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Russia and China can build new world order — political scientist — RT

As the leaders of two of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing emerging economies meet in Moscow, political analysts predict the strategic co-operation between the two nations could shift the balance of power in the world. “I believe the world is now at a historic crossroads,” Dr Kiyul Chung told RT. “Or some may say the world is at the brink of either being subdued or overcoming the US/NATO military intervention in Libya, [which is] now moving possibly to Syria or even to Iran, if Russia and China, or [the] Shanghai Co-operation Organization are [too] weak to stop US-led NATO military aggression in [the] North African region So I hope Russia and China [can] lead this new global movement to balance the power in the world, so they can build new world order where no more unilateral, aggressive or even colonial methodology [is] being put into a sovereign nation such as Libya.” “China-Russia trade and economic relationship and huge development between the two nations, I believe, is not only impacting the European continent, but also the global scene,” added Dr Kiyul Chung. “This economic and trade relationship is not limited only to economy, it is also a strategic relationship. So, it is going to have a huge impact on the world.” US are jealous of Russian-Chinese ties — political analyst Chairman of the Russian-Chinese Centre of Trade and Economic Co-operation Sergey Sanakoev believes that China is one of the places where the real economy of the future lies, and choosing
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25 comments on “Russia and China can build new world order — political scientist — RT

  • How about we let a world order happen naturally through micro-dynamics (bottom up approach). Networking happens naturally. Separate corporation? and state. Abolish the fractional reserve. Small government!

  • @B1ATCH1000 You don’t think China and? Russia have an oil addiction too?

  • @tozzila? I don’t know, but I’m sure there should be some one to stop americans

  • @B1ATCH1000 youre so? ignorant loll

  • @pachis81 The question though is: Who will then stop Russia and? China?

  • No thanks, especially if this would involve? oppressive regimes like those two that silence their own population.

  • @Diana0212ify Perhaps if you are a Russian/Russian sympathizer. Sounds like an excorcise in hyporacy to me or as we say in America: “The Pot calling the Kettle Black!”
    Look, I would rather everyone got away from depending on oil and all nations kept to themselves. I disagree with Imperialism no matter where it comes from but I don’t believe the old USSR would have been any nicer to me than my own govornment is.?

  • @astrofrk
    much better?

  • @B1ATCH1000?

  • If we? are going to have a new world order. Im with Russia and china.

  • PoseidonHermes

    March 16, 2012 at 3:49 am

    Eureka IRAN is great !! the political establishment has made the right decision !

    In FEW words, the dollar will crash soon, and all the economies who are interdependant with respect to the dollar will witness storm, depends upon the degree of interdependance !
    iran has no connection to the US, that’s why the us is running after iran, so as to be another saudi arabia, which can continue to sell oil in ARTIFICIAL dollar printed by the? FED out of thin air

  • This clearly points towards the WW111.?

  • recyclecongress

    March 16, 2012 at 4:20 am

    NO NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!! NO, NO, NO, NO x INFINITY!! The O-N-L-Y way the ‘powers that be’ will get their NWO is ‘if’ they win the coming MAJOR UPRISINGS which will lead? into WWIII. Freedom lovers aren’t going to stand idly by while their lives are uprooted by this diabolical, global dictatorship!! Aint happening! There WILL be war- which afterwards will be either a control freak, New Age, Illuminati, power usurping NWO…. or those that live through the war will rebuild on FREEDOM.

  • @astrofrk “Look? at the source: Russia Today. Is Eastern Imperialism better? than Western Imperialism?”
    Hm, so east europe telling the truth about west as the west invades and killes countless millions is.. eastern Imperialism?

    Truth about western Imperialism = Eastern Imperialism? Only way for the east not to be “Imperialist” then must be to STFU and let the west do what it wants.

  • No damn new world? order!

  • Since 62 years no solution – Why did the UN and G 20 not help to find a solution for peace and a Palestinian land
    We have more than 1 million Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon Camps, all these people want to return to their homeland in Palestine.
    Ban Ki Mon, UN are obliged to work together to send the Palestinian people? back to their own land.

  • Look at the source: Russia Today. Is Eastern Imperialism? better than Western Imperialism?

  • YourMajestyNAS

    March 16, 2012 at 6:19 am

    @VanillaSnow23 yea the russian neo? nazi

  • YourMajestyNAS

    March 16, 2012 at 7:15 am

    @B1ATCH1000 you must not know china and russia. ?

  • @pachis81 Its not only China and Russia, but now the Japanese are starting to wake up. Iran has already jumped on China/russia ship.

    a lot of countries are sick of this western illuminati influenced world order. I hope? more countries join china/russia efforts.

  • only russia and china,iran can stop ,nato,any? country ,jajsja

  • yes,russia ,china long? life forever

  • I thought Russians? disliked the Chinese..am I right?


  • A new balance of power aginst american interest group ran the nation to a verge of global war. NO MORE MILLITARY INDUSTRY COMPLEX RUN THE GORVMT POLICY. WE R FXXX TIRED OF Z 16 WARS. This would put a stop to American interventions on behalf of freedom. and under false name of domocracy and human right BS as a tool to created chaos worldwide

    This would be welcomed by all of the worlds nations
    A NWO ruled? by Communists is good news indeed, cz its not profit oriented like World bank, IMF, Fed

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