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Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and other great teachers were all born with a brain built essentially like anyone else’s. Then they used their minds to change their brains in ways that changed history. With the new breakthroughs in neuroscience, combined with insights from thousands of years of contemplative practice, you, too, can shape your own brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom. Written with neurologist Richard Mendius, MD, and with a Foreword by Daniel Siegel, MD and a Preface by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.,Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom joins modern science with ancient teachings to show you how to have greater emotional balance in turbulent times, as well as healthier relationships, more effective actions, and greater peace of mind.
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Progress – Moving Toward a Higher State

The accepted ‘generic’ meaning of the word ‘progress’ is contained in dictionaries and is denoted, ‘to move toward a higher STAGE’. While this meaning is understood, this is not strictly true calling for a possible amendment to our dictionaries or additional qualification. When we delve into progress from the perspective of physics and the second law of thermodynamics then ‘progress’ on the physical plane is canceled out by the duality of positive and negative factors. This happens on all levels. The old axiom, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch,’ applies.

Development on the mental plane also has a negative condition that cancels out the claim of ‘progress.’ The accumulation of knowledge by individuals is also thought of progress, that is however, eroded by our short lifespans and the limits of our relative knowledge.

In this conjecture we are referring to ‘advancement’ or movement from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

So what you might say!

While humans enjoy creating fantasies and illusions that helps us escape the hum-drum of daily existence it matters a great deal how we use certain symbols of language. The notion of progress has an important bearing on economics and what is happening to our planet. Currently, use of words such a ‘progress’ is a mixed metaphor that re-enforces a closed perception of our world and impacts on the way we view other cultures.

Political systems are fashioned after teachings that see progress in material terms while not taking into account the costs to the environment and social aspects such as psychic health. This is becoming apparent due to ‘carbon taxes’ being issued to counter global warming that appears to be running at a much faster pace than climate change caused by evolution barring an extreme clash such as a large asteroid or pole shift that has occurred several times in the past.

Longer term consequences are emerging such as ozone depletion due to industrial processes. Somewhere in our economic equations that make profit as the only goal, indirect costs are frequently left out and is often sidelined into the lap of society to deal with at a later juncture. The power of technology such as the media only serves to bolster those with power and control when changes are required to ensure the greater good and survival.

Meanwhile, nature seeks balance one way or another that should give us a clue in our collective wisdom about applying some principles in economic development with an all-round approach. As much as we like to educate our children for a better life and future, it seems that human endeavor remains firmly in the grip of exploitation and the grip of unnecessary wars.

In Australia various indigenous clans lived near the coastal regions. By and large their lifestyles were idyllic. They had abundant fishing and rich cultural ceremonies with meaning of purpose. They believed that life was a transformation through cycles and a spiritual journey that closely parallels the teachings of Tantric practices in India that ‘seek union’ with God. They understood that a human life span was short and told stories of the ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ as depicted by today’s religions.

Indigenous cultures did not have to pay taxes, follow a nine to five drudgery and earn money so that they could afford a car to get to work so as to earn money. They wore basic clothing but then again did not have to farm sheep and apply chemicals to the land that ended up in waterways as pollution. Our industrial processes require large amounts of energy that has a cost to the environment. We have gone from the horse to automobiles for transportation. In a societies of millions of people the impact on resource use, energy requirements, pollution and accidents has been considerable. When all costs and factors are taken into consideration the gains are canceled out by the negative aspects.

We are infatuated with mobile phones while a sleeper issue about microwave pollution and effects on the brains of users are about to emerge but not by the commercial owners who suppress the negative aspects. Many things we do out of convenience or because it is directly cost effective but completely ignore other costs that is cloaked by commercial social engineering in the name of progress.

Milk cartons are a case in point. Milk bottles were reused many times before being recycled for meltdown and only involved several basic chemicals. Whereas milk cartons use many chemicals in their manufacture and plastic linings cause molecular infusion into liquids or food. There is a case that the cost in bottles was actually cheaper than milk cartons that provide more profit to the developers. Carton use also removed local jobs. Around the Great Lakes of the USA plastic chemical molecules are causing birth defects in humans and animals.


A vast array of plastic products is causing a vortex accumulation of junk in our oceans. Carbon dioxide pollution in our air is causing the seas to acidify as the parts per million go from around 275ppm several decades ago to around 375ppm today. This has been established by the CSIRO in Australia.

Modern societies have complex systems of pipe work and cabling that require maintenance and upgrade. If money is diverted away from public works to save banks or businesses that caused financial losses in the first place (USA), then breakdown occurs with serious repercussions for society as a whole.

Many people do not want to pay carbon taxes because they know that countries like China use coal exported from their country. They do not want to subsidize coal industries while countries like China remain unaccountable. Ironically, the measures required to counter pollution can be neutralized by a public impasse under democratic systems. The impasse is brought about by social classes who do not want change that seeks a balance or minimizes the negative costs.

Above Earth are thousands of satellites that are essential in communication and commerce. If this network is assailed by meteors or magnetic storms, perhaps an industrial enemy, the super technology network would be rendered useless. We have however, not planned for such a scenario because current economic systems are unable to abide by rational choices seeking dynamic equilibrium in the interests of all.

Our immense vulnerability may become apparent if a giant earthquake or another polar shift severs the Internet cables under the ocean. It’s not that there is no wisdom about this factor it is really about the social control and those with power but no vision.

Giant car companies are massaging the public psyche about electric cars that use fuel cells or cadmium batteries based on fairly rare and expensive metals. The French have developed air cars that are cheap to run and don’t require exotic metals for power systems. Although, when compressed air gets cold it loses it efficiency. There are better choices that can be made but they are not being made. The current ethos puts profit before collective welfare and works against the progressive utilization of appropriate technology. Even then, the French know that public transportation and bicycle ways would be a far better use of resources as a priority.

In hindsight the demands on resources such as oil, copper and platinum is a type of technological imperialism that requires hard-nosed governments to implement policies to exploit other countries and communities without fair compensation.

This leads to conflict and war and has been going on for a long time. Increasingly the distribution of wealth gets worse despite powerful productions systems only working at 60% of their capacity. Real wealth cannot be based upon ever increasing credit (debt). Clearly something is very wrong despite the images of abundance being promulgated in advanced societies.

As technology advances with automation it increasingly favors elite sections of an economy while working against overall social well-being of the majority. The social disparity results in more people resorting to anti-social and criminal behavior such as through drug running. The anti-social side of economic systems results in vast resources being used to combat drug networks and is becoming more futile as criminal networks take advantage of social disparity or the ‘Dream.’ Wealthy people have to create enclaves to protect themselves and their families. While material possessions may adorn ones lives we observe an increasing unease or disturbance in emotional and mental life in western culture.

The more people use their minds for mental work the greater the impact on nervous systems and physiology. Many people stare at computer terminals all day long and live more sedentary lifestyles as a result. Health problems of eyes and good vision are emerging. To address the lack of physical exertion a workout at the gym is required.

Progress on the physical and mental planes is correctly speaking about advancement and movement from A to B. The next state is about spiritual development and its relationship to progress. While many religious denominations would see spirituality as adhering to a belief system based on religious outlook, spiritual progress is defined in mysticism as spanning the gap between the finite and infinite.

The notion of God as being an omniscient entity capable of hearing prayers sits at odds with religious doctrines that by doctrine oppose the quest for mystical expansion or ‘expansion of the soul.’ Although religious traditions includes a religious order such as the Jesuits with mystical leanings, the common place practice of most Christian religions is praying to God and adhering to moral tenets. Catholic religious practice involves a devotional outlook that is in accordance with mystical practices but parts ways when seeking union with God (Yoga)not only relating to God.

The artificial distinction drawn by various religious orders between their outlook and the mystical path is predominantly about religious authority maintaining doctrine over their followers and derived from history by the intellectual value class that is usually expressed in religion. However, the spiritual practices of Christianity and that of Eastern tradition have an essential departure point.

One seeks union with God such as the ‘drop merging with the ocean’ analogy and the other seeks to know God primarily through worship and moral adherence. That is not to say that the mystical tradition of achieving oneness with God (liberation and perfection) did not follow moral precepts as well.

In fact there are ten practices of Eastern Yoga particularly the Tantra path that have a strong parallel to the Ten Commandments of Christianity. The vehement opposition of various religions to the mystical quest of merging with the ‘Infinite’ is most likely based upon the differences in spiritual goals and attainment not only the sway of the religious, intellectual class.

Since the inherent state of physics involves duality and the negative and positive factors result in cancellation in terms of progress then what does constitute progress? As already hinted it is spiritual development that is the realm of progress and is an aspect of evolution in its own rights. This has been presented in the article, ‘The Evolution of Mind (G.O.D.) on EzineArticles.com. Various intellectuals would argue this is nothing more than a theoretical notion without foundation especially when it comes to belief in God.

Prominent intellectuals and outspoken atheists of today regard spirituality as nothing more than an emotional state intrinsic to ourselves. There is paradox in this. That paradox includes the atheists who ‘thank God’ for being an atheist and is a part of the grand nature of diversity and a requirement of our existence. From their perspective belief in God is the ultimate dogma directly associated with the persistent dogmas of religion promulgated over the centuries. That anti-dogma outlook that is a social service in its own rights and leads to a rationalists only world view that takes sides with the corollary scientific materialism that also has its limitations or boundary.

Dogmas set up a boundary to belief or outlook that prevents further expansion in outlook and the experience of love culturally and individually. A specific example of this is when a particular socio-economic system works for a minority and suppresses the majority without moving together. Social freedom is largely dependent on economic freedom.

Spiritual endeavor involves moving around a nucleus of devotion such as in Christian tradition of worshiping that nucleus of faith the ‘Supreme Father’ coupled with the dualistic metaphor of ‘Mother Nature.’ The formations of planets and solar systems all involve a nucleus at the material level such as our sun. Everything revolves around a nucleus as seen in the macro and micro cycles of evolution.

Spiritual practices such a meditation, contemplation and devotional aspects of Yoga as well as the worship of various religious congregations have as their nucleus, GOD or the Supreme Mind. Moving closer to that nucleus is the goal of devotion and is seen as a gift from GOD by the devotee. After all, if this Nucleus is available on an experiential level, we are on an evolutionary journey of the soul-mind or ‘Atman’. Since by definition everything comes from GOD then there is only one thing we can give GOD. Our hearts. The spiritual journey is the only progress and is movement from the crude towards the subtle.

Progress as depicted in this discourse is then – ‘moving toward a higher state, the spiritual state. It has no negative condition.

By bringing spiritual outlook and values without dogma into our cultural and economic lives we can create better ways of developing our future. This is no idle dream but a practical requirement.

For further information on aspects of this discourse please see:


Began my social outlook as a ‘born again atheist’ with traditional left viepoints and due to becoming a social activist and involvment with the mystical path of Tantra I shifted to a spiritual outlook that includes an unconventional belief in GOD. I have a technical background as a quality control officer, toolmaker and maintenance fitter. I believe that not being institutionalized or holdind a professors position gives me the freedom to express the ‘third way’ or alternative to religious dogma and the limitations of scientific materialism. I a am an independent advocate for possibly the world’s most comprehensive socio-economic theory – The Progressive Utilization Theory or ‘PROUT’ Please see professor Ravi Batra on YouTube for more on PROUT or go to www.anandaseva.org .


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Google Tech Talk December 15, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Dr. Alex Bruton. Imagine graduating from college or university today. Sure, youd have free access to useful information like no generation before yours has ever had, and all the tools you could dream of for producing and sharing information as readily as it can be consumed. No, you may never need to pay for a long distance call, a travel agent, an encyclopedia or a web developer. And yes, before too long the businesses you start would be able to house and scale all of their data and software in the cloud, at next to no cost. But as enabling as all this might be, it wouldnt guarantee your success (or the success of the companies at which you would work) and could even be a disadvantage if you (or your bosses) have grown up learning in a traditional education system. Whole industries from music to journalism to education are being disrupted by the very forces that make these advances possible. The facts seem to indicate that the top 10 jobs to be in demand in 2010 didnt even exist in 2004 and that that people graduating this year could have up to 14 jobs before they turn 39. And its becoming clear that different ways of thinking are needed now than even 10 years ago in order to be creative and efficient enough to turn the flow of information into knowledge that can create sustained value in our society, businesses and economy. The solution to these challenges is one part toolset and large part mindset, and enabling
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Please Subscribe To The WhyEvolutionIsTrue Youtube Channel. www.youtube.com BBC Documentary List: tinyurl.com Broadcast (2009) Documentary telling the little-known story of how Darwin came to write his great masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, a book which explains the wonderful variety of the natural world as emerging out of death and the struggle of life. In the twenty years he took to develop a brilliant idea into a revolutionary book, Darwin went through a personal struggle every bit as turbulent as that of the natural world he observed. Fortunately, he left us an extraordinary record of his brilliant insights, observations of nature, and touching expressions of love and affection for those around him. He also wrote frank accounts of family tragedies, physical illnesses and moments of self-doubt, as he laboured towards publication of the book that would change the way we see the world. The story is told with the benefit of Darwin’s secret notes and correspondence, enhanced by natural history filming, powerful imagery from the time and contributions from leading contemporary biographers and scientists.
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What and where was the mythical kumari kandam



In my effort to impress upon my readers about the antiquity of the Vedas and the Vedic civilization I have been reading and researching about the same for quite sometimes. Reading an interesting book titled UNDERWORLD by Graham Hancock I came across the mythical land called Kumari Kandam . I will discuss about Graham Hancock’s findings later but it will be a jump start to this article when one would relate Graham’s Hancock’s finding with that of Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s book The ORION where he has postulated with enough evidences that there was an intelligent civilization in the post glacial period some 13000 years ago. We call such civilization, “antediluvian civilization”.

