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Hiring Great Salespeople, the most important sales decision

Economic Importance of New Technology Based Firms
by YoTuT

Imagine this situation. You are competing against two other firms for the same piece of business. One firm is the 900-pound guerilla in your market and the other is a competitor of about the same size. You have the best technology, the big company has the most market share and brand recognition and the third competitor has the lowest price. Who gets the business?

The answer is extremely predictable. The company that gets the business is the one with the best salespeople. Good salespeople win more deals regardless of the circumstances.

Are you going to win the next time you find yourself in this position?

The best opportunity you have to impact the productivity of your organization is every time you hire a new salesperson. Good hiring decisions propel you to success. And, all the managing, coaching, systems, training and technology CANNOT help you recover from a hiring mistake.

Over and over again companies with inferior products, over-priced products and poor reputations win the business. Why? Because they have the best salespeople. Your market, no doubt, is a fiercely competitive market. If you want the edge in this battle, upgrade your sales force to have the best chance of succeeding.

Most sales organizations suffer from the 80-20 rule. You get 80% of your revenue from 20% of your salespeople. This applies to hiring as well. Too often, sales managers have settled for hiring five in hopes of keeping one good person. This is a terrifically costly way to do business.

Let’s translate some of the costs so you can see just how much this flawed strategy is costing you. Here’s an example:

You hire John to sell in your Seattle office. After a month it doesn’t look good. After 90 days it is really bad. At six months you give up and let John go. This problem is even worse when you have very long sales cycles.

Unfortunately, you get lulled into believing that all you lost was six months of salary and benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to salary and benefits you lost:
• Six full months of sales opportunities
• Management time
• Administrative costs
• Training costs

And these are just the obvious costs. Some of the hidden costs you may not have considered are vacancy costs, replacement costs, customer costs, separation costs and employee morale costs.

The final cost is loss of competitive edge. Just think of all the deals you lost because you were outsold.

You can see how the “hire a bunch and keep a few” staffing strategy is a mistake. The good news is you are on your way to fixing the situation as we speak. The first step in upgrading your sales force is to recognize the problem. Next, you have to put a great recruiting and hiring process in place that gives you the highest probability of hiring top talent.

A great way to get started is to invest in your education. The more you know about recruiting and hiring good sales people, the better chance you have of building a winning sales team. Reading books and attending workshops will help you expand your knowledge base. If you are not expanding your knowledge base, when you compete against someone who is, the outcome is fairly certain.

Once you realize the economic impact recruiting and hiring great salespeople has on your business, you’re ready to take the steps necessary to get on track. You just can’t leave your recruiting and hiring to chance. Recruiting and hiring top sales talent has to be a top priority.

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New Generation Accountants Offer More Services

Economic Importance of New Technology Based Firms
by YoTuT

Traditionally, accountants are the financial professionals that handle the bookkeeping aspects of a business or an individual. Whether we are talking about a single accountant or an accounting firm, their primary function is to simply run the numbers, keep track of things, file and submit documents, and so on. When it comes to higher level financial analysis, planning, and advisement, they have hitherto tended to refer a client to other sources such financial advisors, consultants and planners. However, this trend appears to be changing.

But before we go into that, let’s take a look at the function that financial advisors are ordinarily expected to perform. In most cases they help clients strategize and make decisions. They often begin by identifying financial goals, then begin to work with the client on creating a detailed strategy on attaining those goals. They often have a very decisive role in the decision making end of the finances of a business or an individual.

Many business owners feel they would find it difficult to make informed decisions without some kind of guru, someone with an in-depth knowledge of the world of finance guiding them in the process. In doing this, financial advisors and planners have a lot of access to a company’s documents, use charts and graphs, and crunch numbers in an attempt to get an overall picture of where a business is at.

