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Why won’t politician do something about the coming ’08 Panic?

Question by Member Services: Why won’t politician do something about the coming ’08 Panic?
The same question has been asked throughout history: “How could it have been that, with all the evidence staring them in the face, people couldn’t see disaster coming?”

History is again repeating itself. Despite the mountains of evidence and baskets of statistics pointing to “Panic,” the media, the man on the street and the politicians avoid the facts and deny the ugly truth or defend their beliefs with a vengeance attacking those who beg to differ.

Battered equity markets, rising unemployment, a diving dollar, $ 100 per barrel oil, soaring commodity prices, plummeting real estate values, record home foreclosures, slumping retail sales, crumbling consumer confidence, a credit crunch, the subprime crisis, write- offs and write-downs the data doesn’t lie. Banks, brokerages, and bond insurers begging for bailouts and pleading for cash.
SIVs, CDOs, ARSs VRDNs, hedge fund operators, derivative players, buyout specialists an alphabet soup of exotic scams, rigged games, Wall Street cons and double dealers.

America’s on the rocks and sinking fast and there’s no one there to save it. Not the Federal Reserve, the President of the United States, nor the presidential wannabes in waiting. There are no quick fixes or human geniuses that can make the debt-bloated pig fly, yet a desperate public prays that its pathetic politicians will lead them to economic salvation.

Dumb and Dumber

Of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton’s and Barak Obama’s economic plans are essentially the same, and there is little dispute between the two when arguing the differences. “My opponent came to Wisconsin a few days ago and basically gave my speech. That’s OK, I want everybody to agree with me,” said Clinton claiming that Obama heisted her economic blueprints.
Either ignorant of the facts or afraid to say the word, both candidates have yet to admit America is in recession, nor have they warned of the critical conditions that will soon face the nation.
Prescribing a stimulus package of bromides and minor trade agreement modifications, their promised tax adjustments, infrastructure building and “green” job schemes will neither relieve fiscal pain nor cure the nation’s economic malignancy. (See “Panic and Fear ­ Solutions and Hope,” Trends Journal, Winter 2008.)

On the Republican side, John McCain falters badly on the economic front. “I don’t believe we’re headed into a recession,” he said as the global markets trembled during January’s historic bout of financial turmoil. “I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong and I believe they will remain strong,” he fantasized.

Proclaiming that “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” McCain said, “I’ve got (Alan) Greenspan’s book,” as though reading the former Fed Chief’s book would somehow matter. “I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated,” the presidential contender had said.

Publisher’s Note: In addition to being economically challenged, McCain’s promise to “Follow Osama bin Laden to the Gates of Hell” and fight the Iraq War “for a hundred years” if necessary, calls into question his military and foreign policy prowess.

Cast as a “genuine war hero” and military strategist ­ McCain’s serving time as a prisoner of war after his plane was shot down while bombing Vietnamese, qualifies him as neither. More accurately termed a victim and survivor, McCain’s torture at the Hanoi Hilton (as with those persecuted at Guantanamo) does not elevate him to hero status nor does the loss of his jet fighter during battle qualify him as a military strategist.

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Answer by dondon
I agree! So, you want to be president? America is in a fix, and I couldn’t begin to have any ideas about repairing it. I hope that you do.
This has been coming for the past 4 years, at least the immediate downturn…..gasoline, electricity, natural gas, and basic food costs doubled in one summer. My choice was to leave………….but, the sheep there just follow what they are told. It’s a very sad situation for America.

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Jeff Greason ISDC 2011 Keynote Address – A Settlement Strategy for NASA (42 min.)

Jeff Greason, President of XCOR Aerospace and member of the Augustine Committee (Review of US Human Space Flight Plans Committee) established by the White House in 2009. The Committee concluded that “the ultimate goal of human exploration is to chart a path for human expansion into the solar system.” Greason’s Awards Banquet Address at the 2011 National Space Society International Space Development Conference is widely regarded as a major statement in the field of space policy. This talk was given on May 21, 2011. 42-minute video. For a transcript of this talk and for more 2011 ISDC videos see www.nss.org

hi there, suggestions?

Question by Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez: hi there, suggestions?
hi everybody I’m 21 yrs old I live in Naples, italy and I got the double citizenship: I’m italo- american ; I’m studing economics here in naples, and I’ve never been in US even if I have a granphater in chicago. So I want to come in US for living and working. I got the double passport and I ‘ve no problem about green card etc… Please I want you suggest me what to do for workin in US with my title of study(economics, italian university) , if I can work in some business act to rapports with italy, so I can do in and out… or maybe some other ideas ?!

