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Comprehensive Guidelines For The National Policy For The Future Of Pakistan

What I dream for Pakistan is something not impossible. The 62 years after Independence gave Pakistan many things to learn and many events to experience. It was a tough route for progress after achieving Independence with extremely limited resources to begin the journey. The seed of hatred sowed by British rulers on leaving the sub continent made this region an active volcano since decades. The Kashmir issue, the issue of disputed areas like Junagadh and Kutch always led this region to perpetual bleeding. The anarchy which the British Empire sowed in this region is still eating our resources, our strengths and more over distracting our focus to become a developed nation. India though has achieved remarkable progress in the last few decades, but the present clouds of war and confrontation would again drag both these countries to the point of agony. It is true that the slogans like Amn ki Asha (Hope for Peace) cannot be made successful unless the Governments of both these countries could build trust in each other and step back from the alleged actions of dismantling each other’s peace by infiltration, supporting terrorism and strengthening insurgencies. Both India and Pakistan blame each other for triggering unrest in each other’s region and much is seen as established fact in recent times when Pakistan blames India for triggering insurgency in Balochistan and Tribal Areas while India blames for insurgencies in Kashmir region and in other parts of India. It is a need for today and for the future of our future generations that Pakistan and India may stop becoming characters of foreign masters to blow each other for the interest of a power which is always there to see this region destabilizing and staying at the tip of a volcano. US and Jewish Interest in this region are purely to trigger more conflicts more wars and more unrest just to increase their influence in this region. Both India and Pakistan are being intimidated by each other’s grave threat and their hatred is being multiplied with the passage of time. The fake actions of Mumbai attacks were definitely plotted to throw this region into perpetual agony but God showed mercy on us and we were all spared from a war that could have been devastating for ages to come. Today both India and Pakistan should think that fighting with each other would only throw us centuries behind from the track of progress and we would not be able to give anything laudable to our generations to come. In present times I would want that Pakistan should revamp its goals to achieve progress in a faster pace to become a developed nation and an example for the Muslim Ummah. Unfortunately the political parties today in Pakistan have different priorities and their prime goal is always to cash the benefits attached with power they achieve for 4 years. Democracy in whatever shape exists in Pakistan is not strong and the system is also facing severe collapse. I have closely drawn few important guidelines for a comprehensive national policy which would cover more than a decade to come to set certain targets to achieve development in electric speed.

