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AUNE Faculty Obtain Grant to Study Rwandan Land Use and Chimps

AUNE Faculty Obtain Grant to Study Rwandan Land Use and Chimps

Keene, New Hampshire (PRWEB) August 09, 2012

Nyungwe National Park has the largest population of endangered Eastern chimpanzees in the African nation of Rwanda. But big changes along the borders of the park—a mix of farmland, woodlots, and tea and pine plantations—may not be good news for the chimps.

Beth Kaplin, core faculty member in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England (AUNE), and doctoral candidate Robin Martino will head to Rwanda soon to study land uses in these areas and how changes may affect the chimpanzees in collaboration with Rwandan colleagues. A $ 46,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will fund the year-long study, which began in July.

Plans for massive logging of pine trees in the border areas, where chimps often range and feed, could have a big impact. For instance, the large-seeded fruit trees that are a major source of their food may be decimated.

It’s not just a problem for the chimps. The Rwandan economy increasingly depends on tourists, many of whom come to see the chimps and other wildlife in national parks. The goal of the project is to help the Rwandan government make sound, science-based decisions about the park, perhaps creating buffer zones to protect the chimps and other wildlife.

“One chimpanzee group’s home range includes part of the pine plantation buffer zone, scheduled to be logged, so there is an economic and ecological incentive for creating a buffer zone,” said Robin Martino, a PhD student in environmental studies who has been involved with research in Rwanda since the mid-1990’s.

The Research in Rwanda

Martino said the project integrates three components: ecological, technological, and social –and the results have a potential to influence national policy concerning the buffer zone. Students from AUNE, and bachelor’s and master’s students from the National University of Rwanda will observe chimpanzees along forest edges, and map vegetation types using GIS technology, satellite imaging, and aerial photography, then verify those data on the ground.

They will also interview local residents for information on conflicts between humans and chimpanzees, where chimps enter and exit the forest, and if they ever eat chimps. The border areas around the national park have some of the highest human population densities in Africa, and what happens here can impact residents, many of whom make their living by farming or cutting wood.

The researchers will generate a detailed map of forest-cover types where chimps range, and will also present seminars on their findings in Washington, D.C. Besides helping the Rwandan government to conserve chimpanzees and manage national forests in Rwanda, the project will help build the capacity for conservation management among the national park’s staff and students and faculty in the National University of Rwanda.

The USFWS’ grant is through one of its Multinational Species Conservation Funds, set up to help preserve endangered wildlife species outside the United States.

Kaplin has been involved in ongoing research in Rwanda for the last twenty years, some of those through AUNE’s Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, of which she is director. Recently, she launched the Regional Network for Conservation Educators in the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR) to promote collaboration on regional conservation issues.

About AUNE’s Department of Environmental Studies

In 1971, AUNE offered the first environmental studies program in the country. Its Department of Environmental Studies has a history of delivering visionary, progressive and interdisciplinary programs aimed at helping students solve some of today’s most complex environmental challenges. The department offers a master of science degree in environmental studies with concentrations in conservation biology, advocacy for social justice and sustainability, science teacher certification, sustainable development and climate change, and self-designed studies. It also offers a master of science degree in resource and conservation management and a PhD in environmental studies.

About Antioch University New England (AUNE)

Antioch University New England offers highly respected doctoral, master’s, and certificate programs in education, environmental studies, management and psychology. Located in Keene, New Hampshire, this unique institution serves approximately one thousand students each year. Our graduates have gone on to be leaders of positive change, working toward a more just and sustainable society. Founded in 1964, Antioch University New England is the oldest of Antioch University’s graduate campuses. Learn more at: http://www.antiochne.edu.

About Antioch University

Inspired by the work of pioneering educator Horace Mann, Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice. With campuses in Keene New Hampshire, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle, and Yellow Springs, Ohio, Antioch University is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.


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if i have an associates in teaching can i change my major to environmental science/studies?

