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2009 ASIL Summer Associates Briefing

The American Society of International Law hosted its annual briefing series designed for summer associates at government agencies and at participating 2009 ASIL partnership law firms. This briefing session gave associates the opportunity to engage with international legal practitioners representing a broad range of specialized areas of international law. Real world perspectives on the development of practical lawyering skills related to careers within the public and private sectors of international law were emphasized throughout the session. Participants also learned about ASIL and its international law resources. Presenters: * Anne Marie Slaughter – Director, Policy Planning Staff, US Department of State * David Tolbert – Senior Fellow, United States Institute of Peace July 23, 2009 ASIL Headquarters, Tillar House 2223 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20008 For more information, please visit: www.asil.org

Billionaire Song by Travis Mccoy (Clean Version)

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I’m seriously depressed about the state of the world? I’m 15, I feel so weird, lol. help? (don’t read it all)?

Question by =D: I’m seriously depressed about the state of the world? I’m 15, I feel so weird, lol. help? (don’t read it all)?
Like I’m obsessed with economics and conspiracy theories to the point where I’ve almost “woken up” from my life and actually see the world for what it’s worth. It’s scary.

Like here is some stuff I realized:

-Terrorism- is a political tool used to keep control over the public. ( Do I really have to explain more)… It’s the perfect tool that could ever be used political. A fake enemy is used in all the books about a dystopian society.

-Global Warming- Is such a load of crap, the U.S. political system is so in bed with big oil and it’s just a revolving door of shooting down all green energy. And it’s just another way for them to tax us on Carbon.

– Monsanto- Is controling the world food supply and delibritly going to poison us all. It’s already happening people, it’s here, it’s not even a conspiricy… They literally own patents on living creatures like pigs, soybeans, ect.. Hell what is to say they can’t one day say they own humans?

– Media – Bugs the hell out of me becuase everytime me and my grandma start talking about politics she says “terrorism” and I literally crenge when I hear it becuase she’s so brainwashed just like everybody else, and the 4 major media companies are responsible. They own ALL the tv stations you watch. Viacom, Warner, ect… it’s outragous.

– BuilderBurg – A group of around 125 people (globalist elite); a few members include… David Rockefeller, The Queen of England, RothChilds, ect… They control all of the major world events and literally plan the future of humanity.
No sh/t! lol. It’s also real.

Like all this stuff accually does bug me, and it’s all out of my power, I can’t do a damn thing about bilderberg, or any of that other crap and yet it’s constantly on my mind…

I could go on and on about stuff that I’ve read about and reasurched for a few years, it’s like just totally wrecked my mind, but then agian it’s made me realize the world that we really live in.

I’m like out of school for panic attacks, and it’s like nobody understands stuff I talk about, I’m super smart and I accually have alot of friends, but this stuff just completely worries me to death, becuase it’s like I’ve known about stuff that was going to happen like the 150 dollar barrel of oil, and the morgage crisis and stuff BEFORE it even happens becuase I followed bilderberg and their plans… 0 . o.
And I’ve completely lost interest in becoming a ‘teacher, or ‘lawyer’, or ‘doctor’…

I’d rather be a hedge fund manager or a day trader or something, Becuase in reality that’s accually where all the money is.

I just am so obsessed with money and stuff it’s completely taken over my mind and everything… It’s completely pushed school out of my mind, and now I’m just obsessed with economics and stuff like this.
Instead of doing homework, I’d rather watch the stock market on CNBC…

Is there something wrong with me? Or what? I just don’t know.
I accually am 15 xD… That’s what I mean.

Best answer:

Answer by Calypsso
Well…I ‘m gonna start by asking you, are you really 15? You sound very mature for your age. I’m 37 And haft the things you wrote i don’t even understand the other haft don’t even pay any attention. So you are something. All I can say is not to worry that much. There’s not much you can do by worrying although you can make a difference in the world if you choose a carrier in wish you can bring good ideas and concepts and all the energy and intelligence that you show. Don’t give up. there still hope. brilliants mind like yours can’t go to waist. Take a chance and go for it. Good luck. You are very smart. Well sorry if you don’t like my answer.

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Professor Harmon Diagrams Perfect Competition and Long Run Adjustment in 5 mins

This video clip depicts a perfectly competitive market and shows the adjustment from short run to long run equilibrium. Initially firms are shown as earning positive economic profits. Then it shows how these profits lead more firms to enter the market and the result is a long run equilibrium with zero economic profits.
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Rebuilding Communities: Local Economic Development

Michael Shuman, an attorney, economist, and small business expert, is the Vice President for Enterprise Development for the Training and Development Corporation, based in Bucksport, Maine. In Part 1 of this candid interview, Mr. Shuman talks about RE-building local communities in a world of diminishing energy resources like oil and natural gas. He explains how keeping your dollars in the community also just makes good business sense. Mr. Shuman is author of five books and numerous articles on the relationship between community and international affairs. His work has appeared in The Nation, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and The Washington Post.
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How to reduce absolute poverty in developing nations?

Question by : How to reduce absolute poverty in developing nations?
How can the government of a poor nation reduce absolute or extreme poverty?

