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How Women Farmers Could Feed More in Developing World

I’mCarolyn Presutti with the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, from voaspecialenglish.com | http Food prices continue to rise, threatening to push more people into poverty and hunger. Experts have been urging increased efforts around the world to increase agricultural productivity. A new report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says one of the best ways would be to remove the barriers women farmers face that male farmers do not. Women farmers are often less productive than men, but there are good reasons for that, says Agnes Quisumbing. She is an economist with the International Food Policy Research Institute. She says women farmers have fewer resources than male farmers. The new FAO report says women make up forty-three percent of the world’s farmers. But only about ten to twenty percent of them own the land they farm. Without owning land, it is harder for them to get credit to buy inputs such as better seeds and fertilizers. In many countries, women are half as likely as men to use fertilizers to increase the amount of crops. In addition, Ms. Quisumbing says many of the world’s women are raising their children at the same time they are farming. The FAO report says helping women farmers could increase agricultural output in the developing world by as much as four percent. This in turn could reduce the number of undernourished people by as much as seventeen percent. Ms. Quisumbing says just helping women farmers have the same resources that
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YourEnergyBlog Makes List of 101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy

YourEnergyBlog Makes List of 101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy

Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

YourEnergyBlog (YEB) has been selected #11 on the list of “101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy” by EnvironmentalScienceDegree.com, a website dedicated to being a key resource for students and employees of the renewable energy industry. They define these 101 sites as “[having] the latest data on renewable energy technologies, availability, and the environmental impact of using a renewable source instead of rapidly dwindling supplies of combustible fossil fuels.”

After relaunching the website in November 2012, YourEnergyBlog has made big strides in a short period of time. No other websites or companies based in Western New York made the list, and only a few are located on the east coast.

For a full recap of all the companies on the list, click here.

YEB is affiliated with Energy Curtailment Specialists, the nation’s number one privately-held demand response provider, and BidURenergy, an emerging energy consulting firm that specializes in energy procurement auction administration.

Renewable energy topics that have been recently addressed on YEB include new developments in solar energy technology, net-zero energy buildings, electric vehicle analysis, ethanol-based fuel discussions, and several energy-saving gadgets that aren’t widely known. Other energy-related topics like hydraulic fracturing, smart grid infrastructure, international energy news, and the future of coal and nuclear energy are also included on the website to illustrate a comprehensive analysis of the entire energy industry.

YourEnergyBlog writers have also been featured on several online energy publications, including TheEnergyCollective, EnergyCentral, Intelligentutility, and energyblogs.com.

YEB will also undergo a complete website rehaul. Changes include a new logo, author profiles, and widespread website design changes that will develop more user interactivity and improve site aesthetics. The new website will become available in the weeks ahead.

About YourEnergyBlog – YEB is devoted to offering insight into the energy industry. Follow YEB to learn about new energy-related technology, US energy policy changes, and other current energy news.

About BidURenergy, Inc. – BUE is an electricity and natural gas consulting firm with thousands of clients across the country, specializing in energy procurement auction administration.

About Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. – ECS offers consultative, administrative, and turnkey demand response services. ECS is one of the largest demand response service providers in North America, with more than 10,000 customers participating in its programs nationwide.

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Why Women Matter

Is the food crisis made worse because of gender inequalities in agriculture? Is the market failing or is the global community failing women farmers? Given the uncertain economic outlook, why should the global community invest in women in agriculture? In this global food crisis, the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook, the culmination of three years of research led jointly by the World Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, confronts the reality that global gender inequalities result in less food being grown, less income being earned, higher levels of poverty, and greater food insecurity. The Sourcebook provides both evidence of progress made towards effectively integrating women into agricultural programs and presents solid recommendations for policy makers to guide their investments in gender programming. For more information on the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook , please visit: worldbank.org
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Cervical Cancer Prevention Training Program to Launch in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Cervical Cancer Prevention Training Program to Launch in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dr. Rachel Masch trains a Haitian physician in visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) screening, a low-cost method used to detect cervical pre-cancers.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Basic Health International (BHI) is excited to announce that Direct Relief International will support a cervical cancer prevention training program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for health care educators and providers at St. Damien’s Hospital. Dr. Rachel Masch, BHI board member and long-time volunteer will lead the initiative.

