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Jobs Data Horrible, Stocks Collapse

Unemployment and continued claims worsen despite government bailout measures. Survive the Great Depression II at www.GreeneWave.com
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Setting up an eco-business, the owners explore the practical options when installing renewables and the economics involved with small scale wind and solar power.
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Failed Metaphors and A New Environmentalism for the 21st Century

Peter Kareiva, chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy, where he is responsible for developing and helping to implement science-based conservation throughout the organization and for forging new linkages with partners. Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he has also received a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a member of the Ecological Society of America and the Society for Conservation Biology. Peter also cofounded the Natural Capital Project, a pioneering partnership among The Nature Conservancy, Stanford University and WWF to develop credible tools that allow routine consideration of nature’s assets (or ecosystem services) in a way that informs the choices we make everyday at the scale of local communities and regions, all the way up to nations and global agreements.
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The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan, is a national monument representing the nation’s four provinces and three territories. After a competition among many renowned architects, Arif Masood’s plan was selected for the final design. The blooming flower shape of the monument represents Pakistan’s progress as a rapidly developing country. The four main petals of the monument represent the four provinces (Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh), while the three smaller petals represent the three territories (Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas). The Monument has been designed to reflect the culture and civilization of the country and depicts the story of the Pakistan Movement, dedicated to those who sacrificed themselves for future generations.

Legalizing Marijuana: Costs vs Benefits

Complete video at: fora.tv Police chief Scott Kirkland debates marijuana advocates Eugene Schoenfeld and Richard Lee over the costs and benefits of legalization. Kirkland argues that the tax revenue it generates will be offset by the increased public health costs, while Schoenfeld and Lee counter that keeping marijuana illegal insures unreasonably high crime rates associated with the drug. —– Marijuana is by some estimates California’s largest cash crop, bringing in more than twice the revenue of vegetables, yet we don’t tax this green. Legalizing and taxing pot could provide .3 billion to help our hemorrhaging economy, but it might also lead to additional problems and undermine anti-drug efforts. Is this crop just cash waiting to be reaped, or is it more complicated? Come hear advocates on both sides argue the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. – Commonwealth Club of California Scott Kirkland is the Chief of the El Cerrito Police Department. He is also a member of the board of directors of the California Police Chiefs Association. Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld practices psychiatry, with a specialty in psychopharmacology. His work in psychopharmacology includes the study, diagnosis, and treatment of problems related to drug abuse and addiction. Since 1983, he has served on the Advisory Board of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. Dr. Schoenfeld is a member of the court-appointed psychiatrist panels for the Superior Courts of Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin
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President Hu calls for world peace in New Year Address

BEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Hu Jintao called for would peace and development in his New Year address, which was broadcast on Monday to domestic and overseas audience via state TV and radio stations. “We sincerely hope people of all nations live under the same blue sky freely, equally, harmoniously and happily, and enjoy the achievements in peace and development of humankind,” Hu said. Hu’s address, entitled “Jointly push forward the great course of peace and development of humankind”, was broadcast by China Radio International, China National Radio and China Central Television. “At this moment, we have deep concern for people in the world who are suffering from war, poverty, illness and natural calamities,” Hu said. “Chinese people are deeply sympathetic to them and willing to do our best to help them get out of their plights as early as possible.” He said that China will adhere to a peaceful development and opening-up policy that aims at common prosperity, and will continue to push forward the democratization of international relations and promote economic globalization along a balanced and all-benefiting path. Domestically China’s overall national strength has further grown and people’s livelihoods have further improved in the past year. The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China mapped out the grand blueprint for continuing to build a moderately prosperous society and to accelerate socialist modernization, the president said. “2008
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The value of China’s currency has jumped to the top of the US foreign policy agenda with China, regularly garnering US headlines, but expert analysis on the issue is lacking. US leaders disagree about the effects of a re-valuation on US-China trade, the creation of jobs, economic recovery and global imbalances, with heated debate on both sides. In this program of the National Committee on US-China Relations, Stephen Roach, chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, and Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator for the Financial Times debate whether a large revaluation of China’s currency—the renminbi—would make the world economy healthier, and what course the US should take on this critical issue. The program was held on May 25, 2010 in New York. The National Committee on US-China Relations is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization that encourages understanding of China and the United States among citizens of both countries. The National Committee’s continuity of experience and depth of associations with senior officials and distinguished citizens of China and the United States make it a unique national resource. The National Committee focuses its exchange, educational, and policy programs on international relations, economic development and management, governance and legal affairs, environmental and other global concerns, mass communication, and education administration — addressing these issues with respect to the People’s Republic, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan.
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CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism [Official Trailer]