So as you can see the functions of an accountant and a planner overlap. Since an accountant has an in-depth knowledge of a client’s financial specifics, and of the financial world in general, they are often tempted to offer advice. This does, in fact, seem to be a trend. Accounting firms are increasingly beginning to offer enhanced services along with traditional accounting, and they are beginning to do so increasingly. It is interesting to speculate on the reasons for this. Perhaps the primary reason in a general sense, is what is known as diversification. This is occurring all over the place as we move into the 21st century. It is a trend in which companies and individuals that previously stuck to rigid roles and functions begin to branch out and diversify what they offer. The reasons for this are manifold and in a certain sense just a simple part of evolution of systems.

As the knowledge base expands, more information becomes available to more people and greater information exchange becomes the norm. Simply put, this results in more people, including professionals, having expanded knowledge about their area of concentration. Or another way to say it is that knowledge interaction increases as knowledge itself does.

One can see how the internet with its quicker access to information is part of this movement. But it’s also important to note that the process was going on before the existence of the internet. In fact diversification and greater exchange of knowledge on a technological level has played a big part in the development of the internet.

With regard accounting, the fact that there is so much quick information of a financial nature along with analytical tools available to an accountant via all kinds of internet technologies goes along with this. Add to this is the greater savvy that simply comes from the fact that accountants, financial planners, and other financial professionals have been rubbing shoulders in the modern world for a long time.

Another reason for this pattern is that with the recent economic crisis, people simply don’t want to spend money for two sources of expertise when they can get both in one place. By combining these tasks, companies can get two for the price of one, which is a very basic financial lesson in itself. If they can get both accounting and consulting in one package, why go to two different companies which is only a waste of time, money, and resources. For all these reasons, we’re beginning to see financial accountant and planner firms springing up with increasing frequency. Your average accountant is beginning to be armed with more and more knowledge that you can benefit from in a strategic sense. On the whole this seems like a healthy trend and one that will make valuable financial knowledge more integrated, fast, and reliable.

Nick Messe is president of Lead Frog LLC. Joe Abraham is a small business consultant with expertise in all the key areas of small business development including business startup, business growth, traffic generation, sales development, marketing and succession planning and more.

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Roswell: Technology + Marketing Two

In recent years, China HVAC market along with China’s economic highlights in the development of business opportunities, fully open the market to provide development opportunities for foreign brands. Some brands have a firm foothold in the Chinese market, some brands eager to areas of the UK professional manufacturer of fluid control Roswell latter. For the China market, Roswell began to intensify efforts to develop, not only changes in distribution patterns, but also want to realize the localization of production, marketing campaign increased the intensity is evident. Roswell mainland market has accepted the HC Miss Zhang Li, director of network edited the interview, described Roswell specific market and product development plans to promote the new situation.

Roswell Miss Zhang Li, director of the China market

HC Network: Miss Zhang Li, Hello! I’m glad you accepted our interview you please give a brief history of the development of Roswell.

Zhang Li: Roswell Flow Control Corporation factory based in Birmingham, England industrial city, Roswell employees around the world had less than 100 people from the developed to the current 20,000 people, branches all over the world. 2006 Roswell set up representative offices in Guangzhou, China, setting up representative offices in mainland China will be better for the region Proxy Cooperation Makers to provide better and efficient service.

Roswell products from the original water Pump To the current to pump, industrial Valve Doors, air-conditioning systems such as Automatic Control Valves three competitive products, in an important share of the global market. Especially in air-conditioning system in the Automatic Control Valves, our Thermostat , Balance valve every year to lead the industry development, technical content continuously improve, get rid of. Estimated in the Chinese mainland market in the near future our products will account for 30% -40% industry market share. Looking ahead, we Roswell in the company’s products and strong policy support, there is no reason not to lead the agency in cooperation with mainland China makers of Ben a better future!

HC Network: It is understood that Roswell Hong Kong companies to deal mainly with the Asia Pacific market, mainland China retail market has been dominated by imported, then the current market development in China Roswell any strategy change?