Direct Relief will work with BHI to increase the capacity of medical professionals at St. Luc to prevent the disease using low-cost screening and treatment techniques. The Direct Relief sponsored program will support delegations of skilled BHI physicians who will train local doctors at St. Luc to identify pre-cancerous cells, using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA), and to treat pre-cancerous cells with a freezing technique called cryotherapy.

This program will train 30-40 local physicians, through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience, to screen and treat women for cervical cancer. BHI will use its proven method developed in El Salvador to train community health workers to work directly with the community to increase awareness of cervical cancer and to inform women that free screenings and treatment will be available.

It is anticipated that 300-500 women will receive services during each of the training delegations. Once the training sessions are completed, the equipment used by the medical delegations will be donated to the local physicians, enabling them to incorporate VIA screening into their overall standard of care.

This project will launch in January, in recognition of cervical cancer awareness month, with scheduled training workshops to begin in March of 2013. BHI and St. Damien’s Hospital collaboration will occur over a 3-year period.

Basic Health International believes that no woman should die from cervical cancer. Founded in 2005, BHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cervical cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean through innovative, low-cost, low technology screening and treatment methods. BHI also provides medical training, policy guidance, and research on cervical cancer issues in the developing world. BHI’s efforts have now been focused on the Caribbean country Haiti.

Haiti suffers from one of the highest cervical cancer rates in the world. In 2000, the International Agency on Research for Cancer estimated that Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the Western Hemisphere at 93.9 per 100,000 women. Cervical cancer as the leading cause of female deaths in Haiti and that the mortality rate is more than 30 times higher than in the United States (Partners in Health, 2010).

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Spiro International SA – Tubeformer Smart – Spiral duct machine. Spiral machine.

Spiral duct machine. Spiral machine. www.spiro.ch Spiro International SA is the undisputed world leader in the development and manufacture of machines for the production of round ducting and fittings in sheet metal. Spiro® is also a leading supplier of fittings and system solutions for the ventilation and air-conditioning industry. Spiro International SA sets new benchmarks by launching their latest model of spiral tube machines. This compact and highly mobile tubeformer is ideal for on-site work and workshop related activities.
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Press Briefing by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde with DOF Sec. Purisima, 16 Nov 2012

Press Briefing Room, New Executive Bldg., Malacañang, | News Releases below | Audio | www.pcoo.gov.ph | IMF Managing Director cites Philippines and other emerging markets’ role to global growth International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde cited the “critical role” played by the Philippines and other emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region in driving global growth which she said has helped stabilize the economies of this part of the world. Lagarde, who is on a two-day visit to the Philippines, told reporters in a press briefing in Malacañang on Friday that this critical role could be used and reviewed by other economies as a way to stabilize theirs from the effects of an economic crisis sweeping the globe. “Emerging Asia countries such as the Philippines have been playing a critical role in the last few years. When you look at their contribution to global growth, it’s very significant particularly in the tough years that we have just gone through,” Lagarde said. “Second, countries that have gone through crisis particularly in the Asia-Pacific can certainly teach lessons and share their experience of how to pull out of the crisis,” she added. She pointed out that the Philippines, despite global turmoil swirling around and bringing down economies of bigger countries, have been able to post positive growth in the last couple of years. She said that the administration of President Beningo S. Aquino III and the fiscal reforms implemented in the last two
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Q&A: What was the foreign policy of the Vietnam War?

Question by sly_2314: What was the foreign policy of the Vietnam War?
Was isolationism, collective security, internationalism, or imperialism?
The US’s prospective.

Best answer:

Answer by K
From whose perceptive?

Though the foreign policies decisions that were instrumental in the Vietnam War were different from the policies that supported other international actions during the 20th century, including World War II and the Korean War, a number of the elements that led to these policies were present in governmental perspectives for decades. One of the most significant influencing factors in the policy developments of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations was the perceived threat of communism and the necessity of action to prevent its spread. This factor had been present in the development of foreign policy since before the First World War, and led to the perception of the necessity of force to stomp out its proliferation.

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