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Economics of a Cupcake Factory

Economics of a simple business leading up to a discussion on inflation/deflation. Touching on income statements.

Why do we have Developing Nations?

Question by Jenny-Lee: Why do we have Developing Nations?
Working on an economics project. I have to come up with questions to ask someone about a developing nation. In order to do this, I need to know what a developing nation is.

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Answer by SDD
The same reason that we have children. People are not born as adults. Economies are not born fully-developed.

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Can I Get into Any of These Schools?

Question by Jonathan: Can I Get into Any of These Schools?
Can I Get Into These Schools?
So I’m a junior in a nationally-recognized public high school in Cleveland, Ohio…

Here’s my info-
Just took the ACT last week, planning on retaking it in June, September, and maybe November
AP Classes-
US Government
Comparative Government
Planning on taking either AP Modern European History or AP Stats next year

Other Classes-
Next year I’m going to take Honors Environmental Science and maybe Honors Spanish 4.
Cleveland Economics
Human Rights
Math Foundations
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
CPE Science
Spanish (1-3)
US History
World Studies
I’m also planning on doing an in school marketing program which has produced America’s first totally green classroom and is Junior Achievement’s most successful program ever. Check out the website at www.thegreendream.org
Golf-1 year JV; 2 years Varsity with 2 letters
JCWA/Model UN (Best Delegate at the University of Virginia)
Beachcomber (School Newspaper)-Staff Writer
B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO)
Kenny Novak Junior Golf Tour (Summer)
Plain Dealer North Coast Junior Golf Tour (Summer)

Here are some schools I’m interested in-
Ohio State, Miami University (Ohio), Indiana, Case Western Reserve University, American University, The University of Vermont, The University of Virginia, Ohio University, CUNY Hunter College, CUNY Baruch College, and CUNY City College

Possible Majors-
Economics, Political Science, Public Admistration, and Business

Thank You So Much,

Best answer:

Answer by supa
I just graduated from school in OH, and I’m sure you’ll get in to almost any of those – depending on your scores of course. Honestly though, retakes of standardized tests usually results in lower scores. Maybe retake it once more if you’re really unsatisfied, but only after reviewing basic strategy techniques from books, online, etc. There are some really simple tips that can boost your score a couple points. For instance, many times, the longest answer on a reading comp problem is the correct one.

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New York City Hosts EB-5 Business Conference on April 27, 2012

New York City Hosts EB-5 Business Conference on April 27, 2012

Las Vegas Conference

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 24, 2012

After successfully organizing various EB-5 conferences and seminars in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Chicago, New York, Orlando, San Diego, Miami, Portland, Guangzhou and Shanghai, Artisan Business Group, Inc. is coming back again to New York to present the 2nd Annual EB-5 Investment Summit: Dealmakers Conference in New York City, New York. The April 27th, 2012 conference will be centered on the Immigrant Investor Program that has been a growing success, with much foreign investment pouring in from China, Korea, the U.K. and Latin America. In the past five years, more than $ 3 billion of international capital have been invested into the U.S. economy through EB-5 regional center program, creating tens of thousands jobs in a variety of industries. The 2012 Dealmakers Conference aims to help domestic companies grasp the opportunity for foreign capital funding in order to create more American jobs and promote recovery in the U.S. economy. Top-tier EB-5 experts and service providers will be available at the conference for presentations and networking and ready to strike deals with clients.

The all-day conference will feature highly-regarded industry experts and VIP guests, including H. Ronald Klasko, Partner of Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP, and the EB-5 Chairman of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Jeffrey B. Carr, President and Economist of Economic & Policy Resources, Inc., Mr. Boyd Campbell, Immigration Attorney of Immigration Law Center, LLC, Mr. Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc., Joseph P. Whalen, Former USCIS Adjudicator, Mr. Ronald Fieldstone, Attorney & Partner, Arnstein & Lehr LLP, Ms. Hong Yu, US Project Manager of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group in China, and Mr. John Jiang, CEO of Micon International. Some of the topics discussed at the event will include creation of American jobs through the EB-5 Regional Center Program, the running of a Regional Center, building a strong and winning brand for an EB-5 Regional Center, selection of viable projects for the Chinese emigration agencies, and procurement strategy of EB-5 investors in China. More guest speakers will soon be announced.

“I am glad a delegation of 50 Chinese senior business executives is coming to join us and learn what EB-5 is all about!” says Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc. The 2nd annual Dealmakers Conference will bring international EB-5 investment professionals, as well as those inexperienced with the EB-5 program, a great opportunity to learn more about foreign investment and network with field experts. Those attending will get the chance to make connections and develop strong relationships with some of China’s top EB-5 emigration agents.