This report was published in TIMES OF INDIA on 25 September 2009.

”  The study of prehistory of SUNDA LAND/LEMURIA/KUMARI KANDAMN is very important.  I insist that there was nothing known as ARYAN and DRAVIDIANS in the ancient India. They were just symbols of address for various type of people. ARYANS were NOT a race but a lingual fraternity who owed their ancestry to NAGAS of SUNDA LAND/ KUMARI KANDAM/  LEMURIA. To be very frank, if I can use the term  ‘Anglicised-‘NRI’ to describe the ARYANS of ancient India, as in the modern context , I won’t be drastically wrong. They were ‘SANSKRITISED NAGAS’ who returned home after a long sojourn outside Indian sub-continent.  Same is true of Dravidians—-they were ‘Non -Sanskritised’ people—–who did not speak Sanskrit.

As time passes many established logics get blown away—particularly about cosmic arena, sociology, geology and astronomy.  More recently, it has come to notice that Homo sapiens—–ancestors of present day man first appeared in the Middle East on the banks of River Jordon and NOT the Rift valley of Africa. It is from here the man went to SUNDA LAND or LIMURIA Islands or KANDAM. This land is the SUBMERGED PORTION of ocean between Peninsular coastline of India  and modern Indonesia. It is here man first tasted his social growth as a ‘civilized man’ when he established the AGRICULTURAL CIVILISATION which later spread to rest of the world.

This development further debunks ARYAN MIGRATION or ARYAN INVASION THEORY. The agricultural civilization in the coastal region of India or what some call SUNDA LAND/LIMURIA or KANDAM existed in the pre-ice age. This was a KNOWLEDGE RICH society of NAGAS—-followers of Lord Shiva whose temples dot the Subcontinent from Afghanistan-Pakistan in the west and North to North east India in the East and Kerala-Karnataka in the South.

Around the end of last ice age, say some 11000- 8000 BC, the sea level began to rise with the melting of glaciers. By 8000 BC it had risen by 400 feet thus submerging bulk of SUNDA LAND. This forced the people from the region to move up north and west—-along with their VEDIC KNOWLEDGE, which they had generated . When glaciers melted they also formed rivers—–There sprang up rivers  like SARASWATI and SINDHU——The migrants from the SUNDALAND settled along the banks of River SARASWATI— for, the need of the water for their agricultural economies was essential——It led to setting up of RIVER CIVILISATIONS.   It was the SARASWATI River along which major settlements were established as evidenced by 75% of the settlements being unearthed along its recreated channel, today. It is called INDUS valley Civilization because two early excavations of MOHANJODARO and HARAPPA were found along River Indus and its tributary, River Sutlej. Incidentally, Sutlej and Yamuna were tributaries of  River saraswati. This river is worshipped as GODDESS of KNOWLEDGE in Hindu mythology. This is the reason because most of the ancient Indian Civilization—-the resource of Knowledge—was spread along this river. The migrations of Naga people continued towards North and West—-as far as Syria-Iraq—Turkey—Germany—-Hungry—Uzbekistan–Kazakhstan—and many other countries in the Balkans.”

The question that came into my mind is the word LEMURIA. Why is Lemuria so important when dealing with Kumari kandam? Wikipedia gives the definition or some idea about Lemuria. “Lemuria is the name of a hypothetical “lost land” variously located in the Indian  and  Pacific Oceans. The concept’s 19th century origins lie in attempts to account for discontinuities in biogeography  however, the concept of Lemuria has been rendered obsolete by modern theories of plate tectonics.  Although sunken continents do exist — like Zealandia  in the Pacific and the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian Ocean  Though Lemuria is no longer considered a valid scientific hypothesis, it has been adopted by writers involved in the occult  as well as some Tamil  writers of India.  Accounts of Lemuria differ, but all share a common belief that a continent  existed in ancient times and sank beneath the ocean as a result of a geological, often cataclysmic  change.” So what is the relationship of Lemuria with that of Kumari kandam?  The continent of Lemuria is referred as “Kumari Kandam” in ancient Tamil literature. Tamil is one of the world’s classical languages. Tamil has continuous historical records for more than 2000 years and Tamil language was recognized as a classical language in India (beside the other being Sanscrit). Tamil does not belong to the Indo-European language family.

In our India, we have a good bit of literature in the ancient Tamil texts of our lost continent by the name of “Kumari Kandam”. It is not only mentioned as a first hand eyewitness support in the popular Tamil treatises, Silapathikaram and  Manimegalai  but it is also mentioned in good graphic detail in the other ancient Tamil texts namely : Tholkappiyam, Purananuru, Kalithokai, Kurunthokai, Kamba Ramayana, Iraiyanar Akapporul, and Thiruvachagam

These texts speak of a Pandya King Nilan Tharu Thiruvil Pandyan 2 who led his people north when the Kumari Kandam continent was submersed by the sea. These Tamil literatures speaks of three noble flourishing periods of Tamil culture. Each of these three phases of high Tamil culture is called Sangam age. The first Sangam age was entered around Then Madurai and the second Sangam age was in the capital city of Kapadapuram. It is only the third and final Sangam age was compiled at Madurai, the present day city in South Tamilnadu. The first two cities namely Then Madurai and Kapadapuram are described to have been in the land of Kumari Kandam south of the present land mass of South India. This information is well collaborated in the other literary references of the land like the Sinhala text – Mahavamsa, Ramayana, Mahabharatha Roman and Greek maps of – Ptolemy  Pliny  Periplus, and other geological proofs of   Al-Biruni observations.
The nature of these extensive literatures, both ancient and medieval, speaking of the lost continents of Kumari Kandam substantiated by  geographical, geological, and  oceanography proofs ,which strongly suggest that the south Indian Tamil legend of Kumari Kandam may be the real lost continent that the world has been talking about and looking for the past 1000’s of years. “Even though modern scholars date this commentary to the eighth century CE, the tale refers to three Tamil academies which existed for almost ten thousand years,” Veluppillai adds. 
It is believed by some Tamil scholars that the first academy existed at southern Maturai and was terminated by sea devouring the city. The Pandya king established a second academy at Kapadapuram. Again, the sea devoured the city. The Pandya king established the third academy in present Maturai (far away from sea coast). 
“What is available now as Cankam literature is mentioned as productions of the third academy,” says Velupillai. 
“The sea devouring entire sea coast cities in the Indian Ocean area was something that many modern scholars dismissed as unrealistic. It now appears very probable that this tale about devouring of land by the sea, is not just a legend, as some modern scholars surmised,” he says. 
“Tamils have by long historical tradition associated themselves with the sea. ‘Cross the seas and make the fortunes’ (Thirai Kadal Odiyum Thiraviam Thedu) is a motto of the ancient Tamils who were driven to make wealth through sea trade,” says professor Sittampalam, Dean of the faculty of advanced studies, University of Jaffna. 
“International trade ports are mentioned in the Sangam Literature in Tamil, as well as in Greek and Roman literatures. The Chola Empire had the most powerful Navy during its time. Even as late as in the period of 10th – 15th Century Tamil language was the language of sea trade in the Indian Ocean,” says professor Sittampalam. “Tamils engaged in sea trade spread to other countries, especially in Asia and took along their culture and language. For example, there was found a 2000-years-old pot in Egypt that has Tamil letters on it. The 14th Century inscription was found in Galle, Sri Lanka, has inscriptions is in three languages: Tamil, Chinese and Persian”. 
The Cilappatikaram and the Manimekalai, the two earliest epics/narrative poems in Tamil, both refer to a vast landmass that was swallowed by a “cataclysmic landslip” or “on-rush of the sea.” These landslips have submerged vast territory that was called Kumai Nadu or Kumari Kandam, known also as Lemuria to western scholars. 
“Even though there is some controversy on the exact date of these works, certain inferences can be made. Large scale destruction by kadatkol seems to have made deep impressions to the Tamil psyche,” says to Dr. Velupillai. The Manimekalai refers in graphic terms to the sea devouring Poompukar or Kavirippoompaddinam, the Chola capital, port and emporium of foreign trade. The New Indian Express of December 2002 published an article that Poompukar site could be the cradle of world civilization, mentioning discovery of archaeological remains of a port city under the sea and hypotheses of well-known scholars. “Reading this with the background of the magnificent description of the prosperity of this cosmopolitan port-city, it is possible now to visualize that a huge tragedy of that magnitude could have taken place,” says Dr. Velupillai. 
Tamil scholars note that there have been at least three major floods according to the references they find in Tamil literature and vast part of ancient literature was lost as a result of such events.
“Adiyarkkunallar, the medieval commentator to the Cilappatikaram, gives intriguing details about lands devoured by the sea. He mentions about Ezh Tenku nadu, Ezh Panai nadu, Ezh Kunakarai nadu, etc., listing seven such regions. As Ezh can mean ‘seven’, some later interpreters say that 49 regions (7 by 7) were devoured by the sea,” says Veluppillai. Some Tamil historians argue that the political power of the Tamils diminished due to repeated re-locations and vast damage that was caused to the ancient Tamil homeland by the deluges.

“One can imagine the strength and magnitude of the Tidal wave required to devour a mountainous area that had existed in the ancient coastal belt of the Tamil world,” says professor Shanmugathas. 
He also refers to records in Mahavansa, the Buddhist chronicle of Sri Lanka. References in Tamil records speak about devouring of landmass by the sea (kadatkol). “The earliest connected account about kadatkol occurs in the commentary on Iraiyanar akapporul,” says Dr. A. Velupillai, department of religious studies, Arizona State University. 
Tamil poets were lamenting about “kadatkol” (devouring of the land by the sea) so often that scholars found it difficult to explain these references of devouring the land mass with towns and villages by the sea. According to the Kumari Kandam tradition, over a period of about just 11,000 years, the Pandyas, a historical dynasty of Tamil kings, formed three Tamil Sangams, in order to foster among their subjects the love of knowledge, literature and poetry. These Sangams were the fountain head of Tamil culture and their principal concern was the perfection of the Tamil language and literature. The first two Sangams were not located in what is now South India but in antediluvian Tamil land to the south which in ancient times bore the name of Kumari Kandam, literally the Land of the Virgin or Virgin Continent.

The first Sangam was head-quartered in a city named Then-madurai (Southern Madurai). It was patronised by a succession of eighty-nine kings and survived for an unbroken period of 4,400 years during which time it approved an immense collection of poems and literature. At the end of that golden age, the First Sangam was destroyed when a deluge arose and Then-madurai itself was swallowed by the sea along with large parts of the land area of Kumari Kandam.

However, the survivors, saving some of the books, were able to relocate further north. They established a Second Sangam in a city called Kavatapuram which lasted 3,700 years. The same fate befell this city as well, when it too was swallowed by the sea and lost forever all its works with the sole exception of the Tolkappiyam, a work on Tamil grammar. Following the inundation of Kavatapuram, the survivors once again relocated northward in a city identified with modern Madurai in Tamilnadu, then known as Vada-madurai (Northern Madurai). The Third Sangam lasted for a period of 1850 years and most scholars agree that that Sangam terminated around 350 AD.

Literary evidence of the lost continent of Kumari Kandam comes principally from the literature of the Third Tamil Sangam and the historical writings based on them. Many of them refer to the lost Tamil lands and to the deluges which ancient peoples believed had swallowed those lands. The Silappathikaram, a well known Tamil literary work, for instance mentions, ” the river Prahuli and the mountain Kumari surroundered by many hills being submerged by the raging sea”.

The following is based on an article on Sage Agathiyar –SAGE AGASTHYA – FOREMOST OF THE SIDDHAS by Dr. Mandayam Kumar of the Siddha Medical Research Institute, Bangalore:

“‘Agathiyar Muni is considered to be the embodiment of one of the nine celestial intellectuals who came to this earth for enlightening human beings.’ Siddhars are those who have attained perfection in yogic practices to ultimately reach the stage of immortality. Through higher-level yogic practices they attain a state of ultra luminosity that results in invisibility; thus they remain impervious to ordinary vision.’ Such siddhars work incessantly for the propagation of knowledge and the evolution of souls.’

Dr Mandayam Kumar says, it was possible to find out details about sage Agathiyar during the course of literary research on the Siddha medical sciences in a Tamil manuscript written on palm leaves about 3,000 years ago. The text is titled ‘Prapancha Kaandam’ and runs into several volumes mentions the Dr.

It is attributed to Lord Muruga. It was narrated by sage Agathiyar while recorded by sage Pulasthiya. The original Tamil manuscript is in the care of Pandit S. Jayanari of Vellore says the Dr. The Dr provides information extracted from this work.  The Prapancha Kaandam commences with explanations about the origin of the earth and the entire solar system. The earth is believed to be a fragment of the sun blown into space as a big ball of fire billions of years ago. This big fire globe, after spinning round and round at a very high speed for innumerable length of time, began to cool on its surface.