Zhang Li: Overall, the Roswell market development in China is still in market development stage. Roswell Guangzhou, China set up a representative office in mainland China means the board Roswell attention, China’s rapid economic development has attracted the attention of their comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the information, we decided to step up efforts to develop the mainland market. Guangzhou will serve as the Roswell

future market for the continent’s hub of marketing and promotion, from point to area, spreading the national market. Next year we will in the east, north, southwest of the three areas of the three branches. Mainland China within 3 years the market started popularity and reputation. The current situation is good, has recruited agents in many areas full.

Our technical and marketing decisions can be in the market place while maintaining precise control and significant energy saving technologies such as the leading case, strengthening the marketing of our development ideas.

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The new 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Economic Importance of New Technology Based Firms
by YoTuT

To the whole, high end firms just can’t seem to figure out what to do with hybrid drivetrains. Sure, there’s some vague notion of improved energy economy, but for each fuel-sipping Lexus HS250h, there’s a 455-horsepower, 26-mpg BMW ActiveHybrid 750i to balance the scales. Portion of your difficulty is that fuel economy and luxury traditionally play as properly together as 50 Cent and KC and also the Sunshine Band. High-end autos are synonymous with strength, weight and cabins large adequate to comfortably raise a middle-class family, while their miserly counterparts tend to be tinny contraptions together with the driving dynamics of low-rent washing machines.

But that does not mean there aren’t auto producers trying to meld the two. One with the large buzz phrases making its way around automotive circles right now is “The ‘And’ Car.” That is, a vehicle capable of becoming all things to all people via the miracle of technology. Lincoln believes it is appear up with just such a creation inside 2011 MKZ Hybrid – a sedan that bests the gasoline economic system from the competition by a wide margin and provides all the luxury amenities buyers demand. The question is, have they pulled it off?

Lincoln’s designers have done a smart job crafting the MKZ Hybrid so that the ordinary passer-by would possess a challenging time telling it shares additional than a few bones together with the electrified Ford Fusion. Like its non-Atkinson cycle brother, the MKZ Hybrid car wears totally distinct sheetmetal from the A-pillar forward. More subtle fenders, a hood with fewer compound details and, obviously, Lincoln’s baleen grille to the entrance fascia are additions that do effectively to differentiate the MKZ from its more common cousin. Likewise, splashes of chrome along the lower fascia, mirrors and window sills also help to differentiate the two. We’re not crazy about the shiny stuff, in particular when it can come for the perpetually-smudged door handles, but this is really a Lincoln, after all – chrome is usually a birthright in these parts.

The rear with the MKZ Hybrid holds up its stop of your bargain when it comes to separating itself from the Fusion. Broad, horizontal taillights replace the trapezoidal pieces in the Blue Oval and lend the automobile a a lot more stately visual appeal. The tall Lincoln crosshair emblem does seem a little crowded by the vehicle’s rear-view camera lens, but that only involves light if, like us, you’ve spent more than a minute or two with your eyeballs locked on an MKZ in front of you in D.C. targeted visitors.

Sad to say, we’d be lying if we stated that the Lincoln’s interior was anything brief of disappointing, specially when it comes to your instrument panel and center stack. Even though our photo tester was clad in an Executive Package that swapped the vast expanses of cheap-feeling black plastic for wood veneer culled from renewable forests, the base trim serves up surfaces which are far beneath what we’ve arrive to expect from most Ford vehicles, let alone the company’s luxury wing.

Without the wood overlay, the vehicle’s squared-off middle stack is neither attractive nor fitted with climate or entertainment controls that feel worthy of its MSRP. The exact same might be stated for the door panels – a real shame considering that the massive LCD touchscreen mounted mid-dash is downright gorgeous. Likewise, the dual-LCD instrument cluster with its massive center-up speedometer carries the type of tech-centric design we’d love to see elsewhere from the cabin. Sadly, it’s just not there.

