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EscapeMaker.com Launches “Green Getaways A-Z” with Saratoga Springs, NY

EscapeMaker.com Launches “Green Getaways A-Z” with Saratoga Springs, NY

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) May 13, 2010

EscapeMaker.com, the guide to local weekend getaways within a day’s drive or train ride of New York City, is partnering with the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, Amtrak, Enterprise, as well as 8 Saratoga Springs area hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts to offer “Green Getaways A-Z” overnight packages.

Since EscapeMaker.com launched in 2000, its primary mission has been to educate weary urbanites about local getaways from the city – with a special focus on car-free getaways accessible by mass-transit. Saratoga Springs, known for its spas, racing, parks, unique shops and restaurants, is their flagship “green destination” – defined as a collection of tourism-related businesses in one area focused on sustainable tourism, improving and greening their own operations and delivering an eco-friendly getaway experience for the visitor.

Our “Green Getaways A-Z” program has been a labor of love and a long-time in the making, says Caylin Sanders, President of EscapeMaker.com. “As far as I could tell, there were a lot of eco-escapes out there, but no one area that was promoting themselves as a ‘green getaway.’ 100% participation is unrealistic of course, but there had to be enough eco-minded lodgings, restaurants and attractions in one place that was also accessible by mass transit for the traveler who wanted a green experience from A-Z.”

Three years ago, Sanders consulted with Strategic Sustainability Consulting of Washington D.C. to develop a green self-audit guide for lodgings. She then approached long-time colleagues Greg Dixon of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and Bill Hollister and Debbie Sanderson of Amtrak Marketing about a partnership to promote Saratoga Springs as the first “Green Getaway from A-Z” using Amtrak as a mode of travel.

Dixon worked with area tourism businesses to gather research and work toward more sustainable practices. “It was slow to take shape,” says Dixon, “but many of our hotels, innkeepers, attractions and restaurant owners have started making the improvements necessary to achieve their sustainability goals and get official green certifications. They see the future of tourism and are excited to be a part of it.”

The “Green Getaways A-Z Saratoga package” includes:

2 night’s accommodations and tax, some lodgings include breakfast
Dinner for two at a participating “green” restaurant
Admission to two area museums
Admission to Saratoga Spa State Park or Moreau Lake State Park
Add-on components include:

Transportation discounts on Amtrak, hybrid rental cars from Enterprise (14 days advance notice required) or a standard rental car that has a good MPG rating and local CDTA bus passes.
Bike and Helmet rentals for two
Additional attraction admissions

Packages start at $ 146 per person and are listed on EscapeMaker.com’s website at http://www.escapemaker.com/greentravel

8 participating lodgings include: Hilton Garden Inn, Springwater Bed and Breakfast, The Saratoga Farmstead, Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs, The Robinhood Motel, The Saratoga Downtowner, the Hyatt Place – Saratoga/Malta and the Westchester House B&B.

In addition, Amtrak is extending their ILOVENY 20% off discount as a transportation add-on to anyone who books a package leaving from any New York destination or departing Penn Station. EscapeMaker.com is also offering a special link to their corporate Enterprise 5% discount to anyone who books a hybrid car.

The Saratoga lodgings, some of them already green-certified by New York State and national programs have also rated themselves 0-3 butterflies in EscapeMaker.com’s Green Self-Audit Survey, which are guidelines developed in 9 areas from water to energy conservation to community outreach.

EscapeMaker does not enforce these guidelines and self-rating is purely on an honor system.

“Of course there are LEED certifications and national certification programs out there which we encourage people to apply for,” says Sanders, “but we also wanted a way for lodgings and tourism businesses — particularly smaller ones, to be able to show their existing green practices and communicate their long-term sustainability goals to guests. We’ve now opened up the survey to all Northeast and Mid-Atlantic lodgings and tourism businesses listing with us, so they too can participate.”

In the next year EscapeMaker.com hopes to add more packages to its green travel section, as well as add more destinations to its roster like the Meadowlands of NJ and Wilmington, DE. Sanders comments “It’s all about businesses coming together like they have done in Saratoga Springs to show visitors that traveling green is not only responsible, but also fun and affordable.”

For more information on green packages, Saratoga Springs, and eco-friendly getaway ideas visit EscapeMaker.com’s Green Travel section. http://www.escapemaker.com/greentravel



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A Technology Recruiting Story

The following anecdote illustrates a case study in the Silicon Valley, the tech mecca, which has a notoriously competitive hiring environment with the goal of securing he most talented engineers in the world.