During the course of its voyage from the sun through different gaseous spheres of highly energetic particles the earth being attracted and repelled by different planets of the solar system, acquired the energetic potencies of all the planets.

Later it gained a constant movement rotating on its own axis having its path around the sun. It is stated that the earth took its origin 200 billion years ago.’

The Dr states that the world was not habitable having only land and water for half this period of time.

‘Gradually vegetation began to appear as the earliest form of life on earth. Subsequently aquatic living creatures followed by insects, reptiles, birds and animals came upon; with the last being humans.  Each species had its own genetic origin and human beings are considered the sixth in the order of original creation. It is stated that planet earth is the only place for the survival and existence of life in the entire solar system. As life began to exist time began to be counted.

The entire period was divided into yugas. The present Kali Yuga is stated to have started from 3100 BC and may correspond to 14th March 3100 BC.’


The Dr. reveals for the first time the parental heritage of the sage.

Sage Agathiyar was said to have been born about 4573 years prior to the commencement of Kali Yuga at a place in Gujarat, in the early hours of Tuesday, 14th of February 7673 BC.  Belonging to the early Aryan race, his father Bhargava was well learned while his mother Indumathi was from Punjab. They were both devotees of the Pasupatha order of the sage Rishabha Muni. Agathiyar then had his early education in Gujarat. As his thirst for knowledge in particular on philosophy, yoga, medicine, and astronomy was immense he traveled all over Kashmir, Tibet, China, Nepal and Kailas in Manchuria. Mount Kailas was deemed to be in Manchuria those days.

He became a disciple of sage Nandi and Dhanvantri. He then traveled towards the south to Cambodia and Malaya. In Cambodia he established the very first of his many educational institutions for the propagation of philosophy and science.

After establishing a similar institution and hospital in Malaya he crossed the sea to the continent of Kumari Kandam. During Agathiyar’s time Kumari Kandam occupied a vast area extending from the present day Sri Lanka to the Antarctic. This continent was ruled by Ravana, a great devotee of Lord Siva. King Ravana gave away a portion of his kingdom to Agathiyar to establish more institutions.  The foremost of these institutions in this region was known as Arunodaya Giri or Meozone. Here Agathiyar practiced yoga and taught it to his large following of disciples. He then went back north to Malayawhere he was betrothed to the king’s daughter. He then ruled the kingdom of Vijayapuri.

He returned to Kumari Kandam where he met Lord Murugan in the form of sage Kandan or Supramaniar at Trikona Malai, present day Trincomali. At the hill station called Kadari Kama or Kadhirgama, Lord Murugan imparted spiritual knowledge to Agathiyar.  In his meditation he could see into the future; see impending calamities. As a result he moved to the North Pole considering it to be a save place. This period of his move to the Arctic was said to coincide with the end of the Dwapara Yuga placed at about 6580 BC.  Just as he had seen of an impending calamity and had decided to move north, a tremendous explosion in the planet Mars sents a piece of debris towards earth. This impact caused a great deluge on the earth. Significant portions of Kumari Kandam submerged into the Indian Ocean. Continental drift resulted in the present day arrangement of this region.

On returning to Mancuria after the great flood Kailas was no more but instead the Himalayan mountain range had emerged in North India. Amidst all this geographical changes says the Dr, sage Agathiyar went seeking for a place that would not be affected by future calamities. He located a mountain range in South India. This is the present day Courtalam. This spot is said to be the safest place and free from any future catastrophes. Here Agathiyar met Lord Siva and Uma in the form of Dhashina Murthi and Shenbaga Devi. This spot where the meeting took place between Dhashina Murthi, Shenbaga Devi, Lord Murugan and Agathiyar was Mahadeva Giri. This meeting also signified the commencement of Kali Yuga.

Other sages then stated coming to Mahadeva Giri.  Lord Dhashina Murthi revived the knowledge of the Vedas and instructed these sages to propagate this knowledge at the appropriate manner and time for the benefit of humanity. This imparting of this knowledge was said to have taken place on the 21st day of the Tamil month of Kartigai, during the eleventh year,  Eswara Samvatsara, of Kali Yuga. Agathiyar gave much importance to this day. All his dating was reckoned from this day.  The sages recorded their knowledge on palm leaves after extensive discussions held in Alagan Kulam and presented them to Dhashina Murthi for his perusal. This included the 64 kinds of learning, 18 Puranas, 96 Tatvas, and 48 branches of scientific knowledge. The entire literature in Tamil came to be called Sidha Veda. It was then translated into the four existing languages of that period vis Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew and Chinese. Sage Agathiyar on the instruction of Lord Murugan originated the Tamil language.  Sage Bhogar from China, Thaeraiyar from Malaya, Yugimuni from Kerala, Pulipani from Kantha Malai, Pulathiyan and Kapiyan too served Agathiyar.  A conference of sidhas called Sidhar Sabai was held during the 53rd year, Sidharti Samvatsara, of Kali Yuga at Courtalam.

An institution known as Sidhar Gnana Koodam was inaugurated by Lord Murugan and was headed by Agathiyar. Pulathiyan and Kapiyan headed the literary section while Pulipani in research. Thaeraiyar who was into surgery headed a medical research centre established at Thorana Malai. Yugimuni who was into herbal medicines headed an Ayurvedic hospital at Paradesi Kundai. Sage Bhogar who was in charge of all scientific researches established an alchemy research centre at Thiruparankundram. Pambatti Sidhar was heading a team researching venom at Marudamalai.


After having established these institutions Agathiyar again started on an extensive mission of propagating the wealth of knowledge gained by these sidhars in Tibet, Manchuria, Egypt, Palestine, Rome, America, Africa, Malaya and Arab world. After satisfactorily completing their mission of propagating the said teachings the sages went into ‘Samadhi’ merging themselves into the cosmos. Kandan went into Samadhi in Thorana Malai, Bhogar in Palani, Thaeraiyar, Pulipanai and Yugimuni in Kantha Malai, and Agathiyar himself choosed to come back to Courtalam. He chosed a spot called Dhashina Meru in the Pothigai Hills. This spot is also the abode of Lord Siva as Dhashina Murthi.”

The reason for this  article to be mentioned here is very simple. Here is a Siddha Purush ( An enlightened soul),who has brought about a pertinent reason for kumari kandam to vanish under the sea and gave a reason for such a calamity, for a landmass  as huge as kumari kandam to be devoured by the sea. This would  need a tremendous unnatural force and a massive rise in the sea level. The type and intensity of such a devastating force would be unfathomable to us today for we have not seen anything like this earlier and hopefully would not see in the future. Thinking about such a force, the television visuals of the tsunami that hit Japan on 31st march 2011 came flooding.  Youtube.com has visuals of this tsunami and each one of them is nastier than the earlier. This force of nature was severe and it has brought about human suffering which is unimaginable. There were immeasurable  Loss of lives and property and the economy of the nation took a severe beating. So imagine what would have been the force of the destruction that obliterated Kumari kandam from the face of the earth?  If that be the case and there was a civilization living, when the great forces of nature culminated into an unprecedented devastation and the entire land, a big land something like a continent, went underwater, then we could expect to find some evidences of human settlement in the adjoining sea. National Institute of oceanography of India did research in this very direction and did find many evidences about the topography, as described in the Tamil sangams, and human settlements. I will come to the evidences and the nature of the research later in this article but now I must let my readers understand as to why and how Lemuria got into the Tamil literature.

The narratives about Lemuria found their way into colonial India about the time when folklore began to permeate historic knowledge as though they were fact. The writings of Wishar Cerve and the maps of Scott Elliot were brought into Tamil writings by K. Appadurai, in his book Kumari Kandam Allathu Kadal Konda Thennadu (Kumari Continent or the Submerged Southern Land, 1941). The term Lemuria found its way into certain Tamil textbooks and was given the Tamil name Kumari kandam, or continent of Kumari. Names from Tamil classics were given to the mountain ranges, rivers, places and areas. For example, the puranic geography of an axial mountain called Meru as the centre of Jambudvipa (Sanskrit) or Navalan Theevu (Tamil) was accepted, and, later on, these names were attributed to certain parts of Lemuria, giving it acceptability among Tamil readers. In the 1920s, with Tamil revivalism and the efforts to counter the “Aryan” and associated Sanskrit dominance, the concept of Lemuria was wedded to the notion of the lost land referred to in Tamil literature.

There are a few references in Tamil Sangam classics to a landmass that was swallowed up by the sea. Historians consider the first three centuries A.D. as the Sangam period. The reference to the tradition about three Tamil Sangams (assemblies or academies) is noted in Iraiyanar Kalviyalurai, attributed to Nakeerar. According to this commentary, the Pandya kings patronised Tamil poets in their capital, where the Sangam was located. According to tradition, the Mudal Sangam (first assembly), was located in Thenmadurai. When the sea swallowed Thenmadurai, the capital was shifted to Kapatapuram and the second or Idai Sangam was established. The Idai Sangam functioned until a deluge destroyed Kapatapuram. After the deluge, the Pandyas shifted their capital to the present-day Madurai where the last or Kadai Sangam was established.

Some of the important references from Tamil Sangam classics are as follows: 1) in Purananuru 9, verses 10-11 are interpreted as a reference to a Pandya king who ruled a part of the lost land where the river Pahruli flowed. 2) in Silapathigaram (Kadu Kaan Kaathai) (11:17-22) is a reference to a Pandya king who won over kingdoms in Imayam (the Himalayas) and Gangai (the Ganga) to compensate for his land lost to the deluge. Tamil scholars such as Devaneya Paavaanar consider the deluge under reference to be the one that destroyed Thenmadurai. 3) According to Adiyarku Nallar, poem 104:1-4 from Mullai Kalithogai indicates that the Pandya king resettled the survivors of the deluge in certain Chera and Chola territories. It is portrayed by certain Tamil writers that the series of deluges destroyed the Tamil civilisation and the survivors spread out and civilised other parts of the world.

The Tamil tradition about a lost land was committed to writing after the 10th century by commentators like Nakeerar in his commentary on Iraiyanar Akapporulurai. Nachinarkiniyar and Adiyarku Nallar followed him. Those who wrote the commentaries exaggerated the extent of land that was submerged by the deluges referred to in Silapathigaram and Kalithogai. According to the commentators, there were 49 countries ( nadu) in the lost land of Kumari and the distance between the river Kumari and the river Pahruli that flowed in the lost land was 700 katham, which according to one calculation is about 770 km.

The crucial question is whether the land referred to as Kumari was as large as a continent? The advocates of Kumari kandam interpreted the term nadu to mean country. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala many small towns and villages have in their names the term nadu, which basically referred to a settlement, as opposed to kadu, or forest. In the above Tamil references there is no mention of the term kandam, referring to land the size of a continent.

According to Pingala Nikandu, a lexicon of ancient words, k andam means country. In the words of the historian N. Subrahmanian (1996), “It is possible that a small area of land (to the extent of a present-day district) was lost by sea erosion and Pahruli and Kumari were parts of that territory and that the king shifted this capital to some other place. But in all probability that event occurred only in the 5th or 4th century B.C. Such erosions on a limited scale were not unknown to the southern and eastern seaboards of Tamil Nadu. If the fiction is removed from the fact, the entire romantic superstructure called the theory of the Kumari kandam will stand exposed, as non-history” ( The Tamils – Their History, Culture and Civilisation; pages 26, 27). If the oral traditions and the subsequent writings exaggerated the size of the submerged land called Kumari, what was the background to the lost land referred to in Sangam literature?

Geology emerged as a scientific discipline in the late 19th century when both scientific and popular imagination was dominated by Biblical accounts of creation and deluges. Dramatic geological events were attributed to catastrophes like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Eventually, the understanding of phenomena such as plate tectonics, continental drift and sea floor spreading dismissed the catastrophe theories. The speculation about land bridges and lost continents faded into obscurity elsewhere in the world but not quite so in Tamil Nadu.

Since the early part of the last century major strides have been made in the geological and geophysical understanding of the earth. For instance, in 1912 Alfred Wegener, a German meteorologist, explained the concept of continental drift; in 1924, the British geologist Arthur Holmes explained that the convection current in the mantle could cause continents to drift; in 1962, the American Geologist Harry Hess pointed out that continental drift could be explained by sea-floor spreading; in 1966, the concept of sea-floor spreading was established by independent oceanographic data involving microfossils, sediments of the sea floor, measure of heat flow from the earth’s interior and palaeo-magnetic and seismic studies. Since the first oceanic sounding in 1840, the study of oceans, including their chemistry, biology, geology and physics, has advanced in the last century. Improved coring devices have enlarged our knowledge of the oceans, and deep ocean floors have been mapped by echo-soundings and ultra-sonic signals. In the 1940s, seismic methods were also used to study the ocean floor.

Evidence of former glaciations on a wide scale became overwhelmingly conclusive in the last century. During the past two million years, there have been five major glacial advances and five glacial retreats as the globe began to warm. The last of such periods is the present period known as Holocene. The last Ice Age caused the fragmented distribution of Homo sapiens, and the enormous environmental changes that took place with global warming had a profound influence on the prehistory of humankind.