Question by puppyface908: if i have an associates in teaching can i change my major to environmental science/studies?
i currently attend community college and would like to change my major to environmental science when i go to university. Please help!!!
thanks mastermind

Best answer:

Answer by mastermind delinquent
Yes you can. At a junior college you only get the general ed classes that everyone is required. When you get an AA is just means you took more classes in a particular study but you only needed i believe 60 credits to trasnfer which when you do you can select your major.

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earthrise – Episode five

On this episode: The Scottish islanders leading the way in energy self-sufficiency; the residents of Arcata City in California who flush their toilets with pride; the man turning the Jordan Valley green again; and gardens in the sky in the Big Apple.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The CLEO Project advances environmental literacy and encourages broad public engagement in addressing the question, “What is climate change all about, and what’s my role?” We mobilize schools, colleges, businesses, organizations, and governments to participate in fact-driven dialogs describing what we know about climate change, the forces that likely affect it, and solutions that can be scaled and replicated. For more information, please visit us at www.cleoinstitute.org
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Bentley Prince Street Returns to Entrepreneurial Roots with a Focus on Product Expansion and Global Growth

Bentley Prince Street Returns to Entrepreneurial Roots with a Focus on Product Expansion and Global Growth

Anthony P. Minite, president and CEO

City of Industry, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

The management team of Bentley Prince Street is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the company from its parent, Interface, Inc., and return the distinguished commercial carpet manufacturer to a privately-owned entity. The transaction is expected to close in the coming few weeks. Management, making the purchase together with Dominus Capital, a private equity investment firm, plans to capitalize on the company’s over-thirty-year history of designing award-winning commercial carpet products to expand its broadloom, carpet tile and area rug businesses worldwide. In the coming year, Bentley Prince Street will be increasing its efforts to meet industry demand for innovation and performance, while reinforcing its legacy of design excellence.    

“This upcoming chapter in our company’s history is exciting for our associates and our industry because we are setting big goals for growth that will provide a huge burst of energy for all of us,” said President and CEO Anthony Minite. “Bentley Prince Street has long been celebrated for design excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit, and that spirit is what motivates us to be better and stronger than our competitors.”

Bentley Prince Street will continue to manufacture quality products, designed with its customers’ needs in mind, in the most responsible way. Partnering with Dominus Capital will afford Bentley Prince Street the ability to acquire the highest quality technology, which will allow the company to exceed the industry’s expectations in the areas of design and innovation. In addition, management plans to expand the company’s carpet tile and area rug programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Ashish Rughwani, Partner at Dominus Capital, added, “We are excited to partner with Anthony and the rest of the management team in this investment. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to expand their industry-leading product portfolio and further build-out their roster of dedicated clients around the globe. In addition to making a substantial financial commitment to Bentley, we look forward to utilizing our previous experience in the floor covering industry, as well as our network of industry executives, to assist management in achieving its growth plans.”

Bentley Prince Street is the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California and it will continue to operate in its LEED® Certified for Existing Buildings facility in Los Angeles, while bringing jobs and revenue back into the state. In addition to the economic benefits, Bentley Prince Street is the first manufacturer in California, and one of only three companies in the state, selected to Pilot ISO 50001 by the Department of Energy.

For nearly two decades, Bentley Prince Street has led the industry in an unparalleled commitment to sustainability. Bentley Prince Street will continue to embrace Ray Anderson’s legacy of environmental responsibility as it builds toward a future that is most beneficial to associates, customers and vendors. The company is recognized as a leader in driving sustainability, and it will continue to engage its associates and customers in that commitment.

While the contemplated purchase may represent a change in ownership, it does not represent any change in Bentley Prince Street’s commitment to delivering quality products and customer service since 1979. Design, quality and service are the tenets upon which Bentley Prince Street is built and also represent what customers have come to expect. Bentley Prince Street is embracing its entrepreneurial roots and looks forward to writing the next chapter in its rich history together with customers, vendors, and partners.