Buy a copy of this new documentary here: ratb.org.uk Documentary produced by RATB See: www.ratb.org.uk and www.revolutionarycommunist.org AVAILABLE TO BUY ON DVD NOW (see below) === PRESS: “An insightful and provocative study of major changes taking place in Cuba today. The Cuban economist interviewed explains things extremely well. Necessary viewing for all seeking to understand contemporary Cuba.” John Kirk is a professor of Latin American Studies at Dalhousie University, Canada. He has published several books about Cuban international relations, history and culture. His most recent publication, co-authored with Professor Michael Erisman, ‘Cuba’s Medical Internationalism: Origins, Evolution and Goals’, was published in 2009 by Palgrave Macmillan. “A great little film with a lot of food for thought and a good corrective to all the anti-Cuban stuff in the media, the interviews are fascinating and say a lot about the difficulties the country continues to face… very interesting in terms of Cuban ideas of grassroots democracy and the problems of running an economy with a blockade.” Derek Wall – former Principal Speaker of the Green Party (another-green-world.blogspot.com ‘This film was summed up by the quote ” I thought when i went to Cuba I could say if it was socialist or capitalist; having been I now say its a society trying to build socialism”. A very realistic appraisal of Cuba which has not airbrushed out the difficulties there.’ Steve Hedley, RMT London Transport
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The American Case Management Association (ACMA) Partners with HCPro, Inc. to Publish Collaborative Case Management

The American Case Management Association (ACMA) Partners with HCPro, Inc. to Publish Collaborative Case Management

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

As part of its ongoing mission to provide innovative professional development services to its members and advance the practice of hospital case management, the American Case Management Association (ACMA) has partnered with HCPro, Inc. to publish its journal, Collaborative Case Management.

ACMA National President, Linda Van Allen, announced the partnership today at the 2012 ACMA National Case Management Conference in Denver, CO.

“HCPro is a longtime supporter of ACMA, and we are very excited to enter this partnership,” said Linda Van Allen, ACMA’s National President. “HCPro is a recognized leader in health care education and publishing, and our association is confident that this collaboration will benefit ACMA members and case management practice by expanding and improving both parties’ educational offerings.”

HCPro has an established reputation of excellence in healthcare education and information that spans more than two decades. “Our partnership will leverage the deep expertise brought by both HCPro and ACMA to benefit case managers nationwide with the information and best practices that will help them to excel,” said Lauren McLeod, Editorial Director at HCPro, Inc. “We are proud to be the chosen publishing partner for ACMA’s industry-leading publication.”

The first issue jointly published by the two organizations will be delivered to ACMA members in late May. Though HCPro will assume the editorial process for Collaborative Case Management, it will remain ACMA’s official publication and ACMA will continue to direct its content and provide final approval on all issues.

Through this partnership, the publication will appear in print format and its frequency will increase from quarterly to bimonthly. Starting with the July/August issue, ACMA’s nurse, social worker and physician members will have the opportunity to earn free continuing education credits by reading the publication and passing the associated online quizzes.

HCPro currently publishes the Case Management Monthly newsletter and Case Management Weekly e-newsletter. As a part of the new partnership, HCPro will be offering special discount benefits to ACMA members on HCPro case management and Medicare compliance education and information products.

About the American Case Management Association

Founded in 1999, the American Case Management Association (ACMA) is a national, non-profit, professional membership association, which supports the profession of case management in the hospital or health system setting. ACMA members are nurses, social workers, physicians, educators, administrators, and other professionals responsible for providing case management services in hospitals.

