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New technique could help explain why bee populations are declining

New technique could help explain why bee populations are declining
Washington, Mar 22 : Ecologists from the University of Wurzburg, Germany have developed a better way of rearing bee larvae in the laboratory that could help discover why honey bee populations worldwide are declining.
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For veteran planner, the next frontier is the Peace Corps
Veteran planner Subrata Basu, after putting his pedestrian-friendly urban stamp on Downtown Kendall and South Miami, opts for the Peace Corps and Belize after retirement.
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Green Building Speaker Faces Worldwide Demand for the Green Building Business Case

Green Building Speaker Faces Worldwide Demand for the Green Building Business Case

Green Building Consultant, Jerry Yudelson, president of Yudelson Associates

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) November 11, 2008

Yudelson Associates announced that its founder and lead green building consultant, Jerry Yudelson, keynoted five major conferences dealing with green buildings, green development and commercial real estate in worldwide locations, ranging from Maui and San Diego to Las Vegas, Munich and Dubai.

In early October, Mr. Yudelson’s was the featured green building speaker at a major awards ceremony at Europe’s largest real estate conference, Expo Real, in Munich. Presented by Union Real Estate Investment, a leading German real estate fund, Yudelson’s keynote focused on the business case for green real estate investments. A panel of prominent speakers followed Yudelson.

Also in September, Mr. Yudelson’s keynote address, “Making the Business Case for Zero-Emission Buildings,” according to the organizer was the highlight of San Diego Green 2008, with more than 200 people in attendance.

In October, Jerry presented the opening talk to the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association (SMACNA) annual conference in Maui on “Branding And Positioning Your Green Building Offering.”

In Las Vegas in October, Jerry was again the featured green building keynote at the fifth Engineering Green Buildings conference, hosted by HPAC Magazine, with his green building business case presentation. The conference’s organizer said, “word of mouth was all highly positive about the keynote.”

Finally, Jerry was the closing keynoter to an audience of more than 200 at the Green Dubai World Forum, hosted in Dubai, UAE, by Pacific Controls, the Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development and Solar Technologies FZE, under the patronage of the Government of Dubai. Green Dubai World Forum 2008 was held in commemoration of the first anniversary of the historic declaration by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This historic declaration required Dubai to take global leadership in sustainable development in light of global climate change crisis threatening the world.

About Yudelson Associates:

Yudelson Associates is a leading international firm in green building and sustainability consulting. The founder, Jerry Yudelson, is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s leading experts on green building and green development. He is the author of eight green building books and serves as Research Scholar for Real Estate Sustainability for the International Council of Shopping Centers, a 70,000-member international trade organization. He is a frequent green building speaker at industry and professional conferences and chairs the industry’s largest annual show, Greenbuild.

For more information on Yudelson Associates, go to http://www.greenbuildconsult.com.



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Rideau’s Environmental Commitment — Everyone has a Stake, Everyone has a Role, and Everyone Benefits

Rideau’s Environmental Commitment — Everyone has a Stake, Everyone has a Role, and Everyone Benefits

Montreal, Quebec; New York, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2008

Rideau Recognition Solutions Inc, North America’s leading provider of web based incentive management programs is proud to announce our new “Green Initiative,” formally positioning Rideau as a leader in environmental awareness and practices.

With the support and encouragement of Stephen Hart, Chief Operating Officer, an environment committee has been formed to gather ideas, research new concepts, formulate and implement plans of attack. The volunteer team is comprised of 12 Rideau employees from various departments. “Our objective is not to enforce change but to change mentality. We want to get every single member of the Rideau family to feel they can contribute in even the smallest way to conserve energy, reduce waste and make better use of all the resources at our disposal,” said Hart of the program.

Some of the 20 or so objectives the environment committee will pursue include:

1. Introduction of environmental questions to the annual employee survey to measure Rideau’s environmental contributions as well as to collect feedback on other opportunities for improvement.

2.Enhancement of Rideau’s long standing recycling program with the inclusion of full environmental and costs savings analysis to track our waste elimination. This should provide measurable results in terms of savings and environmental impact over the next year.

3.Creation of formal program branding and communication to assure commitment throughout the Rideau Family.

The seeds are planted and the determination and team are in place to continue to make serious environmental changes at Rideau.

The game’s afoot!

About Rideau:

Rideau’s Technology Enabled Services enhances all of the relationships that impact business performance through a comprehensive suite of rewards and recognition products. Rideau’s Human Capital Management (HCM) offerings include performance awards that reinforce excellent work habits and celebrate achievement and service awards that commemorate loyalty. It’s a unique, bundled approach that has caught on among many of the Fortune 500 and leading HRO providers. From RBC to Boeing and from H&R Block to Bell Canada, global businesses of all sizes use Rideau’s rewards and recognition solutions to reduce turnover and engender loyalty. For more information, please go to http://www.Rideau.com or call 1.877.789.0449, extension 242.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: http://www.HRmarketer.com) on behalf of the company

listed above.