Extensive studies were done to understand global warming during the interglacial periods; sediments were subjected to meticulous analyses to establish the age and palaeo-geographical conditions in many parts of the world. For instance, about 18,000 years ago, during the time of the last Ice Age, ice sheets in the poles spread much wider and the sea level was more than 100 meters lower than it is today, exposing a large area of land along the continental shelf. Then Siberia was connected to Alaska and along this land bridge, the peopling of the Americas and migration of animals happened over a long period. At this time, the landmass of present-day Papua New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania were joined together as were the British Isles with Europe. After the last Ice Age the level of the Indian Ocean, like the rest of the oceans, fell. Sri Lanka was connected to the Indian peninsula by a landmass, which now lies under the Gulf of Mannar. In the following 8,000 years, global warming continued and large masses of ice and glaciers melted, raising sea levels in stages and inundating low-lying lands. The portion of the continental shelf of the south Indian peninsula and the land that connected it to Sri Lanka also went under water as the sea level rose.

Records of sea-level fluctuations and related climatic changes are preserved in the layered sediments of the seabed. These can be studied through data such as faunal contents and nature of sediments. Rajiv Nigam and N.H. Hashimi of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, have done extensive work on sea-level rise by analysing sediments for microfossils such as pollen and foraminifera to determine palaeo-climate and by dating corals from the continental shelf in the west coast of peninsular India. The team studied marine sediments to generate proxy climate records through which changes in palaeo sea levels could be deciphered.

Nigam and P.J. Henriques, also of the NIO, have developed a regional model for palaeo depth determination on the basis of percentage of foraminifera in surface sediments of the Arabian Sea. The significant results of the study on palaeo sea levels are that the sea level was lower by 100 m about 14,500 years ago and by 60 m about 10,000 years ago and that during the last 10,000 years there had been three major episodes of sea-level fluctuation. These sea-level changes had affected human settlements and peopling of the coastal areas and had left their signatures on archaeological events.

Once the status of the periodic sea-level rise was established, it was easy to decipher the configuration of the coastline, giving allowance wherever applicable to tectonic activities and deposition of silt at the confluence of rivers. The Naval Hydrographic Office, Dehra Dun, has produced hydrographic charts (INT 717071-1986 to the scale 1:10,000,000 and INT 7007706-1973 of scale 1:3,500,000) pertaining to Cape Comorin-Gulf of Mannar, where it surveyed the depth of the sea floor with echo-sounders, which measure the sea floor contours with great accuracy.

It is possible to demarcate the land lost to the sea in the south of India from postglacial inundation maps that indicate the significant changes in the coastline. Inundation maps on the basis of bathymetric contours and the sea-level curve for the central west coast to work out the configuration of the coastline south of India since the last Ice Age. This study shows that about 14,500 years ago the sea level was lower by approximately 100 m than the present sea level. The land between the present coast and the bathymetric contour of 100 m roughly was the land that was exposed during that time.

In other words, hypothetically, if a 100 m column of sea water were to be removed, the land that went under water would be exposed. At that time the present Gulf of Mannar was a landmass of 36,000 sq. km connecting Sri Lanka with peninsular India and the coast was wider by about 80 km to the east, south and west of present-day Cape Comorin exposing a triangular mass of 6,500 sq. km adjoining the Cape. The coastline was 25-35 km wider than the present near Cuddalore and about 25 km wider near Colombo.

The increased rate of global warming between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago saw the sea level rise almost 50 m, inundating low-lying lands and covering a major part of the exposed continental shelf. About 10,000 years ago, the sea level was about 50 m lower than the present sea level. At that time, the land extended about 25 km south of the Cape and the coast was about 40 km broader than the present coastline along the east and the west, which exposed about 1,000 sq km of land near Cape Comorin. Rameswaram and Mannar were joined by land and the land that extended in the present-day Gulf of Mannar was a 2,500-sq km stretch marked by sedimentary formations and coral reefs.

planet rotation and especially the difference in rotation speed between poles and equator force earth mantel to strain and to break more easily where the strain is strongest, that is at the equator regions. These tectonic processes played important role in the disappearance of the ancient continent known as Lemuria to western scholars. Sri Lanka together with India, Indonesia and Malaysia were a part of this continent. Many islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans are remnants of this continent that in ancient time covered the whole area of today’s ocean.  Storetvedt, who seems to reject the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics, says that descriptions of cataclysms in early literature when land suddenly went underwater are logical. But they should be proven to be scientific facts. This can be done with the help of sea-floor analysis that is possible to carry out.  Modern theories find supportive evidences both in ancient literature and language history.

What we know of the antiquity of Tamil civilization seems to be top of an iceberg. More exciting and interesting prehistory of Tamils may emerge from the jolt applied by the tsunami. Scientific details relating to these catastrophic events, particularly the correlation of the available socio-anthropological knowledge from the Tamil literature with geological research is yet to be found or ascertained. There is ample scope for Tamil scholars, socio-anthropologists and geologists to do further research on these topics.

History of kumari kandam (Lemuria) theory.
1860 Philip Lutley Sclater Puzzled by the presence of fossil lemurs in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa nor the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent, which he named “Lemuria” for its lemurs.The acceptance of Darwinism led scientists to seek to trace the diffusion of species from their points of evolutionary origin
Melchior Neumayr in his book Erdgeschichte in 1887. Many hypothetical submerged land bridges and continents were proposed during the 19th century, in order to account for the present distribution of species.
Ernst Haeckel, a German Darwinian taxonomist, proposed Lemuria as an explanation for the absence of “missing link” fossil records. According to another source, Haeckel put forward this thesis prior to Sclater (but without using the name ‘Lemuria’). Locating the origins of the human species on this lost continent, he claimed the fossil record could not be found because it had sunk beneath the sea.
In 1999, drilling by the JOIDES Resolution research vessel in the Indian Ocean discovered evidence that a continent about a third of the size of Australia sank about 20 million years ago. Samples showed pollen and fragments of wood in a 90 million-year-old sediment. This might lead one to expect similarity of dinosaur fossil evidence and will help to understand the breakup of the Indian and Australian land masses.It does not support the concept of Lemuria as a land bridge for mammals.
Madame Blavatsky’s Lemuria,Lemuria entered the lexicon of the Occult through the works of Madame Blavatsky, who claimed in the 1880s to have been shown an ancient, pre-Atlantean Book of Dzyan by the Mahatmas. Within Blavatsky’s complex cosmology, which includes seven “Root Races”, Lemuria was occupied by the “Third Root Race”, which was about seven foot tall, sexually hermaphroditic, egg-laying, mentally undeveloped and spiritually more pure than the following “Root Races”. Before the coming of the Lemurians, the second “Root Race” is said to have dwelled in Hyperborea.After the subsequent creation of mammals, Mme. Blavatsky revealed to her readers, some Lemurians turned to bestiality. The gods, aghast at the behavior of these “mindless” men, sank Lemuria into the ocean and created a “Fourth Root Race”—endowed with intellect—on Atlantis.Lemuria and Mount Shasta
In 1894, Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets, which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in or on Mount Shasta in northern California. The Lemurians lived in a complex of tunnels beneath the mountain and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes.This belief has been repeated by such individuals as the cultist Guy Warren Ballard in the 1930s who formed the I AM Foundation. It is also repeated by followers of the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood. This list includes such organizations as Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, The Temple of The Presence, and The Hearts Center. According to L. Sprague de Camp, Mme. Blavatsky was influenced by other writers on the theme of Lost Continents, notably Ignatius L. Donnelly, a cult leader named Thomas Lake Harris and the French writer Louis Jacolliot.
Dravidologist Devaneya Pavanar, who held that all languages on earth were merely corrupted Tamil dialects proposed Kumari Kandam is a sunken kingdom also known as Lemuria . According to these modernist interpretations of motifs in classical Tamil literature — the epics Cilappatikaram and Manimekalai that describe the submerged city of Puhar — the Dravidians originally came from land south of the present day coast of South India that became submerged by successive floods. There are various claims from Tamil authors that there was a large land mass connecting Australia and the present day Tamil Nadu coast.Adiyarkkunelar, described the distance between the Prahuli and Kumari rivers as 700 kavathams. This distance has been interpreted as about 7,000 modern miles (11,000 km).

Having said about the scope of the research  based on the ancient scripts and literature the question automatically comes as to what precisely the Tamil literature says about kumari  kandam.

Three literary sources are said to say something about the kumari kandam ,

Silapathikaram says,
kumarikOdum kodunkadal koLLa…” The mighty sea at the end of kumari(kanyakumari) submergedHere the author ilango adigal speaks about sea around kumari submerging the puhar(keveri pattinam) port.Silappadikaram’also describes Kadal Vadimpalampa Nindra Pandyan said to have thrown his spear towards the sea. The sea retaliated by swallowing a large area including Pahruli river and Panmalai Adukkam.

Manimekalai says,
Records the same incident of the puhar being engulfed by sea. Both silapathikaram and manimekalai both not being eyewitness accounts and known for gross exageration of facts clearly talk sea engulfing the city of puhar.

Sangam literary work, `Kalithogai’ (Mullaikkali, verse number 4) calls it `Kadal vowal.’ The poem says that when tidal waves swept away his land, the Pandya  monarch did not despair, but forged ahead into the territories of Cheras and Chozhas and brought the invaded country under his sway, thus making good the loss of territory due to the sea-swell.  This is somewhat reminiscent of the siddha purush sage Agathiyar which I have already mentioned earlier in this article.

Sri Lanka together with India, Indonesia and Malaysia were a part of this continent. Many islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans are remnants of this continent that in ancient time covered the whole area of today’s ocean

The lost continent of Kumari Kandam

It turns out that everything does not actually come from India, it comes from Kumari Kandam. And by everything, I do mean everything.

“Homo Dravida” first evolved in Kumari Kandam; it is the cradle of civilization; the birthplace of all languages in general and of the Tamil language in particular. This is where the first and second great ages (Sangams?) of the Tamils happened, not in India, but in the true Dravidian homeland, further south.

R. Mathivanan, then Chief Editor of the Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project of the Government of Tamilnadu, in 1991 … [produced] the following timeline …:

ca. 200,000 to 50,000 BC: evolution of “the Tamilian or Homo Dravida”,
ca. 200,000 to 100,000 BC: beginnings of the Tamil language
50,000 BC: Kumari Kandam civilisation
20,000 BC: A lost Tamil culture of the Easter Island which had an advanced civilisation
16,000 BC: Lemuria submerged
6087 BC: Second Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
3031 BC: A Chera prince in his wanderings in the Solomon Island saw wild sugarcane and started cultivation in Tamilnadu.
1780 BC: The Third Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
7th century BC: Tolkappiyam (the earliest extant Tamil grammar)… [Link]

The continent was destroyed by three large floods which wiped out most of the golden civilization with it:

It is believed by some Tamil scholars that the first academy existed at southern Maturai and was terminated by sea devouring the city. The Pandya king established a second academy at Kapadapuram. Again, the sea devoured the city. The Pandya king established the third academy in present Maturai (far away from sea coast).

The tsunami of December 26, 2004 vividly demonstrated the destructive force of tidal waves and what havoc the attendant deluges could cause. It was, however, not unknown to the ancient Tamils who occupied southern India from that time. Their traditions refer to extensive lands submerged in the remote past that had once existed in the Indian Ocean, south of Kanya Kumari or Cape Comorin. They had indeed a word for such happenings. They called it kadatkol – meaning the sea devouring the land.
The name of the lost lands is Kumari Kandam. At the time of those inundations, they were home to a high Tamil civilisation that hosted the First and Second Tamil Sangams or Acadamies of Advanced Learning. The Tamil language and literature as well as the philosophy and culture were cultivated and fostered through such Sangams. The works of these two Sangams were lost when the cities in which they were created were submerged by such inundations. Though the tradition of these Tamil Sangams and the deluges which destroyed them lived on, there was no historical evidence forthcoming to back them until very recently. There was an article in Godavaya, Sri Lanka 14 March 2009:

“Marine archaeologists have just discovered evidence of a large submerged landmass southeast of Sri Lanka. They believe it could be a legendary lost island closely linked to the culture and history of Sri Lankan people. 
The discovery was made by a team of Dutch and Sri Lankan scientists based on satellite maps and underwater sample extractions from the deep sea. Preliminary data need to be verified by a deep sea submersible expedition during 2009 – 2010, according to a member of the research team who did not want to be identified. 
The landmass is estimated to be between 450,000 and 475,000 square kilometres, which is about seven times the total land area of Sri Lanka. 
This could well be the long lost island of Irisiyawa, which is euphemistically mentioned in our chronicles and hinted at in the writings of Greek historians, said Dr Godwin Samarawickrama, a maritime historian at the Indian Ocean Institute based in Melacca, Malaysia. 
He added: The existence of such an island has been speculated and talked in hush-hush terms among divers and archaeologists for decades. This is the Indian Ocean`s own version of Atlantis! 
Irisiyawa`s existence is first mentioned in the Sri Lankan chronicle of Culavamsa. Sinhalese Sandesa (message poem) writers in the 14th to 16th centuries often refer to the enormous psychological effect by sunken Irisiyawa on royal families, aristocracy and ordinary people. Some say the legacy of Irisiyawa has continued well into the twenty first century. 

