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Staying the Course: Part II – Zeitgeist Europe ’09

The panel explores those improbable events that the marketplace under-assesses but which end having a powerful and unanticipated influence for investors. Fireside chat: Moderated by Chystia Freeland – US Managing Editor, Financial Times Nassim Taleb – Author, ‘The Black Swan’ Ian Bremmer – Founder, Eurasia Group
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Eric Schmidt speaks at a Natural Resources Defense Council event held at Google NYC. The topic for the evening was “Partnership for the Earth: Strategies and Solutions for Energy Security. The speech was followed by a panel discussion featuring; Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Ralph Cavanaugh, co-director of NRDC’s energy program and Dan Reicher, Director, Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at Google.org. This event took place on November 20, 2008.
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36 comments on “Staying the Course: Part II – Zeitgeist Europe ’09

  • Youtube needs to unfuck itself and start loading videos. Is this website run from a third world country?

  • All you need to know about global economics is capitalism is bad

  • TheLonelyWarrior1

    February 17, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    lol, “i don’t understand world economics, so I’ll support socialism!”
    herpderp motherfuckers, the world isn’t ready for socialism yet.

  • ian bremmer why is a jew ALWAYS critiqueing whites??? the answer is in the book by kevin macdonald the CULTURE OF CRITIQUE must read book on why the jew behaves like a jew. thier interests are NOT your interest, and they know that but YOU DON’T.

  • This is alright

  • @eurozeitgeist Too bad this is uploaded with only one audio channel, makes it unwatchable with headphones.

  • he maybe arrogant, or controversial or whatever.. but i love this guy! he’s genuinely perceptive and interesting.

  • do we really need another journalist moderating this?

  • Well, I do believe he’s mostly speaking about the people who make policy and make business decisions. I agree that ‘black swan’ has become a bit overused in some places. And about the last thing, I really think that’s his main point, but the people that talk about them have been ignored.

  • Also, Ian Bremmer quotes a Chinese official saying (at 26:55) saying that the Western economic model has “failed.” That’s classic.

    What he is ACTUALLY referring to is the failure of the neo-conservative/Bush economic model. America is still remaining VERY much a capitalist economy, regardless of all the hopes and fears expressed by extremist loudmouths on both the right and the left in the US media.

  • Taleb’s point (7:00) about economists having been so blind to a looming crisis is just NOT true: there were PLENTY of American economists decrying Bush’s insanely lopsided economic policies and overhauls ever since he was proposing them when he ran for prez in 2000! Even The Onion pointed it out! Furthermore, “black swan” has become a new buzzword in intellectual discourse, but the concept of massively disruptive events shaping history is HARDLY new. Taleb is an uninspiring, long-winded buffoon.

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  • @wahahn , Well that’s not very nice.

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  • “we’re all going to die,” and so forth and so on

  • @GBCE Most likely some liberal’s COCK

  • Eric is a globalist COCK STAIN. Global warming is a farce….Eric, if I ever see you in person, I’m going to punch you in the mouth.

  • woodyrimshotrealized

    February 18, 2011 at 3:50 am

    What can be done about the human edifice that is OIL? Virtually everything is built with oil. How do you change this from the roots upward? Why does everything seem to be based on profit taking and wealth? By the way, at 10: 25 to 10:29 in this video when he says most oil is related to cars and trucks…he’s mistaken with that assumption. Our entire society is built from the use of oil. Not just cars and trucks. I shall do more research so I can argue my point clearer. so should you.

  • 17:58 what the fuck is in eric schmidt’s mouth?

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  • “…, what about building businesses that are exportable outside the United states to create wealth fot americans…”.

    Not a good movement. I would like to reply with a quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, world will finally know peace.” Google the author if you want.

  • Amazing Video! We have to do something about the Global Economic Crysis. That thing about the Car’s being fueled by solar panels sound’s cool.

  • I was surprised, how easily powerful people are treating solutions about energy problems, but when somebody is coming with something really new and different, people with financial sources are always very skeptical. On YouTube I am presenting 4 videos of my new and very low cost solution for efficient exploitation of huge energy from all slowly moving rivers. Also fact is that the most of us could not even come in contact with such people like Mr. Eric Schmidt is.

  • “doing the right thing is also the right thing for business”- Likewise, when it’s NOT cost effective for certain technologies- wait until the technology is available.

  • It’s really cute to see how the American guys start to talk publicly about energy efficiency. Makes me laugh. Welcome to the world! Greetings from Europe

  • I lik Google too. But they’re not completely good, there’s some issues, but overall and apprntly it’s a gr8t comp. alot better than many others…

  • 0:31 Thats what she said! LoL

  • This is the track we need to be on but how do we deal with the energy companies raising the price of their services for buying in to this.

  • 59i5itjzjziz

  • very good

  • Alaskans are willing to export their Polar Bears, to the petting zoos, enjoyed by environmentalist.

  • haodongxi

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