One of my friends, John, was recently hired at a high tech company in Silicon Valley.  John had always been extremely smart – in fact he graduated on the top of his high school class, and went on to get a degree in computer engineering at Harvard.  From Harvard, he jumped around to a bunch of tech companies learning more programming languages, and eventually formed his own start up in Silicon Valley.

Given John’s great skill in programming, particularly coding for internet software, he was able to take his own company to market and sell it for some good money.  After that, he dabbled a bit more with technology and decided eventually to put himself out on the job market.  Needless to say, despite the recent tough economic times, John’s software skills were in great demand and it wasn’t hard for him to find some Silicon Valley suitors.


Now to the meat of the story:  the distinct approaches of the companies that wanted to hire John.  It was amazing to see the discrepancy in tactics between various companies.  Some varied based on the size of the company.  Larger companies, as expected were more forward, and less personal with their hiring tactics, focusing on salary, benefits, etc..  Smaller start ups went the complete other direction, focusing on details, work atmosphere, potential growth, equity etc.

The company that ended up landing John took the perfect approach, so he says.  They almost seemed to know where he was coming from – his background as an entrepreneur, his university history, his home state, even his favorite sport’s team. It was almost like they were in his head.  Eventually John found out that the company was actually employing a technology recruiting firm – a good one at that.

The moral of the story is that utilizing a specialist, a technology recruiting firm in this case, can really make a difference as far as hiring the best talent out there.  Securing talented employees can make all the difference in an incredibly competitive business environment like Silicon Valley.   Tech Talent can truly put a company ahead of their competitors by providing them with the firepower to build new and innovative technologies.

Times are hard for the American currently. My goal is to start a conversation about how we can use eachother’s knowledge to better our lives and country. Now is the time for us to stand together, and the internet is the perfect vehicle for us to traverse this difficult path and emerge to a bright new era.

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Alternative Imaging Solutions – Green Peak Imaging Solutions Helps Keep IT Green

Alternative Imaging Solutions – Green Peak Imaging Solutions Helps Keep IT Green

Keyport, NJ (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

Green Peak Imaging Solutions, an alternative imaging supply company that provides cost-effective and eco-friendly imaging products, has announced the launch of its online ordering portal, http://www.greenpeakimaging.com. Green Peak Imaging Solutions sells guaranteed remanufactured imaging products such as toner, ink, printers, maintenance kits and fusers to home offices and businesses across the USA.

“Green Peak Imaging Solutions was founded on the principle of total reuse and is committed to a policy of ‘zero landfill’ within three years or sooner,” stated Dennis Fotopoulos, President of Green Peak Imaging Solutions, “our model is based completely on providing eco-friendly solutions to those who have made ‘green’ IT initiatives a priority.”

Green Peak Imaging Solutions opens its doors during challenging economical times, but Fotopoulos stated that “Green IT initiatives don’t have to break the bank. Keeping costs down is at the core of any reuse scenario and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” adding, “Our products are priced anywhere from 15% – 75% less than original equipment branded products.”

Green Peak Imaging Solutions will center its business around its ability to collect or reclaim old product, reuse and remanufacture it for re-introduction into the home and corporate office ecosystem, and, finally, responsibly dispose of or recycle used products that do not qualify as remanufacturing candidates. “Our recycling is guaranteed to be done responsibly – preferably through granulating raw materials for reuse elsewhere in other manufacturing channels,” adds Fotopoulos.

Green Peak Imaging Solutions Environmental Mission:

Green Peak Imaging Solutions environmental goal is simple – Zero Landfill Waste. By preventing pollution and minimizing the negative impact and maximizing the positive impact our activities have on the environment, Green Peak Imaging Solutions model is built on the continuous improvement of our environmental practices.

About Green Peak Imaging Solutions:

Green Peak Imaging Solutions is an alternative imaging supply company providing cost-effective and eco-friendly imaging products such as toner, ink, printers, maintenance kits and fusers to home offices and businesses across the USA.

Media Contact:

Dennis Fotopoulos

President, Green Peak Imaging Solutions



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KAYLAH ANNE on Ben Sorensen’s REAL Country 090811