Other experts are more sceptical, and point out long-standing speculations about Kumari Kandam, a legendary sunken landmass said to have been located to the south of present-day Kanyakumari District at the southern tip of India. Some also call it Lemuria, a continent that existed in ancient times and sank beneath the ocean as a result of a geological, often cataclysmic, change. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims. 
Sri Lanka must quickly assert its historical and territorial claims over the newly discovered sunken island, said Gajaba Vidyadheera, a senior lecturer in history at the University of Peradeniya. If not, other countries and cultures can stake their own claims, leading to disputes and even international litigation. 
But the marine archaeology team who made the discovery advise caution. We need much more evidence before even considering any claims, and historical and cultural speculation could only muddy the deep waters, said a Dutch member of the team, none of who would make any statement on the record. 

In recent years, much evidence has been found of maritime activity in and off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. In late 2008, an underwater search of the seas around Godavaya, Hambantota district, carried out by the Central Cultural Fund, revealed the wreck of a ship, possibly dating back to the 1st Century AD. If confirmed, this could be the oldest shipwreck in the Indian Ocean. 
Sri Lanka with its 65,610 square kilometres is currently ranked at No 121 out of 231 countries and territories according to their land area. If the estimated landmass of submerged Irisiyawa is added, this would immediately boost Sri Lanka`s ranking to around 50, comparable to that of Thailand with 513,120 sq km. 
The archipelago nation of Maldives, which lies to the southwest of Sri Lanka, has only 298 sq km and ranks No 201, the smallest country in Asia. 
Atlantis is a legendary island mentioned by Greek philosopher Plato. While no hard evidence for its existence has yet been found, it has fascinated many historians, writers and explorers for centuries.

Recent genetic Studies have shown that there were no GENETIC DIFFERENCES between North and South Indians. Please refer to —– “A prehistory of Indian Y chromosomes: Evaluating demic diffusion scenarios”. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of United States of America ; 103(4) carried out on 26 Jan 2004.   . Genetically speaking, ANCIENT NORTH INDIANS (ANI) came to this land some 40,000 years from Middle East and ANCIENT SOUTH INDIANS (ASI) entered South India through Australia some 60,000 years back——What ever genetic differences existed between ANI and ASI that was some 40,000 years back is . Here is an extract from a study report on ” ARYAN-DRAVID -DIVIDE” MYTH-Study:- 

“———-.A study of 132 individuals, 560,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in 25 different Indian groups were analyzed, providing strong evidence in support of the notion that modern Indians are a hybrid population descending from two pre-historic, genetically divergent populations[citation needed], one of which, referred to as the ‘Ancestral North Indians’, 40,000 years ago and the other, called the ‘Ancestral South Indians’, 60,000 years ago. The intermingling of ANI’s and ASI’s happened in the same period as the ANI’s first appeared, 40,000 years ago ——-” .

When I went through this article I was so dumb struck? Here are all the evidences to show that the very basis of Human evolution, its physical, social, cultural on which the popular science rests and on the basis of which we learned about homo sapiens, is so wrong.

Here are more evidences of a mythical place, a place we may call anything, Lemuria? Or Kumari kandam ? or whatever. . It lies on southeast India’s Coromandel coast facing the Bay of Bengal between modern Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Its immediate offshore area has been the subject of marine archaeological investigations by India’s National Institute of Oceanography since the 1980’s — and numerous non-controversial finds of man-made structures dated between the third century AD and the third century BC have been made in the “inter-tidal zone” close to shore at depths down to 6 feet (approximately 2 metres).

These finds of structures in shallow water (some so shallow that they are exposed at low tide) have been quite widely written-up in the archaeological literature. But for some reason other discoveries that the NIO has made in deeper water off Poompuhar have attracted no attention at all. Most notably these other discoveries include a second completely separate group of structures fully three miles from the Poompuhar shore in water that is more than 70 feet (23 metres) deep. The lack of interest is surprising because to anyone with even minimal knowledge of post-glacial sea-level rise their depth of submergence is – or should be – highly anomalous. Indeed according to Glenn Milne’s sea-level data the land on which these structures were built last stood above water at the end of the Ice Age more than 11,000 years ago.

Graham Hancock in his book ” UNDERWORLD” SAYS  “Is it a coincidence that there are ancient Tamil flood myths that speak of a great kingdom that once existed in this area called Kumari Kandam that was swallowed up by the sea? Amazingly the myths put a date of 11,600 years ago on these events — the same timeframe given by Plato for the end of Atlantis in another ocean.”

Like the cities in the Gulf of Cambay the underwater structures three miles offshore of Poompuhar were first identified by an instrument called sidescan sonar that profiles the seabed. One structure in particular was singled out for investigation and was explored by divers from India’s National Institute of Oceanography in 1991 and 1993. Although they were not at that time aware of the implications of its depth of submergence — i.e. that it is at least 11,500 years old — the 1991 study confirms that it is man-made and describes it as:

a horse-shoe-shaped object, its height being one to two metres. A few stone blocks were found in the one-metre wide arm. The distance between the two arms in 20 metres. Whether the object is a shrine or some other man-made structure now at 23 metres [70 feet] depth remains to be examined in the next field season.

The 1993 study refines the measurements:

The structure of U-shape was located at a water depth of 23 metres which is about 5 kilometres off shore. The total peripheral length of the object is 85 metres while the distance between the two arms is 13 metres and the maximum height is 2 metres Divers observed growth of thick marine organism on the structure, but in some sections a few courses of masonry were noted

Graham Hancock took to the expedition himself along with the scientist of National Institute of oceanography. He remarks  “After 1993, no further marine archaeology was conducted along the Poompuhar coast until 2001 when I arranged with the NIO to dive on the U-shaped structure with funding from Channel 4 television in Britain and the Learning Channel in the US. Exclusive footage of the structure was filmed and is shown in episode 2 of the Underworld television series. Chapter 14 of the book is a report of our dives at Poompuhar, and what we found there.

Dr A.S. Gaur of the NIO told me on camera that it would have required “a very great technology” to build the U-shaped structure — one far beyond the abilities of known cultures in India 11,500 years ago. For Dr Gaur this is a reason to doubt the accuracy of the sea-level-data which suggests that the structure was submerged so long ago. However the NIO have not yet been successful in recovering any datable materials or artefacts that could tell us its age more directly (for example by C-14 or TL tests).

My own expedition to Poompuhar with the NIO in 2001 was limited to diving on the U-shaped structure and one neighbouring structure. But what’s really exciting is that more than 20 other large structures are known to be located in the same area down to depths of more than 100 feet. These have so far been identified only by sidescan sonar and never yet explored by divers. I’ve organised an expedition jointly with India’s National Institute of Oceanography and John Blashford-Snell’s Scientific Exploration Society in Britain to map and investigate these other structures in March/April 2002.

The Cambay and Poompuhar discoveries are both reported in depth for the first time in Underworld and set into the proper context of the flood myths and inundation history of the broader regions to which they belong.

If they are what they seem to be — a caution I must repeat since so little research has actually been done by anyone — then they signal an exciting new era in Indian archaeology in which the investigation of submerged ruins will play an increasingly important role. How do the Poompuhar finds compare with those in Cambay? Are they both parts of the same lost civilisation? Or do they perhaps represent two separate Ice Age cultures, one based in the north and the other in the south of the subcontinent?

Further exploration, involving divers, sonar scans and the recovery and analysis of artefacts will provide the answers.

And for reasons that I explain in Underworld, I think India’s most ancient scriptures, the Vedas, also have a lot to tell us. There are tremendously good reasons to disbelieve the scholarly consensus (certainly the consensus amongst Western scholars) that the Vedas were composed as late as 1500 B.C. Parts of them probably do date from then; but some of the hymns could be much older than that — carried down by oral traditions from much earlier times. I think it all goes back to the Ice Age.” Therefore Bal Gangadhar Tilak was not wrong when he said that the Vedic civilization was the civilization of the last Ice Age and the last glacial and that this was the civilization which was the mother of all civilization that flourished in the world after 11000 years BC or 13000 Years from present.

Scientists have acknowledged that the language, the people, the culture and the literature are some of the oldest to be found on earth – anywhere. A Wikipedia snippet says:

“Tamil Nadu’s history dates back to pre-historic times. Archaeological evidence points to this area being one of the longest continuous habitations in India. In Adichanallur, 24 km (15 mi) from Tirunelveli, archaeologists from the Archaeological Survey of India unearthed 169 clay urns containing human skulls, skeletons and bones, plus husks and grains of rice, charred rice and Neolithic Celts, giving evidence confirming them to be of the Neolithic period, 3800 years ago”

Scientists have actually uncovered a large amount of giant eggs and skeletons of Sauropods (huge Reptilian Dinosaurs) in the area. I mention this because some of the sangam (the oldest Tamil literature, most of which is lost) mentions Reptilian-like beings living alongside humans. Ancient Tamil literature may also be among the earliest to mention flying chariots, a concept later discovered in other cultures and religious texts:

There are also references to the rivers Pahruli and Kumari, that are said to have flowed in a now-submerged land. The Silappadhikaram, a 5th century epic, stating that the “cruel sea” took the Pandiya land that lay between the rivers Pahruli and the many-mountained banks of the Kumari, to replace which the Pandiyan king conquered lands belonging to the Chola and Chera kings (Maturaikkandam, verses 17-22).
Adiyarkkunallar, a 12th century commentator on the epic, explains this reference by saying that there was once a land to the south of the present-day Kanyakumari , which stretched from the Pahruli river in the north to the Kumari river in the south. This land was divided into 49 territories, which he names as 7 coconut territories (elutenga natu), 7 Madurai territories (elumaturai natu), 7 old sandy territories (elumunpalai natu), 7 new sandy territories (elupinpalai natu), 7 mountain territories (elukunra natu), 7 eastern coastal territories (elukunakarai natu) and 7 dwarf-palm territories (elukurumpanai natu). All these lands, he says, together with the many-mountained land that began with KumariKollam, with forests and habitations, were submerged by the sea. Two of these territories were supposedly parts of present-day Kollam and Kanyakumari districts.
BBC reports the following further evidence which suggests volcanic eruptions may have some effect to this said land. Scientists have discovered the remains of a “lost continent” beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean. Drilling by the Joides Resolution research vessel, which traverses the seas extracting samples from beneath the sea floor, suggests that the continent, about a third the size of present day Australia, sank from sight only 20 million years ago. A recovered sample of the ‘lost continent’. It lies beneath the southern Indian Ocean. Called the Kerguelen Plateau, it is one of the most remote places on Earth. The Joides Resolution, the world’s largest research vessel, bored a series of holes through the undersea plateau, which is about two kilometers below the ocean surface. Spores and pollen It brought to the surface many types of rocks associated with explosive volcanism, as well as sedimentary rocks similar to those found in India and Australia. Sending the drill bit down to the sea floor. “We found abundant evidence that much of the Kerguelen Plateau formed above sea level,” said Dr Mike Coffin of the University of Texas.”Wood fragments, a seed, spores and pollen recovered in 90 million year-old sediment from the central Kerguelen Plateau indicates that it was above sea level.”Scientists believe that it rose out of the ocean about 110 million years ago, following a series of huge volcanic eruptions. Small dinosaurs 50 million years ago, it may have been covered in lush ferns, moist with tropical humidity. The ‘core store’ on the Joides Resolution Small dinosaurs would have hidden in the undergrowth stalking their prey.20 million years ago, it started to sink beneath the waves of what is now the Indian Ocean. Scientists hope that studying the region will help them understand the break-up of Australia, India and Antarctica.

In conclusion I would like my readers to read an article which was published in THE HINDU NEWSPAPER.

THE HINDU DATED 11.02.2011

THANJAVUR: Scientific citations found in Tamil literature can be used as geological time scale to measure the geographical events of the earth over the past 40,000 years said S.Ramasamy, Vice-Chancellor, Gandhigram Rural Institute — Deemed University, Dindigul, here on Thursday. Inaugurating a seminar on disaster management citations in Tamil Literature organised by the Department of Industries and Earth Sciences at Tamil University here, Dr.Ramasamy said that scholars speak volumes about the poetic aspects of Tamil Literature but fail to note the scientific citations in them. When they are identified, studied and understood, the citations indicate various geological events and topography of the earth. Satellite pictures of earth and computer simulation corroborate the scientific citations found in Tamil Literature, Dr.Ramasamy said.

He cited examples from Silappathikaram, Thiruvilaiyadalpuranam, and Kamba Ramayanam to drive home his point . In Silappathikaram, Kavunthiyadigal says that Madurai is earthquake prone. Satellite pictures also reveal that Madurai, Kambam, Theni, Kottayam are earthquake prone. Kamba Ramayanam reveals that Lord Rama took the sea route that is safe and where “sea current due to waves is less” to reach Sri Lanka. Lord Rama visits Vedaranyam and Manalmelkudi but does not cross the sea there, as the sea is rough and the wind currents are strong. Finally he crosses the sea at Rameswaram , where the sea is calm. There are also references to marine transgressions, tsunami, tectonic movement of earth plate, sea level change, and earth movement in the Tamil literary works.