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Genetically Engineered Foods–Risk to Humanity

Giant transnational companies are carrying out a dangerous global experiment by introducing large numbers of genetically engineered foods into our diet. Genetic manipulations can result in unanticipated harmful effects, and because Replica IWC genetically engineered foods are not tested sufficiently, this experiment not only jeopardizes the health of individuals, but could also lead to global food shortages and extensive ecological hazards.


Due to genetically modified food’s unique and unknown nature, there is potential for adverse health side effects. It is impossible to predict the impact of genetic food; it is a matter of waiting for and observing future consequences.  The cross-species transfers being made, such as between fish and tomatoes, would not happen in nature and may create new toxins, diseases, and weaknesses. An example of a possible health detrimental effect is resistance to widely used antibiotics.


A new type of maize is currently being produced in the UK. Maize is attacked by the corn borer mite that chews through the stalks. Genetically modified maize has been produced to be repellent to the mite. The marker gene in the new maize is resistant to apically, an antibiotic. Scientists are concerned that when this maize is eaten, the gene will come in contact and be passed to bacteria living in the human gut. These bacteria would then be resistant to the antibiotic. There is only a slight chance of this occurring, but there is always a first time.


Transferring animal genes into plants also raises important ethical issues for vegetarians and religious groups. It may also involve animal experiments that are unacceptable to many people.   Once a genetically modified organism has been released into the environment it can reproduce, move and even mutate.


After its release, it cannot be recalled. Unlike chemical or nuclear contamination, genetic pollution is perpetual. It can never be reversed or cleaned up; genetic mistakes will be passed on to all future generations of a species. The huge areas of genetically identical crops will influence the evolution of local pests, plants, wildlife, and disrupt surrounding co-systems. There is no way of stopping genetically engineered plants from breeding wit wild plants and contaminating them with foreign DNA strains. Pollen from genetically engineered crops can be transferred to cultivated and wild plants up to a mile away. What would happen if the genes for insect and weed killer resistance that have been introduced to crop plants found their way into weeds? The result could be ‘super weeds’ which would force the development of more toxic herbicides.


If we allow the development of genetically modified food to continue, we are consequently handing our lives over to the Biotech companies Traditionally, farmers around the world would save some of their harvest to use as next year’s seed. This practice would be prevented with genetically engineered crops under the terms of a license. There is also a possibility of companies selling sterile seeds. The companies developing genetically modified plants and animals wish to legally own these new life forms in order to protect their investments.


Supporters of genetic engineering say the gene splicing process is accurate and precise. In fact, the process of inserting genes is quite fortuitous and can damage normal genes. Many weaknesses in plants, animals, and humans have their foundations in minute flaws in the genetic code. Consequently, the random damage resulting from gene insertion will inevitably result in irreversible damage.


Genetically modified food activists, such as federal Agriculture Minister, Mr. Mark Vaile, and promise gene technology will supply plentiful amounts of food to starvation stricken areas in the Third World. Genetic engineering is profit driven rather than science driven. Biotechnology research serves the desires of the rich rather than the needs Cartier Roadster Replica of the poor. Biotechnology is primarily a commercial activity that determines what is investigated, how it is applied and who are to benefit. Biotechnology will concentrate power into the hands of a select few, which in turn will enhance farmers’ dependence and force them to pay inflated prices for seed-chemical packages.


Genetic engineering poses the greatest danger of any technology yet introduced. The damaging effects of genetic engineering are irreversible, but we have the capability to prevent a catastrophe before it occurs. We must take precautionary action if we are to protect ourselves, and all generations to come. We must refuse genetically modified food immediately, if we want to prevent an avalanche of deviant foods from permeating the market and placing the world at risk.

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what was a major goal of american forreign policy in europe after 1945?

Question by Brit: what was a major goal of american forreign policy in europe after 1945?
the selections are A) the promotion of organizations for international economic, social and political cooperation
b) the granting of military aid for nationalist movements in eastern europe
c) the development of nuclear weapons for western europe
d) the liberation of european nations under communist control

Best answer:

Answer by Igor
The main goal was to prevent western Europe to get in chaos and end under the sphere of influence of the USSR.

The USSR could have taken advantage of the bad economic situation to have communist parties elected democratically in some countries of the Western Europe. There were also terrorist organizations backed by the communist block.

The Marshall plan was instrumental to have the Western Europe recovered economically. As a secondary goal the US also needed more markets for their industry.

There was also a risk of an invasion. The US formed the NATO and deployed nuclear weapons (as then did the British and later the French). There was also a very significant conventional military presence in West Germany, for example.