In my opinion, if education is not provided to every person of this nation, our dream for progress would always be a dream and would never see the reality. For educating the masses, a strong program must be developed bringing education to the doorsteps of the poor free of charge and the children of Pakistan would be provided quality education free of charge. If Government is not finding it easy to achieve this goal, private partnership and the help of certain NGOs or Charity organizations may be sought to formulate a one year crash program to give basic education to every Pakistani whether children or elders. This can be achieved and it is not impossible. Involving Multinational and Established Corporate Groups in this quest could be extremely helpful.
Another most important issue is health, which is now a big problem for the nation. With Education, the area of healthcare for each citizen should be given a priority. In this area, we can formulate a joint policy involving Multinational and established corporate groups to bring healthcare standard for every citizen of Pakistan to a mediocre level and later could be elevated to a higher level.
The provision of reasonable residence to every Pakistani should be a top priority. I have seen that in Venezuela and Cuba the successful program of Plastic Homes can be taken as a huge example to achieve the target of providing residence to each and every family of the country which is living under poverty level. A mass survey of such families and provision of such residences to them could give a huge relief to the families who are forced to live in slums and substandard living conditions throughout the country. The program of Plastic homes can also help removing slums and illegal katchi abadis from many urban areas of the country. An organized and well maintained colony can also be extremely helpful in controlling law and order situation where it would be easy to access these colonies rather than finding it hard to penetrate into the narrow streets of slums we now have in many parts of Pakistan. These homes can also be provided to villagers or rural areas and this technology can be used to build schools in these areas plus building public toilets and shops too.
Pakistan has biggest problem of power crisis. Presently on immediate basis we should take seriously the offer of China to provide us excess electricity they got in their regions close to Pakistani border. A transmission line or whatever the technology allows can be utilized to immediately counter the problem on priority basis to save our Industrial progress which is badly hampered due to power shortage. Further, the gas shortage must be immediately overcome by signing the Gas pipeline project with Iran to immediately cover the shortage of natural gas faced by our Industrial and domestic consumers. Pakistan need to build more dams now on urgent basis to overcome the water and power shortages in the country.
To initiate a rapid growth in Industrial sector, initiatives and lucrative offers must be given to local and foreign investors where new Industrial zones to be developed in less developed areas of Pakistan. Tax holidays and many other offers can be formulated. Subsidized Electricity and Gas should be provided to these Industrial sectors for 3 to 4 years until they  develop into a highly operational Industrial zones.
Internal security has been a major problem for the country. We can cope up this problem with the help of latest technology. It must be ensured that educated and well trained personnel to be inducted in Police department and in other law enforcing agencies. Complete automation of Internal Security system with the help of latest and affordable biometric and other similar systems to be provided to these agencies. This target can be achieved in mere 2 years time if proper planning is done on priority basis. The inclusion of private sector in developing the most effective surveillance system aided with security cameras, voice detectors, finger print and genetic record of the suspects can be extremely helpful to curb the present wave of crime.
The Judicial system in Pakistan is causing great problem due to delay in proceedings and piled up cases since decades due to lack of interest in solving those issues. It is a need that Judicial tracking system may be introduced and every case should be given a timeline for resolution. After the maturity of timeline or expiry date, the most appropriate verdict must be accorded. The Judiciary understands well how they can bring this idea to reality,we all need our Judges to act in the best interest of our nation.
SIM based National Identity Cards is now the most important need for today. These cards must be used in swapping machines installed in main exit and entry points of the cities and on every airport, railway station, bus stand and other exit points like sea ports etc. These swapping machines must be connected to central database which may keep the record of inter city movement of the people living in this country. Any person found entering in the city other than the city of his residence must be reported through this swapping machine system. This system alone can solve many problems pertaining to the security. The need for a Police University is now more important than before. Today the world is advancing to a higher level in the field of intelligence and security arrangements making the developed country extremely safe for any sort of terrorist acts and most of the terror conspiracies are now unfolded before they occur. I dream and I am committed to facilitate the Government if they want my help to elevate the security level in this country. A target of maximum 10 days with Hydroelectric projects to be achieved in 10 years time.
In these tense times, the nation is badly missing international sporting events and other cultural festivals which may bring life back to normal in our country. Presently due to security situation staging any big international event seems impossible. But to elevate the sporting aptitude of the nation local tournaments must be organized which must be immensely advertised and arranged on a bigger scale. With the help of Corporate Giants we can achieve this goal too. What I dream with a brilliant plan that in 2 years Pakistan can become an important sporting nation in Soccer, Tennis, , Squash, Grand Prix Racing of both Cars and Motorcycle plus Ice Hockey and Rugby. This will clear the dust in minds of many people around the world about this beautiful country. Nothing is impossible we can do that if we are committed. Like Cricket and Hockey, Pakistan can become a tough competitor in the above mentioned sports and I am sure Insha Allah (God Willing) we can achieve this target too with strong commitment. We can take the help of our Arab friends to set up stadiums for Soccer, Rugby and Tennis and I hope that USA, UK and Australia would help us in elevating the standard of these sports in our country. The time is for peace and sports has the biggest potential to bring peace in this world.
As a nation, Pakistan is very sensitive in seeing India as a trustworthy neighbor. For the sake of the future of our generations to come the resolution of Kashmir issue must be kept on priority. It is hard that both India and Pakistan would step an inch back from their stance on Kashmir issue. Right now the only solution which seems possible is that both these neighbors would declare Kashmir as a mutually administered region. With legislative council governing this region with members of both India and Pakistan. Kashmiri people would be allowed to choose their own leader who may rule this region under the umbrella of this mutual administration. I think Kashmiri people do want peace more than anything now and if India and Pakistan would be able to resolve this issue on the notion mentioned above, there is no point Kashmiri people would oppose it. I must say that both these neighbors should stop themselves from being used by the international conspiring forces who want this region to be thrown in perpetual confrontation to ensure their military equipments, arms and weaponry to be sold here for billions of dollars. Our Government should not become the actors for other’s interest. People of both the nations should decide that we should break the wall of hatred between each other and try to give peace and love a chance to flourish. The peace among these rival neighbors would bring many fruits to the region including the reduction in defense budget and resolution of crisis of water and natural resources in this region.
Although the hope for peace is there, but Pakistan should also formulate a system to ensure that every healthy and young citizen of Pakistan must compulsorily take the paramilitary training. These training sessions may twice a year and would include both boys and girls to get training of combat situation. Though Pakistan’s intention for peace is always important however, we cannot close our eyes from the fact that until the issues of disputes stand between us and India, the possibility of any military conflict would be alive like a flame of fire. In these circumstances, it is quite necessary for every citizen of Pakistan to be prepared and must obtain basic training for combat, first aid, nuclear and conventional attacks plus handling war time situations. It is also very necessary that youth must be given lectures and serious documentary movies may be prepared to bring awareness to nation about the importance of paramilitary training for every Paksitani.
In the area of Defense against any aggression, Pakistan should elevate its technological skill to overpower the bigger enemy with ease. Pakistan should involve youth of Engineering Universities to build new kind of weapons to counter the threat of Areal and Sea attacks from an enemy of enormous size. The development of strong missile defense system and inclusion of more armed UAVs plus spying UAVs may enhance the capabilities of our Army. The technology presently available for decoding and distracting enemy missiles must be achieved and enhanced to ensure complete security from areal and missile attack on our country. The recent report that Pakistan is developing the Military Robots for different combat situations is a healthy sign.  Similarly the enhancement of our Navy and developing it into a strong force is a need for today.
Pakistan has one of the most powerful armies of the world enjoying complete supremacy on its enemies on technological front. The multiplying the manpower of armed forces is a need for today. Pakistan can increase the number of soldiers in Pak Army and can offer defense assistance to many Islamic nations who are not militarily strong. It is my dream that Pakistan may achieve in future the status of a country having an army serving in many nations to ensure their geographical integrity. Contracts for defending Islamic countries can also bring huge foreign exchange to our reserves. This matter is to be taken seriously.
People of Pakistan should now be given equal opportunities irrespective of caste, financial status and religion. Religious crimes and honor killings to be stopped for ever. Women should be given their rights and they must be brought into streamline to earn in their profession along with their husbands and other family members to put a positive impact on their income. Pakistan now needs every person to work day and night to bring Pakistan to the level of a strong and developed nation.  Proper legislation to ensure Women’s right should be passed. The name of Islam cannot be allowed to be used in negative acts and meanings.
For the betterment of the people and to strengthen the respect for each other’s faith, a strict ban, on hate speeches by different religious sects and similar literature with biased propagation against certain community, must be imposed.
We all believe that Pakistan has the most talented brains in the world. We should utilize our youth in the field of research in every field like Science, Economics and Combat technology. Pakistan has all the potential to become a strong leader of Islamic nations and peace loving nations of the world.

The points discussed above are basic guidelines for formulation of a long term policy for the Country’s future. I would be glad if the readers would identify more areas to be addressed for inclusion during formulation of proposed national policy for the next 5 decades.

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