A joint research by Geologists, Tamil Scholars, Epigraphists, Ocean Study experts can throw light on “Kumari Kandam”, Dr.Ramasamy said, and released a CD of papers to be presented in the seminar. M.Rajendran, Vice-Chancellor of Tamil University, released the compendium of papers to be presented in

The author has a masters degree in Anthropology from Calcutta University

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Anna Hazare’s victory, the Constitution’s defeat

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “the Mahatma” – the father of the nation, delivered India independence on August 15, 1947. Immediately thereafter Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, “Chacha” and his progeny Indira Gandhi, the daughter and eventually her son, the grandson Rajiv Gandhi finally took over the reigns of the Govt. as a matter of family dynastic convention under which traditionally India had survived historically past hundreds of years immediately before British event of rule around 1600. This is to say, India has been under a system perceived close to feudalism near resembling monarchy, autocratic and aristocratic, peculiar to medieval Europe. This was a destiny predicated to the Indian evolutionary historical ethos. It has been the traditional historical content of the Indian subcontinent which since time again was impacted to convenience a foreign rule, as all attempts to any formation of federal rule was somehow symbolically delayed by the inherent implications and results of internecine warfare creating divisions within the already diverse composition of society. These happenings are so true for smaller nations of the world having their own evolution history but the same rule applied to the subcontinent of India, which is infact larger than most of Europe combined,  had been a factor for claiming India’s fame of the paradigm of virtue in expressing India’s unity in diversity.

 This is a accolade worth mention to the greater glory of the Indian nation but at the same time in its antithesis is implied the downgrading of the Indian national ethos, the administration of which past 64 years of independence, is yet to bring about a semblance of socio-economic and political order exemplified by the modern capitalistic order. This is not to mention the Republic of China’s success with a tryst of a marriage between partnership of communistic capitalism or vice versa in bringing about a miraculous economic formula escalating to the pinnacle of success, while at the same time the forbearers of capitalistic economies are facing a traumatic slide down despite their earlier success.   

 “Baba” Anna Hazare, having climbed up the social ladder, from an ordinary driver’s post in the Indian army, having retired after 15 years of dedicated service, to have achieved his present position as one of the greatest of social reformers after Mahatma Gandhi, Vinobha Bhave and Jai Prakash Narayan of recent times is the story of India being retold once again. While the American dream ushers in materialistic propensities of socio-economic  and nationalistic polity on one side, India more than often has been reinstated to the path of its political destination, not by eminent  personages, but instead by the spiritually guided down to earth by holistic humanism. Baba Hazare has used the age old tool of peaceful non-violence in attempting positivism to a negative aspect, a powerful natural logic propagated by none other than the one piece loin cloth dressed Gandhi perceived to have been propounding the fundamentals of vedantic  (veda anta – post vedic) and puranic  synthesis arriving at the dialectical philosophy of Buddhism.

 On reading the history of India it is given to understand Buddhism was rooted out from the bode of its birth. This claim if properly analysed will fall short of its thesis for the simple reason, an aspect of Mahayanistic formulations came to an end in India but survived in its various contents in most of the countries where its practice still reigns supreme. In other words Buddhism brought about the advent of reforming the Brahmanical social religious content to a full circle in allowing it to grow further into the true aspects of the evolving conditions of the Indian ethos. The prevalence of the Bhagwad Gita into the background of the Mahabharata epic is itself an acclaim to this perspection in mind. The philosophy of Gita predominantly acknowledges the materialistic philosophy of Buddhism. The consideration and importance of the present reality and its logical explanation in confirmation to the now or never, however delegating the concept of soul and god to the select few affording time for the subject’s deliberation and enquiry. The path of the elders was the style of the Theravada. This aspect maybe compared to Adi Shankaracharya’s pronouncement in the nihilistic doctrine of Sankya philosophy governing the country’s religion of the times.  Strangely history relates he was assassinated in Nepal, the very seat of Tantric Mahayanistic power. This is paradoxical when considering firstly and primarily that the Sankya philosophy and Hinayana path more or less form the same part of the whole, whether one calls it Hinduism or Buddhism. Secondly, the very act of violence to the incident is a cause of concern to derive that the assassination was outside the fold of Buddhistic precepts.

 It is this Indo Buddhistic approach seen in Baba Anna Hazare’s which incidentally is significantly important in displaying a holistic approach to a dialectical materialistic resolution, with the Constitution on one side and the vox populi, if at all it may be called so, of the people demanding transparency in justice on the other. Whatever the future holds in this bizarre endeavour, history will unfold it in script in time. However, what is of critical importance at this moment of time is the peoples voice ruled supreme while containing acts of defiance by the institutions of the Constitution. The entire episode is a blot on the character of nationalism which is being reasserted in the breakdown of constitutional law, which it is hoped will not be repeated again.  This will not bode well for the country and the people.  The question will always hang in the peoples psyche is, if an ex-army driver has the integrity and perseverance to bypass the Constitution, what in the future will be the fate in store, if ex- railway drivers, pilots, captain of ships eventually take over the act in personating Baba Anna Hazare.

My name is Md Anas Khan and i am a writer. I have completed my gradation from Cambridge university .

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Individual liberties under wide scale assault!

To the credit of President Barak H. Obama, he was not kidding about his promise to fundamentally transform the United States of America and is working at lightening speed to achieve unprecedented changes as seen never before, to turn the USA into an unrecognizable Nation that the average American has never even fathomed before! The goal of eliminating all individual liberties is under way for the benefit of absolute power for the President, various Global elitists and select Progressive, Socialist and Marxist intellectuals with in a select crowd of perpetrators and the end result will be a conclusion of a Global Lords over surfs as a governmental equation by design, should the Constitutional Republic perish by their massive and constant legislative endeavors.

Individual liberties are fodder to the Progressive machines agenda and will be chewed up and disregarded as the Progressive agenda advances. The 2700+ page health care reform bill addresses much more than just providing health care to those who do not have it, but commands absolute control over all American’s everyday lives by giving complete access of all American’s personal financial holdings by the Federal Government, whether it be accessing banking or investing accounts and gives the Federal Government unconstitutional powers to remove funds at will, if desired by the Federal Government to do so. An end to any financial privacy for any individual in the USA is achieved with the passage of the extremely intrusive health care reform legislation. The Federal Government will also take over 100% control in issuing higher education loans to secondary education students, which is an ear mark that was discovered inside of the health care reform legislation. Besides the fact that rationing of health care services will occur and to the fact that intrusive unconstitutional penalties will be leveraged upon individuals who decline to gain and pay for care, what the unconstitutional health care reform legislation is really about is absolute authoritarian control by the Federal Government over all individuals who reside in the USA, with exception to the fact that illegal immigrants who break our immigration laws will just be covered for free by the American taxpayer. The health care reform bill is less about over all health care and is more about subjugation of the American individual by the Federal Government and should receive immediate consideration to advance Usurpation measures as granted to the American people in the U.S. Constitution. Usurpation is the unauthorized, unlawful exercise of power not expressed or granted in the U.S. Constitution and whenever a person, department or branch of the government (federal, state, or local) usurps, they assume undelegated powers and are therefore acting outside the law. Any legislation advanced outside of the parameters of the law, is therefore null and void.

Further intrusions of individual liberties are under way through the advancement of cap and trade legislation, which passed in the House of Representatives on Friday June 18th, 2010. Should the cap and trade legislation pass in the Senate at a later date, then utility bills through out the country will sky rocket, effectively damaging the individual consumers buying power in the over all economy and will of course also lead to the elimination of hundreds of thousands of jobs so that corrupt politicians can make a fortune in private business holdings that would support the proposed new “green economy” that has already proven to be a failure in Spain, which created a ridiculous 18.1% National unemployment rate there and has led to Australia to change course in not pursuing a “green economy”, due to the well known guaranteed negative economic impact that cap and trade will create. Should cap and trade become enacted into law in the United States, then with the known automatic negative economic impact that the legislation will create; a result of countless additional “currently employed” Americans will become reliant on the Federal Government for welfare and food stamps, which of course has to be a part of the over all evil Progressive plan to retain absolute control over the individual through out the Nation to secure power at future ballots. This is merely a planned cyclical Progressive process to retain power and control at the expense of individual liberties. Desperate people will seek desperate measures to survive and get by, which the Progressives clearly understand, which is why they enjoy to purposely create an economic depression by design.


The evil anti American Progressives also seek to eliminate the Second Amendment by signing UN agreements behind the scenes in obscurity and by continually trying to advance the H.R. 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) to target all gun owners in the U.S.A. The evil anti American Progressive strategy is very much so quite simple. A constant advancement to make it a royal pain in the rear to possess any fire arm will deter how many Americans choose to participate in their Constitutional rights to bare arms and of course once there is vastly more Americans who do not desire to practice their inalienable rights, through an evolutionary process of eroding such rights by constant harassing legislative assault, a result of eventual full scale ban can be eventually achieved. That is exactly the evil anti American Progressive plan. Once a society is stripped of their personal fire arms, then more brazen authoritarian measures of limiting individuals liberties becomes extremely easier with out any consequences. The inalienable right to bare arms in the United States Constitution has nothing to do with hunting or sport shooting as many politicians would have you believe, but instead the founding fathers had a vision of another check and balance that leverages the American citizen against the prospects of a Tyrannical Government amongst many other checks and balances that they designed to seek a preservation of a Constitutional Republic. Should the evil anti American Progressives ever achieve stripping the inalienable right to bare arms away from the American individual, then unchallenged Tyranny may be achieved in over drive with out fear or regards to any viable repercussion(s), which of course is why it is vital for every American to oppose any Second Amendment infraction(s) that are attempted regardless if an American appreciates a fire arm or not, because in the bigger scheme of things, that Amendment is part of a complex matrix for individual liberty preservation, Constitutional Republic preservation and an additional safe guard against the potential of tyrannical government to come into existence.

Net neutrality is an assault of freedom of speech and is currently under way for targeted implementation to further control the main stream media message for the vast majority of the US population. President Obama also edited President Ronald Reagan’s Executive Oder 12425 granting Interpol diplomatic immunity, which President Ronald Reagan never granted for a future suspected One World Government Gestapo. To learn more, please visit http://www.examiner.com/x-30090-Delaware-Education-Examiner~y2009m12d29-President-Obama-signs-Executive-Order-allowing-Interpol-new-privileges Unions such as the SEIU and community organizers such as the former group known as ACORN, now known as Community Organizations International are all vital instruments for the planned Global Communist one world government to herd the masses for perfect subjugation of absolute command and control for anybody who desires the ability to gain employment any where on Earth. Traditional allies to the USA are currently not appreciated as commonly witnessed even on the main stream media and Authoritarian States are much more appreciated as never seen before with the current foreign affairs policies being pursued today. Arizona is being over ran by immigration infractions with little regard to American National sovereignty by this current administration, not to mention astounding Nationalization of Private Corporations that has already occurred as well. I fear to state what Ronald Reagan once said,”Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” Too many paralleled actions have transpired or are currently under way in a complete fundamental transformation of the United States of America, which will have broader impacts not only on the American citizen, but also on many other Nations and people through out the World. We may not have enough time to stop the onslaught by November for any political change of power to prevent the erosion of humanity as destined slaves and if there is any chance to make it to November to reverse the evil anti American Progressive legislative actions, then it will be imperative for several court actions to be initiated RIGHT NOW, in order to buy time to allow November to mean anything at all. Lawyers who traditionally support the Democrat Party should take heed to what is transpiring. Lawyers thrive in a Nation of laws that a Constitutional Republic is, but if a pseudo one world communist State is achieved then legal services as witnessed in passed Communist States are not needed so much anymore, which is quite an interesting quandary for those out there who practices Law. Many Lawyers out there should seriously consider their long term futures versus any short term gains while this new one world alignment is currently under way and seriously ask themselves this poignant question,”Is it worth it for me to assist in advancing an agenda that may very well put me out of a long term occupation for just a little extra quid right now?” This may sound some what extreme, but is it really when you begin to connect all of the dots?

Should the evil anti American Progressive machine prevail before November of 2010, then a 1000 years of darkness will reign over the world creating a World of misery for the masses. Those who are poor will remain poor, those who think that they are comfortable right now, will lose all comforts and those who posses power will remain in power indefinitely for themselves and their future lineage. The implications and the end results will not just negatively effect every day Americans, but once the United States of America ceases to be a Constitutional Republic, then Global alignment for a one world Government can come into existence to advance unchallenged measures to control all of mankind as never seen before through out human history. Suppose my suspicions are wrong, which would be wonderful, but with everything going on all at once in a legislative blitzkrieg in the USA as never seen before in all of American history, is it really at all worth the risk that my suspicions could be correct?

by: Mike M.

Written: Sunday, June 20th, 2010


Mike M. enjoys observing current affairs, politics and international news. Mike M. likes to follow what goes on in current affairs, politics and international news by gaining information through a variety of different news sources, some main stream and some niche news services as well. Once all facts minus opinions are reviewed, then Mike likes to comment on what his ascertained view points are by writing Editorial styled articles, which are then posted on his blog at http://taxmemore.blogspot.com READER BEWARE, Mike M. does have a Conservative/Libertarian bias! LOL!!! Let freedom of speech prevail for all, regardless of ideology or opinions! Feel free to follow us on Twitter @Lostmybeer, to gain unfeathered access to good Conservative/Libertarian propaganda!

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The new world Order; a prophetic message of warning to Jews & Christians

The New World Order: a prophetic warning to Jews

 by Prophetess D

This is a prophetic warning. God first told me this thru Ezekiel 33, a watchman who is told to warn of danger, 15 years ago. It is God’s will for the Jews to return to Israel. Scriptures say this. I used to tell them and they would say, “that’s crazy, it’s safer here.” When 911 happened, God told me “Tell them NOW”.  God told me to say “the sword is coming”. This is right out of Ezekiel 33.