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Q&A: How much should i get payed for this job (graphic design/web design / Video producer)?

Question by Kelly H: How much should i get payed for this job (graphic design/web design / Video producer)?
I am looking to take a job on in California i live in Oklahoma so im not to sure how to bid this.
I will be mainly a web developer here are the skills i have:
4 1/2 years experiences in web development.(school and own my own business doing this full time)
4 years in PHP MYSQL development.
Great understanding or HTML CSS
Designed and developed from scratch a full working e comers website, built all the features from the ground up.
Also have SEO 1 year of SEO skills

Graphic Design Skills:
4 1/2 years in graphic design (school)

Video producer:
2 years in video (schooling)
about 210 hours behind the camera.
Live video experiences
Directed, edited, and produced short film (45min)
Produced TV chimerical.
Green Screen Skills and lighting skills.

Im thinking about 22-30 dollars an hour.
What is your thought on this?

Thank you for the help

Best answer:

Answer by thenameless7
What you’re asking sounds about right. Another thing you can do is search for the average pay in that area for a web developer or graphic artist.

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History help!! i dont understand 10 pts to best answer !!!!?

Question by confustion: History help!! i dont understand 10 pts to best answer !!!!?
1. Each year, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) rates a nation’s development according to the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI measures the human development in a country based on certain factors. Which is a factor the index uses? (Points: 3)
birth rate
gross national income
assessable tax base

2. Economic experts use certain measures, such as GNP and GDP to divide the world into two groups—developed nations and developing nations. Which is not a characteristic of a developing nation? (Points: 3)
low income
attempting to improve the lives of its citizens
high literacy rate
inconsistent economic development

How do lack of education, high national debt, and trade barriers affect developing nations? (Points: 3)
They reduce the workforce and encourage foreign investment.
They create the basis for poverty.
They make it impossible for democracy to prevail.
They force the government to impose high taxes on everyone.

6. People have many different reasons for packing up and leaving an area where they have spent their entire life. Which is least likely to motivate people to move? (Points: 3)
to escape war

to find beautiful landscapes

to escape natural disasters

seek economic opportunity

7. When is adequate infrastructure especially important to an area? (Points: 3)
when there is an increase in crime
during the tourist season
during a period of rapid urbanization
when traffic patterns change

8. Which two factors have spurred rapid globalization? (Points: 3)
terrorism and global warming
technology and government policy
nationalism and parochialism
widespread disorder and natural disasters

9. What is most likely to result from globalization? (Points: 3)
increased command economies globally
decreased economic growth for developing nations
increased world trade and foreign investments
decrease in quality of living conditions

10. What is the definition of globalization? (Points: 3)
the international exchange of ideas and currency
the process of population control and poverty reduction
the UN’s process for creating a world democracy
the worldwide exchange of goods, services, capital, people, and information

11. Why would the vice president of an American tent manufacturing company be concerned about the shortage of skilled labor in India? (Points: 3)
India is the only nation in Southeast Asia that provides textiles to American companies.

Global interdependence means that a problem in one nation’s economy can affect other economies.

Trade agreements restrict the United States from trading in textiles with non-Asian countries.

Global interdependence results in trade agreements that favor countries that have command economies.

12. How have increased educational opportunities for women affected their status in the world economy? (Points: 3)
More women have been employed outside their homes, resulting in greater empowerment.
Fewer women have been elected or appointed to government positions, although more are eligible.
Finding jobs outside their homes remains difficult, although when they do, women’s salaries top those of men
Despite increased educational opportunities, most jobs remain unavailable to women.

13. What best describes the effect of increased globalization on the environment? (Points: 3)
It has negatively affected the environment, forcing the international community to work toward solutions.
It has positively affected the environment because more nations are now aware of the problems.
Increased globalization has had little, if any, effect on the environment.
Increased globalization is severely hurting the environment and nothing is being done to address this issue.

Best answer:

Answer by Bilbo
What’s not to understand? You’ll be wanting someone to do your homework next.

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The Green Movement is Here to Stay, Green Team Study Reveals : Despite Media and Celebrity Fueled Hype, Concern for Environmental Issues in Business and Society Has Legs

The Green Movement is Here to Stay, Green Team Study Reveals : Despite Media and Celebrity Fueled Hype, Concern for Environmental Issues in Business and Society Has Legs

NEW YORK (PRWEB) June 16, 2008

With green issues dominating today’s social, political and economic landscape, Green Team sought to gain greater insight into the views and perceptions held by those identified as Awakening Consumers, defined as the consumer who is awakening to understand the power and influence they wield by considering their own set of values when making purchasing decisions. The 150 respondents to this survey have all been qualified by Green Team as being “awake.”