But exactly where the dash falls short, the standard leather seating surfaces absolutely shine. The hides are from some far-flung corner of Scotland exactly where the tanners still use a chromium-free curing procedure – one thing that is important when you are selling a vehicle that’s supposed to become doing its portion to save the planet. The perforated thrones breathe effectively, are nearly infinitely strength adjustable and they’re heated and cooled. Even superior, they’re standard equipment.

The excellent news is that even though the instrument panel may well not be probably the most stunning piece of interior design we’ve come across, it’s properly sorted. Throughout our brief stint behind the wheel, we couldn’t can come up with anything to complain about ergonomically. The steering-wheel mounted controls for cruise and entertainment are simple ample to memorize along with the buttons on the middle stack, whilst affordable, are a cinch to navigate. Inside, the MKZ Hybrid car can be a case of function more than form.

Needless to say, those shopping for any high end hybrid car will be most interested in what’s going on under the hood, and to that finish, the new Lincoln hybrid is no dissatisfaction. The MKZ makes use in the identical 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine observed inside the Fusion Hybrid, complete with a combined 191 horsepower and 135 pound-feet of torque. The mill is mated to a CVT gearbox that handles putting power for the entrance wheels without relying on an abundance of buzzing rpm. Lincoln along with the EPA claim the combo is great for 41 miles per gallon within the city and 36 mpg to the highway, though we’re here to tell you that if you leave the auto idling for two hours for any photo shoot, people figures will fall off precipitously. Just sayin’.

Before setting our lenses around the 2011 MKZ Hybrid, we saw close to 38.6 mpg in mixed driving – damned impressive for your car or truck with a total of 99 cubic feet of passenger room along with the burden of lugging close to a nickel-metal hydride battery. In an age when most compacts are struggling to crest the 40 mpg barrier, a mid-sized high-end cruiser that hits the mark is one thing worthy of wonder. But for us, the very best element isn’t the reality that it could conceivably save its proprietor 2,000 gallons of gasoline more than 150,000 miles, it’s the truth that it drives just like a normal car.

There is no waiting for acceleration or awkward transition in between gasoline and electric ability. Like the Fusion Hybrid car, the MKZ variant can whisk you along on all-electric go-go at speeds as much as 47 mph. Were it not for the lack of engine idle at start up, we would possess a hard time telling the distinction between this MKZ and its non-hybrid counterpart. In brief, buyers genuinely do not have to make a sacrifice when it involves opting for greater gasoline economic system. For the first time in history, you really can have all the legroom and trunk space of a mid-size luxury bruiser and also the gas financial system of a compact within the similar package.

Despite having just beneath 200 horsepower on tap, the MKZ Hybrid is really a comfy driver. We never located it out of breath whilst jousting with beltway visitors or accelerating to get a pass, and on some from the spirited tarmac outside of D.C.-proper, it proved to become a surprisingly well mannered platform. While incredibly comfy over broken pavement, the MKZ Hybrid does not deliver the typical slosh-and-dive indicative of prehistoric American high-class products. Its electronic systems and suspension are all well-matched to get a finished product that is incredibly well-rounded.

Surprisingly adequate, Lincoln has sought to create the MKZ Hybrid car a value story on top of being probably the most fuel-efficient car in its class. At a starting price of ,180 (including destination), the MKZ Hybrid car will set you back just as a lot as its V6 counterpart. Given this news, we commence to realize some of your shortcuts the corporation took in the cabin, even if we do not approve of them. We would just as soon see the MSRP climb by a thousand dollars if it came using the kind of world-class interior we know Ford is capable of. In the event you do not believe us, have a close look at what the Blue Oval is as much as inside 2011 Edge.

Fortunately, Lincoln says that we ought to hold onto our hats. According to the automaker, it is planning a deluge of new and updated models to become rolled out in brief order, and we’re hoping individuals plans include a refreshing in the MKZ cabin.