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Answer by Cristy
the US economy is really bad right now, unemployment is on it’s highest. I suggest you to do some research before making the trip. Try to come with a really strong job offer already in place or you might be stuck here unemployed like many other professionals.

good luck.

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Nice Developing Nations photos

Check out these developing nations images:

UN Our Common Humanity Forum – making the webcast happen
developing nations
Image by danceinthesky
This forum gathered top-level speakers, including Nobel laureates and some of the leading thinkers and innovators of our time. They focused on the values that unite our common humanity and how these values may be expressed globally through the Millennium Development Goals, empowered by the new and rapidly developing information and communication technologies.

UN Our Common Humanity Forum
developing nations
Image by danceinthesky
This forum gathered top-level speakers, including Nobel laureates and some of the leading thinkers and innovators of our time. They focused on the values that unite our common humanity and how these values may be expressed globally through the Millennium Development Goals, empowered by the new and rapidly developing information and communication technologies.

UN Our Common Humanity Forum
developing nations
Image by danceinthesky
This forum gathered top-level speakers, including Nobel laureates and some of the leading thinkers and innovators of our time. They focused on the values that unite our common humanity and how these values may be expressed globally through the Millennium Development Goals, empowered by the new and rapidly developing information and communication technologies.

East Coast Economic Update: September 17, 2009

Here is the Pod Cast for the NPR program “On Point”: www.onpointradio.org Bloomberg: Says That Housing has a Green shoot…..NOT!!!!: www.bloomberg.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Middle East board Game?

Question by Grant H: Middle East board Game?
I have been designing a board game about the Middle East. You play as the head of state of one of 19 middle east nations. In this you deal with 4 factors, Geography, Economics, Politics, and Military. You try to gain power in the region so you can become the master of the middle east. The game can play up to 9 players (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, white, and black). Each color doesn’t represent a nation, it just represents a player. You start the game off with different amounts of resources depending on which nation you choose(Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait)

I was hoping that on a scale of 1 to 10, if anyone could give me a strength for each of those nations in the category of regional politics, regional military, and regional economics.

I have ideas of my own, but I don’t want to base all of my facts on Wikipedia.

Best answer:

Answer by gothic_darkness656
…..did you cause 9/11?

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Goodwill Columbus & OSU Extension Partner with Connect Ohio to Offer Free Computer Training to Central Ohioans

Goodwill Columbus & OSU Extension Partner with Connect Ohio to Offer Free Computer Training to Central Ohioans

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 24, 2012

Connect Ohio, Goodwill Columbus, and The Ohio State University Extension have partnered to offer the Every Citizen Online (ECO) free basic computer and Internet training to central Ohioans. Through this collaborative effort, area adults are learning how to connect in ways many of us take for granted, and are learning important job skills necessary to be part of today’s workforce.

Marianne Robbins, a recent ECO participant at Goodwill Columbus, needed the basic computer and Internet training in order to keep up at work.

“As (computers) became a large portion of our job, we did go to a computer training class (through work), but it was very fast,” said Robbins. “It was more geared for people that are younger than me, who grew up with computers, whereas I did not. So I learned basic skills, but not to the point where I felt real confident.”

Robbins says she enjoyed the ECO training class and the individualized instruction.

“I feel more confident,” said Robbins. “The instructor is excellent because he is patient and the class size is small.”

The computer and Internet basic training is being presented through Goodwill Columbus’ Workforce Development program through the coordination of OSU Extension. Sixty-seven area adults have already taken advantage of the free training opportunity through Goodwill Columbus. ECO is a natural fit for the program’s job-readiness services, with coursework that includes 6-hours of training covering computer basics, an introduction to the Internet, and benefits of using the Internet.

Classes take place at the Battelle Career Education Center, located at 1331 Edgehill Road, Columbus. Adults can register for the training by calling (614) 583-0145.

“ECO training is a great first step for those who have little or no computer experience,” said Debra Shinoskie, senior director of Workforce Development at Goodwill Columbus. “The training removes fears and inspires additional learning, empowering people to use technology to be competitive in their job search. Our staff at Goodwill can build upon the foundation that ECO training provides to further help job-seekers.”

More than 17,000 adults have already participated in the Every Citizen Online training since it launched in late December 2010. The training is open to any Ohio adult and is being offered at more than 250 locations throughout the state.

“We have experienced a positive response to the Every Citizen Online program, reflecting a demand from Ohioans for basic technological education,” said Stu Johnson, executive director of Connect Ohio. “We’re excited to provide an opportunity to meet this demand and to prepare Ohioans for a technologically driven society.”

A full list of training locations can be found at http://connectohio.org/training-facilities or by calling 1-855-NOW-I-CAN (669-4226).

