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Naïade; the mobile water purifier for developing countries

Naïade is a mobile system for developing countries to purify drinking water using only sunlight. The Naïade is developed by Nedap. For millions of people a shortage of clean drinking water is a reality they must face every day. Sometimes they simply do not have enough water, in other cases the water that is available is contaminated. Aid organizations and governments in developing countries are striving to improve the availability of clean drinking water. Naïade purifies that contaminated water into safe drinking water. It functions independently, without needing to be connected to an electrical energy source or water mains. Naïade cleans and disinfects water using sunlight. Please visit our website for more information: www.safe-drinkingwater.com

this video clip explains why trade rules (in its current form) under WTO is not good for developing countries. one view of this video is equivalent to one vote against unfair trade.
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  • @cunucky If we measure western culture (and WTO) by how it has treated people of different ethnicity and race, its disgraceful. If we judge it by the treatment of its own people, including children, the elderly and the poor, it’s an embarrassment. And if we try to calibrate American superiority by its treatment of the environment, the United States is one of the least intelligent civilizations in the history of the planet. Its easy to think its ok when you dont feel the unjust hand of oppression

  • I’m American NO TO WTO!!! I don’t know where the money goes but trust me it’s not going here!!!

  • @cunucky well obviously income disparities can be fixed by progressive taxation and redistribution of wealth. Dude since reaganomics the income disparity in america has widened substantially, wages have remained stagnant for the poor, and productivity has increased sharply, meaning they are not being paid fairly, like in union times. Search for noam chomsky on reaganomics he presents a lot of solid facts in that presentation.

  • @cunucky you’re talking about a dream, not reality. People can’t consume what they want if they have nothing and don’t have access to anything, and all the profits from the natural resources in their country go to another country and do not circulate in their own economy. Capitalism preached selfishness which inherently leads to exploitation and “winner take all”, “free markets” has always been a euphemism for free dominance of pre-existing centers of power.

  • @cunucky until a monopoly forms- then it doesn’t matter because a market share is a given. Then quality becomes less and less important for the price when choices are limited, like the healthcare prices, food industry, price fixing scams etc in usa.

  • I somewhat agree with you that how businesses maximize their profits is pretty cold blooded. But even with this (empirical evidence aside) the only way they can turn a profit is by conforming to the people because in the end (trying to brainwash ppl aside) people choose what to buy and it is them that business need to hire and pay to actually make a profit. (extended below)

  • And this has seem to be working on a whole. The amount of human development (life expectancy, infant mortality, the amount of people who go hungry) have drastically improved over the last 80 years. (cant say so much about the environment though although in the long run they should care about this). In my view these great achievements are a direct causation of freeing up markets. (extended below)

  • And to say this was done by NGOs and Government organizations. How did they get the resources to do this? By Businesss (either by donation or from taxes) and employed people (by the same two causes) the very people that are trying to maximize there profit. (extended below)

  • So again please tell me a way that is better than letting people consume what they want (maximizing utility) and letting people try and make things that they think will make people happier so they can actually consume/do what they want (maximizing profit). I also want to know a system that fixes the income disparities and lead to better outcomes in the long run because Im stuck on that too.

  • A massive movement is needed against WTO.. WTO is an evil organization!

  • And my dear friend, in the process of maximisation of profits, they wont care for the people or the environment… This is 100% true.

  • “it seems like the 60’s and 70’s of self dependency and trade restrictions for poor countries”???? Let me give you an example of before 1940s. ok. Some europians countries, colonised Asian countries for harassing the economic opportunities, Their companies came and snached the business of these people. The same thing is happening with the help of WTO and GATT today. One thing you need to realise that, they are not comming here for creating employment but to maximise their profits.

  • thecrian3009 and concerning to your last part of your comment. India is being a great example of a country who is on the right track of development (check any economic indiator you want) with the help of moving away from self relience to libralization in 1991.

  • I didnt say the west didnt do dirtier things. that wasnt my question 😛 of course they have. and the poverty im talking about has been around alot longer then colonialism (pretty sure life expectancy wasn’t in the 70’s b4 the west started skrewing things up). also i would love to see some evidence of the hinderance to free trade. because in my thinking it seems like the 60’s and 70’s of self dependency and trade restrictions for poor countries ( in africa and SA) didnt really do a hot job…

  • More derty things than protectionism were used by west..If you study the history propely you will know it.And the poverty you talking about is a cause of colonialism…A counrty wich has been colonised for more than 200 years cant be developed in just 6 decades.. but they will rise, but the things like free trade is a big hindrence to them..

  • Same thing happens in India? hmm i guess thats why its growth is always in or around the double digits alleviating millions out of poverty. I think you all are taking for granted what free trade has done for the world and I would like to know if there is any other system besides free trade and free markets that does a better job at fighting poverty becasue i know alot of ideologies (PROTECTIONISM) that do worse.

  • and that ” world ever banishes countries and becomes one” thing happens only in dreams…….. lolz……..

  • same thing happens in india…so india is with you.

  • >>> WTO – GANGSTERS ! ! !

  • Yeah right!

  • WTO is a fucked organization.

  • I don’t think the WTO is horrible, it’s just being used at the wrong time… if the world ever banishes countries and becomes one then it would be a good thing. but for now, it is ridiculous.

  • swisstaco5, I agree mate…quite alarming how people like to kid themselves.

  • jmfcg5 said:
    “WTO hurts everyone? even the US”

    That is so true, the WTO only empowers the rich and the big corporations of arbitrage to exploit the people of the 3rd world & strips away good paying jobs from citizens of the consumers. WTOs are so driven by the greedy that the heads of states that go to these meatings are mere puppets for the greedy rich.

  • Why is every internet user so willfully ignorant?

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