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Q&A: one change in agriculture production to improve environmental sustainability?

Question by Punkish_Bronze: one change in agriculture production to improve environmental sustainability?
can some one identify one change that could be made in the agricultural production of food which would, in your view, improve the environmental sustainability. and then please mention how the advantages might outweigh the disadvantages of your suggestion. thanks in advanced!

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
Well.. not burning diesel would be a BIG start

What do you think? Answer below!

In-Pipe Technology Announces Webinar Series on Municipal Wastewater Lagoon Sludge Reduction Using Green Sewer Collection System Treatment

In-Pipe Technology Announces Webinar Series on Municipal Wastewater Lagoon Sludge Reduction Using Green Sewer Collection System Treatment

In-Pipe Technology’s G2 Dosing Panel

Wheaton, IL (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

In-Pipe Technology® Company, Inc. announced today a five-week webinar series entitled “Lagoon Performance Optimization: An Alternative to Traditional Dredging” to discuss how In-Pipe’s green sewer collection system treatment is an effective, environmentally-friendly, and fiscally responsible method to reduce accumulated lagoon solids.

John Williams, President & CEO of In-Pipe Technology states, “In-Pipe has helped clients reduce accumulated sludge volumes by 40% to 85%, resulting in significant savings every year by extending the intervals between dredging events. Additional benefits are seen in improved BNR, a significant reduction of odors and collection system degradation. We look forward to sharing our success stories with the municipal wastewater sector.”

The webinar series “Lagoon Performance Optimization: An Alternative to Traditional Dredging” is scheduled to take place as follows:

    Central Region: April 17th – Noon Central
    Southwest Region: April 24th – Noon Central
    Northeast Region: May 1st – 11am Central
    Southeast Region: May 8th – 11am Central
    Western Region: May 15th – 2pm Central

For registration information please contact us.

In-Pipe’s patented technology includes regularly adding a high concentration formulation of facultative, naturally-occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria to strategic locations throughout the sewer system in accordance with an engineered plan. This entails zero capital cost and no additional energy requirement. Performance in the collection system provides increased capacity within the plant, forestalls costly upgrades, and extends the life of the existing infrastructure.

In-Pipe Technology offers specialized technical expertise, strong customer understanding, and deep resource knowledge. Since In-Pipe uses natural, biological methods that complement the treatment plant’s own processes, In-Pipe is a sustainable solution ? environmentally and economically.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Williams, President & CEO, please contact Nikole Clay, Marketing Manager at (630)-871-5844 ext. 229. You may also visit our website at http://www.in-pipe.com.


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Thin Film Solar Cell Technology – Professor Chris Binns – University of Leicester

Professor Chris Binns explains a project to develop Thin Film Solar Cell Technology. Norwegian company EnSol AS has patented a ground breaking, thin film solar cell technology which they seek to develop commercially by 2016. The company is now working with the University of Leicester Department of Physics and Astronomy to develop this revolutionary new type of solar cell material that could be coated as a thin film on, for example, windows in buildings to produce power on a large scale. The new material has been designed by EnSol AS and is based on nanoparticles that can be synthesised in Leicester. The University of Leicester Department of Physics and Astronomy has a long history in the field of nanoparticles and has equipment that is uniquely suited in the world to produce small amounts of the material for prototypes. Photovoltaics are destined to form a key power generating method as part of a low carbon economy and the new technology will bring that a stage closer. The material is composed of metal nanoparticles (diameters ~ 10 nm) embedded in a transparent composite matrix. EnSol’s next generation PV cell technology has tremendous potential for lower environmental impact and much more cost effective production and purchase than conventional devices. For more information about Thin Film Solar Cell Technology see; www.ensol.no For more information about Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester see; www2.le.ac.uk
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New Home Construction Continues to Get Greener with ENERGY STAR House Plans from The House Designers

New Home Construction Continues to Get Greener with ENERGY STAR House Plans from The House Designers

America’s Best-Selling House Plans

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

A recent Green Home Builders and Remodelers study released by McGraw-Hill Construction at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando confirmed that green home building is on the rise. Key findings stated that green homes comprised 17% of the overall residential construction market in 2011 and are expected to reach between 29% and 38% of the home market by 2016. Many builders expect that 90% of their projects will be dedicated to green home building techniques and products, which is why designers and architects like The House Designers (THD) are committed to creating innovative, sustainable homes.