Best answer:

Answer by Nathan Drewe
First population growth should slow. Next you need public health and basic infrastructure like electriciy all day and more and better roads. Individuals need health care and clean water. Children should be in school. Investment from the country and from outside the country to start businesses. Agriculture should become more productive. Good tax collection is necessary as well as a good legal system.

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Swimwear Brand AQUA GREEN Hosts 4th Cleanup of 2012, Inspires Volunteers to Make Individual Changes

Swimwear Brand AQUA GREEN Hosts 4th Cleanup of 2012, Inspires Volunteers to Make Individual Changes

Easton, PA (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

AQUA GREEN, the makers of ECO SWIM swimwear, hosted their 4th cleanup of the 2012 season on the banks of the Delaware River in Easton, Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 26. A group of 70 volunteers comprised of AQUA GREEN employees and their families removed 1,222 pounds of waterway trash in an afternoon.

The swimwear brand, which sells sexy and sustainable swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles and plastic fishing nets, also held cleanups in Myrtle Beach, SC on April 21 with retailer Belk Department Stores, in Seattle on May, 19 with partner Nordstrom, and in Walker, Minnesota, on May 25 with retailer Lundrigans Clothing. So far, AQUA GREEN and its army of almost 250 volunteers have removed 2,000 pounds of waterway trash.

In addition to the total poundage, AQUA GREEN’s geographical reach in just a short time is astounding. “Our cleanups span several states: South Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, New Jersey, and soon Florida and Arkansas,” says Alex Waldman of AQUA GREEN.

“Our stylish suits aren’t just a worn during a day at the beach, they’re part of a family boating trip on the lake or tubing excursion down a winding river. That’s why we’ve decided to clean up rivers, bays, lakes, and beaches around country,” says Waldman.

What separates AQUA GREEN from other brands isn’t just their product, it’s the company ethos and company-wide dedication to making the world a better place for future generations. Giving back to the community is a core part of what it means to be AQUA GREEN, and the issue that AQUA GREEN has championed is waterway pollution.

Ocean plastic pollution will come to be one of the defining problems of our time. Indeed, with over 14 billion pounds of trash entering the oceans every year, it has already reached the massive scale of other more widely known challenges like climate change and deforestation.

And yet, great change begins with the smallest of actions. No matter how small a step, a step in the right direction is still a powerful step. And not only do AQUA GREEN cleanups give volunteers the opportunity to take the vital first step of cleaning up their communities, that small step has a lasting effect on volunteers.

“After I went to a cleanup, I began to recycle more conscientiously at home,” says Alex Waldman of Aqua Green. “I can only begin to imagine the cumulative effect of some 500 volunteers coming to a cleanup, seeing all the trash, and then going home and changing their behavior for the better.”

AQUA GREEN hopes more businesses will follow its lead. For the family-owned and operated business, a single water bottle that gets a second life as a swimsuit is more than a recycled bottle. It’s the stone that sends ripples throughout the entire apparel industry and encourages more businesses to share in the passion of reducing the carbon footprint in the sand.

“Our cleanups are a chance for our retail partners and associates to make a change,” says Waldman. “By contributing in their community, participants feel better about themselves and attract positive energy. It’s the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like, after all.”

AQUA GREEN looks forward to hosting eight more cleanups, including one in Tampa, FL on June 9 and one in Little Rock, AK on June 23, both with retail partner Dillard’s Department Stores. During the 2012 season, AQUA GREEN will host a total of 12 cleanups.

ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN is the world’s leading sustainable swimwear brand, making suits from recycled materials. ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN is based in Easton, PA and its swimsuits can be purchased at specialty and department stores as well as on select websites. For more information about ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN’s environmental leadership, swimwear and events, visit the web site at http://www.ecoswim.com, find the brand on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ecoswim, and follow the company on twitter @eco_swim.

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How to Win!

The reason why THEY must fight against the unification and sovereignty of blacks, is b/c our division & ignorance of culture and natural self, funds their supremacy. Golden Ma’at BGB!

Miapolis – Miami’s New Economic Engine

Miapolis will be a metropolis in the sky, self-sufficient, environmental friendly and with a remarkable economic impact leaving no one behind. Miapolis is about innovation and creativity: the impressive Pan-American plaza with dancing fountains offering free daily shows; an indoor theme park for the family; a trade center for the Gateway of the Americas; an exciting amphitheater, and the stunning public promenade 30 ft high overlooking Biscayne Bay. Miapolis will be an economic engine, and a sensible and rational solution for the local economy; resolving the Parrot Jungle debts, producing .0 billion annually in tax revenues; the Mega Plan estimated TIF for the CRAs by 2030 will be doubled; and, no taxpayer money, loans, or costs over-runs. More important, Miapolis creates 42000 construction and 28000 permanent JOBS. Miapolis will provide constant worldwide exposure of Miami, increasing tourism, international trade, passengers for the airlines, cargo for the Port of Miami and MIA, and benefiting all Downtown by attracting millions of visitors.
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The Difference We Make

For more than 30 years the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has worked to eradicate rural poverty in developing countries around the world. This 8-minute video provides an overview of the organization and its work.