The expression New World Order has been around for years. Hitler used it (I saw it on a newspaper in Jerusalem from Nazi Germany). It refers to a plan to have a one world government which is opposed to God and Christ. It is the same spirit as Nazism. The New World Order is the Fourth Reich. Pat Robertson wrote a book by that title. Those behind the cabal to create it are David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinsky, and the other politicos, European Royalty, world bankers and CEO’s of multinational corporations who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission. Dan Estulin has written The True History of the Bildebergers. Those people have an agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the US and replace it with the one world government run by the banking elite, which unfortunately includes bankers like the Rothschilds which have manipulated economic crises and wars for years. One doesn’t read about this conspiracy in the mainstream media because they are part of the cabal-they attend the meetings and agree not to cover what is discussed. But the independent media have been onto them for quite awhile. Check out Alex Jones (radio host) site infowars.com. He has many movies free on youtube which talk about this. He says their plans have been thwarted by exposure of them.

“All we need is the right crisis and the masses will accept the New World Order” Says David Rockefeller, who calls himself a “globalist”

George H.W. Bush said in a speech on 911 l993 that “the gulf war is the first test of the new world order.”

A supernatural prophetic warning: when Homeland Security was formed, there appeared in the Boston Globe on Oct 9 2001 an article about it and a picture of Bush and Tom Ridge in front of a flag. The flag that appeared in the picture was not an American flag, but a swastika. I and others saw this. This was a supernatural warning about the spirit of Homeland Security being the same spirit as Nazi Germany; a fascist police state. The Nazis called it the Fatherland.

Jim Marrs’ best-selling book The Rise of the Fourth Reich talks about how Nazism went underground and is surfacing now. The Holy Spirit gave me a “witness” that the book is telling the truth. It is not fiction.

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

It is said there are foreign UN troops in various bases around the country. Foreign troops are more willing to shoot American citizens than our military, and this is a way of getting around the Posse Comitatus law, which forbids using the U.S.military for police purposes

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” Dr. Henry Kissinger New York Times, Oct. 28, 1973

The New World Order is a Freemason-Illuminati term that is on the dollar bill in Latin (novus ordu seclorum). The Illuminati, an old occult mystical group, infiltrated freemasonry. The image was put there under FDR. Freemasonry is really Sat–ism at the top level, though the lower levels don’t know it. I have seen the handbook for the 32nd level Scottish Rite, written by Albert Pike, a Sat–ist. (I don’t use the name of the devil because it can invoke his spirit) He says “we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this.” People who are masons need to renounce it and get out. It brings curses on one’s family. I know of several masons whose family members died; this was from the curses. “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

It is the New Testament that warns us about the new world order, in the book of Revelation ch 17 which echoes ch 7 of Daniel, referring to governments as “beasts” and also describing the multi-national new world order as a beast with 10 horns, which represent kings. It is the European Union.

Understand also, that two of the agendas of the new world order are to microchip everyone to control them and to wipe out 80% of the world’s population through genocide. They call it population control. It is part of the agenda of the UN and the World Health Org. Deadly vaccines are their main tactic to kill people and make them sterile. Jesse Ventura in his Conspiracy Theory series (you can watch it on youtube) interviewed a doctor in an episode on secret societies part 5 and 6 who said many of the vaccines have squaline, a poison, whose purpose is to make people sick and die. She said it looks like Gulf War syndrome. No doubt they tested it on the military there. She said that she had been told by a member of the new world order elite that the time to “cull the population” was drawing near. Nathan Tabor’s book The Beast on the East River  documents the population control agenda of the State Dept. under Kissinger. Foreign aid to 3rd world countries was tied to their compliance to pop control measures including abortion and sterilization. These population control measures are not only aimed at third world countries; vaccines and mass medication occur everywhere. I saw a video titled Polio vaccine caused cancer where one of the original doctors said the polio vaccine had other viruses and he feared it would cause cancer. There is much evidence that vaccines, which have mercury, a toxin, cause autism and alzeimers. Mercury degenerates neurons in the brain.

In a recent speech at TED, Bill Gates, stating that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion & sterilization), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.” I listened to this on the web. He said it.

Some other quotes about depopulation:
“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”. Dr. Henry Kissinger
“World population needs to be decreased by 50%” Dr. Henry Kissinger; “The elderly are useless eaters” Dr. Henry Kissinger

“War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine” Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, showed solutions for reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control which gave him a standing ovation

“In South America, the government of Peru goes door to door pressuring women to be sterilized and they are funded by American tax dollars to do this.”Mark Earley in The Wrong Kind of Party Christian Post 10/27 2008

” “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund

“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.” Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER

Jews cannot afford to be ignorant of the New Testament, as it warns us about what is going on politically. Revelation 13:16 (new testament) is referring to these microchips as a mark, called the mark of the beast, which the beast caused everyone to receive in their right hand or forehead, without which nobody can buy or sell. The bible warns that those who take this mark will suffer eternal torment.

Google Nick Rockefeller/Aaron Russo on youtube. Russo, a Jew, was an indep. filmaker who became friends with Rockefeller and interviewed him. NR talks about his family’s plans to microchip everyone as part of a plot to create a fascist one world government.

The technology to microchip exists. RFID chips. They use it in pets. ABC News NYC recently had a story of a man who took one voluntarily to store healthcare info. 13 years ago I heard it announced in FL that they were “thinking of testing them in jails and mental hospitals.” They say it is a tb test in jails, as a ruse. I had a spooky feeling in a jail there about one, and then found out about Carl Sanders, whose website Trumpet Ministries warns people that chips he helped design 30 years ago for the CIA are the “mark of the beast”. He told me they tested them in the Gulf War military.

The new health care bill HR 3300 p. 1001 sneakily mandates microchips. It says within 3 years, “The sec. of Health & Human Services shall establish & begin implementation of registry of medical devices,, pursuant to FDA reg section 519g of Federal Food,Drug & Cosmetic Act 21 USC 360i document Dec 10 2004 which explicitly calls for Implantable transponders for patient ID and health information. The FDA directive lists gail.gantt@fda.hhs.gov for info.

I have a witness from the Holy Spirit that they will use vaccines sneakily to put microchips in people. Another reason not to take vaccines.

Because the new world order is anti-God, all God’s people are in danger from it. There are concentration camps being built in every state in this country. Kellog Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, got a huge contract to build them in 2006. The contract states “for illegal immigrants & other unspecified purposes.” If you google American concentration camps you will find lists of them. They are to be run by FEMA. Alex Jones’ movies also talk about the FEMA camps. You can see them free on youtube. (see Infowars.com) The targets for prisoners will be illegal immigrants, Jews, Christians, blacks, dissidents, constitutionalists, patriots, anyone who opposes the new world order. Infowars.com has quotes from ads for detention camp specialists in the army national guard (army reg. 210-35) “Civilian inmate labor program” to “establish civilian inmates labor program and prison camps on army installations”. The lists of the camps include many army bases, former WWII internment camps, and the new ones being built by KBR. HR 5210 passed 11/l988 mandates that military installations are to be used as mental treatment centers, or prison camps with work programs. All of these places have been refurbished with barbed wire pointing in, to keep people in rather than out. A suspicious amtrack railroad car repair location in Beech Grove, IN has the same. The Holy Spirit gave me a “witness” 13 years ago about their being “concentration camps in Indiana”, which had been rumored among Christians for years. Alex Jones has a video on youtube titled 500,000 coffins. It shows plastic coffins stacked in GA near Atlanta airport, waiting to be used, on FEMA –leased property. The official reason for them is supposedly in case of biological disease outbreak, he says. But is that really the purpose? Gunderson Steel is rumored to have gotten contracts to build railroad cars outfitted with shackles, enough for 1,500,000 prisoners. Phil Schneider, who was killed for exposing the New World Order, and had helped build underground bases under Denver Airport and other places, said he saw Gunderson’s railcars. All of this can be researched on the web.

Google Denver Int’l Airport-new world order on youtube and watch the video showing the place. There is an entire underground city there to be a headquarter for the new world order. The building was built by freemasons (it has a masonic capstone) who at the top level are sat–ists (unknown to the lower levels). I have read the handbook for the 32 degree Scottish Rite, written by Albert Pike, a sat–ist. It says “we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this”. The buildings at DIA are shaped like a swastika. There are creepy murals showing the end of the world and people in coffins. The people in the coffins look like a 3rd world african, an indian and a girl holding a bible with a cross on it and wearing a jewish star. The murals show soldiers with gas masks and swords killing a dove, and mothers holding dead babies. This image of the sword confirms the word God gave me in Ezekiel 33 about “the sword is coming”.

Just like Hitler warned us in mein kampf of who he intended to kill, this airport’s murals are warning who they intend to kill thru genocide. The coffins are showing blacks, Indians, Jews & Christians, among others. The Holy Spirit gave me a “witness” about this place. Jesse Ventura also investigates it in his “conspiracy theory” show on the episode 2012. He shows the Masonic capstone, where it says “New World Airport Commission”. They show the underground tunnels, and one of his interviewees says many workers have told him about the tunnels, it being an underground city. Outside there are large areas with barbed wire fences, facing in (to keep people in). The tunnels at DIA have sprinklers in the ceilings, which is weird because they are concrete tunnels. They must plan on piping in gases or viruses to kill people, like the Nazis did in the showers. That would explain the murals of all the dead people.

Mental Health facilities are another form of concentration camp. They are prisons, not hospitals. Most of them have flags outside that say POW.MIA; symbolic of the fact that they are prisons and death camps. People die in the hospitals from the drugs, which cause brain damage, liver and kidney damage. “mental health” is Orwellian double-speak. It is mental death, not health. Calling them “hospitals” instead of “death camps” is just a way of euphemistically covering up what they’re really doing. What goes on in those places is soul-murder. The purpose of the drugs is mind control. The holy spirit told me it is sorcery. The root of the word pharmacy is pharmakeia in Greek, which translates as drugs, sorcery. Sorcery is an abomination to God, according to Deut. 18. The doctors & nurses who give out these drugs need to repent. The mental health system is completely unconstitutional and needs to be dismantled. The state mental health laws are all unconstitutional and need to be challenged at the highest level. They violate the 1st amendment for religious freedom (religious experiences are defined as symptoms of mental illness by atheistic dr.s’); the 13th anti-slavery amendment (patients are involuntarily drugged and used as medical guinea pigs-this is involuntary servitude, slavery); the 8th amendment against cruel & unusual punishment (the drugs & other “treatments” are torture); and the 6th and 14th due process amendments. They also violate the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights art. 3

God made me a witness to what goes on in these places and had me write a book about it to warn people. You can read it on my website at 1prophetspeaks.com: Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s answer to psychiatry.  2 years before He made me a witness to it, He had prophesied to me “I’m gonna use you to write a manual”. The title came to me later in a dream. Anyone who works in mental health needs to read this book.

Communist countries like Russia & China have used psych hospitals against political dissidents. People think it doesn’t happen here, but it’s been happening for 50 years to Christians in this country; God had me write the book to expose it. It will be used against any dissidents in the near future as part of the New World Order agenda if it isn’t stopped.

There is supposedly a mental health facility in Alaska at Elmendorf AFB designed to hold 1 million people (I got this from l website-I have not verified it). Maybe it is underground. Phil Schneider said there are 1500 underground bases worldwide.

Mass medication of the population as a way of controlling them was developed by the Nazis using fluoride in the drinking water of the camps. They did it to make people docile and more easily controlled. Fluoride is a toxic waste that has been marketed around the world to strengthen teeth by putting it in the drinking water and toothpaste. It is a scam. It is a poison and they are using it for the same purposes as the Nazis. Toothpaste tubes all have warnings that if you swallow it, consult poison control. The element fluorine, which is in fluoride, is also in all the anti-psychotic drugs used to stupify patients. It causes brain damage. The pharmaceuticals all have ties to Germany-there is again a Nazi connection. The mental health drugs are toxic and deadly. Many patients die slowly if not quickly from them. Drugging the population to control them is one reason they have been moving in the direction of mental health screening in schools-to drug the kids. Aldous Huxley author of Brave New World, a prophetic book about a future fascist society where everyone is drugged, said that scientific fascism would be easy to sell to the masses.

Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science. They claim mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances, but that is a lie to sell drugs. Labels like schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder are just slander of people who have spiritual beliefs and experiences, rooted in an atheistic world view. The bible’s solution for mental illness is the same as for physical illness; rebuking the spirits that cause it in Jesus’ name. This works. I have done it. People who dabble in the occult or use drugs or alcohol give the devil an opening for demonic oppression or possession, which causes mental illness. They need to repent of it to be healed. Psych meds cause mental illness; they don’t cure it, for the same reason. All the shooters at schools like Columbine were being treated with mental health drugs, which made them homicidal and suicidal. The drug handbooks warn that anti-psychotic drugs can cause psychosis. I heard a prophetic warning a while back that those who harm us would be “those who would heal you”. This was a warning about the mental health system, through the drugs, and the vaccines which are designed to sterilize, sicken and kill. Psychiatry, through its atheism, is a dead end. The psychiatrist at Ft Hood who shot people was like a prophetic warning; the psychiatrists who use drugs (most of them) are just as deadly. Some of them, like Peter Breggin and Nathaniel Lehrman, who speak out against the drugs, are prophets. Don’t overlook all the other drugs that are marketed for various purposes fraudulently which have dangerous side effects just to make money. The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. Melody Peterson’s book Our Daily Meds  2008 documents fraud in medicine.