Even with its less-than-inspired innards, the MKZ Hybrid has no problem besting its closest competition, the Lexus HS250h, in each way. With much more room and energy, a quieter cabin, a comparable MSRP and substantially greater gasoline financial state, it can be simply a far better automobile. Lincoln might not have seamlessly wedded the two worlds of luxurious and fuel economic system using the 2011 MKZ Hybrid car just yet, but it has started down a path that will eventually result in a luxury hybrid that doesn’t ask its proprietor to generate any compromises.

Visit our Lincoln MKZ Hybrid store at our cars & Trucks store

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Sinopec to launch a new round of overseas distribution of lubricants – lubricants – automotive supplies industry

Recently, Sinopec Lubricating oil Branch in Perth, Australia, Sydney, held two consecutive lubricant brand launches, clearly Sinopec oil business in the Australian market strategy. Our reporters have learned from Petrochemical, Sinopec Lubricant Oil Company of the first quarter of this year, exports increased by 101%. At present, Sinopec oil has begun to market access to developed country level, and in Australia to launch a new round of market expansion plans. This marks the official beginning of Chinese oil brand launched in the markets of developed countries and international brand competition.

Have one third of the world

Sinopec spokesman told reporters that China’s lubricants market a decade ago is no longer imported goods, “dominated the world” situation. Currently, the Great Wall in high-grade lubricant oil in the domestic market has occupied one-third of the market. In the first quarter, the Great Wall Lubricating Oil of high-grade oil sales up nearly 50%.

U.S. consulting firm Kline in a report, “China’s lubricants market in the dynamic business opportunities and challenges ,2006-2011” said that in the past 5 years, some of China’s growth has been catching up the U.S. economic data and some European countries, and this momentum is continuing. The total oil demand in China will account for 13% of world demand, while growth in industry that reflects more clearly.

Growth is not only the domestic market, the world’s oil consumption is also an annual growth rate of 3-5%.

“We are clearly the global markets ‘three-step’ strategy.” Deputy general manager of Sinopec oil company, said Yao Liang, “the first step to open up the Asia Pacific market, the second step of the construction of production bases overseas, the third step to form ‘Golden Triangle’ of the global network of distribution. ”

“Since 2004 since the implementation of international strategy, Sinopec’s oil business has covered Southeast Asia, the Middle East are more than 40 countries. Recently, we have in Perth, Australia, Sydney, held two consecutive Promotion, that into this piece of important official positions. “Sinopec, told reporters about the oil company plans to promote the car this year to cover Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and so a city in 2011, covering all local major cities.

Songyun Chang, general manager of Sinopec lubricant, said professional, international oil companies China Petrochemical business direction and goals, and made the Australian market is its ability to enter an important step in the international market.

Occupation of developed markets, “bridgehead”

Sinopec official pointed out that “Australia is a developed country in the global economy in a unique position, the door is the gateway to the West, but also with Asian neighboring, occupied the Australian market for Chinese enterprises, the extraordinary significance.” However, and Southeast Asia, and different markets, Australia is not much restriction on oil imports, open high, competition is fierce, so to gain a firm foothold Australia, only to have technologies, products, channels and other hard power, also need to brand, service support such as soft power.

It is understood that, in May 2009, the company began with the establishment of the Australian ILD Cooperation To mineral oil as the starting point, in just one year’s time, has successfully into the Australian mining system for more than 10 companies providing oil products, which reached a high proportion of oil 82%, and with the brand deepening influence in the field of mining oil share is rapidly expanding. At the same time, Sinopec lubricant oil market is also actively developing car and began distribution system, and carrying out marketing strategies of Australia’s overall layout of lubricant.

Sinopec oil company head said the international market, oil in the car market, Sinopec oil plan coverage this year in Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Perth and so a city, but by 2011 the coverage of all major city. According to reports, the current formulation of new strategies and logistics for the Australian mining industry developed in the market environment, including a complete development and industrial customers Sell Network construction at the same market expansion plans.

