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Stanford Scientists Forecast Permanently Hotter Summers

(June 7, 2011) Large areas of the globe are likely to warm up so quickly that by mid-century the coolest summers will be hotter than the hottest summers of the past 50 years, according to a study co-authored by Noah Diffenbaugh, assistant professor of environmental Earth system science and center fell at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. Stanford University: www.stanford.edu Stanford News: news.stanford.edu Stanford University Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com

Brandon Turbeville www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv www.infowars.net www.prisonplanet.com April 6, 2011 On March 28, 2011, I wrote an article entitled EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans, in which I discussed the changes to the PAGs (Protective Action Guides) being proposed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that would raise the acceptable levels of radiation allowed in the environment, food, and even the general public themselves in the event of a nuclear emergency. Interestingly enough, an article was published on April 3, 2011, by Alexander Higgins citing Kopp Online and Xander News, stating that a similar rule change was occurring in the European Union. PAGs are policies and guidelines established by the EPA that guide the agency’s response in the event of a radioactive emergency. Specifically, PAGs deal with how the EPA should enforce laws such as the Clean Air and Water Act in relation to the disaster. Although PAGs had already been established by the EPA in 1992, the agency now plans to amend these guidelines to much higher levels of acceptable radiation. No congressional approval is legally needed to makes such changes, because the EPA is a regulatory agency that sets “policy” and, although these types of agencies can be directed by congress or the president, they often form their own policies. All that is required when agencies such as the EPA wish to change their policy is that they first publish the
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50 comments on “Stanford Scientists Forecast Permanently Hotter Summers

  • The Philippines always has hot summers. Playing at 40 -? 45 degrees Celsius.

  • our country have a very hot summer.. lol?

  • great video!?

  • Energy that flows all around us are? the ones that are keeping us alive

  • Hot summer coming.. Whewww..?

  • @SitecraftAu The truth should be stated more often. We’re all aware of the acute poverty of other countries. But, even developing nations have industries that profit enough to make people wealthy. I’m also aware of people, lower than middle class, who have? made positive changes in their villages. There are so many things that people can do. But, not enough of us work toward making an impact. Sharing information is necessary so that people know what options they can choose to make these impacts.

  • @Lisa3679 “the fact that many people cannot do anything should not impact the fact that you can.” This is so well? said! And so damn true!

  • @CroatianScience Increase or decrease the dose – because this one is? obviously not good enough for you!

  • There is no climate change, there is no hunger, there are no wars and dying, people have never been on the moon, 11/9 never happen, there were no aliens? in Roswell, there is no God, Jesus had family anyway, Kennedy was killed by M.Monroe, Stephen King killed John Lennon and everything is conceived by Jews and Masons. Oh, yeah – and Elvis is alive! Come on, people…get a life and try to LIVE it not watch others living it…

  • It’s to late, we are all screwed…

  • I’ve lived in Austin, TX for 30 years. I’m certain that even with the “normal” cycle of droughts and monsoons, the Summer season is starting earlier, lasting longer and the temperatures are increasing. In recent years it’s been hitting 100 Degrees F earlier and earlier in the year. This year, it’s been as high as 103 Degrees as early as the 2nd week of June. We’ve had serious drought conditions for 7 out of the last 10 years. West and Central Texas are? tinder waiting for a spark.

  • Before I first knew about anthropogenic global warming (AGW) back in 1990, possibly even as early as 1979, when I first learned of the destruction of forest to make room for unnecessary cattle grazing and meat production – I thought? it was always quite amazing how stable the climate of earth has been for the past 10000 years. In fact, since ever. This little blue point in space, I would think would waver from 3K (temp of universe) to 10^6 K chaotically in a year.

  • @shamandgg
    …..-? measurably on the move to a degree that leading geologists are suggesting to introduce a new geological age – the anthropocene….. I suggest some reading – e.o. wilson´s “the future of life” for instance could be a good start.

  • @shamandgg
    true there are dynamics in earth climate development that are not yet fully understood – what is understood though is that for the past 10.000 years the biosphere enveloping our planet as the layer of all life we? know and dont know has been remarkably stable – climate, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water cycles etc..this period is called Holocene in geology – since 200 years (industrial revolution) all before mentioned parameters defining the biosphere are on the move …..

  • Here in Scotland we have been having cold, wet, Summers with slate-grey skies every summer for years now. Also the last three winters here were terrible, 3-4 weeks of extreme cold and heavy snowfalls.? The temperature in the Scottish Highlands dropped to a record -23 and the rest of the country wasn’t much warmer.
    If global warming were true we should be experiencing hot dry summers and warm, wet winters Instead we get cold wet summers and freezing winters. I think another Ice-age is due.

  • @hardstyle905 how can something that doesn’t exist go fuck itself??

  • @neokanzler No options? Sure they do. Within the number of those 2 billion you mentioned, there are upper and middle class Chinese and? Indian people who are active environmentalists. China and India also have many scientists working on the environmental issues affecting their populations. Poor Chinese and Indian people are concerned about their environment, and some of them recycle, if nothing else. However, the fact that many people cannot do anything should not impact the fact that you can.