This year’s event is being hosted and sponsored by Artisan Business Group, Inc., Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, and Amazing Journey Investment Consulting Co. The Hilton New York will serve as the venue for the conference. Those attending the event also have the opportunity to meet the prior day with Artisan Business Group’s CEO, Mr. Brian Su, for a 1-hour private consultation.

For more information regarding the event, registration, or a private consultation with Mr. Su, please visit: http://www.EB5NewYorkSummit.org.

Press Contact:

Mr. Brian Su

Artisan Business Group, Inc.


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Q&A: What political party am I?

Question by MZ: What political party am I?
I recently became interested in American politics since I am growing up, and looking to maybe transfer into political science. Since I am knew at this I do not know what I am, can you categorize me so that I know what political party I am?

Economics: I do not believe in trickle down theory, I oppose it. 2% should not be in charge of 98%. The money then stays at the top and barely trickles. So the wealth should be spread. And bonuses for high wages should at most equal to half of the persons salary, no more $ 25 million bonuses.

Government: I believe in lots of rules and regulations, with very clear guideline. The taxes on the wealthy should be heavy, and for god sake, so should the major corporations.

Education: We should be giving schools more money, not cutting the teaching force! Previous generations have screwed the up and coming, there is no reason they should have less opportunity then anyone else.

Religion: I am a devout Catholic, but lets be real here… complete separation of church and state! There should be no politician out there that believes in creationism, for lack of a better term, thats absolutely ludicrous.

Environment: America should go green, and really make a better initiative to. Costa Rica is 100% fuel independent, there is no reason we cannot get a high number of independence. We need to back away from these mass murdering dictatorships who have oil. If Saudi Arabia had an uprising, we would be there killing them off in a matter of seconds. We need to up our domestic drilling, especially where we have oil like in Alaska.

Abortion: Please ladies abort away, clumps of cells are not human, i scratch them off my skin every day. Teen pregnancy is on the rise because girls are keeping these bastard children. This only leads to poverty and more and more working class workers rather then people looking to achieve something. And with the school situation who would even want to bring a child into a low income area.

More economics: Let me embellish on spreading the wealth. Lets raise minimum wage to $ 10 an hour, and build our working class up so that we don’t outsource. Outsourcing should be taxed like crazy, because as of right now companies are not taxed on products in different countries, lets tax them no matter where they make their money. How about this, for every 1 outsourced factory, they need to build 4 American ones. We give away jobs to immigrants meanwhile our unemployment is through the roof, although we are rebounding.

Please let me know what this falls into, I would greatly appreciate it! =]

Best answer:

Answer by Primo
Socialist. Green Party

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Why are so many developing nations, and less Developed nations?

Question by : Why are so many developing nations, and less Developed nations?
Why are so many developing nations, and less Developed nations?
If you look at the world map, you wil see that only usa, Canada, Japan western Europe are regarderd as Developed Nations, that really disturbs me, there are a lot of black Africans, and middle easterns who are smart,what is the reason according to you? In Europe there are many miggrants from North africa, Turkey, Pakistan…..
Many indigenous Europeans under estimate the foreigners in their countries and that really disturbs me

Best answer:

Answer by JBS
I believe it has to do with the government. If they are controlling dictatorships and do not allow the free market and capitalism to thrive they are limiting the economy of their nation. Many rulers are empowered to line their own pockets and don’t give a damn about their nation. It has nothing to do with being educated – it has to do with the control of their government and how they control the population. Socialism – Dictatorships – Communism has not worked in building a developed nation.

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Patch Rubber Company Fortifies its Chemical Compliance with SiteHawk

Patch Rubber Company Fortifies its Chemical Compliance with SiteHawk

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

SiteHawk, the leading MSDS solutions provider, announced today that Patch Rubber Company has chosen SiteHawk as its safety data sheet (SDS) authoring service provider.

Patch Rubber Company is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of tire and retread products for the automotive, truck, and OTR aftermarket. With expanding demand in global markets, the company needed a safety data sheet authoring partner expert in the ever-changing regulatory requirements of both U.S. and international markets. Therefore, they turned to SiteHawk to write safety data sheets for the more than 200 products in the company portfolio. The work has enabled better access to international markets and an improved understanding of the raw materials flowing through their supply chain.