From a broad perspective, the results suggest that there is rampant pessimism as it relates to the environmental outlook – 73% believe environmental conditions will stay the same or worsen in the years to come. Yet, 62% see global warming as problem than can be addressed and ultimately resolved.

As for the green movement itself, Awakening Consumers clearly believe the green movement has staying power, even in the face of tumultuous economic conditions where green living may become less of a priority. Seventy-eight percent of respondents believe we will be hearing about green issues in the future as much if not more than we are today and an overwhelming majority – 95 percent – contends that the green movement will withstand the recession. Only 11% believe the green movement will be a short-lived memory.

“The results of this survey are telling and offer great insight into the current state-of-mind of the American consumer towards the green movement,” said Hugh Hough, President and founder of Green Team. “The most important takeaway for brands and corporations is the recognition that green is here to stay. Companies need to adjust their business processes to become more responsible and sustainable, because consumers will demand it. Those who are hoping to ‘wait it out’ are making a colossal mistake.”

Other notable findings from the Green Team survey include the following:

61-percent expect that the European Union will emerge as the green issues leader in the next century while only 17% see the United States in that role More than 93% condemn the Bush Administration for its handling of environmental issues For full results of the Green Team survey, please visit http://www.g-think.com/gt/articles/article/165.

About Green Team:

Green Team is a full-service strategic communications agency headquartered in New York City and with offices in Hobart, Australia. Since 1993, Green Team has worked in three core competencies: social and environmental causes, travel and progressive brands. The agency specializes in reaching the Awakening Consumer, an educated, environmentally aware, and economically powerful audience that uses its purchasing power to affect change through the brands it supports. For more information, please visit http://www.greenteamusa.com.

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Leading Biomedical Engineer Joins Children?s National

Leading Biomedical Engineer Joins Children’s National

Washington, DC (Vocus/PRWEB) January 14, 2011

Children’s National Medical Center announced the appointment of Raj Shekhar, PhD, as principal investigator in the Bioengineering Initiative of the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. A research professor, engineer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Shekhar will join the Institute’s interdisciplinary bioengineering team to focus on surgery innovations involving the fusion of various current surgical and medical imaging technologies.

“The next set of surgery innovations will change how surgeons see their operating field,” said Kurt Newman, MD, senior vice president for the Joseph E. Robert, Jr., Center for Surgical Care and the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. “Dr. Shekhar’s work, which will build software and technology that allows a surgeon to see as much detail as possible while in the operating room, will make surgery more precise and less invasive.”

One of Dr. Shekhar’s first projects will overlay ultrasound images on top of real-time laparoscopic images during surgery. The result is a multi-dimensional view of the body that allows the surgeon to see not only the immediate surgical field, but the tissues, arteries, organs, and bones that lay beneath the visual surface.

“The traditional timeline for biomedical engineering is quite drawn out, with engineers developing a prototype then waiting for clinical feedback,” said Dr. Shekhar. “At the Sheikh Zayed Institute engineers like myself have the unprecedented opportunity to work side by side with physicians to gain continuous feedback from the beginning, which means more efficient and effective technology development for pediatrics.”

Prior to joining the Institute, Dr. Shekhar was an associate professor of Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore and an affiliate professor of Bioengineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is also the founder of IGI Technologies, a medical imaging technology startup. Dr. Shekhar received his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in bioengineering from Arizona State University. He has authored or coauthored more than 75 scientific papers, including nearly 40 published in peer-reviewed journals. He holds five U.S. patents.

Made possible by a $ 150 million gift from the Government of Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Institute combines unparalleled innovation and team science to revolutionize four key areas: pain medicine, immunology, bioengineering, and personalized medicine. While other institutions also pursue developments in these topics, the Institute is the first to join research and clinical practice across the four simultaneously with a focus on pediatric surgery.

Related links:

The Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National Medical Center
Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology
SurgeryInnovation.org, the blog of the Sheikh Zayed Institute

Contact: Jennifer Stinebiser or Emily Dammeyer: 202-476-4500.

About Children’s National Medical Center

Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, has been serving the nation’s children since 1870. Home to Children’s Research Institute and the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, Children’s National is consistently ranked among the top pediatric hospitals by U.S.News & World Report and the Leapfrog Group. With 283 beds, more than 1,330 nurses, 550 physicians, and seven regional outpatient centers, Children’s National is the only exclusive provider of pediatric care in the Washington metropolitan area. Children’s National has been recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Magnet® designated hospital, the highest level of recognition for nursing excellence that a medical center can achieve. For more information, visit ChildrensNational.org, receive the latest news from the Children’s National press room, or follow us Facebook and Twitter.


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Any articles related in “Human Ecology In Norway”..thanks…?

Question by mirikichi_zero14: Any articles related in “Human Ecology In Norway”..thanks…?

Best answer:

Answer by Eden*

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