  • @NathanWubs? ok, Mr Al Gore, maybe it began last time around 1000years ago, called medieval warm period; you well belong to those who take only mainstream popular science for granted, sorry for your palm, I can assure you only one thing, we do not understand how atmosphere works in large scales of time, too many factors, too many unknowns yet to us. Don’t be too confident with “your data” it may soon be absolete.

  • global warming is a scam…? just the planet and the sun going through different cycles, the hottest day in recorded history was over a hundred years ago.

  • @Oceanno69 The sun (and sun flares)? don’t account for the rise in temperature. Sorry.

  • Audio. Level. Very. Low. Stanford University — Helloooooo…… Please allocate AV resources to these video undertakings, or refrain from posting them in? the first place. The most important topic pertaining to the biosphere, and this is the calibre of the audio? Come on!

  • @NathanWubs All you need to do is look back? at climate history going back millions of years an see how dynamic the climate is.

  • @shocks007 Why have you not looked up? all the papers that go back all the way to the 1950ties. Bad person.

  • @shamandgg *facepalms* The fallacies and the wrong data that? you cite so much failz

  • @FabulousLakeTahoe Climate? has always been changing, summers were way hotter 2000 years ago. What I am opposing personally is new global “climate religion” or “war on climate” aka “human caused global warming”. Idea lobbied through based on assumptions, broken theories and dogma all in the name of multi-billion dollar climate-industry that gets rich on a big lie based on even many smaller lies and actually convinced many people that they should pay them for emitting CO2, how insane is that….

  • News Flash:We’re all gonna die!!?

  • Go to he’ll freaks at eu long live? the people die people supporting this

  • @SupremeAmerican
    It wont help him? or us
    Radiation will shorten all our lives period.

  • Allseeingeye2013

    December 30, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    “”Ok subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours and will spread the Truth like a? disease .
    Vote for the truth . “”

  • This guy is a religious jackass, fear mongering douchebag, and you people are dumber? than he’ll to believe this crap!

  • Everyone who has facebook “like” the page 1,000,000+ citizens for Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura 2012!? Revolution!

  • its? time to bring the lynch mobs back too our towns and start takin out the trash

  • @AbsintheGlasses Sea Kelp supplements are in such a low dose you would need to take half a bottle in order to get the correct dose. 120mcg = a whole lot? of sea kelp in order to meet the 12.5mg that will keep you healthy and even more to meet the 50mg dose needed to get your thyroid up to standard lvls….Either get a liquid form of iodine or a pill form in a higher dosage….

  • @powergirl901 Ron would actually agree with you. If you? read his book End The Fed you will notice that he encourages people to be their own leader and to be weary of people that seek to represent the populous.

  • Even if Jesus came back and ran for public office, I would urge people to not vote, period. Voting is our? slave answer to the demand for slave labor in this country. Bring down the bastards, don’t legitimize them.
    If Ron Paul wants a job, he should be advising the people, not leading them. We lead from now on.

  • Sea Kelp would be good if it was not coming from the sea where there is the radioactive iodide now, remember?… PI tablets can only be taken for 10 days at full levels and at low levels they don’t completely protect based? on the principle that the thyroid has to be completely saturated with it to not accept Radioactive Iodide. What to do when I just bought and ate some organic produce from Bakersfield CA and that was the only thing these bastards were selling at the store organic?!… Screwed

  • Good to? hear David found God.

  • I just wonder if? this guy works for them……..?? I mean he just seems alittle strange and they would of shut him up by now…..

  • Everyone should? make sure they are taking sea kelp. Will help protect you.

  • Hello all, kip6.blogspot.com… because YOU deserve to be INFORMED ! Discover the world around you. It is COOL and SEXY to be INFORMED, but it is NOT cool and sexy to be IGNORANT and UNIMFORMED !?

  • @theboarman It’s 3:24 am where I’m at. I don’t sleep? well when I’m unemployed lol

  • @Brando2290 ill be up for that, its? 1 20 am here currently.

  • @theboarman perhaps? another time? It’s night were I’m at. Good night.

  • @Brando2290? i dont feel like a debate, i just wanted to leave my comment, good day.

  • @theboarman So you? thank yourself for believing in a magic soup?

  • @Brando2290? myself

  • @theboarman Who? are you thanking?

  • im staying athiest? thanks

  • According to Ann Coulter, we should make it ILLEGAL to avoid eating plutonium, uranium, etc.

    Yes, it should be illegal to have a “conspiracy theory” that radiation can be harmful at all, at any level. Yes, you should? go to jail if you suggest that extremely high levels of radiation are not “good for you”.

    Hey, next they’ll put it in our toothpaste and tell us it prevents STDs and cures birth defects.

  • FDA has announced i131 and Cesium as? a food group.
    EPA recommends 3-4 servings per day.

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