmologist agree that the universe seems to be fine tune for the existence of life.

  • @trippinlikegod Venture used a program that copied preexisting DNA from Mycoplasma mycoides, which is a bug that infects goats. He then took that preexisting code and transfered it into a preexisting and living bacterium.
    He admits..”We didn’t create life from scratch.” Very brilliant design scientist none the less. This work he did is a classic example of intelligent design. Still waiting for that citation.

  • @trippinlikegod Its called an opinion that differs from the one posted. You were willing to engage in a conversation, and one where I didn’t use foul language, neither did I attack you personally. You tube is a public format with many different views. It called freedom of expression. What you did was called, making things up.
    I have given you every opportunity to give a citation for your claim, but instead, you have resorted to attacking me. Very interesting strategy but very weak.

  • @benthemiester But seriously do you not have anything better to do than troll around videos on the topic of science just to spout creationist nonsense? That is called trolling, no one here wants to hear it. People came to this video to try and learn something, you watched it with your fingers in your ears going ‘lalala’ apparently. Take your rhetoric to one of the creationism videos where it’s welcomed.

  • @benthemiester The fairy god mother rode in on her unicorn and sprinkled magic fairy love dust and magically everything was here. There I explained it to you. Wait, maybe it was a giant plate of spaghetti… Crazy old Bronze Age god? Who could say. You don’t know any more than anyone else, quite the contrary I can see.

  • @benthemiester You should watch TED.com videos, we have actually “created” life already. Search for Craig Venter. The man is brilliant.

  • @benthemiester No, I think science is TRYING to explain it instead of just using the “god of the gaps” explanation that you are. You tell me what came before the singularity other than god. For all we know the universe was formed from the collapsing of the last, so possibly before the singularity was 1000 other incarnations of this universe expanding and collapsing on themselves. But we don’t know, no one knows, you don’t know. Stop explaining everything with the “man in the sky.”

  • @benthemiester Look it up yourself. Here’s a hint, the base amino acid is Amine, otherwise do your own homework old man. I know it’s been a long time since you’ve been in school.

  • @trippinlikegod I’m still waiting for your citation that …..”Furthermore we can actually create base proteins out of those very same gases when simply combined and left alone, nothing more is required”

    “So it might be impossible to recreate the dawning of life, that doesn’t mean it isn’t explainable”

    OK explain it. I’m all ears.

  • @trippinlikegod If God exist outside of space and time he is not bound by space and time especially if he is the creator of a Universe that exist with in space and time. You may find this hard to believe but cosmologist telle us there was no space and time before the universe came into existence. Tell me what came before the singularity?

    Since you seem to think science can explain it.

  • @trippinlikegod A few decades ago evolutionist and naturalist had no problem with an eternal universe that always existed. No one had a problem with the question of infinite regression at that time. In fact many opposed big bang cosmology because it confirmed that the universe had a beginning, and that it was to close for comfort to theology, which said the same. We know have a different understanding of space and time, and we know that it is not linear. There maybe something outside of it.

  • @trippinlikegod “Furthermore we can actually create base proteins out of those very same? gases when simply combined and left alone, nothing more is required”

    Give citation please. I have a feeling your speaking of Urey/ Miller, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
    Maybe you know something I dont. Again, please give citation.

  • @trippinlikegod “By the way abiogenesis could potentially take a million years to happen”

    What empirical evidence do you have to support this hypothesis?

    Do you know that in vitro selection using pool RNA can simulate billions of years of evolution, but hasn’t been able to produce any thing close to a living cell. “We can actually create” as in “we” meaning intelligent agent? We know what the chemistry of life is, and even under controlled environment, we cannot produce life.

  • @benthemiester By the way abiogenesis could potentially take a million years to happen, the very materials required to cause the reaction may no longer exist.When life was born on this earth the atmosphere was made of completely different gases than exist now. Furthermore we can actually create base proteins out of those very same gases when simply combined and left alone, nothing more is required. So it might be impossible to recreate the dawning of life, that doesn’t mean it isn’t explainable.

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