“Since our partnership with ENERGY STAR® we have been extremely committed to encourage all of our designers and architects to challenge themselves to create new, authentic, sustainable designs that have the same appeal and amenities that homeowners have come to expect from our collection of best-selling, innovative house plans,” said Tammy Crosby, COO of The House Designers, the internet’s leading providing of residential house plans. “Our yearly ENERGY STAR®/Green House Plan competition has produced some amazing new house plans and sparked national recognition for being at the forefront of green residential home design.”

This year’s competition is currently being judged by Larry Garnett, a celebrated residential designer, Michael Cohen, a Connecticut-based RESNET Home Energy Rater and Patrick O’Toole, the publisher and editorial director of Professional Builder. Winners will be announced on June 1, 2012 at the annual THD/ENERGY STAR® awards banquet in Austin, Texas.

The six winning house plans from this past ENERGY STAR® competition, along with 12 additional entries will be featured in the April issue of Green Builder Magazine, a leading resource for sustainable residential building.

These plans were chosen because of their innovative designs and technical detailing featuring the latest in green building products and systems to provide total home comfort and efficiency. Each design features timeless architectural styles and practical/flexible layouts to ensure years of comfortable living without sacrificing amenities and aesthetics.

“Since house plans are the first step in building a home, it is imperative for designers and architects to educate consumers and builders about why they should build a green home,” Crosby said. “That’s why we feel it is so important to work with publications like Professional Builder and Green Builder Magazine. Together we can ensure that the “green” home building movement continues to gain momentum.”

The Evergreen Cottage House Plan won first place for under 2,000 square feet because it offers tremendous flexibility in its design, while offering the latest in green technology and innovation. Both active and passive energy saving technologies were included such as 6-inch SIP exterior walls, a 20-square-foot grass roof tile system, a Gale Vertical Axis Winder Generator, a rainwater capture and storage system, along with photovoltaic and water heating panels. You’ll also find standard green products like energy-efficient appliances, lighting, HVAC and water saving bath fixtures throughout this well-designed footprint.

The Aliste Verde House Plan took first place for over 2,001 square feet. Its perfectly square building envelope (36’ x 36’) makes it economical to build and maintain without sacrificing its classic Craftsman styling. Green features include 6-inch SIP exterior walls, 8-inch SIP roof with recycled composite metal roofing, energy-efficient windows, geothermal heat pump and reclaimed hardwood floors.

You can also view the video all 6 winners on The House Designers YouTube channel by clicking here.

All entries from last year’s competition are available for purchase in THD’s exclusive ENERGY STAR® Approved/Green House Plan collection. Each plan includes an optional ENERGY STAR® package that includes requirements for energy-efficient features and construction details such as tight construction and duct systems, properly installed insulation, high performance windows, efficient heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STAR® qualified products, appliances and more.

All winning house plans include product specifications featured directly on the blueprints from Therma-Tru®, Fypon®, Wayne-Dalton® and Lumber Liquidators® so consumers can easily select these energy-efficient building products before construction begin.

Residential home building manufacturers interested in having their products specified directly on award-winning home plans from The House Designers exclusive ENERGY STAR® house plan collection can contact Tammy Crosby at 203-856-9334.

About The House Designers: The House Designers has been providing online house plans for consumers and builders for over 10-years. Comprised of the 10 leading U.S. residential designers and architects, THD offers the highest-quality, best-selling house plans under one roof. Each collection features a mix of builder friendly and innovative, new house plans from an accomplished group of architects and designers that have been time tested. THD maintains Page 1 positioning on Google for over 600 industry keywords, including house plans, home plans and floor plans and provides consumers and builders with unmatched customer service and house plans that meet and exceed industry standards, including the only collection of ENERGY STAR® house plans.


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