Connect Ohio, a division of Connected Nation, is a leading technology organization committed to bringing affordable high-speed Internet and broadband-enabled resources to all Ohioans. Connect Ohio effectively raises the awareness of the value of broadband and works to improve technology access, adoption, and use through its programs. Connect Ohio is a nonprofit, technology-neutral public-private partnership. For more information about what Connect Ohio is doing to accelerate technology in Ohio’s communities, visit http://www.connectohio.org. Follow Connect Ohio on Facebook and Twitter.



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Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) Leads the Way in Remote Data Collection

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) Leads the Way in Remote Data Collection

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi)

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

As the volume of data continues to escalate, law firms and corporations are constantly looking for ways to save money and streamline processes. Fortunately, as the electronic discovery industry matures, certain companies – like Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) – are putting their considerable experience and technical expertise to work in creating solutions for their clients.

DSi, a leading e-discovery and digital forensics company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., has introduced DSi Remote Governance and Collections platform (RGC): a proprietary method that easily identifies, collects, verifies, filters and transfers data in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner.

“I know the term ‘remote collection’ is used a lot in our industry and can be applied to a myriad of devices and types of technology. This is not software on a memory stick,” said Tom Turner, DSi president and co-founder. “RGC is an exclusive combination of tested hardware and systems that allows e-discovery to be handled more efficiently and flexibly than ever before, no matter the number of devices or locations involved.”

RGC is configured by DSi’s technicians according to the client company’s requirements and seamlessly integrated behind the company’s firewall. Maintaining strict standards for data integrity and security, the platform can defensibly gather data from any accessible device on the network, including computers, servers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Various filters can be applied either during or after collections to remove non-relevant or duplicative files, saving time and money during subsequent processing or storage.

Additionally, collection can happen at any time, day or night, without disturbing the end user in any way and with minimal demand on internal IT resources. In fact, collection can be done covertly without informing custodians, so they are not aware the collection is even taking place.

“DSi’s programming team has created a quick and easy-to-use collection tool that saves the costs and hassles of having technicians do on-site collections,” said John Burchfield, DSi vice president of business development. “But increasingly we are seeing RGC used as part of a corporation’s overall Information Management policy.”

Burchfield explained that the platform earned the name “Remote Governance and Collections” because its uses have already evolved beyond something that simply collects data to managing it.

“Businesses see the benefit in utilizing RGC’s bank of services – such as data mapping, data backups, security and automated deletion points – to smoothly implement effective internal information governance policies,” said Burchfield.

RGC’s functions also include recovering deleted files and/or emails, malware analysis, password cracking and forensic analysis.

“I’ve always heard it said that for anything you want, there are three options: ‘fast turnaround, high quality or low cost’ and that you can only choose two of the three. But we’ve created an offering that meets and surpasses all three of those ideals,” said Turner. “The real question is, ‘Why isn’t everyone using this already?’”

About Document Solutions, Inc.

Serving law firms and corporate legal departments nationwide, Document Solutions, Inc. (DSi) is a litigation support services company that provides a wide range of traditional and technology-driven services, including Electronic Discovery, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Early Case Assessment, Web Review, Consulting, Hosting, Near De-Duplication, Photocopying, Printing, Trial Boards, Document Management, Document Scanning, Imaging, Optical Character Recognition and more. Founded with an intimate knowledge of the legal community’s essential need for unimpeachable quality under rigid time constraints, our staff of highly trained specialists will help you harness today’s most current technology to gain a competitive advantage. DSi is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. and also has offices in Knoxville, Tenn. and Cincinnati, Ohio. http://www.dsi.co.



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Gah! Help figuring out my schedule for senior year please! [AP and such]?

Question by <3: Gah! Help figuring out my schedule for senior year please! [AP and such]?
There’s this green sheet that I was supposed to have filled out…2 weeks ago? With all my classes for next year written on them…whoops ):

So far I have:
AP U.S. Government
AP Micro Economics
AP Macro Economics
AP World History [elective]
AP English Literature

My question is, is this suicide? I’m not really sure, has anyone taken this many AP classes before? I’d really appreciate some advice [or warnings to run, run faaar away].

&Should I take Algebra 2 [again *sigh* I hate math] with this schedule, or would it be easier to take it online?

Oh and would it be a bad idea to add AP Physiology and AP Biology to this never ending list?

Senior year is going to be sooo much fun :/
That was sarcasm.

Best answer:

Answer by TrumpetGurliee
Yes this is going to be very complicated.
Are you going to college? If so are you already admitted?
If so, you dont need to take so many AP.