DOWNLOAD “THE APPRENTICES” featuring KAYLAH ANNE NOW: bit.ly Some more on Kaylah Anne: The refreshing sound of KAYLAH ANNE and her first single ‘FOUR LEAF CLOVER’ will leave you wanting for more. Simplistic and real, natural and endearing, her promise to “do anything for you” is believable as she offers herself as the piece of luck you are looking for. Kaylah’s musical ambitions have none of the hallmarks of an overwhelmed awestruck teenager. Instead, here you’ll find a grounded individual determined to enjoy the ride. In just over three years she has gone from busking on the streets of Newcastle and Tamworth to performing before masses at Nelson Bay and, Hastings Country Music Festivals and at Hexham. Earnt and deserved! Named a 2007 APRA Songwriters’ Teen Songwriter of the Year runner-up, Kaylah has wowed crowds already at Port Stephens’ Blue Water Country Music Festival, the Royal Easter Show and at Royal Randwick Racecourse. Kaylah’s has worked for her rewards. Her moments so far include graduating from the 2008 CMAA College of Country Music, her emergence as a Grand Finalist at the 2009 Toyota Star Maker and the prestigious Australian Country Music’s 30th Annual Search for A Star. Her determination also welcomed a recent invitation on ABC’s popCountry 2009 release, billed as ‘a generation of young females who bring pop and country music together to create a great new sound; a collection of the best pop-country hits from this generation of Australian and International
Video Rating: 5 / 5

General Trends and Disciplines within the Study of Geography

Geography is one of the sciences you can not do without nowadays. What makes it so important? It helps you learn more about the world you live in. New research fields and disciplines within geography study appear constantly.

There are two main areas within geography.

The Earth from the point of view of environmental patterns and processes is studied by physical geography.

Human use and understanding of Earth is the subject of human geography.

These branches are closely interconnected and related to external disciplines like physics, biology, history and social sciences.

Among human geography disciplines there are

1.economic geography which deals with the study of different economic types and formations in their relationship with each other and the natural environment,


2.political geography the issue of which is studying relationship between political processes and spatial peculiarities,

3.cultural geography studying the variation of specific cultural features and standards throughout the world,

4.tourism geography which observes tourism as human activity,

5.historical geography that holds together such issues as history of geographic science and the changes in territorial division and environment throughout time,

6.urban geography which studies the infrastructure and processes within urban areas.

Physical geography concerns the following issues:

1.geomorphology that is the study of the Earth surface and the processes forming it,

2.hydrology that aims at researching the processes of water movement and accumulation throughout the Earth – it’s connected to glaciology – the study of glaciers and ice sheets – and oceanography – the study of oceans and seas,

3.biogeography i.e. the study of animal species populations, their spatial division and the processes affecting it,

4.climatology – the study of climate,

5.pedology – the soil study,

6.paleogeography investigating the processes which took place in the prehistoric ages and their outcomes in modern times,

7.landscape ecology that deals with the interconnection between ecological processes and landscape patterns.

Michael Cockson is an ambitious young writer and researcher who provides research paper writing services in several fields of study. Being a highly educated and all-rounded person, Michael knows writing a term paper and a the non plagiarized term paper inside out.

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Economics of Climate Change Day 2 | The New School

THE NEW SCHOOL | www.newschool.edu Economics of Climate Change Day 2 For two days, academics from around the world, government officials, and policy analysts examined the economic issues associated with carbon emissions, climate change, and emission regulation. The conference offered important lessons on how to enact effective climate change policy despite the United States fragile economy and the post-Copenhagen tensions between developed and developing countries. MILANO THE NEW SCHOOL FOR MANAGEMENT AND URBAN POLICY | http Panel Discussion: Global Solution or Country Specific Solutions? Chair: Ed Nell, Professor of Economics, New School for Social Research. – Hirofumi Uzawa, Social Common Capital Research Tokyo. – Ernst U. von Weizsaecker, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management. – Nathaniel Keohane, Walker Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund. – Charles Komanoff, Carbon Tax Center. *Location: Wollman Hall, Eugene Lang Building, 65 West 11th Street. 04/10/2010 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Video Rating: 5 / 5

You can gain real world experience serving in the Peace Corps while working to earn a Masters degree in Business Administration. At the Monterey Institute of International Studies, students have the unique opportunity to combine their degree work with Peace Corps service. In this video, Pamela Schreier shares her Peace Corps Masters International experience from Monterey to the Dominican Republic. The Monterey Institute provides Peace Corps Masters International programs in Business Administration, Public Administration, International Environmental Policy and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Be the Solution. For more information visit www.miis.edu.

What do you think about Canada trying to get the US to change environmental laws so they can sell more oil?

Question by Michael l: What do you think about Canada trying to get the US to change environmental laws so they can sell more oil?
The US currenlty refuses to buy oil from canada from any new sites. The US will only buy oil from old sites. But canada wants to drill in new sites, and they want the US to buy it. Canadian lobbyists are all over Washignton trying to get the law changed. What do you think of this. Why do you think the media does’t cover it. And do you think it’s okay for canada to do this because it’s canada. How would you feel if Americans did this?

Best answer:

Answer by Marcia B
This is what lobbyists DO.

Give your answer to this question below!