About Bentley Prince Street

Defining style, color, quality and service for over 30 years, Bentley Prince Street manufactures and markets award-winning broadloom, carpet tile and area rugs for commercial interiors across the globe. Bentley Prince Street is committed to sustainable commerce and innovations to integrate style and function with environmental practices. With the industry’s most comprehensive vertical carpet manufacturing facility, the company maintains third-party certification to the ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System. Based in Los Angeles County, California, Bentley Prince Street operates in a LEED-EB® Silver carpet mill and is the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California. For more information, please visit http://www.bentleyprincestreet.com and http://bpscarpet.blogspot.com.

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Q&A: Explain one way a human being responds to an environmental change in a way that maintains homeostasis?

Question by Bengalsbro: Explain one way a human being responds to an environmental change in a way that maintains homeostasis?
Please! thanks!!

Best answer:

increase in external temperature -> internal temperature rises -> body brings about negative feedback and sweats cooling body -> internal temperature decreases.

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Biology Homework Question Describe an environmental change brought about by the increase in human population?

Question by ejb.123: Biology Homework Question Describe an environmental change brought about by the increase in human population?

Best answer:

Answer by ms.tori
pollution, over population, competition, a decrease in poplulations

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Some cool Environmental Change images:

Environmental Change
Image by ecspblog

Environmental Change
Image by ecspblog

ATMOS Global Launches ATMOS-5D+ First-of-its-Kind ‘Sixth Sense’ Dust Impact Forecasting Platform for Mine Haul Road Dust Management and Dust Control

ATMOS Global Launches ATMOS-5D+ First-of-its-Kind ‘Sixth Sense’ Dust Impact Forecasting Platform for Mine Haul Road Dust Management and Dust Control

Dr Orestis Valianatos – Global President and Chief Executive Officer – ATMOS Global™

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

ATMOS Global ™ (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd – Elite Atmospheric Air Quality Modelling & Forecasting and Climate Change Research Consultants™) launches ATMOS-5D+ ™ world’s first Integrated 5D Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting and Management Platform for Mine Haul Road Dust Control ™ – a major breakthrough in environmental dust control and dust management in mining.

Growing attention to general environmental issues has stimulated the search for new approaches to dust management. In particular, the challenges associated with controlling haul road fugitive dust emissions have led regulatory agencies to examine these emissions in greater detail.

Dr Orestis Valianatos, the Global President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMOS Global, said that “responding to the scientific consensus that mine haul road dust emissions are considered to have a major contribution to the overall dust emissions from surface mining sites, ATMOS-5D+ ™ ‘sows seeds of change’ as a revolutionary concept that facilitates the enhanced understanding and control of these emissions. ATMOS-5D+ ™ marks the emergence of a new ‘sixth sense’ Dust Management 5.0 era by bridging the gap between the digital and physical world.”

“The robust, timely and comprehensive dust impact forecasting information generated daily for mining companies world-wide through ATMOS Global’s Centre for Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting, Management and Control™ using our advanced multi-component dust control and management systems, ATMOS-5D+ ™ and DustAlert+ ™ (world’s first Artificial Intelligence Multi-factor Multi-criteria Dust Impact Early Warning System ™), transforms the way mining companies deal with dust emissions associated with mine haul roads and helps them adapt to the global future of the regulatory environment in which they operate, as it changes,” he said.

ATMOS-5D+ ™ is the new dedicated version (for mine haul road dust control) of ATMOS Global’s innovative ATMOS-5D ™ – the first-of-its-kind risk-based dust management method used for a mining project nominated as a finalist (jointly with ATMOS Australia) for one of the most prestigious awards for environmental excellence in Australia. ATMOS-5D+ ™ and DustAlert+ ™ are complex multi-component systems that combine state-of-the-art meteorological and air quality forecasting concepts and apply mathematical and physical sciences proficiency to the task of delivering more than 25,000 highly specialized dust impact forecasts every year.

ATMOS-5D+ ™ is a multi-agent autonomous ground breaking Dust Management 5.0 technology that coordinates and supports the mission critical activities of distributed dust control agents by adapting to user expectations to help identify potential dust management problems and changes in the environment to solve practical dust management problems in a more effective way.