“Our experience with SiteHawk has been excellent and enabled us to reach out to new markets globally,” commented John Attinello, Director of Engineering, for Patch Rubber Company. “Their understanding of the regulatory environment and requirements is far beyond what we have the time or knowledge to deal with ourselves.”

For additional stories of safety-conscious organizations like Patch Rubber Company, please visit the SiteHawk website at http://www.sitehawk.com/success_stories/.

About SiteHawk

SiteHawk offers a complete approach to MSDS and chemical data management via web-based, user-friendly software and managed services. Organizations in virtually every industry utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet regulatory and environmental compliance initiatives, manage chemical inventories and chemical data, publish material safety data sheets, and keep workers safe throughout the organization. With customers spanning the globe, SiteHawk continues to lead the environmental health and safety industry in customer satisfaction with a greater than 98% customer retention rate.

The complete SiteHawk solution portfolio includes software and services for MSDS management, MSDS authoring, chemical inventory management, and environmental regulatory compliance. For more information on any of these services, please visit http://www.sitehawk.com.

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hi there , suggestions for double citizenship?

Question by Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez: hi there , suggestions for double citizenship?
hi everybody I’m 21 yrs old I live in Naples, italy and I got the double citizenship: I’m italo- american ; I’m studing economics here in naples, and I’ve never been in US even if I have a granphater in chicago. So I want to come in US for living and working. I got the double passport and I ‘ve no problem about green card etc… Please I want you suggest me what to do for workin in US with my title of study(economics, italian university) , if I can work in some business act to rapports with italy, so I can do in and out… or maybe some other ideas ?!

Best answer:

Answer by Francesca Thomas
you really need to improve your english nicoya.
grandfather not granphater
dual citizenship – not double
in and out – import and export
rapports with italy – trade with italy.

if you do come to USA, make sure you show ONLY your US passport at customs and immigration.

One other thing – I have recently read some horror stories of italians coming to USA. Just be careful what you say and how you say it.

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Funny GREEN Business

“Eco-Satirist” Bob Hirschfeld lampoons the challenges and opportunities of going green
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.weforum.org 17.11.2008 Fuelling India’s Future Will It Be Green and Nuclear? India has ambitious plans to double the number of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2030. With increased net imports of oil already biting into GDP growth and increasing inflationary pressures, what options exist for India that balance its energy appetite and climate change? Discussion Leaders •Tejpreet Singh Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE, India •Nand Khemka, Chairman, Sun Group, India •Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, India Observatory, London School of Economics, United Kingdom •Tulsi R. Tanti, Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Energy, India •Adil Zainulbhai, Managing Director, India, McKinsey & Company, India Chaired by •Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express, India

Alex Jones Show for Sunday, February 12, 2012 (Full)

On this Live Sunday edition, Alex is joined by author and top researcher on the UN’s Agenda 21, Rosa Koire, a veritable expert on the creeping takeover of cities and states under the paralyzing guise of the buzzword “sustainability.” Koire’s book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21, not only deconstructs the agenda’s aims with solid facts, but is designed for use as a study guide and starting point for developing a strategy to defeat its effects in your area. Rosa Korie is Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, where she studies the impacts of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development on liberty, and also runs the website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. In the news, Alex tackles the tragic early death of singer Whitney Houston, and exposes the reality that prescription drugs are posing a greater danger to society than illegals drugs and many other public ills. Also, plans to release GMO mosquitoes in Florida to combat native populations mark a new beginning of actively releasing dangerously under-tested new species into the wild– with possible ramifications and consequences unknown. On the geo-political front, calls for the United Nations to put peacekeepers on the ground in Syria further escalate the possibilities for regional war, while Ron Paul supporters have cried foul over the Maine caucuses, where “official” results in the delegate-driven straw polls appeared to present Mitt Romney with a narrow win over Dr. Paul. www.infowars.com prisonplanet.tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

blogs.mccombs.utexas.edu We are at a strategic inflection point, a time in the life of a business (or country) when its fundamentals are about to change, says John Doggett, senior lecturer in management at McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. Goldmans BRIC predictions were based on population growth, the rule of small to large numbers, which was previously ignored. As of March 2010, 42 percent of the worlds population are in BRIC, 22 percent of the worlds land mass and 24 percent of global gross domestic product. This is .2 trillion larger than Americas GDP. By 2035, Goldman Sachs predicts that China will be the largest economy in the world and that India will be tied with America for second. How we react to this opportunity and our new competitors will affect the standard of living for future generations. This is the greatest possible time to be alive and be a businessperson.
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