Nice Green Economics photos

Some cool green economics images:

Half / Double Climbing Rope Comparison
green economics
Image by subflux
Buying half ropes or double ropes for climbing? Here’s a comparison of some Mammut, Beal and Edelrid ropes.

The key is as follows:
w tr = s = Sheath water Treatment, s c = Sheath and Core water treatment
wi = Width (cm)
l = Lenth (m)
g/m = Weight per Metre (g)
2*w*l = Weight for Pair (2*Weight per Metre*Length in Metres)
falls = Number of UIAA Falls
kn = Peak impact force (on Top Runner)
e = Static Elongation
£ = Cost per Rope
2*£ = Cost for Pair
Where = Shop that Cost is listed for

New Education Partnership Focuses on Government and Animals

New Education Partnership Focuses on Government and Animals

Washington, D.C. (Vocus) July 16, 2008

Americans are clearly taking action on behalf of animals. Last year, more than 10.5 million members and constituents of The Humane Society of the United States played a part in protecting animals through legislation, investigation, education, advocacy and field work. State governments passed 86 new animal protection laws in 2007, a record year. In addition to animal advocacy, consumer spending on companion animals is expected to top $ 50 billion in the next two years.

There’s no doubt, Americans have a love affair with animals. That passion is leading many people to careers in animal advocacy and humane fields. To meet the needs of this growing population, Humane Society University is now partnering with The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management to offer a Graduate Certificate in Community Advocacy. The program is designed to meet the educational needs of students preparing to become leaders of community activism or to become change agents for public policy in any area of animal welfare.

The graduate certificate in community advocacy is a new 18-credit graduate certificate. Students can earn the certificate in three semesters over one calendar year. Courses include: Leadership styles, Grassroots politics, State and local government politics, Focus group research, Media relations in the new media world and Advanced practicum in community advocacy. Students take all six courses online and are only required to be in attendance at the Washington, D.C. campus for a total of 4 days. Participants will meet with faculty for two days at the onset and for two days prior to completing their final course. In addition, students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate in Community Advocacy may apply their coursework toward the Political Management Master’s degree.

Deadlines for application:

For the Spring 2009 semester: deadline for admissions is November 1, 2008

For the Summer 2009 semester: deadline for admissions is April 15, 2009

For the Fall 2009 semester: deadline for admissions is June 15, 2009

For Complete Program Details:

To learn more visit http://www.humanesocietyu.org/gwu.html

For other questions regarding the Community Advocacy Graduate Certificate program, please contact Humane Society University at: register @ hsus.org.

Related Careers:

Alumni of The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management work in public affairs and the political arena as Congressional staffers, union organizers, communications professionals, PAC managers and fundraisers, pollsters, policy analysts, consultants, lobbyists, elected officials, trade association executives, managers on political and issue campaigns and grassroots community activists to name just a few. Careers in the humane field include: animal welfare/protection, conservation and environmental protection, wildlife management, veterinary medicine, services for pets, animal trainers and more. To learn more about careers in the humane field, visit humanesociety.org/university and click on the left where it says “careers with animals.”

Additional Degree Programs (through Duquesne University):

Bachelor of Science

Humane Society University and Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement have developed an entirely online Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Humane Leadership. Undergraduate courses begin August 23, 2008. The accelerated degree-completion program is designed for individuals working in animal care and control facilities in the U.S. and provides targeted, specific knowledge that will support their career goals in animal advocacy and shelter management. Designed for the adult learner, this degree-completion program is entirely online and open to people with prior college credits or an associate’s degree from an accredited community college.

Masters Degree

In addition, HSU and DU offer the Master of Science in Community Leadership.

The Master of Science in Community Leadership degree is a 36-credit degree (consisting of 12 courses). Students can earn the 36-credit degree in two years entirely through online study. The degree emphasizes: Understanding interconnections and the ecology of community; systems thinking, program design, evaluation and sustainability, leading, motivating and empowering others, Appreciating diversity; collaborating with diverse groups, communicating effectively and persuasively; consensus building, ethical decision-making; balancing community and individual goals. The coursework is intended to develop management skills that are directly transferable to leadership positions within one’s animal care and control organization.

Visit humanesociety.org/university to learn more.

About Humane Society University:

Humane Society University (HSU) offers on-site workshops, on-line courses and degree programs to help volunteers and animal care workers gain the skills needed to maximize their ability to help animals. Humane Society University is the educational arm of the Humane Society of the United States (a non-profit organization). Workshops are offered on-line or at host facilities nationwide. For more information about Humane Society University, and other courses and degree programs offered, visit the website at humanesociety.org/university.