ATMOS-5D+ ™ sets guidelines for appropriate courses of fact-based dust management action leading to safer working conditions, reduced environmental consequences and higher productivity by offering mine operators an opportunity to anticipate, identify and decide before adverse dust impacts are predicted to happen (a few days in advance) what the response to these potential dust impacts will be.

ATMOS-5D+ ™ is a unique dust control and management platform that complements and enhances the efficiency of traditional dust management control practices.

Mining companies that are interested in applying our ATMOS-5D+ ™ platform, a fresh perspective on dust management, to better control mine haul road dust emissions are invited to contact our friendly ATMOS Global’s Air Quality and Climate Change Ambassadors ™ for further information and a confidential phone consultation by visiting our website.

Company Information

Dr Orestis Valianatos is the Global President and CEO of ATMOS Global™ (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd). He has extensive experience and an influential global perspective in the fields of atmospheric and air quality forecasting (model/system developer and user), education and strategic corporate advisory services. Entrepreneur and agent of change, he has authored more than 50 ground breaking air quality research publications (internationally published). In 1999, Dr Valianatos initiated an ongoing successful journey to pioneer, encourage and support the use of advanced 3D dispersion modelling, numerical weather prediction and air quality forecasting concepts and techniques for the day to day understanding and management of complex air quality issues for the mining, manufacturing and energy industries.

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd) is a wholly Australian owned leading global strategic consulting company specializing in the provision of advanced innovative atmospheric, air quality modelling & forecasting and climate change services. We have been developing and pioneering advanced three dimensional (3D) Numerical Weather Prediction and complex air quality modelling & forecasting tools to deliver accurate air quality management solutions for the mining, manufacturing and energy industries for almost two decades.


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Disney Channel Games 2011 // Team Lists

Disney’s Friends For Change Games 2011 Blue Team playing to benefit Ocean Conservancy Captain: Debby Ryan (“Jessie”), Allisyn Ashley Arm (“So Random”), Olavo Cavalheiro (Disney Channel Brazil), Hutch Dano (“Zeke and Luther”), Roshon Fegan (“Shake It Up”), Doc Shaw (“Pair of Kings”), Stefanie Scott (“ANT Farm”) and Jake Short (“ANT Farm”). Green Team playing to benefit Fauna and Flora International Captain: Brandon Mychal Smith (“So Random”), Valeria Baroni (Disney Channel Argentina), Paula Dalli (Disney Channel Spain), Adam Hicks (“Zeke and Luther”), David Henrie (“Wizards of Waverly Place”), Sterling Knight (“So Random”), Ryan Ochoa (“Pair of Kings”), Eve Ottino (Disney Channel France) and Bella Thorne (“Shake It Up”). Yellow Team playing to benefit UNICEF Captain: Bridgit Mendler (“Good Luck Charlie”), Jorge Blanco (Disney Channel Mexico), Valentina Colombo (Disney Channel Italy), Adam Irigoyen (“Shake It Up”), China Anne McClain (“ANT Farm”), Sierra McCormick (“ANT Farm”), Logan Miller (“I’m In The Band”) and Gregg Sulkin (“Wizards of Waverly Place” and Disney Channel UK). Red Team playing to benefit World Wildlife Fund Captain: Mitchel Musso (“Pair of Kings”), Jake T. Austin (“Wizards of Waverly Place”), Doug Brochu (“So Random”), Kelsey Chow (“Pair of Kings”), Davis Cleveland (“Shake It Up”), Dean Delannoit (Disney Channel Holland and Belgium), Carlon Jeffrey (“ANT Farm”), and Zendaya (“Shake It Up”). You can catch new episodes beginning on Friday, June 24 on Disney
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what would need to exist for a species to evolve quickly to a sudden environmental change.?

Question by drizzy: what would need to exist for a species to evolve quickly to a sudden environmental change.?
Is the answer resources?? need further details.

Best answer:

Answer by will
They would need to have lots of diversity in population, and for atleast one organism to have genes that enable it to survive and pass it on. But this is only in bacteria and smaller organisms that can evolve quickly. Most likely in larger animals if a sudden change occurred Species would have to adapt to the change or Die. Evolution happens over course of millions years before species become a new species.

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