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Reid Supply Offers Environmentally Friendly Industrial Products Catalog

Reid Supply Offers Environmentally Friendly Industrial Products Catalog

The New Reid Supply Company Catalog

Muskegon, MI (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Reid Supply Company, a Michigan-based global distributor of industrial products, announces their first full-line catalog printed completely on Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Inc paper.

“We’ve made some very significant changes to our catalog this year, including the use of SFI® paper and environmentally friendly Enviroink™,” says Greg Palmer, Director of Marketing at Reid Supply. “These changes help us protect our water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitats and some animal species at risk. Plus they strengthen best management practices to address Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value when working directly with family forest landowners”

The paper selection includes unique fiber sourcing requirements to promote responsible forest management on all forest lands in North America. By using SFI® paper and Enviroink™, Reid Supply leads the industrial distribution industry in sustainable catalog production.

Among other things, the new SFI 2010-2014 Standard, the result of an extensive 18-month public review, includes revisions that:

    Improve conservation of biodiversity in North America and offshore, and address emerging issues such as climate change and bioenergy.
    Strengthen unique SFI fiber sourcing requirements, which broaden the practice of sustainable forestry in North America and avoid unwanted offshore sources.
    Complement SFI activities aimed at avoiding controversial or illegal offshore fiber sources, and embrace Lacey Act amendments to prevent illegal logging.
    Expand requirements for logger training and support for trained loggers and certified logger programs. Since 1995, more than 117,000 loggers have received training through SFI-supported programs.

“The new standard was enriched by the views and expertise of many people, and offers a solid foundation as we build new partnerships and look for more ways to promote sustainable forest practices,” said Kathy Abusow, president and CEO of non-profit SFI® Inc.

The catalog is printed in full color with color-coding of the following categories:

Knobs, Handles and Hand Wheels
Clamps and Workholding
Tooling Components
Fasteners and Hardware
Leveling Devices and Vibration Control
Material Handling
Bearings and Power Transmission
Tools, Maintenance and Shop Supplies
Pneumatics and Hydraulics
Structural Systems

Reid Supply also offers • Apparel and Footwear and • Packaging and Shipping Supplies online at ReidSupply.com.

Other improvements made to this year’s catalog include: row shading, which makes it easier to keep your place on the page; item numbers next to the price; new photography and line drawings, to better represent the product lines; and discounts noted on applicable pages and inside the back cover.

According to Reid Supply Company’s President, John Carrier, schools and colleges might be interested in the catalog and website as educational tools.

“This new catalog and our website, ReidSupply.com, are so well organized that they can actually be used in engineering and technical education programs,” says Carrier. “Students can get a very good picture of what products are available to help them as they plan, design and build production equipment in their future workplace. And with free CAD drawings for most of the industrial products in the catalog, students can see and build with Reid products.”

Not only does Reid Supply offer industrial products, they also have free CAD drawings of over 90% of the industrial parts in the Reid Supply catalog at ReidSupply.com. They have also invested in new data management tools which have helped to refine and streamline the look and feel of the catalog. According to Palmer, there are more changes in store for the company’s website.

“We are constantly striving to give the customer exactly what they want,” says Palmer. “Our team is always checking with customers to make sure that our publications and website continues to grow with their needs. These are organic marketing tools and we make sure that they grow and adapt to our customers’ needs.”

With nearly 900 pages of industrial products for industries including: manufacturing; CAD and engineering; transportation construction; food processing; packaging; oil, gas and alternative energy; government; aerospace; medical; motorsports and many others, Reid Supply has many of the products that industrial customers need.

“Since 1948 we have committed ourselves to providing such great service that our customers will not want to go anywhere else,” says Carrier. “Reid Supply Company is real people doing really great work for our customers, order after order.”

By constantly improving our electronic and printed catalog ordering systems, Reid Supply Company intends to continually provide their customers with the best new products and the best ways to buy them.

About Reid Supply Company

Reid Supply Company is a U.S. based, global industrial products distribution company founded in 1948. They feature an impressive, full-color, 896 page industrial products catalog and a full-featured ecommerce website at ReidSupply.com.

How Reid Fosters Customer Loyalty

    Personalized Customer Service
    Customization of Standard Parts
    Easy-to-use Color-coded Catalog
    Easy Online Ordering at ReidSupply.com
    Shipping Costs at the Time of Order
    Same Day Shipping on Most In-stock Products
    FREE Downloadable CAD Drawings Featuring Over 90% of Our Catalog Products

ReidSupply.com offers all of the company’s products, plus free CAD drawings of more than 90% of their catalogued parts. The website also offers an extensive knowledge base that includes online industrial tools and calculators, as well as an informative and entertaining monthly e-newsletter.

For more information about Reid Supply Company, call 800-253-0421 or go online at ReidSupply.com.



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