Overseas continued, “clearly place an extra siege”

Recent years, Sinopec oil overseas constantly “clearly place an extra siege.” Previously, Chief Financial Officer Wang Xinhua Sinopec quarterly results in a conference call with investors that the company is also the preparation of a lubricating oil base in Singapore.

It is understood that Sinopec oil three years ago, began production in Singapore in product supply and logistics security will support the expansion of the Australian market. Meanwhile, Sinopec 500 international influence, and China’s Sinopec oil “aerospace quality” characteristics, are so in Australia has a broad development prospects. To expand the Australian market is the full implementation of the international oil companies is an important stage strategy, Sinopec oil company is to become a highly competitive multinational oil companies and energy savings experience.

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White House Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference: Opening Session

Business owners, community leaders, Administration officials, academics and lenders discuss the critical challenges, opportunities and solutions to further success in business for women. October 4, 2010.
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MPR KARE 11 Governor’s Job Interview, hosted by Kerri Miller of MPR and John Croman of KARE 11. ;A different format was used from all the debates : Questions were given to the candidates from headhunters and from audience members as though they were in a job interview.

Packaging Film Packaging Advanced Technology Triggered The Green Revolution

  As the industry increasingly concerned about sustainable development, film producers are constantly improving product technology, to intensify the strategic layout, in its important downstream users – packaging industry to launch the Green Revolution.

Green packaging trend

For many years, film makers have advertised their products in raw material consumption can be reduced to reduce costs, in the field of medicine and food packaging offers superior efficacy of the central printing durability. Today, consumers and regulatory agencies urging, packaging companies continue to improve processes in order to make more contributions to sustainable development in central China. Some companies believe that the use of advanced thin-film packaging technology will be the packaging industry to establish an important component of the green image.

“Film material from other packaging materials have won because of its quality lighter than glass and metal with a lower carbon footprint for the equipment supplies.” Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin suppliers Eval Business Development Manager Walter Road, Dayton (Wout Luyton) said, “In addition to consume more raw materials, the use of metal or glass packaging of food and beverages consumed in the transport process needs more energy, which means that the use of diaphragms to ensure drinks are not degenerate The boxed wine glass bottled wine than the traditional low-carbon footprint. “

Dow special packaging and film industry’s market development manager Julia Shi Lenze (Julia Schlenz) endorsed the Central Printing. She said: “The well-known manufacturers are trying to abandon the fragile and expensive packaging material, especially in the field of food packaging materials Quotes. The industrial sector are looking for ways to streamline packaging, which means that compared to a more flexible and rigid packaging materials, will come to the fore. “

Layout of intensive firms

Within the global leader in the field of packaging film manufacturers are stepping up their deployment of a new strategy for Central Printing. Toray last year announced plans to set up in Europe, the company Toray Films Europe, producing bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) high barrier metalized film printing tools. BOPP metallized film is mainly used for vacuum metallization, radiation, anti-counterfeiting of the substrate and food packaging, has an excellent seal strength and non-ink printing technology printing effect. The company plans to build a 20,000 tons annual film production facilities and an annual 22,000 tons of metal processing plants, a total investment of about 400 million euros, the new plant will be put into operation in April next year.

Nippon Synthetic Chemical is currently promoting its latest high gas barrier properties of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) coating materials, such amorphous materials can be used in emulsions, coatings and molding markets printing technology. Its biggest features are: environmental safety, degradability complete, the final degradation product was carbon dioxide and water in central China. As a green environmental protection packing material, the film in Europe and the United States, Japan, environmental protection departments have been recognized printing technology. Through biological experiments show that both non-toxic polyvinyl alcohol, it does not prevent microbial growth and reproduction, for wastewater treatment and sanitation has no effect.

May 1 this year, Hong Kong, China Evergreen Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. and Xiangcheng District, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province signed an investment agreement the government will invest 99 million U.S. dollars annual production capacity of 60,000 tons biodegradable packaging film production line, an investment 33 million U.S. dollars.