There are historical connections between Freemasonry, which is Sat–ism, Nazism and psychiatry. The Nazis were into the occult; they were devil worshippers. In 1928 the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich directed by Ernst Rudin, a Nazi. In l932 Rudin was appointed president of the Global Eugenics Foundation. In l945 the World Fed. For Mental Health was founded by Harry Stack Sullivan and George Brock Chisholm. Chisholm says “to achieve world government, it is necessary to remove…individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism and religious dogma.” 1948 the 3rd int’l congress of Mental Hygiene says “principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of world citizenship.” In l948 the National Insti. Of Mental Health was founded. Jim Keith’s book Mass Control says CIA mind control experiment MKULTRA director dr. Robert Hanna Felix was director of psychiatric research for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and Dir. of the National Instit. Of Mental Health. So Sat–ists, through masonry, were running the mental health system. Nazism has been working all along, covertly through psychiatry.

The New World Order agenda has been working through mental health and also education, to program children to be world citizens. G. Brock Chisholm, a psychiatrist, was first head of the world health org, a UN group. He was anti-God. He says the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government. John Dewey, the father of educational reform, was a secular humanist; he wrote the Humanist Manifesto. His agenda was to promote secular humanism in education. It is really atheism and is opposed to God. This is really unconstitutional since it is forbidden to establish a state religion, but they have established atheism or secular humanism as a state religion in the public schools. The Communist Manifesto No. 19 directs members to infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with other forms, discredit the bible and inject Humanism. Substitute education for churches and it’s right out of their playbook.

Hitler did the same thing; he said “I have the youth”. Jonah Goldberg, in his book Liberal Fascism, quotes a song the nazi youth sang, saying “we have no need of Christian virtue; Adolph Hitler is our savior.” This proves the Nazis were not Christians, so Jesus and Christianity should not be blamed for what they did to the Jews. The Nazis were devil worshippers and the devil hates God’s people, both Christians and Jews. When they took prayer out of the schools, that left a spiritual vacuum for the devil to come in, and he has, in various forms. One is multicultural education, where they teach about other religions but not the bible. This is hypocrisy. They also use occult visualizations and meditations for creativity; this is spiritually dangerous and can open people to demonic oppression. I have taught in the public schools and seen what they do. I once found a teacher using a Ouija board as a game; the kids were possessed. They were the most violent and uncontrollable I’d ever seen.

We cannot afford to be ignorant of God’s word -the bible. Isaiah ch 53 talks about the messiah and it so obviously refers to Jesus that they don’t include it in the yearly readings in synagogues. This is lying by omission on the part of the rabbis. Hence, Jews have been ignorant of the prophecies describing the Jewish messiah, Jesus, or Yeshua which means salvation in Hebrew. It says “He was wounded for our transgressions..my righteous servant shall justify many for he shall bear their iniquities.” The rabbis, when asked, argue that the passage refers to the Jewish people, not one man. But the line “for the transgressions of My people he was stricken” prove otherwise. Whenever, in other scriptures, God refers to My people, he means the Jews, not the whole world. So to be consistent, he is saying that one man was the atonement for His people, the Jews.

Read the New Testament for yourself. Read a King James or New King James translation. The more modern translations have omitted some scriptures and parts of scriptures. It was written by Jews. Jesus only came to Jews, not gentiles. If God didn’t want us to believe he was the messiah, why would He have sent him to us and not the gentiles? It doesn’t make sense for gentiles to believe he is the savior, but not the Jews. He was the savior for all people-to the jew first, and then the gentile.

Don’t let the rabbis mislead you. Just like they have mislead the Jewish people about the messiah for 2,000 years, they falsely reassured the Jews to stay in Europe when they should have left and gone to Palestine; danger is coming to the Jews in this country now through the new world order. God is again saying, go to ISRAEL. It was not God’s will for the Jews to die in the Holocaust; he sent prophets warning them to leave. Zeev Jabotinsky was one. Naomi Wolf’s prophetic book The End of America ,(2008) is a warning about how close this country is to a fascist state.

This is a prophetic warning. God first told me this thru Ezekiel 33, a watchman who is told to warn of danger, 15 years ago. It is God’s will for the Jews to return to Israel. Scriptures say this. I used to tell them and they would say, “that’s crazy, it’s safer here.” When 911 happened, God told me Tell them NOW. God told me to say “the sword is coming”. This is right out of Ezekiel 33.

The date of 911 is symbolic in that 911 is the number for police, and the government used it as an excuse to continue to create a police state in this country, passing the patriot act, among other things. Google executive orders; Bush signed many designed to be used under martial law, when the constitution is revoked. Nick Rockefeller even told Aaron Russo that “an event” was being planned, as an excuse to create the new world order. There is ample evidence for truth seekers that the buildings were blown up. The planes did not bring them down. 3 buildings fell, and only 2 were hit by planes. There was a “stand down” order that Cheney knew about and kept re-invoking to keep the planes from being intercepted. Terrorism is the problem that is being provoked to be used as an excuse to create a global police state, the new world order. A lot of these attacks are false flags and provocations by government agents. Yes, radical islam is a threat to the jews, but so is the solution, a global police state. It is the devil’s technique-he creates a problem and then tries to sell us his solution. The motto of masonry is Order out of Chaos. They create the chaos and then their fascist police state as the order.

Initially I believed 911 was done by Arab terrorists, but I was standing outside a meeting of the 911 truthers and the Holy Spirit said to me “to support your prophetic message”, implying their beliefs that the gov. was behind it are closer to the truth. One of the tidbits that struck me as patently ridiculous was how they conveniently found a passport from one of the terrorists on the ground near ground zero. After everything else burned they found that? The BBC was initially reporting that all the supposed terrorists were showing up alive in other countries.

Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that the “event” to come would be used as an excuse to go to Afghanistan & Iraq for their oil, and they would also go after Chavez in Venezuela. He said they would be looking in caves in Afghanistan, and it’s all a hoax. Khalid Shaikh Mohamad was waterboarded 100 times, and his family was threatened. His confessions are completely invalid.

The Jews belong in Israel because there will be supernatural protection there as there has been in every war and is prophesied in the bible. When Saddam Hussein attacked Israel, he sent 39 scuds to Tel Aviv and not one exploded. NY is a target for Islamic terrorists because of its Jews. God is using terrorists to judge America for her sins, if they don’t repent and turn back to God, just like he used Nebuchadnezzar to judge Israel in ancient times, for her sins. The NY Times reported 2 days ago that Iran now has enough nuclear material for 2 bombs.

The New Testament tells us this global police state will happen, but ultimately will be defeated by Jesus and his kingdom. Jeremiah 15 also tells us that if God ever says he will bring judgment, but people repent, He will change his mind. Other prophets have said that God is weeping over America, wanting us to turn back to Him.

Nations need to repent to avoid judgment thru wars, plagues and natural disasters, all of which are tools used by God to bring people to repentance, to seek Him. Individuals need to repent to be saved, and salvation, as Jesus said, is of the Jews. That salvation comes by accepting the messiah of the Jews, Yeshua, Jesus on a personal level and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be born again. That is not a denial of Jewishness, but a fulfillment of it.

If you want to feel more Jewish, go to Israel; you will. Israelis define their Jewishness by being there, not denying Jesus, like diaspora Jews. When I ask Israelis what they think of Jesus, I more often got a response “what’s the big deal-he was a Jew”.

Christianity was a natural outgrowth of ancient biblical Judaism. It started as a sect of Judaism. Talmud Judaism sprung up in response to it. The Talmud tells blasphemous lies about Jesus. The Jews used to sacrifice animals as an atonement for sin. Jesus, the son of God, was the ultimate sacrifice, once and for all, for all people so that it no longer was necessary to sacrifice animals. That’s why God allowed the temple to be destroyed in 70 AD so they would stop sacrificing animals. That time was over. Even rabbis admit that Christianity is closer to ancient Judaism than modern Judaism is. This is because of this issue of the sacrifice, and its meaning, which is described in Isaiah 53. Read your bible. Read Isaiah 9:6 which says: “to us is a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulder, and his name will be called wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, prince of peace.” It is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which testifies that Jesus is the messiah, and brings personal peace.

There will only be peace in Israel when all God’s children (Jews and gentiles) accept Jesus as messiah. Political peace necessitates and follows inner peace. He is what unites us. God will have his kingdom on earth when Jesus returns, bringing judgment. Jeremiah 31:31, which came to me in a dream when I asked God if Jesus was the messiah, says that God will make a new covenant “not like the one I made with them when I delivered them from Egypt, which they broke… and I will forgive their sins.” The forgiveness of sins through Jesus was the new covenant, the fulfillment of the prophecies and the destiny of the Jewish people.

Understand that in the New Testament, there is the office of prophet in the church-Ephesians 5. God has never stopped using prophets, but he also speaks to us all directly through the Holy Spirit, which has been on the earth since Jesus sent it from Heaven to be with us and in us. God speaks to all of us in our thoughts.. We just need to recognize when it is He who is talking to us. Our conscience is God. Prayer and reading the bible so we are familiar with His voice are how we learn to discern it. Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice”. John 10:27 The indwelling of the Holy Spirit gives a person a “witness” that something is God talking to them, or is true. The Holy Spirit testifies that Jesus is the messiah. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to have that tool to be able to discern what is God. According to the bible, there are two sources of thought; God and the Devil. The book of James ch 3 (new testament) says there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below. It describes that from below as being “earthly, sensual, demonic”. All thoughts come to us from the spiritual realm. Our minds are like radio receivers. The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it.” “Wisdom from above is first pure, then peacable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” James 3:17

Jesus not only saves, he heals. It is God’s will to heal us, when we repent of our sins. When we accept Jesus, we gain authority to rebuke afflictions of all kinds, which are often caused by spirits of those afflictions. I know this from experience; I have been healed many times, including serious life-threatening diseases. There is no disease that cannot be healed by God through Jesus. Jesus said, “if you ask anything in my name I will do it.” John 14:14 He told his followers to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons. Matt 10:8

Some scriptures from the New Testament about Jesus from the Gospel of John: “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” John 1:1 “And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth.” John l:14 “The law came by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ.” John 1:17

The Trinity and the Schma: 1 John 5:7 says “There are 3 that bear record in heaven, the Father, Word and Holy Spirit, and these 3 are one”. This is describing the trinity. For those who think the schma contradicts the trinity, consider this: The schma says Hear o Israel the Lord is One. The Hebrew word for one in the schma is Echad. Echad is also used in Genesis 2:24: A man shall leave his mother and cleave to his wife and the 2 shall be one flesh.” Here the word obviously denotes a compound unity. Two people, yet one in the flesh. So echad also means a compound unity in the schma – meaning the Godhead is 3: father, son and Holy Spirit. I got a personal revelation about the meaning of echad once when I was at El Al. I was going thru a turnstile and a man came up behind me. The Israeli said to me, “echad?” meaning, “are you one with him?” The Hebrew word for God is ELOHIM which is plural, so this also implies a trinity.

You can got to Israel SUPERNATURALLY by the spirit of God without money or airplanes. Go outside. Travel light. Fast. Pray in the name of Jesus for God to take you there. Jesus said “if you ask anything in my name, ye shall have it. Verily I say unto you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, be removed, and it shall be removed. Nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Mathew 17 Travelling supernaturally by the spirit of God happened to Phillip in the Book of Acts ch 8 (NT) and Ezekiel ch 3 (OT).

The New Testament says that gentile Christians are spiritual Jews, grafted into God’s people. They have a right to go to Israel too.


The MOST IMPORTANT THING to realize about all of this negative information is that it shows how critical it is to each of us to have an ongoing relationship with God, so that He can guide us and warn us and protect us. We need to hear him speaking to us and telling us where to go and where not to go. There are times He will protect us no matter what is going on around us, (Psalm 91); there are also times he will tell us to go somewhere else. When he brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, he told Lot to leave. God speaks to all of us through the Holy Spirit, in our thoughts.  Praying the Lord’s Prayer every day helps to get that guidance. It says “lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil.” (I choose to say  “protect me from evil” which is to say, to avoid it rather than be in it and have to get out of it”. I think it is wiser. 

 The whole prayer is in Mathew 6. “Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others their trespasses. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father will forgive you yours. But if you forgive not their trespasses, your heavenly father will not forgive yours. Matt 6:14-15

You can read more prophetic messages from God at 1prophetspeaks.com including free books and articles on God, healing, warnings about the mental health system and the new world order. (includes the minibook Spiritual Wisdom) There is more about the above in the book Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s answer to psychiatry. God had used someone to prophesy to me “I’m gonna use you to write a manual” and 2 years later I wrote this book. It talks about atheistic psychiatry and their toxic drugs, and how to be healed of mental & physical illness through prayer/worship in Jesus’ name.  There are also articles warning about water fluoridation, toxic vaccines, microchips  & the healthcare bill (has microchips).

My blog is 1prophetspeaks. Blogspot.com. These articles are on there too.


I am a Jewish christian musician/teacher/writer who writes about God, the mental health system, the new world order. On my website are prophetic messages and books that are free, including Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s ANswer to Psychiatry. (psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science). http://www.1prophetspeaks.com  My blog is http://www.1prophetspeaks.blogspot.com

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