Media Contacts:

Please Contact: Kelly Farnan 727-709-5252 or Julie Robbins 813-949-3619

# # #


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From Swampy to Sienna ? The Changing Face of the Environmentalist

Remember Swampy? Swampy Hooper first appeared in 1996 as an environmental protester, barricading the machinery sent in to dig out a bypass through the woodlands outside Newbury. The standoff between protester and machine lasted for weeks, with people taking root (no pun intended) in the trees and Swampy digging an underground tunnel, where he stayed throughout the protest. Dreadlocked and donning the big sweaters that were fashionable amongst certain groups in the 1990s, Swampy became the image of environmentalism at that time. As result of his appearance, he and his cohorts were dismissed by many as “crusties” and potheads and the press made much of his middle class upbringing, as if it somehow diminished his authenticity. However, despite the negative reaction by many, Swampy became a celebrity. More than ten years later, not only is Swampy still protesting, albeit more quietly (more recently he appeared at the demonstrations against the third runway at Heathrow), but Swampy still practices what he preaches. According to the Independent, Swampy lives a self-sufficient life in Wales, in a community where there is no electricity or running water. The family, consisting of him, his partner and three children, grow most of their own food, wash in a nearby stream and use an eco-loo.

In my last article, Recycling in the Recession, I addressed the way in which matters concerning the environment are still perceived by many as “middle class” issues. So it is interesting that actually coming forward and challenging the system of power that threatens the environment, or indeed involvement in any kind of demonstration, has long been associated with the working class.  Those presenting anything less than “salt of the earth” credentials, as in the case of Swampy, are rejected as fakes. This presents a weird paradox, since on the one hand, a working class background has been essential for the authenticity of the protester but on the other hand, his or her voice has been ignored because of exactly that. Despite their significant role in bringing the growing devastation of the British countryside to the attention of the public, the physical appearance of Swampy and the gang almost certainly weakened their progress in terms of getting their message heard by suit-wearing officials and politicians.

Fast forward a few years. By the mid-noughties the planet’s corner was being fought by a host of celebrities, including Coldplay’s Chris Martin, his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and actress Sienna Miller. Exalting the virtues of composting, recycling and hybrid cars, the endeavour of these celebrities was ostensibly to lead by example. Regularly featured in Coldplay’s music videos was Martin waving his hands, adorned with messages in the form of coloured tape and scribbled symbols, as signs of his commitment to Fair Trade. However, widespread reports of hypocrisy that detailed ecologically unsound activities such as regular long haul flights in private jets, seriously damaged the credibility of both the message and the messenger. Not to mention that Coldplay, in a few short years, went from being the coolest kids on the block to something no self respecting music lover would admit to having on their i-Pod. It could be argued that Martin’s increasing propensity to use his music as a platform for political activism took him down the same route as Bono et al, on a one way trip to uncool.

So in 2010, what are we left with? Horribly contrived photographs of politicians, such as David Cameron, riding bicycles through London, tailed by a legion of support cars? Al Gore? Gore’s authority was seriously degraded some time after the release of his initially well-received film An Inconvenient Truth as a result of leaked emails and sexual allegations, meaning the public once again turned away in disbelief. Or perhaps we place our faith in Lewis Pugh, “The Human Polar Bear”, a Devonshire environmental lawyer who swam 1km (0.62 miles) across 2°C Pumori Lake under the summit of Everest to draw attention to the rapidly melting glaciers. Pugh, who has previously swum in Antarctica and across the North Pole, is something of a hero in both sporting and environmental terms and has so far been praised by the media for his efforts to raise awareness of increasingly visible environmental problems. But perhaps Pugh will only hang onto his integrity until the press can dig some dirt on him. It seems that since way before Swampy’s time, anyone with a message relating to the way we live and the things that we need to change has been condemned by certain segments of the media and had their sincerity challenged. In reality, they have probably made quite a difference in the thinking of the public but at the cost of their own reputation.  Perhaps, though, there is hope in the possibility that environmentalism has, at last, started to bridge the class divide. A heartening article in the Daily Telegraph notes how the battle against Heathrow’s third runway brought together a host of demonstrators, including middle class, aristocracy, politicians and the tweedy upper-middle class. This shows that the face of environmentalism is changing to one that encompasses us all and has the potential to make a difference from terraces and mansions, and living rooms and drawing rooms all over the country. From Swampy to Sienna – we need them all – but most of all, we need all of the people in between.

Written by Alice Watkyn of the Tiny Box Company, the UK’s only provider of solely recycled and recyclable packaing. www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk

Alice Watkyn, Tiny Box Company

Article from articlesbase.com