Sustainable development, further

Some companies are taking to further the sustainable development strategy, they developed a biodegradable and renewable sources of barrier films.

Innovia is one of the company, which recently in the cellulose pulp as raw material, packaging films based on the NATureFlex has introduced a new thin-film barrier properties of a stronger central printing. Innovia spokesman Zena Bergmann (Zena Bergmann), said user selects NatureFlex because it provides a metallized film with the same excellent performance, while also biodegradable, and even, under certain conditions can also ferment as fertilizer, and thus can effectively reduce packaging waste in the environment.

Packaging film market, a recent trend of sustainable development by means of the power of nanotechnology, as developers claim that the use of nano-technology will further reduce the use of packaging materials.

Synthetic nano-barrier coating technology to lead the United States InMat’s latest NanolokPTADV-7 coating for food packaging provides a more environmentally friendly, economical choice for printing union. By reducing the use of raw materials and only harmless materials, thus reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact, this technology allows food companies to produce a longer shelf-life products printing market. And 10 ~ 20 microns thick compared to EVOH coating, 0.5 ~ 0.8 micron thick coating NanolokPTADV-7 provided a better oxygen barrier Central Printing. Company for Harris Goldberg (Harris Goldberg), said: “This technology is unique in that we roll coating can be coated by standard low-profile and high-speed equipment in the case of applications, while achieving high barrier and low-cost printing market. This provides the end user a more environmentally friendly, low-cost high barrier packaging films. “

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Senate Session 2010-04-13 (18:08:13-18:47:45)

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www.neue-mediz.in http Die 5 Biologischen Naturgesetze Die dritte Revolution der Medizin Eine Produktion für www.5bn.de bzw. http Für das gesamte Video gilt: nichts glauben! Wir verlangen von jedem, dass das komplette System verstanden und überprüft wird. Inhaltsangabe: 1. Prolog 2. Der Paradigmenwechsel 8:25 3. Socken 18:50 4. Erfahrungsbericht Hodenkrebs 32:00 5. Das 5. Gesetz 47:30 6. Das 1. Gesetz 54:40 7. Beispiel Milchdrüsen 1:13:58 8. Das 2. Gesetz 9. Beispiel Schnupfen 10. Das 3. Gesetz 11. Erfahrungsbericht Knochenkrebs 12. Das 4. Gesetz 13. Die Infektionsbehauptung 14. Die 3 Ebenen in der 2-Phasigkeit 15. Die Nierensammelrohre und ihr Einfluss 16. Erfahrungsbericht Gebärmutterhalskrebs 17. Die Händigkeit 18. Rezidive und Schienen 19. Die Außendarstellung 20. Credits 21. Bonus! Das Video ist natürlich kostenlos, das 3er DVD-Set kann jedoch auf www.5bn.de bestellt werden. ***Die Macher der Dokumentation distanzieren sich weiträumig von jeglicher Form des Rassismus oder dergleichen und von Dr. Hamers Aussagen bezüglich Juden*** 5 biologických prírodných zákonov Novej medicíny od Dr. Hamera — so slovenskými titulkami The documentary about the 5 biological laws of Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine, with english subtitles Es werden nur Kommentare zugelassen von Menschen die den Film auch gesehen haben. Es häufen sich Kommentare von leuten die nach 5 Minuten (2% des Fimes) schon finale Meinungen abgeben.

2010 MEP National Conference Keynote

Sec. Gary Locke addresses attendees at 2010 MEP National Conference held in Orlando, FL, on May 3, 2010.
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WV Governor Joe Manchin, III delivers his 2010 State of the State Address January 13, 2010
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White House Forum on Environmental Justice (Part 2)

Senior Administration officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, hold a forum to discuss ways to ensure that overburdened and low-income communities have the opportunity to enjoy the health and economic benefits of a clean environment. December 15, 2010.
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